Season 1 Episode 12

The Superhero in the Alley

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2006 on FOX

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  • The comic book world comes to life

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a body is found by a bunch of school kids, Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. When they get the body back to the lab, they believe that the victim was between 14 – 18 years old. We soon learn that the victim was 17 years old and was called Warren; he went missing over 2 months ago. We also learn that he was home schooled, was into graphic novels (comic books) and that the costume he was found in was that of a superhero from one of the novels. They soon learn that he was writing his own novel. We learn from the bones that if Warren hadn't been killed he would have been dead by now anyway. He had cancer as a child, and it had returned. They soon learn that Warren worked at the local bowling alley and that he had a girlfriend who worked there. We soon learn that it was the owner's wife who killed Warren, after he tried to protect her from her husband who was beating her. We are then at the funeral for Warren and we see Angela turning up and she hands Bones a copy of Warren's novel, which is then handed to his mother.
  • Our Squints get drawn into the wolrd of comic books.

    I love this episode. Although there isn't anything special that catches the eye "Super-Hero in the Alley" is one of those episode that gets to me every time I watch it.

    Brennan and Booth investigate the death of a teen who liked to play superhero, at least this it what it seems to be. I loved the exchange in the alley where Bones and Zack are busy with describing the body, but Booth was more fixated on the maggots. Also, we know now for certain that Bones can't resist when Booth uses his "charm smile" on her. Cute moment.

    Our dream team meets up with a group of comic book role-playing geeks that give even Bones the creeps, who is usually not affected by this kind of thing.
    I also liked the comparisons made by Booth and Bones regarding the other who is more like Warren Granger.

    In the surprising end though none of this "out there" group has anything to do with Warren's death, but it was rather the result of an abusive husband.

    And the last reason I really love this episode is for the best use of music in it with "Feel it Now" by The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
  • This is another great installment.

    This case is very well written and in my opinion very cleverly plotted. I just love this episode.
    We also get to meet Booth's charming smile, like she calls it. And I have to be honest I agree with her a hundred percent. I found the storyline really beautiful. Our victim was dying, and he didn't tell anyone that he was dying not even his parent, that must have been hard. He also wanted to make a difference to the world before he would die. And he died while trying to help a woman who was being abused by her husband. And in my eyes he really was a hero.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show bones they have to investgate a kid that was murderd in the alie dressed like a superhero and they do some checking and realizie the kid was going to die even if he was not murderd and they later find a bone that was not his . and they also learn that he loved comics and dressed like one that was like his identy and they learend he had a another girl that he talked to but he deied to go save her after he saw his husband hit her . and they fought and he killed him with a thing that is used for bowling balls this was a sad ep i thought . and a really good story.
  • An excellent Bones episode, complete with humour, twists, and a serious, more meaningful side.

    The episode differed from the usual Bones episodes. It still had the funny, appealing side with witty banter and humourous situations. However, it also had a more serious side. It was about a teenaged boy with little to no friends, living in a fantasy world of fictional characters. Clever twists were integrated into the episode, keeping the viewer's interest and changing the plot line a bit. The actors, both reoccurring and guest, played wonderfully. A significant ending to the episode was also given. It added a deeper level of character development and showed the compassionate side of the characters. All in all, a great episode worth watching over and over.
  • Review

    I liked the change it up case that they did for this episode, with the added in comic book storyline. The writing for this episode was really good and making all of the connections, though at time I thought they were a little hard to follow. One thing I have noticed is that Bones and Booths strong on screen connection has somewhat faded over the past couple of episodes. There really isn't any intense scenes with them anymore. The writing has shifted for them to work more comfortably together, whereas in the beginning I think a lot of the tension came from the fact that they were just getting used to each other. The Bones analysis in this lab wasnt all that big, it mainly focused on strong character devolopment in the case, which was needed considering all of the characters involved. Overall, I thought it was a very solid episode from the writers of Bones.
  • My opinion on this one changes every time I watch it because I always seem to notice something new

    Sometimes I love this episode other times I hate this episode it's just one of those that does that to you though.

