Season 1 Episode 21

The Soldier on the Grave

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 10, 2006 on FOX

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  • Serbia

    I could not agree more with first comment on this page. It is very interesting how much people like to talk about things they are not familiar with. I always feel disappointed when I hear or see statements like this about Serbia. I quess some things will never change. So I hope that at least few open minded people are going to read this comment and not take everything that is said about situation in Kosovo for granted. I also apologise to those who do not understand why I wrote this, I just feel that it is my obligation to do so.
  • disapointed

    This episode was good, but the end was awful. First of all, I'm from Serbia, and all that Booth's story about Kosovo and ethnic cleaning is a BIG LIE. Kosovo is ours, teritory of our fathers and ancestors. I'm pretty much convinced that it was gave to many of the tv shows what they should be about, because many of them are humiliating our nacional history and that is nothing more than proof of a strong albanian lobby in USA. This is maybe to politicaly coloured, but I'm sick of all that disrespect that we have in your movies and tv shows. They spread wrong impression of us. I hope this will change some day and the whole world will stop watcing us as criminals, just because some big governments think that they can arrange weaker nationalities by changing their borders and history. Kosovo will always be Serbia, no matter what anybody says.
  • Another good one

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a body is found at a soldier's grave, the team believe at first that he committed suicide. The body has been badly burnt. We soon learn that the victim served in Iraq which the soldier, whose grave he was found on. And the Bones reveals that he wasn't killed by the fire, he was murdered first. We soon learn that the victim was killed by another soldier, as he was going to tell the truth about what happened in Iraq and the truth about how Kent (the solder whose grave he was on) really died. As the episode ends, Booth tells Bones some things that happened to him whilst he was fighting for their country, many years ago. As he starts to cry, she places her hand on his arm. The whole episode is about soldiers and what happened between a group of them in Iraq. Overall a good episode, but not as griping as the previous one was.
  • Not my favourite

    This episode was a really good episode but it wasn't my favourite. I felt like we got to know Booth a bit more and that is why I gave it the rating 9.3. The acting in this episode especially coming from David Boreanaz was spectacular. I don't think I have ever seen any programme where any of the main cast were emotionally involved and put on such an emmy award winning performance. David is one heck of an actor and this episode definitely showed that. I like that Booth and Brennan were getting close at the end of this episode. I like that he can talk to her about his past when he can't talk to others. It just goes to show they have a connection.
  • This is exactly why I watch Bones.

    This episode was defiantly very well written and cleverly plotted. But the great thing about this episode has to be the interaction between Booth and Bones. That is really what makes this episode so great.

    This case really gets to Booth since a soldier had been murdered, and Booth is an ex-sniper, so he is a soldier and kind of knows what the soldiers there in Iraq go through.
    My favorite scene has the be the one at the end of this episode. We see that Booth really trusts Brennan as he tells her one of his bad experiences he had while in war, a experience he had never told anyone before. And we get to see Brennan being a great friend, and comforting Booth while he tell her this.

    This is one of those episodes that you just have to see as a Bones fan.
  • Powerful statements

    I think that this has to be one of my favourite episodes especially as it reveals so much about Booth.
    Due to his background in the military he is disturbed and angry throughout. The scriptwriters gave David Boreanaz some superb dialogue.It almost seems as though they had military backgrounds themselves.
    Case in point, when Booth explains to Brennan that when you come back from somewhere like that (Iraq) you want to be around something good and pure whereas adults always want you to recall the deeds of action etc which you are desperately trying to put out of your mind.
    We learn also that Booth has a friend, Hank now a judge, who owes his life to Booth though he was hurt and is in a wheelchair.In answer to Brennan's query as to what happened to Hank he just replies curtly 'He got hurt'.
    In addition it is revealed that Booth has a gambling problem, perhaps as his escape from the horrors of what he did. Though now it is under control and he doesn't even play Monopoly.
    The final scene when Booth unburdens himself to Brennan about his mission in Kosovo is very powerful and I must admit it always brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. David Boreanaz shows here just what a powerful actor he can be.
    Obviously Booth's background as a sniper has marked him. A similar thing happened to the character Sully in Doctor Quinn Madicine Woman.
  • A look into the workings of war and it's casulties both those who die and those who live. We are finally given an insigth into Booths past and which actions he's trying to very hard to atone for.

