Season 4 Episode 8

The Skull in the Sculpture

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2008 on FOX

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  • Long over due.

    Unlike most people who think that Angela being in a relationship with a women is gross I think it's good they finally brought it up. Bad timing yes, but they made subtle references to her being bisexual from season one. Same sex relationships back in season 4 were very rare. The writers took a great political/social risk. I do think it should have been introduced slowly and it should have been a proper relationship. Disliking a character for her sexual orientation is incredibly lame though.
  • Angela and Rosie out of the blue was jarring

    I know Angela is suppose to be a "free" spirit, but really I think they did not need to go this direction with it. I find myself disliking Angela more and more. She is smug and full of herself quite often,and really rather self centered. Even though we know later she married Hodgins and has a baby and that all seems sweet, I am just catching up on these old shows I had never seen, and I think it was very unrealistic that he is so chill about her sleeping around with so many people. He always seems barely bothered. I actually find that to be true for other characters too. It rings false for me. Plus I have to say everyone's fake white teeth on this show is distracting. They all look like they go to the same dentist.
  • I dont like Angela very much after this episode

    I did not like it that much. It was not the kind of episode i would watch again. it was really really sick that they put the girls kissing in it. But other then that, it was okay, that was the only part that i did not really like. Because of what was put in the episode though i will not watch it again thats for sure.I liked the part where Sweets told that really annoying girl that she was fired. That part was the best of the whole entire episode. i really hope that they do not add anymroe of that other stuff into any of the rest of the episodes
  • The case was ok. The way the writer choose to add to 'character development' is weird and a bit out of place in my opinion.

    Well ok, i know Angela tends to be on the wild side, totally uninhibited. But to write she's gay all of a sudden and add more salt to the wound by sealing the episode the way they did- it makes me dislike Angela's character. She used to be my favorite but this sudden change & 'insight' that they have added to her is really not welcoming. It would have been been easier to accept this if we find out about this over a few episodes. Fox sure likes to throw 'bomb shells' in their episodes.
    Sigh, they took away Zack and now Angela.
    I'm always pro with changes, but perhaps not so drastic? It almost make me think twice about tuning in; thank goodness we have Booth & Brennan to literall carry the whole show.
    Reading about the coming episode about the gravedigger cheers me up a bit, at least there's something to look forward and stop all the 'sigh' that's coming out of me since watching this episode
  • Unusual case and we finally get rid of Daisy. The lesbian lover of Angela's came out of nowhere and didn't gel at all.

    An interesting episode, I liked the legal interference with the 'artwork', made the team creative.

    There are times I can actually warm to Sweets, but only when the episode doesn't make Brennan and Booth have those ridiculous sessions with him. Cam was right, he should be flattered they drop in on him unannounced for advice, the fact that it's repetitive means they trust him. Also he needs to understand that they could never make appointments and keep them with the chaos of their work so unannounced visits are the only way for them to see him.

    Until now, Daisy has just been annoying but now she does the utterly unthinkable: she crushes a murder victim's skull. I admire Cam and Brennan's self-control, I would have been screeching at the girl like a banshee. Getting Sweets to fire her was a great idea, though he had the advantage of knowing that she wouldn't mind the news coming from him, her boyfriend. Thank goodness she's gone.

    It has been a long time since we've seen Angela use her 3-D imager.

    Unusual episode but the Angela/Roxie stuff was so lame, there is zero chemistry between the actresses so neither the storyline or that pathetic kiss really worked. As wild as Angela is, this is the first time ever it's been mentioned that she's bi-sexual. It came out of nowhere and I must say that her character's been unrecognizable for several episodes, it's like without Hodgins, they're not sure what to do with her so give her a lesbian lover? Pretty extreme turn around.
  • Booth and Bones along with the team are called in to solve the murder of a depressed artist when his body turns up in one of his sculptures. Oh, and Angela admits to having had a lesbian love affair in college.

    This episode had a lot going for it. Sweets is funny, both one on one with another member of the cast and in groups. There are plenty of good one-liners, lots of Bones/Booth interaction, and an interesting and original plot. There is still some tension between Angela and Hodgins, but that is overshadowed when Angela runs into her lesbian lover from college. Nothing like a relationship between two good looking women (kiss included) to spice up an episode. I spend a lot of time bashing the writers, but this time I want to pat them on the back. This show had what made it fun to watch in the first place. Intellectual humor, good cast interaction, and some cool surprises. Bravo.
  • The Squints and Booth investigate a suposed suicide when an artist is found crushed inside a piece of his own art.

    I thought this was a fantastic episode. It was great to see some old school 'Bones' in there and i have to agree with a previous review, it DID have some of the best dialogue i've heard.

    Nice to see the return of Daisy, as annoying as her character is, I love her! :D And way to go Sweets!

    Love the twist with Angela. Nice to see her moving on from Hodgins and it was awesome to get some insight into her past relationships...

    My personal favourites of the episode....

    When Brennan tipped the bugs into the car, haha, "I was gonna say it spilled by accident.." love it...