    I loved how Booth related Warren to Brennan in the beginning. I also loved all the talk about how Brennan reveals so much about herself and her opinions of people in her books. It was amusing to see Angela, Dr. Goodman and Booth making fun of Brennan and her writing.

    I loved how after meeting the greeks at the comic shop Bones told Booth that they gave her the creeps. And Booth going on about how they were the geeks that would set the school on fire was great too.

    I did not expect the owner of the bowling alley to be the killer or to beat up his wife. The bad guy was unexpected for me and I like that.

    It was a very good episode of Bones I really enjoyed watching it.
  • number 12! yay. i'll remember this one quite well. unique.although i have to say that it wasnt the most interesting. i dunno, mixed feelings i guess.

    booth used his charm smile. a very cute charm smile. yay.

    hmm a have a bone to pick. the parents say that it was the first time in a while that anyone had been up there. so why was the lava lamp on and gooping? why would they tur it on when they came in, that would seem random. booth is a comic book fan. yeah, that works.

    that comic book store guy had really pretty green eyes. he also seemed kinda fushy, and i bet booth would agree. i agree with brennan. those people gave me the creeps, too.

    hahaha brennan reveals alot in her book. "uch as fbi guys are hot and angela wants to have sex with me".... and angela doenst deny it. priceless.

    the angelator is getting more more cool by the second. the siulation of the murder looked like live action people. booth bowls. that is funny. i didnt picture him as a bowler. mayeb a football. or hockey player. maybe eve baseball... just o tbowlig, bascially.

    ooh a love triagle. heh heh.

  • Definitely this is a great show!!!

    Another different episode of Bones. It really amazes me how good the writers (or the people who make the plots) are. This time they have to investigate the dead of a young boy who seemed to be very deeply involved with a character that he had created for a comic.

    The difference from other shows? They almost resolved the case just at looking at the story the victim wrote. And with that they opened another line of thinking for that episode: how Bones itself gets a lot of her life and way of thinking on to her books, just like almost every writers do.

    It was nice to see something different, not just the lunatic killing someone but this time a boy trying to make things right although the things didn’t went as he (or everybody else) would like.

    Ahaha... I almost forgot. Also it was funny to see Bones getting in psychology! but she trusted Booth enough... a really nice step in their relationship.
  • A surprise

    There are a lot of shows out now that do forensic investigation, and I have tried to avoid them because they all seemed the same. This episode I have ever seen of Bones. I really enjoyed it. It was well thoughtout. The characters played off each other really well. This episode made me a fan of the show. Set your DVR!
  • Comic books are not evil

    What is it with TV and film? Why are they comic haters? Remember Unbreakable? It looks like a film supporting comic books and super heros. Not to spoil the movie, but the only person who believes in comics as an art form is a crazy killer.

    Here's a smart detective show, with a talented cast and a big budget. And they go hating comics cause they're easy targets. Just because someone reads a comic book, or even enjoys some cosplay, doesn't make him or her a socially confused reject doomed to a life of denial and self loathing.

    Clearly this is a misquided attempt at reaching out to parents with their kids playing their music too loud.

  • Good episode

    This episode was really good. It was different from others because of how Bones and Booth solved the case. They instead of figuring out what happen and who killed him by looking at the bones of the person. They figured it out through the comic book the boy Warren created. (and the guy Warren was in the comic looked alot like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). This was a fine example of the shows greater episodes, and having Zack read comics and almost figure that they have reason behind them was really funny. especially since he was reading a Bugs Bunny comic! lol. It was also cool how they kept you guessing who dun it? through the whole ep. at first you think its a suicide and then u think it was the bowling guys wife and then you find out it was the guy himself!! that was great! this is prob'ly my favorite ep so far!
  • Nothing particularly special, but solid.

    This was a solid episode, nothing special but still enjoyable to watch. I guess this describes the show as a whole, which is probably why it's not doing very well. It's interesting, but fails to grab the viewers. The auxiliary characters (in this case comic book larpers) are not sufficiently developed. Also, the dynamics between the main characters are largely static. The actual "science" and investigation portions were pretty good and only moderately predictable. One thing we haven't seen in a while is the interesting condition of Hodges as being a large donor to the museum. Things like that should not be brought up in one episode then ignored for the rest of the season. Also, there has been less of that Chinese restaurant where the guy picks your food for you of late. Recurring things shouldn't suddenly disappear.
  • Secrets of the overlooked.