    Yes I\'m gonna join in on the praises of this episode, just because for the first time in a long time a tv show had me crying.

    As an older sister of a young man (trying SO hard not to call him a little boy) who\'s serving in Iraq this episode kept poking at all my fears. Now that\'s GREAT television!

    True I often use TV as an escape, but I bet we all from time to time are amazed at how the escape of TV can make your own reality more present.

    I confess my initial reason for watching Bones was David Boreanaz, but over the last season the show has been growing on me, and episodes like this proves that I was right when i predicted that this show had great potential after watching the first episode.

    Ofcourse I loved the fact that we got more of an insight into Booths person, for instance who knew he had a gambling problem? But over the last couple of episodes I\'ve also gotten to like Angela more and more. I can relate to her reactions toward Jack, sometimes you just can\'t take anymore paranoia and conspiricy.

    As I started out saying this episode had me in tears by the end of it. The last straw was Booth telling Brennan what\'d he\'d seen and done - DAMN gotta hand it to Mr Boreanaz he sure knows how to deliever powerfull painful lines.

    All in all looking forward and dreeding next week at the sametime, season finales are always a thing to look forward to and at the same time it means the begining of a long wait till the season starts again.
  • Beautiful character development and a touching story

    This is the first episode I have watched of this show and I simply loved it. I enjoy a good mystery and the story line provided one. A soldier's body is found burned in a graveyard and Bones determines that the body was burned after the man was already dead. As they investigate his past, they find that he was part of a unit that served in Iraq, where they killed an innocent family whom they mistook for insurgents. In the mayhem, one of the U.S. soldiers was killed by what turns out to be friendly fire. Booth must fight through the unit Captain, who wishes to cover up the whole incident, to determine the truth.
    What I enjoyed most was the interaction between Brennan and Booth. It's very obvious that she cares about him but struggles to find the right words. My favorite was the closing scene where Booth reveals a very painful memory from his service and she is able to take Angela's advice and listen and comfort him in the just the perfect way.
    Booth's line "We all die a little bit, Bones. With each shot, we all die a little bit." is profound. It reminds me of John Donne's famous quote "Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind."
    This was the best TV show I have watched in a long time.
  • A very good episode

    This was pretty good. It involved a soldier and dealing with the Army because it didn't get TOO military. Being a veteran, I will say that JAG has always made me GAG.

    They showed the conflict between Brennan and Booth very well. Also, in the soldiers' testimonies, the flashbacks were doing in a way that wasn't confusing at all.

    The suicide was hard to see but if they had to put it in the script, they showed it after the fact so it was the most tasteful.

    Overall, kudos to David Boreanz and the rest of the cast for protraying war veterans in most respectful and truthful way possible.
  • Fantastic episode which explains why this has become one of my favorite shows on tv.

    I love tv, but I take it for what it is - an escape for my imagination and nothing more. Yet, there are a couple of shows that I truly connect with. I care about the characters and I want to know everything about them, as if they are real people who walk in and out of my life each week. This is a rare quality and I have found it in Bones.

    It was wonderful to have a Booth-centric episode. I was starting to fear his character was becoming one dimensional. Booth has always had a certain pride in his military background but never spoke of it, and here, we learned how it became tainted. He is, and always will be, a defender of the country he loves. Yet, we were finally shown that Booth is aware that even the most noble of things has a dark side and this fact is something he is deeply conflicted with. The connection made between he and Brennan at the end was honest and touching.

