Season 2 Episode 5

The Truth in the Lye

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2006 on FOX

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  • Another side of Brennan... And the guy with the 3 women.

    I have to admit that I really liked the episode. I was a little bit reluctant to see it because of the whole Booth & his ex-wife & Cam. I´ll talk about it later... Or not.

    The case itself was good, but I cant believe a man could have 2-3 lives and live with a clean conscious (if he has one at all). I liked to see Melinda McGraw in the show, who played Scully´s sister in the X-files, another of my favorite shows.

    Brennan... When she asked Rebecca why she didnt marry Booth I thought, bad idea. But then, when Rebecca tells Booth what a wonderful father he is, I said, well it was worth it, because the look on Booth´s eyes changed completely.

    Favorite moment: The next to last scene, when Booth walks to Brennan in her office telling her there are people you just dont sleep with. There was obviously something more to it than that. But my god, the look on their faces!!! It was worth it.

  • Booth's character destroyed!

    How disappointing - they just destroyed Booth's character completely. Sleeping with the enemy! Trashy. Otherwise good episode, but what a yucky ending. Even more so than all the detailed scenes of the decomposing body.

    This is the first episode of Bones that I'm officially not happy with - great show all-round, great characters, interesting camera work and visuals, this show is generally well written and well produced.

    And it's not like I'm not anxious to see how they plan on rescuing Booth's character after this. Definitely not ready to abandon the show. But hard to imagine how the author is going to make this okay...
  • A lot of humour in this episode despite the gruesome body

    Was this the most gruesome find in all of Bones? No I don't mean the first and last scenes!!! I mean the body in the bathtub.
    A wonderfully convoluted plot or rather plots. Not only did we have a murder that might have been a suicide but we had the multiple strands of sexual involvement. Bigamy, verging on trigamy (is there such a word?). Booth the alpha male in bed with two women (not at the same time I hasten to add). Brennan rationalizing his having sex with Rebecca as quite normal behaviour in anthropological terms.
    A growing feeling between Angela and Hodgkins.
    Plenty of humour. Loved the first scene between Booth and Rebecca when he climbs over her and falls off the side of the bed to answer his phone. Borenaz is great at comic stuff - lets face it Borenaz is great period full stop.
    We get more insight into the relationship between him and his ex who seems a much more sympathetic person than we thought.
    All round, most enjoyable, and I don't hate Cam unlike a lot of other people.
  • You've GOT to be kidding me!!! no, No, NO!!! STOP!! It's official: Booth is a slut and the writers are morons.

    WHY did thye do this?! Booth slept with and dumped one innapropriate woman, ignored the one woman he SHOULD be sleeping with, and slept with ANOTHER! That last scene got my hopes up and then the camera panned around and revealed HER!! I, of course, yelled and threw things at the TV. What the hell are the writers thinking?? We all *know* he needs to be with Bones but *nooo* why don't we introduce a new character for everyone to hate and make Booth into a slut? /sarcasm/
    I hope I won't have to but I might only keep watching for Angela and Hodgins(the only reason my review didn't get a 1 out of 10)
  • I really want BOOTH and BONES to get together but no an ex-girlfriend and BONES\'s boss comes into the picture, can we give them a chance for them to atlest admit it was a mistake.

    BOOTH has made 2 kinds of those mistakes why not make it a hattrick and throw BONES in the equasion.This is really annoying me. I thought that after BOOTH got blown up and he saved BONEs\'s life that they would at least kiss but know she just cancels her date with david. Stupid Stupid Stupid
  • WHY OH WHY did they have to go spoil a great show with cheep tactics

    I can\\\\\\\'t believe they ended the episode with him sleeping with that *****..... why make us hate the character, and boy do I hate this Cam character, then have the man were all rooting for to finally get together with the lovely Temprance, sleep with this witch. Thats it I\\\\\\\'m afraid, I really don\\\\\\\'t want to watch any more. Even if one day there is the happy ending I\\\\\\\'d love to see, it\\\\\\\'s been spoiled. Thanks alot, another ruined show
  • It was silly with Booth and Saroyan...