    The end where Booth and Brennan as discussing how Sweets and Daisy wont work out, and then you see the look on their face when they realise that they are just like them. HAHAHAHAHA

  • I thought it was kind of weird how in the art world that a crushed car can be viewed as art. thank god for bones who dumped bugs into it, so caroline can get it viewed as a crime scene. ick,

    wow. the look on bone's face when daisy wick broke the skull.. priceless.. i will never see acting as good as that exact moment. i was waiting for her to scream or something. daisy was not a good fit for the lab.. and it was kind of kinky how sweets just started making out with her in the lab.. i guess we don't have to hide it anymore.. sweets getting some lovin'.. too cute. i just adore him. it was kind of gross seeing angela make out with roxie.. i understand that roie was close to her.. but i still cannot stomach them making out and i thought it was kind of dumb them doing something like that to get more male viewers.. so grey's anatomy ish. anywho.. i could see hodges pain when daisy referred to roxie as angela's lesbian lover. poor hodges. i just want to give him a big hug.

    i love booth and bones' relationship though.. i like how close they are and how easy their friendship is. just soo want something from that though. great episode. they really need to find a zack substitute soon.. its kind of getting silly to have a new assistant every week. but then again bones did say that they cannot replace zack.
  • This show was all about the main characters for me and learning more about them.

    The outcome was fairly easy to guess, but the best thing about this show is that just when you think you have it all figured out, they throw some great scenes and character moments in the mix. Very nice to see more of Angela's back-story and a blast from her past. I especially enjoyed Dr. Sweets in this episode. I think Cam has hit the nail on the head. This show was all about the main characters for me and learning more about them, but it was especially nice to see Anthony LaPaglia back on a network television show. I loved Booth's scene with Angela.
  • A skull in found in a junkyard.

    Finally Bones has come back to FOX after being on hiatus due to the MLB playoffs. Not that I do not appeciate men on steroids hitting tiny balls but it's time for television to not be interrupted because of it.

    This episode was not bad, but it was kind of boring. The story presented no real shocking turns or any appealing guest stars. There was a noticable lack of humor and it just came off as very filler. Hmm, I wonder if the producers have been watching Grey's Anatomy lately as the lesbian kiss seemed like a direct emulation of the now done Callie and Erica relationship. Hopefully like that one this is short-lived.

    It was not horrible by any stretch of the imagination but after waiting so long for the return episode this can only be viewed as a disappointment.
  • Another brilliant episode of bones!! the perfect mix of drama, crime, romance, and, of course, humour. :-P

    this episode was absolutely hilarious. the thing that stuck most with me this ep was the scenes in the lab, normally its the field work, but this the scenes in the lab, especially those involving daisy and cam, were the highlight. :-)

    My fav scene was the scene where they were extracting the skull from the car and daisy smashed it. DUDE. i have NEVER laughed so much at the tv before. (no, i take that back, there is one season 1 ep where booths like 'FBI' at these two fellas, and they go 'us marshals' and bones comes out with a classic one liner: 'forensic anthropologist! .. thats why no gun.' LOL funniest thing i have ever heard her say; this however was the funniest scene) Hodgins Bones and especially Cams faces were hysterical, i was literally on the ground.

    i didnt like the whole angela thing tho, the whole thing where she was in the bar with sweets, the first time, and was like 'its been six weeks, thats the longest ive gone without' i was iffy. i think sweets was right tho, with the whole 'u always have a way to get out of a relationship', that was good and needed to be said. i would like to where they take this whole lesbian storyline, if roxie will be hanging around the lab or wateva.

    but yeah, good ep overall, but angela aint that great..
  • Met Roxie....Angela's ummm................

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with a human skull being found inside of a sculpture, and so Booth and Brennan start investigating. They soon learn about the artist who made the pieces of "art" and meet his assistant Roxie Lyons. We soon learn that he wanted to become a piece of his own art, and soon the victim is in fact IDed as the artist. We soon learn that Roxie had a romantic relationship with someone at the lab, who turns out to be Angela. We soon learn that Roxie and the victim were having a relationship, but it wasn't sexual as she is a lesbian. We soon learn that Angela and Roxie were together for over a year as a couple. Soon they learn that the victim was murdered and soon the injunction is removed so that they can actually now remove the skull to try and work out what and who killed him. They get the new intern to remove the skull, but she ends up breaking it with her own bare hands. And so now Bones has to put it back together piece by piece all by herself. As the skull is being pieced back together, we see Angela and Bones talking, during which we learn that she still ahs feelings for Roxie. We also learn that the murder weapon was a fire axe. A fire axe is found at the victim's gallery, and so it is taken back to the lab. Soon all of the evidence points back to the same person, and so she is brought in for questioning, and it is the gallery owner. Soon she confesses to the crime. We then see Angela going back to the gallery to see Roxie, and as they talk they end up kissing. As the episode ends, we see Sweets telling the intern (Daisy) that she can longer work at the lab, as nobody likes her. We then learn (what I was already thinking) that Daisy and Sweets are in fact a couple. As everyone watches on we see the 2 of them kissing. We then see Bones and Booth discussing why the relationship won't last, almost as though they are trying to fool themselves into thinking that a relationship between them will not work.
  • We're we shocked or did we know that was coming.

