Season 6 Episode 12

The Sin in the Sisterhood

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 2011 on FOX

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  • great!

    great episode , i liked it soooo much , the chemistry between the characters is finally back ! bones is my favorite show eveeeeeeeeeeeer !!! i love bone's character and we've watched how her character kept on growing and looking at how far she came now is just perfect , as for booth i still think that u r an ass !! wtf is wrong with u dude plz don't make me hate ur character and as saying that he don't love her is enough but also he's buying hannah a wedding ring next episode?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! taking that back i officialy hate u !
  • I've missed this.

    Oh my God! Finally we have an episode of Bones that had almost everything that we loved to watch in the past. It had a compelling case, funny situations, cute situations and of course those final one minute and thirty seconds where Booth and Bones have this really cute talk and on of them says something that makes us go to the moon and back.
    I think the writers finally got some sense in their heads and started turning this whole Bones/Booth/Hannah situation around. We've been getting some tips in the last episodes that something big is going to happen to those three before the season is over. It was very good to see Booth and Bones interact in almost the same way they did before all hell broke loose on them.
    One of the best things about this week's episode is that it was a Cam on the spotlight one. I think she's a great character but very dismissed in the majority of the episodes. I actually am hopping that she and Paul start something great together. She deserves it.
    I won't even mention Hodgins and Angela. They are of of the cutest things ever. Their marriage bliss isn't quite over yet and they are so comfortable around each other. Michaela and TJ do an amazing job in front of the cameras.
    And last but not least, the ending. How enlightening to know that there's always one person that you love the most. Have you guys watched the promo for the next episode? So, my guess is, he'll totally back down. ^^
  • Second thoughts again

    Is Brennan back in Booth's mind and heart? Probably and only time will tell what happens. And also what Brennan will do about it.

    The case was okay. Nothing extraordinary. Three women sharing the same man in exact same conditions but in the end it teaches us a lesson: a person will always love someone more than anybody else. I understood Cam's frustration. Coming second in a man's life, the man you think you love, it's awful. Glad Paul realized how great Cam is, what a wonderful woman she is and gave her the place she deserves.

    Booth and Brennan's car scene wasn't that bad at all. But the five last lines should've been written out, the rest was fine and I didn't think it was that forced. Good to see them share a funny moment.

    The last scene, well, so many thoughts could be read in their eyes and their looks but something keeps them from giving the next step. And it's not Hannah.
  • There is only one person that you love the most. Guess who that is for Booth?

    Excellent way to bring up the fact that Booth can be with Hannah and still deep down have his deepest love slumbering for a certain someone else.
    Finally having them closing off the day together without the presence of his girlfriend was good to see. Their relationship was based on so much more than just the admittedly delicious sexual tension. And with that having to go a bit on the back burner it is good to see at least their friendship become a featured item again. (Especially as there was a bit of a spark in Booth's eyes again when he made the above statement.)

    Unfortunately I have to subtract some points for the heavy handed product placement (talking about car features all the time, really?). Yes, they work that in better than it could be but still, enough already.
    Unless that is the only way they can pay to bring the show back for another season, then I am all for it.
  • A return back to the normal format of the show and a good one, touching on all aspects and allowing most of the characters screen time. Angela and Hodgins' glee in expecting their baby is really sweet and normal.

    A return back to the normal format of the show and a good one, touching on all aspects and allowing most of the characters screen time. Angela and Hodgins' glee in expecting their baby is really sweet and normal. It's nice when characters are just 'happy' for a while. Cam's relationship troubles also is a good exploration on trouble in dating and how many chances do you give when you really like someone?
    Though the polygamous relationship has been done before in other shows and was rather easy to spot, much more of a slow meander than a plot twist, it did remind viewers that Brennan started out as an anthropologist that focused on ancient dead. And it allowed her to argue with Booth again about anthropology vs current social/religious belief. I really like that they are so different in their fundamental beliefs but still good friends.
    The 'something more than friends' possibility raised its ugly head again. I love them as a couple, or at least the possibility of them being a couple, but the chance of the writers actually exploring the relationship is low. I really hope they don't go the JAG route and wait until the last episode and then leave the viewers hanging. Anyone else notice the rather complete absence of Hannah?