    I thought please let Temperance sleeping with Booth, but no I was wrong. =( Booth is a player o/ (My best friend said that to me :P) Yes, the episode was Adventurous with all those body fluents... They say that it an discusting episode is, but that is Holland >< Naaw it was a *YUMMI* episode but a saw better episodes then that.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • One of my favorite episodes of Bones

    OMG the case was filled with some of the funniest moments ever, even if Booth had a little trouble controlling his biological urges!

    I loved Angela and all her comments about Larry! "Maybe he dissolved himself so there'd be more of him to go around." That was so priceless! And I loved when Booth and Bones both had family pictures when they first realized that Larry had "Two Lives!"

    Brennan and Booth arguing about biological urges was too funny! I loved every moment of it! And Brennan engaging Cam in "Social Intercourse" Was funny as well! It was great to see Booth give Bones all those dirty looks when Hodgins and Angela were like "So I hear you're back with your ex." This was an incredible awesome episode of Bones and I enjoyed seeing the interactions that Brennan and Booth had with Rebecca! It all made for a rather interesting episode!
  • Very cool episode.

    That is easily the most disgusting crime scene in the series… possibly one of the top five worst in any series. Extracting the 'body' from the tub is actually worse.

    It never ceases to amaze me that people who have a potentially serious hereditary disease are actually selfish enough to have children so they can pass the disease on to them! This scumbag has not only one child but two with different mothers, and both have brittle bone. And there's another on the way.

    Booth is surprisingly creative, turning the interrogation room into a 'waiting room' so they can monitor whether the two wives actually know each other. Unfortunately it doesn't work but it was a great idea.

    Angela is certainly getting involved in messy cases where in season one she could barely stomach the bodies, now she's joking over the remains! Some very nice flirting with Hodgins. He's definitely in love with her but it's hard to tell how Angela feels.

    Pretty twisted, Larry gets accidentally killed by someone he owes money to who then fakes a suicide by shotgun. Two wives and a girlfriend show up and realize insurance policies don't pay out on suicide so dispose of the body. Then the original killer shows up and finds that the 'suicide' is suddenly decomposing in a bathtub.

    Not really surprised Booth is hooking up with his ex but did love the horrified look on Booth's face when he realized Brennan was on the phone! I liked Rebecca's 'single moment' explanation, it's so easy to know exactly what she was talking about. It was good that Brennan made Rebecca realize what she'd left unsaid, which let her fix it. Booth does show astonishingly poor judgement in sleeping with Cam, they work together, not to mention that should Brennan and Booth ever hook up, talk about awkward!

    Very cool episode.
  • Better than it's given credit for

    This episode was so great I absolutely loved it minus the Booth and Cam sleeping together at the end!

    Bones and her people skills continue to improve which is always great to see! Plus it was great to see how she did when Booth suggested that they split up. I loved Angela's Oh My God as Booth came in with the picture of Larry after Brennan had already come back with the other Larry's picture!

    The interaction between Brennan and Rebecca was great as well! Ithink they need to have more time together in season 4! I loved that she got Rebecca to tell Booth the real reasons behind her not marrying him! This was a really great episode of Bones!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones they are called to the scene of a construction site where there is a tub with the remaines of a man in side with chemicals. and they investgate and it turns out that 3 women were having lives with one guy and he had children and was about to have another kid with one. and they knew about it sooner and then there was owner who was get scammed out of 85k and he was mad and then he confronted it and he killed the guy after he hit his head he put a gun is month to look like a suicied and the tree women used bleach and other things and burred the gun this was a good ep
  • Another good episde

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode seeing that Booth is sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of his son Parker. And then Bones gets a shock when she phones him, and Rebecca answers the phone. Booth and Bones get called in when a decomposing body is found on a building site, in a bath tub. We soon learn that the man in the tub has brittle bone, and may have passed it on to his children. They then learn of who the victim maybe. Then we learn that the victim has 2 wives and a child with each of them, so it seems as though he has been leading 2 lives. Soon both women are put into a waiting room, and we see that neither of them knows each other. So soon Booth has to introduced them to each other and explain to them that they were both married to the same man. We soon learn that the 2 women already knew about each other and then we learn that he also had another girl and she is pregnant (God he got around).
    We soon learn that the owner of the building where the victim was working accidentally killed him. As the episode ends, we see Booth in bed with.............Cam.
  • Very interesting.

