Season 8 Episode 18

The Survivor in the Soap

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2013 on FOX

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  • Old stories.

    Interesting enough story, but we've seen this story many times in one for or another. I feel bones is losing the ability to create new and interesting stories, so they're just rehashing a mash up of old ones.
  • 'Bones' not afraid to tackle problems

    Bones has never been afraid to face uncomfortable problems - child abuse, terrorism,diplomatic immunity to avoid murder, PTSD, the homeless, veterans, attitudes to Muslims and now child soldiers.

    This is one of the things that lifts it out of the usual run of the mill crime dramas, that and the humour even if it is sometimes very dark !

    Enoyed seeing Alex again and his relationship with Booth, this time less prickly. Will Booth ever get a normal vacation without Bones wanting to view strange tribes or gruesome remains ? Perhaps they could go to Italy so he could take her to the museum in Rome where they have lots of pornographic Roman material ?
  • the end in sight?

    I am so so so disappointed with the way that Bones has gone. This episode was just a mishmash with characters doing uncharacteristic things, even reverting to behaviour they had outgrown several series ago.. in particular Aristoo's outburst at Hodgins, what was that? As well as Brennan determinedly misunderstanding Booth's intention for a holiday, that was rude and boring. Booth himself seemed bored with all the interactions, just phoning it in. I am also turned off by the preaching - child soldiers this week, something else the week after next. I'm afraid I turned the thing off before it finished, was so uninterested in the outcome. The actual murder seemed to be an excuse for some writer to propound a pet topic in a heavy handed way. Has someone moved in who is sleeping with the boss? Get rid of them, they are ruining what used to be appointment viewing for me. My flatmates said they turned off months ago. If there are no more fun or interesting cases to be had perhaps Bones needs to retire gracefully before it's fired.