Season 1 Episode 17

The Skull in the Desert

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on FOX

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  • Why Don't the Producers Give Musical Credit?

    I would love to know who was singing and playing the guitar for the final scene. Studio musicians? I hope not!

    This was a neat episode. I thought the sheriff was abandoning them out there, too! :)
  • While away Angela calls Bones to help her find a missing friend.

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with the knowledge that Angela has gone away with her boyfriend Kurk. They have gone to the desert for 3 weeks. When she contacts the lab, she looks worried and asks to speak to Brennan in private. We learn that a human skull has been found and we learn that her boyfriend went into the dessert 5 days ago with a local guide and she hasn't seen him since.
    She tells Brennan to forget about it and before we know it, Bones packs up her stuff and heads out to the desert. Bones goes to the Sheriff's office and is handed the skull. She identifies it as a man, aged between 30-35, who died from being shot. And so Bones calls Booth and asks him to come out and help her on the case. And of course he can't resist. The lab run tests on the skull, and they confirm that it is in fact that of Angela's boyfriend Kurk. And so Booth and Bones head back to see Angela and Bones breaks the news to her. Soon they discover what is left of Kurk's body in the desert. Then when they head of to search for the missing local guide, then the Sheriff gets back in his car to go and look around and doesn't come back. So Angela, Bones and Booth all start walking, with little water and the knowledge that they won't last longer than 3 days in the desert. And then all of a sudden, the Sheriff returns. As the episode ends we find the local guide and she is alive, but only just. As they pack up to leave, Angela reveals that he loved her all of the time and wanted her to marry him.
  • Another great episode!

    This review contains spoilers for future episodes, and even future seasons. This episode really shows the strong friendship bond that exist between Brennan and Angela, cause when Angela need help Brennan doesn't hesitate one second and hops onto a flight to get to Angela.
    I also love the scene where Brennan is still lying in bed, and Booth shows up. So she has to change and he continues to just stand there. Even just thinking about it makes me laugh.

    I felt bad for Angela though, I mean losing her 'boyfriend' like that, that is really sad. But luckily she will get another great boyfriend in her life later on; Hodgins, so we know that yes Angela you will still find your true love.
  • Amazing

    I just loved the personal connection that featured in this episode. Angela was amazing and handled her grief very well. I felt a little sorry for Zach in this episode. He seems to be scared of the fact that he is not going to be there at the Jefersonian forever. I enjoyed watching this episode very much and thought it was funny when Brennan was trying to get Booth to come to Dallas and he kept saying no up until the part where she told him he could go federal on their ass and he jumped at the chance. Classic Booth.
  • Angela needs Bones help to identify a skull who could be her boyfriend who went missing with the guide, Nani.

    No. 1. Every tribe has their own culture and although Booth believes, it's the USA; Brennan knows better that indigenous people or the natives are sceptical, fearful and distrust people from the outside and with all due respect, they are entitled to it.
    No. 2. In the city, life is a buzz and we're all caught up with entertainment and everything. In the desert, you get awed by stetches and stretches of sand and shrub and beautiful landscape, the world reveals its beauty and life revolves around you (if you stand still and feel it)

    Bones id-ed the skull as Angela's sweet photographer. Booth flew in on Bones request to help secure the evidence for further analysis. They must solve the crime and find the crime scene as time is running out on Nani who is still out there. Angela was pivotal in the rescue of Nani, who had to tackle her own grief. While i personally believe in science and scientific facts i learn in school, the episode also hints at other elements in our lives such as instinct and magic that is out there.
  • Review

    An Angela centric episode for the most part. I liked that the body was identified as her boyfriend within the first parts of the episode, that led to some great scenes between Angela and Bones. I thought the case was a little hard to follow - for example who the character "Kellog" was. I always tend to like the episodes that involve Booth and Bones away from the Jeffersonian and out and about, it usually leds to some new scenery, which in turn leds to some unique scenes. I thought the episode was very well written overall, with very few "filler" parts of the episode. I also liked the fact that Booth came down once Bones called him up, I think we are going to get something from the two of them by the end of the season. Overall, one of the seasons best episode, with solid writing and great scenes throughout.
  • Poor Angela...

    It´s true... I didn´t know Angela had a boyfriend. But it doesn´t matter, since the show it´s not about their personal lives. But the episode was interesting and good.