    Most shows about the American military bore me because they either venture too far into outlandish conspiracies or paint the US completely without flaw. This episode intrigued me because it did both simultaneously. Every character had a different opinion, and all of them were valid. At the end of the episode, I didn't feel forced to love or hate the USA as I do with most other shows covering such a topic.

    I also loved the continuing sub-plot between Angela & Hodgins. He's been trying to get her to see him in a different light for the last few episodes, but in this one, she tried to make him see himself from a different perspective. All in all, this episode only reinforced my belief that if the writers continue to develop the characters, not the cases, then this show has the potential for true success.
  • Excellent episode

    I liked that they showed both both sides of the war. They showed people who support it and people who don't. They showed the good and bad of the military and the effects the war had soldiers. I can't wait for the next episode with Bones's parents. That is hopefully going to be the best episode of the season.
  • War, death, survival, and how they intersect.

    To start out, I want to say that this is an episode of a FICTIONAL drama program. The events therein aren't to be taken seriously. I know there are a lot of anti-government or anti-President types that can't help but complain and thusly try to point out where they get their "support."

    One reason I liked this episode is because he looked at both sides of the Iraq war (opinion wise) and didn't really take sides. If you look at this episode (or V For Vendetta or any work of fiction) and seriously say, "these guys are supporting my beliefs against _____", then you might need to call yourself a shrink. There's a reason it's called FICTION.

    There was part of me that didn't care for them using a current conflict as part of a storyline (a similar peeve I held when Brennan went to post-Katrina New Orleans). It almost felt like they were trying to be part of the attention the Iraq war draws. On the other hand, it's equally likely it's drawing attention TO the conflict that wasn't there before.

    I almost liked Hodgens a little LESS when he was talking about "no WMD's" and "waiting for the press" to stand up to "tyrants". But I realized that's the way his character has ALWAYS been, so no big deal. That, and he actually took some sensible advice advice from Angela.

    By the by...I'm not the ONLY one noticing the blatant attempt to get those two I?

    The writers are also continuing to make a Booth a good character. It's good to see Boreanaz's role portrayed, not only as a manly, moral tough guy, but a man who realizes the consquences, the reprecussions of his actions, even if it is for the greater good. Not many people in real life realize this (looks over at G4 message boards).

    All in all, it was a good, revealing episode. One that makes me want the series to continue.

    "With each shot..."
  • Again very well-written!

    The murder occurs on Arlington National Cemetery as the duo
    Come and investigate. The bones were those of a soldier
    In Iraq. The writing and acting keep the show afloat as
    Well as the comic relief of Boranez as well as the
    "Straight man or woman" role of the main character of Bones
    We see the good doc's past and how she became who she is!
    Can't wait to see what will become a huge, huge, hit!
  • 'The Soldier on the Grave' is just an average episode, saved by some good character developement and excellent acting by David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel.

    Every week now, I can't wait until Wednesday so I can watch one of my new favorite shows: Bones. However, this week's episode I hated. I felt like it strayed away from it's usual genre, and became like a 'Law and Order'/'CSI' episode.

    In my honest opinion, the plot of the episode was rather easy to figure out. Of course, there were quite a few pros to the episode. We found out more about Booth's character and personality, and props to David Boreanaz for showing his acting skills.

    'Bones' is still my favorite show, and I hope next week the show is back on track.
  • Booth and Brennan are called to the cemetary to investigate what seemed like a suicide, but turns out to be murder to cover up something bigger than they would've imagined.

    It was a pretty okay story, not the best Bones had to offer, but I did like the character development.

    David Boreanaz did a stellar job acting out a former sniper who's still haunted by his war experience. I had expressed an irritation to Booth at the start of this episode, but seeing his effort to be as objective as possible no matter how close this case hit home, and that last scene where he kinda poured his heart out to Bones, it made me understand him more. We are given an insight into what makes him tick, what drives him into doing the best he could in every case. David managed to mix despair, desperation and suffering, effectively giving showing the viewers a peek of the man called Seeley Booth.

