Season 5 Episode 6

The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2009 on FOX

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  • The body of a half man half chicken is found by Brennan's fan club. Her and Angela later get into a fight over saving a baby pig. Booth tells Brennan to make up with her and Angela sleeps with Wendell.

    Awesome episode. I think this is one of the cutest ones I have seen for Booth/Brennan moments. The whole chicken factory thing was totally gross, but other than that the whole episode was phenominal! I would watch it over and over again if I could. I thought it was sweet but a little weird how Angela was trying to save that pig. She kimd of lost her mind a little bit there. Then she had to sleep with Wendell. That angered me a little because I am a HUGE Hodgela shipper and I was majorly disappointed. When Hodgins finds out about that (which inevitably he will) he is going to be super pissed because a) he loves Angela and b) Wendell is his friend. Its not going to end well with that, but otherwise it was fantastic.
  • Thanks to the writers for a very insightful and sensitive script; and the producers, director, and actors for a true-to-life, but bearable, though tragic account of factory farming. The piglet episode depicted our conflicted attitudes towards animals.

    The script was superlative and very true and heart-wrenching, yet somehow bearable. The actors who portrayed the emplyees of the chicken factory farm were so real that I wondered if they were indeed employees. A good point was made that the humans employees of factory farms are also brutalized along with the animals. The incident where Angela tries to get money to save one cute little piglet and is met largely by argument truly shows our conflicted relationship with animals. On one hand we adore our pets, yet we brutalize other less fortunate and maybe not quite as cute animals.
  • hah lol code yellow!!!

    This was a really good episode. The body of a half man chicken was found by a group of woodchucks! The woodchucks seem to adore Dr Brennan before she tells them off for trespassing.

    I especially loved the part with the corn syrup and feathers!!!!! CODE YELLOW EVERYONE!!!!

    Angela was so funny with the pig, how she became overly obsessed which caused a fight between her and Brennan. At the end of the episode we found out how much Booth's opinion means to Brennan when he tells her to just help Angela and the pig.

    I had hoped for a better 'moment' between b+b but I suppose we will just have to wait(I mean its obviously gonna happen at some point, right!).

    Really can't wait to see the next episode Dwarf in the Dirt!!!
  • Above average.

    After ragging on some of Bones' recent "efforts" (I put that in quotes because there was hardly effort shown in most recent episodes) this was a solid installment. Still not great, still one of the weaker shows in the crowded Thursday lineup, but I did not get as bored as I usually do. There were some funny moments, the story was solid, the episode was good enough.

    The show is still pretty boring though and is one that I might have to consider dropping iff things do not swiftly turn around and improve. Maybe after 5 seasons the show has just run its course.
  • Angela's a big slut...again.

    I was never sure about Angela.
    Sometimes I like her, but other times she just annoys me. What bugs me most of all about Angela is how her appearance can sometimes bring an episode to a screeching halt. So, she has sex with the first guy that gives her money for the pig? Can she be a bigger whore?
    Once again Angela proves what a slut she is, but this episode she's also an idiot who wants to save a pig.
    The scenes with Booth and Sweets are always good.
    I love the way they portrayed the animal rights nut bags.
    HA! HA! The people who gave me thumbs down on my review are hilarious. Maybe you guys should do a google search like this:
    Bones Angela Slut. You people are going to be really, REALLY busy trying to defend that big slut.
  • Will never look at chickens in the same way again

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When the remains of a body are found, Booth and Bones are lead to a chicken factory. Soon all the pieces fall into place and we learn who killed the victim. But also in this episode, Angela and Bones have their first ever fight, over a pig, which seems to affect Bones the most.
    But luckily by the end of the episode, they work things out. We also see in this episode, that things between the intern and Angela are hotting up and they even share a very passionate kiss. Perhaps Angela has finally gotten over Jack?
  • Developments.. in many lines...

    So.. This one was episode what tried to have it all in. There were some storyline I quite liked.. I mean.. I really liked. The whole Booth-Brennan thing was good. They really have been building those storylines up and they do it well. And that was probably the sweetest part of this episode.

    The case itself.. I mean.. it was somehow.. it was catching, I cannot say that. It had some really great turns but the end solution was quite visible. I would have liked to have little more.. I do not know: surprise.