    Booth and Brennan investigate the murder of a teeange boy found in the alley dressed in a superhero costume. What follows is a touching look into the life of an overlooked and ignored young individual with more than one secret. On the surface Warren appears to be nothing more than a geek with a passion for comic books, but as the team delves deeper, looking beyond the surface, they discover that Warren is a complex and somewhat passionate person.

    An extremely well written and acted episode. It had the potential to be offensive, but instead is one of the best episodes of the season. The most touching moment was the final scene of Warren's funeral, done to the 'Black Rebel Motorcycle Clubs' song 'Feel it Now'.
  • Great

    Once again this show did it!!!!

    I really like this show. It is really fresh and funny. CSI got old but this show is really good. I really liked this episode because it was just different. The realm of graphic novels and "Geekness" is something that i relate to alot. I am was really excited the see that they did not talk down upon these types of things. This show was a fine example of an idea that was exicuted to be a great show. I really like both of the main characters along with the lab team.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • Really good story, (plus spoilers)

    The episode was really good, it had a nice feel to it. Is nice anytime to see a story about a real hero, which is almost, well pretty much anyway, not going to happen on TV anymore, Hollywood don't like them. Plus - They mentioned Stargate on this episode, combined with a shout out to Firefly A few weeks ago, they really know the good ones.
  • Not the best but pretty good.

    The comic book guys were right on target. The girl with the blue wig was a little prettier than you would have expected. The whole plot line of the bowling alley manager and the wife he beats was hard to watch. You knew she was the one in the story from her hair color.
  • In this episode, Bones and Booth track down the killer of a lonely teenage boy.

    I thought this episode was gripping with plenty of twists and at the end, when Booth put his medal (I\'m not sure what kind) on the boy\'s grave, I almost lost it. This episode was very telling of the characters and what their motivations are. Awesome, I can\'t wait for next week!
  • Bones and Booth investigate the murder of a young teen with a flavor for comics and superheroes.

    Great episode, I loved it. Another good
    episode, especially when Booth and Bones have
    their discussion about comic books. The
    case involves a young man named Warren
    Granger who has a special heroes group
    called Section 14. Booth initially thinks
    it's his buddies that did them in since these
    are an eccentric bunch of teens.

    However, when an examination of Granger's
    bones reveals that he was ill before being
    murdered, the motives and investigation
    change. Another clever exchange of words
    and ideals with Booth and Bones especially
    the part where Booth thinks Warren is more
    like her.

    There's great acting here and the ending
    wasn't predictable as expected and the ending
    is very touching.
  • Not a terrible episode, for Bones.

    Firstly, I should say that I am a comic book fan, so when I saw commercials for a comic-related episode, I was...pondering just how they'd handle the whole comic book "community".

    As far as that portrayal goes, it had it's ups and downs. Not that it should be taken as a serious depiction of how comic fans act, but it did seem to take the, shall we say, easier path of "dorks with no lives hanging out together in secret".

    As someone who stresses importance on grammer and proper use of terms, I'll give the writers points for using the term "masturbatory" in a fashion NOT intended to be taken sexually (believe it or not, it's true).

    The only aspect of the episode's depiction of the fan community that wasn't arguably demeaning was the fact that the victim died doing what was right: defending the weak against a unjust entity. I kinda liked how Booth put his sharp shooter badge on the kid's casket.

    What I also enjoyed was how they continued to play Booth as the kind of male hero I like: One that'll knock you around for a while for beating your wife. Or someone weaker than you. There's something almost ironically wholesome about that. Really.
  • Hoping next week's show will be just as good or better!

    I gotta say the first time I tuned into BONES I turned the channel after 5 mins, my take on it was "oh great some anthropologist babling words I've never heard of", but this comic book themed episode drew me to give the show more of chance, and I was very pleased.
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