    Emily Deschanel also did an effective performance. She successfully played a straight-laced, objective scientist who's trying to understand what her partner is going through, even if she doesn't have a slightly clue of what to understand. Bones' also had character development in this episode - her efforts to be more sociable and more feeling are starting to show, especially in that last scene with Booth in the cemetery. One touch does convey much more than a thousand words.

    The storyline was okay albeit a little confusing on my part since I am not from the US and have not served in any war whatsoever. But I do understand how a war could change people's lives and viewpoints. Whether pro or anti-war, there will always be one traumatizing moment that will never let you sleep, one pull of the trigger that will change your life. I guess it's only a matter of dealing with it.

    All in all, this was a good episode. Nice plot and twists, although I did manage to figure out who the suspect was halfway through.
  • Touching!!!

    This episode is really touching.. we don't usually get in touch with Booth's feelings this much, and at the end how he chose Brennen to tell his secret also is a huge development. Brennen's sympathy also plays a major role in this development, well, it's nearly love we're talking about here right?? The war thing was also a great intallment, these things are always hidden not to show the dark side of the military, killing innocent people!!!!!!
    This is an anti-war episode, a great plot and is parallel to reality, reveals covered subjects. I love this show, it keeps attracting me week after the other!!
  • I thought that this episode was very good. I liked how this one a case that really tugged at Booth's heartstrings and allowed Brennan to grow.

    This episode really moved me. I felt for Seely. David did a great job in making the viewer see Booth fighting inside on this one. In other episodes you could see him with sympathy to the victim and those related but in this episode you could truly see him identify with them. You could tell that he was reliving his experiences. You could see that he was fighing internally when he had to question other military personnel versus when he questions someone he can't "connect" to.

    I also sooo loved Brennan in this episode for growing, becoming more social, and (most importantly) keeping Booth grounded.

    All in all, I really did like this episode. I'm really glad that I've found this show.
  • And yeah it's all about Booth

    It wasn't the best episode of the season but they could have done much worse. I would give it like an 8.9 but Angela telliing Brennan that men were needy gives it the extra points.

    I loved how Angela and Hodgins were arguing which proved that the tension between them is growing. Hodgins attempt to show Booth that he understood how he was feeling was incredible. I loved how Booth opened up to Tempe at the end.Booth's freind Hank thinking that Bones was Booth's girlfriend was so funny.

    I enjoyed seeing how the case affected Booth and how Brennan was trying to be there for her partner. It was nice to see Dr. Goodman again too. I thought it was nice to have a little more understanding of Booth's character.

    And who saw Zach liking basketball coming?

    Pretty good episode but I think the finale will be much better.
  • This episode showed us some of the horrors that surround booths memory and opened a few doors into his time as an army sniper.

    In this episode brennan and booth probe the apparent suicide of a war protester. Their investigations force booth to relive some of the horrors he saw as an army sniper. Booth becomes very emotional as the case goes on, as he struggles to come to terms with his horrific memory of his times as a sniper. The story opens out ino a bunch of twists and turns as they investigate further into the case. Also the relationship between Jack and Angela starts to get a little complicated as Angela starts to express some bad feelings which Jack wasnt expecting as he thought things were beggining to go well between them both. This episode leads up quite nicely to the season finale next week. Which i am looking forward too very very much!
  • booth finds it hard working on a case which reminds him of his time in the war.

    This episoide was amazing. You could see how hard it was for booth to work on the case and we finally got to find out what he went through and why he foung it tough to tell anyone...and he chose brennen!!. It showed us how much Brennen cared for Booth and knew ho he was suffering. Loved how she took Angelas advice.