    And then Angela's storyline. The whole big thing was something so Angelalike.. And she having an argument with Bones was something new to cover.. so.. I think it was quite good episode..
  • The body of a man is found by possibly Brennan's youngest fans who turn out to be disappointed by her later and by Angela's findings, the man appears to be half man, half chicken! Also, Angela tries to collect money to save a pig and this raises pr

    Before visiting the page, I was determined to give the episode the full score simply because it met my standards of a good episode and although other fans (and others who pretend to be fans) didn't find it flawless, I think it still deserves a 10. The fact that this case had more suspects than usual made it all more appealing and the scenes with the protesters and Bones and Booth's "tar and feathering" plus Brennan's experiment with paint added humor and fun to the episode.

    The best part in my opinion was where Booth noticed Brennan's dispute over the pig and him holding her hand with that much compassion in his eyes which looked very sincere and sympathetic.

    It was also nice to see Brennan doing something completely out of her rational judgment zone and step in for her friend, who now has money to save her pig and a new man.

    Overall i thought this part was even better than many of the episodes in season 4.
  • another good overall episode. i know people might be turned off with the way chickens are portrayed but its a tv show, im just looking to be entertained and this show does.

    the start was funny with the woodchucks finding the body and bones telling to leave the body alone next time in the future. The case was all over with motive and suspects as always. alot of character development in this one. It shows how much booths opinions mean to bones when she ask for his advice. In the diner when she asked booth he was kinda smart to take a back seat on the angela/bones fight, but still show her he is still there for her support/comfort. Sweets seeing them holding hands and talking, its like they do stuff like that now and they dont really notice it. I think we will see alot of that in season 5. Angela with wendell. didnt see that one comming, i know they talked about her hooking up with someone but didnt think it would be him. To me that just shows me he might be "THE" intern after this season. him and her together probably get more screen time.

    The end was good. all them at the bar, but bones and booth alone to the side. I know people are kinda put off with booths behavior but the man went through a tramatic surgery, give him a break. Again we see bones ask for his advice and this time he gives it. you can tell she really takes his opinion to heart and i think he sees that in the end. good overall episode cant wait till next.
  • Booth and Brennan complete each other...

    In everything, professionally and personally. I love the fact that when Brennan asked Booth for advice he immeditaly knew what he was getting into and decided to step back and Brennan understood, that what makes the relationship works, they act with maturity. But he gave her what every woman wants, support and to tell her everything is going to be all right.

    Now Angela... I'm not happy that she will be dating yet another person in the lab, much less poor-immature-inexperienced Wendell. He's a puppy! But I guess Angela will never change. The case was interesting and cruel at the same time. Makes me want to reconsider eating chicken again. And the motive was really sad too. That was cruel too, some bosses are heartless enough to make you want to punch them or worse, kill them.

    I have to mention that I just love Sweets' words of advice. He's been right almost all the time and I just couldn't stop laughing when Booth kicked him under the table. By the way, nice scene at the diner.

    The last scene was wonderful. If those looks could kill, they'd be dead by now.
  • A man is discovered by a troop of Woodchucks in a river and they bring the body and all the samples the team needs to identify and process the body to the Jeffersonian. Wendell and Angela get busy and Bones and Angela fight over a piglet.

    I had a hard time at first deciding if I liked this episode. I am familiar with the raising of chickens for farming and the way they raise them in these production houses. So that sort of threw me off on the scent at first.

    Overall this was a very good episode. We had some interesting things come out of the case and the killer was not really a big surprise, but they didn't really give us any reason to suspect him till the very end. Sort of a cheap shot.

    What was more important in this episode was the other things that occurred. Angela being super sensitive. Sweets telling her it was time to end the celibacy ritual. Her being so taken by the wonderful gesture of Wendell that the next thing you know they are spending "quality" time together. Bones and Angela really fighting. After all this time you would think Bones would finally get that life is not about pure logic. Sometimes they make her awfully thick!

    I especially loved the final scene between Bones and Booth and their time together. The way they look at each other and their interaction are priceless. The chemistry is palatable.

    I eat chicken so don't get me wrong. I do agree there has to be a better way. Sort of like veal. So the episode was a little distasteful but at the same time very well done. Just not my favorite subject. Thanks for reading...
  • To Booth and Bones:

    Just DO IT and get it over with......after all, Angela even managed to break her fast with a(nother) fellow employee, so there is precedent!

    The case behind the hijinks in this episode was almost as off the wall as Wendall and Angela doing the dirty. The save the pig movement was an interesting surrogate for Angela, though it did seem she still appreciated the cold hard cash from Bones. Bones not only seeks, but actually accepts (though not without corroboration from Booth) advice from Sweets, and Sweets seems, well humanly analytical.

    In the end, there is lots of fun character development, the case proves that business attire can get you killed, pigs and chicken are people too, and Wendall can SURELY do better...