Season 8 Episode 4

The Tiger in the Tale

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2012 on FOX

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  • Mean Lance!

    Great episode, the way bones cried over the tiger was heartwrenching and sad. Good to see a episode highlighting the need for animal protection, rather that the usual episodes featuring animal activists portrayed at nuts. How mean was Lance! I'm no fan of Daisy, but dumping her like that when she did nothing wrong was so mean.
  • Why is it still on air?

    This show is going a way off its track. The acting is bad, it is so artificial. Add to this lack of magic between characters. I think that everything what could be done, was already done and the writers simply do not have any idea what to come up with next. Most of the episode does not involve solving case - it suits to cover soap opera plots. Count number of minutes in which you saw the lab and the squints and look at the way how they solved the case. It is like a summary not an actual process which we could observe in the first years of this show. Beginning from the seventh season I am highly disappointed by the level of quality the show presents and I am very surprised that it wasn't canceled already. I think the only reason so is its populistic approach. It started as rather gruesome TV series broadcasted late in the evening and will end as a fairy tale for children at 6 or 7 . Jumped the shark? Several times but somebody thinks that it didn't happen.
  • one big drama with touches of humor

    Excellent chapter, with great moments of fun. As background, the protection of animals. The B & B goes forward. Bravo!
  • Does Bones have Asperger's

    Somewhere a few seasons back this show started going downhill. Whenever they felt it necessary to turn Angela into a nympho freak lesbian, something they can't take back, they ruined her character. Now we have episodes where Angela doubts her usefulness and Bones wants to run for president and cries over a dead tiger, which was completely out of character. In the first few seasons I don't remember her talking like she does now. She sounds like she's autistic, maybe Aspergers Syndrome? It's getting hard to watch. It's bordering on bad acting and if the directer is making her talk like that, please, please stop it!!! They killed off the best actor they had on the show, Ryan Cartwright, who is awesome in Alphas. We really need some better writing in this show.
  • A Caged and Endagered Episode

    This episode played out like a really long after school commercial highlighting the obvious sins of mistreating and abusing animals, the envrionment, and really cool model airplanes. Perhaps if the Writers had been more passionate about building a more believable storyline, we, the audience would have felt a little more guilty about watching TV in our faux leopard print pajamas. Oh, and Sweets, you suck.
  • way too preachy

    This was the single worst episode of Bones I have ever watched. The "Bones for President" gag that got dragged out way to far and the the entire episode seemed to be written by a PETA activist and came off as far too preachy (really? killing a tiger is worse than killing a human?).

    They really need to fire both whoever wrote this terrible script and whoever thought it should be aired.
  • 8x04 - The Tiger

    This was an okay episode. I really liked Brennan's passion over the tiger, but with the rest of the episode felt rather blah to me.
  • weird

    this was a weird episode, i didn't like it at all.....

    first off, Bones for president?? that was weird and out of place and character....

    she used to be funny and quirky with her rigid manerisms, but now they are just ruining her character for me, making her too weird, they try too hard

    and it is not funny and plain annoying at times and i find myself caring a lot less about her...

    the tiger bit was wayyy over the top...come on....she has been through a lot of stuff and never reacted as emotional as this, that was just weird....

    only thing i liked about this ep was the ending with Booth.....

    the rest just didn't feel all....

  • what happened???

    Okay, this was a really weird one. The only nice, familiar thing was the last scene with B&B being sweet. What was it with Angela doubting about her role at the Jeffersonian, the weird president thing and Bones showing too much emotions about the Siberian tiger shooting (this has nothing to do with my personal opinion about exotic pet keeping, but it was so unusual and weird seeing Bones react like that) and Dr. Sweets, I repeat Dr., not noticing what is happening to him regarding Daisy. Writers of BOnes, please don't mess with this show again. I can smell the proverbial shark ...
  • This is why we love Bones

    This season is just getting better and better. This Episode is why I love bones, the banter between the characters is so good, every time you just want to laugh. Sometimes its not about the main plot but about whats going on with each character during the development of the plot. Bones for president!! Hahaha that was so funny, with all the issues she was going to tackle and Booth calling her a Fugitive. Still don't care much for the Daisy character but it helps keeps things with Sweets interesting. Hodgins any day is pure class, he just makes me laugh with what ever he says. All in all am loving this season and I can't wait for more.
  • Uncharacteristic display of emotions

    Bones once saw one of her interns get shot through the heart and die in front of her, yet, showed less emotion and anger towards his killer has she did against a guy who had shot a tiger. Remains of a four year old boy do not affet her, but she goes bananas when she find the remains of a tiger. What gives?

    Angela is not only a computer genius, an incredible artist, married to an emasculinated billionaire who lives to grant her every wish and now, she is a better psychologist than Sweets. What's next for her, walk on the water? Enough with scenes designed to prove how the character played by Emily Deschanels' best friend is great.
  • The Tale of Three Couples

    Tonight we saw a lot of discussion about social problems, commitment issues, and simple marital bickering. Oh yes, was there a murder to be solved in the 10 minutes of so left over?