    There is more witty banter in this ep-Loved the Duke scene that were so cute, like an old married couple bickering. But Booth must have been sooo pissed off with bones when they had to exhume the body and that women came up to him and slapped him.
    We got to see a little bit of how Angela and Hodgins relationship is evolving. He is rather annoying in this episode, constantly speaking out of turn and his opinions on the war.
    And how booths friend called her the bones lady and thought she was Booth\'s girlfriend. Just goes to show how highly Booth must speak of her. And he didn\'t really correct his friends mistake with the\'no,no(mumbled) she\'s just my know i gtg\'
    The ending was beautiful and it was so touching and adorable how booth put his hand on hers.
    I wish they would get together this ep made it odvious how perfect they are for each other!
  • I loved it!!! Just perfect...

    Despite the fact that it was a well written, well thought, well acted episode I want to get on the matter of Booth and Bones for this episode.

    The case is very sensitive for Booth as it involved soldiers as he was, as he is. It turns to be very emotional for him and Bones tries to get him focused but fails to do it in the worst way: she ends hurting him.

    It was nice to see that she actually realized it and was thinking about ways of fix it. That along with the fact that she felt that he was thinking that she was the one that was disappointing him about his believes of the military kept her mind wondering what to do.

    At the end she showed a lot of love for Booth. She really cares about him and she thinks about him as his friend. She is not a person people but she is trying to change it and all for him. Not for anyone more, just for him. He really changed her and in this episode we realize that.

    A fantastic episode. A MOST SEE.
  • who woudltn want to watch an episode thats basically all about Booth?

    arlington national cemetary. ive been there. its such, like, a slam in the face to realize how many soldiers died. how does zach always manage to get there before them haha?

    it must really be a b*tch for booth to be there. to be involved in this case. i feel so bad for him. proably brings back a ton of old memories he tried to forget.

    aaww brennan wanted to keep booth company. and be more sociable. haha. so not her. she cares for booth, thats why she went with him. and i think he knows it, too.

    haha john wayne. probably the only pop culture referance and impressions we will ever hear brennan do.

    angela and hodgey argues, aww poor them. dont worry, they'll get over it soon ;)

    uughhh all this exhumation going on lately. and a war hero? jeez that must really, <i>really</i> bother booth. and it does lol. so he gets slapped. maybe not hard, but poor booth still go slapped. OoO. it was actually brennan that deserved the slap-age.

    booth and hodgins had a little bonding moment there, too.

    ok they all said "then i heard the pop pop pop of the ak 47." rehearse much? booth caught on, he's a smart man. but we all knew that already, didnt we?

    angela sure can give some good advice to brenna. thats what best friends are for, i guess.

    booth has so much respect for the soldiers. so much respect for the war. and for it to sort of just blow up in his face like that? i dont blame him for, lets say, confronting the officer.
    jeez that whole convrsation between brennan and booth at the end made me cry. my guess? thay are <i>alot</i> closer now.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones they are called to the arlington national cemitary and its the anversary of a solidgers death and bones starts to invesgate and she questions booth on his tactics on interigating the people she thinks he was not his normal self. and bones and hagens are in the same place they both affended booth. and they start to dig deeper and anlize the scen were the solidger was killed and it turned out to be acover up for friendly fire and the person that did it comitted suicide after being intergated by booth and they realize that they were sent in to kill unarmed people and a guy that left the miltery was going to tell about it but he got murderd by the a femaile doctor that was going to shut him up. this was a good ep
  • Review

    I thought the end of this episode was one of the best of the season, though I thought the beginning started out very slow. I feel that somewhere a long the line the writers lost track of the burn victim at hand and everything switched to the army conspiracy that was going on with the deaths of the innocent people. So even though the case was solved at the end, with the woman doctor being the one that killed the man, the writers kind of got off track with the writing on this one I thought. The three minutes monolouge by Booth and the end of the episode was great, with Bones being there for him to listen. I would have liked to have seen what Angela was hinting at happen, but once again the longer they go without hooking up the better the on screen intensity between the two of them gets. Overall, I thought the episode was good I just thought the writing could have been a little more focused.
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