    I think Angela called Brennan looking for her support rather than for her expertise, since she knew the inevitable had happened. I felt a little sorry for her, but then I just couldn´t understand how someone has that kind of relationship, I couldn´t do it.

    Brennan & Booth interaction great as always. Loved the scene when he gets there, throws his bag onto the bed and doesn´t want to get out while Brennan gets dressed. Brennan´s reaction was just like that in a little girl... I´m annoyed but I like it.

    This was the third episode I watched and I can´t get enough of it.

  • Angela's previously unknown boyfriend dies in the desert - and I care.

    In this episode I actually felt really bad for Angela. I realize that that’s the point, but in real life do you take a relationship seriously when it’s for only three weeks a year? Episode that change venue are often gimmicks in television series and tend to flop, but I think this one succeeds because the series allows for it with teleconferences and video phones so that it’s almost as if everyone is back at the lab. Another reason this episode succeeds is because they managed to keep you wondering what really happened without jerking you around constantly. Overall I think this is one of the better episodes.
  • I love this episode

    I just went out and bought the frist season and I love this episode. You get to see Angie more and her friendship with Bones. It was also a good way to see see Booth interact more with angie then just with Bones. This is one of my faves and will contiue to watch
  • If you stand still long enough, the desert will speak to you

    Very nice episode, just saw it half an hour ago!
    Not as exiting as other episodes, but certainly pretty emotional. Very nice written :0)

    It was nice to see the more emotional side of Angela, if it comes to guys. I haven't seen any other episodes with Kirk and i don't know if there were any, but the feelings Angela has for him is very clear in this episode, listening to Angela, talking about him, made me feel like i already knew all about their relationship... i think that was pretty good in this episode as well!

    I loved it when the desert actually spoke to her... first it was the sun that made Kirk's camera reflect... and then, my favorite part... Danny! Oh man! I had chills running all over my body with that song on the background!

    And i also really liked Zack in this episode, i think we'll have a lot of drama around him further into the series... Jack was an a-hole to him in the beginning, but he did come up for him against Goodman, which was actually pretty sweet!

    I really liked this ep!
  • In this episode we get to see a whole new side of angela.

    haha hodgins looking at those pics of angela. he was like woah. early signs of love?

    angela is so scared abput her bf. my gosh i would be too five days out in the desert. um yeah. i would think he was critter food by now. then i loved how brennan played the heroin and went to where angela was.

    haha bones wants booth to get federal. niice.

    haha that whole dressing situation was priceless. awkward for brennan tho. if it were booth undressing and i were brennan i sure as hell would peak.

    that sucks soo bad that the skull is angela's bf. i mean my gosh.

    does booth ever dress down? he is wearing nice slacks and a dress hirt, in the desert, where its a hundred and ten degrees, in the sand, how smart is that? *sigh* oh well.

    hodgins and zach's little fight over the bones. that was funny. and ange has another talent i forgot about. well, then again i guess i didnt. being really, really good at developing and saving film.

    booths instincts were wicked good. look on the hood. heh. thats creepy its like exactly where his bloody dead body was laying. *shivers*

    i bet hodgins felt wicked bad. actually im pretty sure he did. he got zach in trouble, and you could tell by the look on his face that zack took it pretty hard. poor kid.

    again the zach not having a complete doctorate is brought up. he has half of two, cant that just count as one? jeez goodman had a stick up his butt or something. altho when hodgins said he like zach he agreed...

    big brennan/angela bonding moment at the end.

  • Good plot, excellent friendship.

    It is a great episode with two different history lines in the same one.

    First I´m going to talk about the minor one: Hodgins and Goodman trying to get Zack out of Brennan´s wing for him to fly himself... He really is comfort where he´s standing and it´s definiteley not good for him... The fact that Jack cares about him gives us the chance of see that he really cares about his friends, just that he doesn´t show it that much.

    Well, and for the rest of the episode, I have to say that the things that I most liked about it was friendship. First we see Brennan living all behind just to get to Angela, she knows her, and she knows that somenthing isn´t just right. It´s not too often that we see Bones been like that and it was great.

    Second, well, Booth he can´t deny it!! he is capable of almost anything for his friend. She called, asking for help and there he was, involved in an investigation that wasn´t his jurisdiction but he didn´t care about it, he just helped as much as he could.

