Season 7 Episode 12

The Suit on the Set

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 07, 2012 on FOX



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    • Brennan: Booth, you know, I've been thinking, it is nice here.

      Booth: I already turned down the job.

      Brennan: What, why?

      Booth: 'Cause working out here, I wouldn't be working with you, and you're my partner, always.

    • Brennan: I'm going to spend some time with my daughter, but I will be reachable by cell phone.

      Filmore: Preeminent scientist, best-selling author, and now, devoted mother. I sometimes think you appear in my life for the sole purpose of making me feel inadequate.

      Brennan: You give me far too much credit, Dr. Filmore. You're perfectly capable of recognizing your own inadequacies.

    • Cam: (about the movie set) Wow. I feel like I'm looking at our lab after a heavy night of drinking.

      Filmore: It's actually state-of-the-art here. I helped them rent the equipment.

      Brennan: Which would explain the abundance of podiatry equipment.

    • Brennan: Why don't we solve this murder?

      Booth: No, no, no, no, no. We can't do that! No.

      Brennan: Please? You know that we can. Dr. Filmore can assist me.

      Filmore: It was more cost-effective for production to rent real equipment than to build look-alikes, so this is actually a fully-functioning laboratory.

      Brennan: And you are a federal agent. You can claim jurisdiction. You know the department will back you. Please? Please? I've been dreaming of making a movie my whole life. Are you gonna let one little decomposing corpse get in the way of that?

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