    After the body of an artist is found in a crushed car all suspicions say he was depressed and committed suicide, however as Booth and Brennan investigate a likely suspect is a rival artist with a grudge to bear who tells Booth that the artists assistant was the sole beneficiary to the dead artists estate. Enter Roxie Lyons the dead artists assistant who Booth accuses of killing the artist after an affair, however Roxie reveals she is a lesbian and that Angela and her we're one time lovers at college.

    Further investigation recovers clues that the art studio's cruor is the real killer, but more surprise's were to come.

    Daisy Wick was back as Brennan's intern however she's still getting on everyone's nerves and Cam asks Sweet's to use his physiology technique's to get rid of her, but to everyones surprise he is actually dating Daisy and it's easier than everyone thinks.

    Episode was good and really no great surprise's in it.
  • It's not always easy..

    Over a weeks, a new bones episode and I waited long for it.. So maybe that is the reason why I hoped something different, but that was not bad.. oo no.. I most say I liked Daisy was back and I am glad she is gone too as even if I like her char, there is no way she could be there for long.. I liked some char developments going on, mostly on Bones side.. it was episode concentrating on Angela, what was something we do not get much.. So, in overall, it was mostly about people and their relations rather than the case what was really shadowed by everything else going on.
  • Well, jeez. That was relatively easy to guess!

    First off, I could've guest that Daisy and Sweets were seeing each other. Remember "Man in the Outhouse"? The phone call at the end of the episode? I've actually been waiting for her to pop up again. Second of all, The murderer was obvious from the beginning. Is it just me? Rarely do they surprise you who the murderer is. It isn't always like that, I suppose, but there's that person who shows up at the beginning that is annoying. Then you place the blame on someone you KNOW isn't the killer (in this case, Roxy). After that, Everyone acts all surprised when that really annoying first person turns out to be the killer. But I have to say I'm happy that Sweets and Daisy are seeing each other. I think they'll make a very funny couple.
  • Very revealing about Angela's character and I'm not talking about the bisexuality

    Angela actually came off as a much more shallow (or scared) character than she's been painted.However this fits in perfectly with how she ended her relationship with Hodges. Sweets was right about her. She says she's in love then she gets out of the relationship breaking the other's heart She did it with Roxie and Hodges Unless Angela's willing to change and invest herself wholly in a relationship and risk being hurt if things don't work out than the newly restarted relationship with Roxie will end like it did before, with Angela moving on quickly and Roxie once again heartbroken.
  • The team investigate the death of an artist whose corpse was found inside his sculpture and Angela reunites with an old flame.

    After weeks of reruns I was expecting more from this episode. It seemed as though it was written so they could bring back Roxy into Angela's life. The problem is that it felt as though they wrote the episode around that rather than the Roxy/Angela plot being part of the episode. It wasn't much of a whodunit either. I could tell not that far into the episode who it was basically because they made it obvious who it wasn't. And did they really have to bring Daisy back? I didn't like her character in the previous episode she was in, and this time around I found her only slightly less grating. She was in the funniest scene in the episode however. Loved Bones and Hodgins reaction to the skull debacle. Also liked that Sweets seemed to be fitting into the team better and his scenes with them felt less forced. He and Daisy, as much as I find her annoying, they made a cute couple. I didn't hate this episode, it just seemed a bit of a letdown considering how long we had to wait for it. Hope the next one is better.
  • I thought this episode had some of the best dialogue that has ever been on the show.

    I thought this episode had some of the best dialogue that has ever been on the show. Seriously, there were jokes and funny moments non stop. I loved the dialogue.

    Carla Gallo returned this week as Daisy Wick, one of Dr. Brennan's Grad students. She was previously in the episode "Man in the Outhouse". I didn't much care for her character then, but I did enjoy her a little bit more this episode. Perhaps because she was given some decent dialogue and character development, this time.

    There is also some development with Angela and how she is dealing with her split with Hodgins. Her scenes with Dr. Sweets were very revealing and they acted well together, I thought.

    Even though the dialogue was top notch the murder mystery wasn't. It was tied in with some of the character development, but the mystery itself wasn't all that intriguing. It could have been so much more. Seriously, they need to go back to season one where the focus was more on the mystery, it's what made the show popular in the first place. They are focusing to much on the character drama. You can successfully blend the two, but this season they aren't doing it on this show very well.
  • Dying for the sake of Art.

    Okay an artist that intentionally crushes himself inside his art is just weird. Don't car if he was on meds or not. The lady with the two sets of eyebrows was just strange and distracting. For some reason the revelation that Angela had a previous relationship with a woman really wasn't a surprise. The scene where Daisy shatters the prime piece of evidence and Hodges reaction was just hysterical. I wasn't surprised that Helen did it, I was suprised who it was discovered. Angela's got some decisions to make about what she wants. I loved the final scene of Sweets shocking everyone in his own revelation about his relationship with Daisy.