    The plot was very good, some interesting twist, but above all the thing that I loved was the interactions between our main characters.

    Very excellent episode for me.
  • While vacationing in the desert, Angela's boyfriend goes missing and when a skull turns up she turns to Brennan and Booth to help find out if it's him and what happened.

    This was a great episode. Angela is a character that I would love to see more of. It also showed the deep friendship that exists between her and Brennan. In a way, the interaction between Booth and Brennan took a back seat which was nice for a change. Though their witty dialogue continued unabated. This show definately has some of the best writing in any tv series.

    The story was great, the setting was beautiful and the music added some very poignent emotion to some key scenes in this episode. I did enjoy the scene when Angela listened to the desert.

    The subplot with Zack is interesting and I hope that the writers don't drop it but continue to develop it further.

    All in all this was one of my favourite episodes.
  • Excellent character development and depth. Not only is BONES evolving but the other players are beginning to come out more too.

    We find that committment-phobic Angela shares 3 weeks each year with a man who loves her and loves the dessert. Their 3 week sabatical each year is in the dessert where Angela seems to find peace if not yet all the answers that her boyfriend suggests are there if one listens.

    The usual and increasingly better team interaction continues as they search for answers as to what happened. Of course, Booth loads up with Bones to investigate and share moments with her. As the team supports them back at the ranch (sorry the lab - not literally the ranch), there are some interesting developments as well as we find Zach getting some unlikely mentoring.

    All in all, a very good eppisode.
  • Sad Ep for Angela, funny moments for Booth and Bones. When is he going to kiss her?

    I loved this episode for several reasons:
    Brennan is finally showing some emotional connections to her friends, and she\'s getting funnier by the ep. Favorite quotes:
    Brennan: What if he\'s escaping out the back door?
    Booth: You don\'t spend a lot of time in trailers, do you?
    Booth: I\'m touring the hottest places in the universe. Next stop...Hell.
    Booth: What do you want me to do?
    Brennan: I want you to get federal on his ass.

  • Angela finally got more air time

    I liked this episode very much. Angela finally got more air time. I like how the boss is shaking Zach's world up. I like Zach and I hope they keep him and make hime a full fledged doctor like Bones. Booth was funny as always. I love this show more and more.
  • Another great episode of Bones.

    Angela is on vacation with her boyfriend when he goes missing. Angela calls Bones to help find out if a skull that has turned up belongs to her boyfriend.
    Bones calls Booth to help because she doesn't have any authority there.

    While the three of them are in the desert Zack and Hodges constantly bicker about whose job is more important to Bones, and who should do their duty first.

    The skull turns out to be Angela's boyfriend, and now they must search the dessert for the his guide. as well as track down his killer.
  • A really goof epp. Poor Angela.

    Poor Poor Angela. That was soo sad, especially the ending.
    She goes there very year? Well, I guess not anymore, but still. At the begining when we saw all the pics of her it was so funny, wouldn't she know better than to send pictures of her in a bikini to Hodgins? You would think.
    It was interesting seeing her outside of work kind of in a, "This is what I do" type thing. Although you really had to hate that Kurt wound up being the skull.
    I think my fave part would have to be all the Booth and Brennen interaction with each other. It was so cute. When she told him to go outside while she gets dressed and he didn't I laughed so hard.
    It was funny when the sheriff drove away leaving them in the desert and Booth is just like "Did you guys bring water?" because of course he didn't. You just know he didn't.
    Near the end where Angela was listening to the deasert speek to her it was really cool since that's what Kurt had always told her to do.
  • Beautiful

    Angela is on her vacation out in the desert for 3 weeks with her boyfriend when she calls Brennan and lets her know that he's missing and a skull has been left on the sherifs door step. Brennan jumps on a plane to be with her friend showed us that Brennan really is a true friend, which helped in making this episode so perfect.

    From beginning to end this episode had perfection in storyline and acting.

    The develpoment of Angela's character was so enjoyable. We got to see deeper into Angela and Temperance's friendship to see a side of both characters that was different.

    I loved the end when Booth and Angela were making fun of Brennan and she was like"Are you guys making fun of me."

    This episode as a whole showed that the writers don't need sexual tension between Booth and Brennan to make an amazing episode. And the twist with Zack and Hodgins arguing over who did their job first in the lab also made it hilarious.

    Can't wait till next weeks episode.