    The case was very interesting, and something that I could see happening in real life. I mean the guy already had two wives; two families and then he still sleeps with his secretary. But to murder him for it… I don't know. I mean I understand that those woman's were really mad, I think everyone would be, and that they would do something about it, okay. But murder… I just don't know. The team, was great in this episode, I couldn't stop laughing when I first saw this episode. I really liked the scene with Brennan and Rebecca, that was really great. But I didn't really like the ending of this episode…
  • Great episode, great case, and character development! (contains spoilers)

    Tons of fun and funny stuff in this episode. Also, the character development is amazing! Over the course of this episode, Booth sleeps with both his exes, Cam and Rebecca. The first time, Bones calls him and Rebecca picks up so Bones knows what happened and spreads the gossip (by accident) around the office. Funny moments there! There are also some really funny moments of tension between Hodgins and Andrea. Something to come soon? Yea, of course!

    The case is great, too. At first it just seems like a normal guy who has died mysteriously (and it was really gross!). But, Bones and Booth discover that the dead guy has two wifes, two families, and two lives separate and secret from each other. Well, that's what we think until they also find out that he had a girlfriend... who was pregnant! Wow! But, even though they find out he was cheating on all of them, it wasn't them who killed him, but his boss who wanted money from him! Twists and turns every minute of this episode! Really greatly written!
  • YUK!!!

    This episode had a huge Yuk Factor. Honestly I never thought that my stomage would be that strong >>
    didn't see anything as gross as this since ... forever

    luckily the give us a brak so we can forget about that and that there is a guy with two lives that ended up in a bathtube.
    Are his wifes behind this?

    unluckily they take us back tot the labor...
    did I mention how disgusting this episode was?

    But When Keri Lynn Pratt came into view I so had to be happy, thinking about her performance as Hallie Piatt in Veronica Mars and she was so cute like she was there.

    But the end was... boring

    and disgusting. I still so dislike Cam and that was gross
  • I hate Cam. Bones and Booth belong together (good episode though)

    I have never wanted to reach into a television before and pull something out. But when at the end when booth and cam. Oh my I wanted to kill her. Why, oh why??! Why does someone write that into a story line when it really is inevitable in ways that bones and booth will get together. I hated cam before then, and now i hate her more.

    Why won't they save us the agony and just get them together?!!

    This actually just wrecked the story line for me. I was thinking this was one amazing episode. So many twists. Really exciting and a great ending to a puzzling mystery but when that happened. I just forgot about the great show and thought how much I hated her.

    It was silly putting that in, and I normally love this show.

    Thumbs down on this one writers. Im ashamed.
  • This episode hurted me very much,i wished so much that booth and bones kiss at least one time,ohh and than this happens he totally got out of his charakter, that was the most confusing episode for me, but after i watched it a second time...

    i thougt about it and watched it a third time, and that time something changed ,at first time i hated booth for what he has done to bones without knowing her!I am so sorry for her, because she seems to be so helpless in this situation and tries to cover it up with her anthropological way. But when i was her i would have punched him in the face, because sometimes he makes her feel like he likes her more than just a friend and than he sleeps with 2 other womans!How could he? Why is he sleeping with every woman beside the really right one!? That was the hardest question for me, but maybe he answered it at the end when he spok with her in her office, and he said that " with some people you can`t just sleep, because there are too much strings!Maybe thats the reason why they not together after so long and great time together, he fears that when it goes wrong he looses her completly and that would break his heart, so he replaces what he doesn`t get from her with other womans, so that he can have both a great relationship without really relationship , just a great time speaking and laughing and beeing together and the other part which means that he has sex to feel complete.
    So thats my long and not very complete and happy opinion.Maybe some day they try doing the right without thinking of the consequences.
  • Interesting, but lacking

    First off whoever made up this title is a genius! It's really clever! This was a good episode, but I haven't seen it in awhile so this review may be a bit innacurate. The thing with the guy in the lye, was gross! but oh so cool!! Very good! Brennan just stuck her hand right in there. I knew from the beginning, that the electricain with the beard did something. He had a big role.
    The whole fact that the guy was leading double lives was interesting but not fabulously interesting. I kind of knew from the beginning that his two wives had suspected something. It was very obvious.
    Booth and Cam got me sooooo mad!! They should NOT have done that. She is a b**** and he is way too good for her. Interesting, but lacking.
  • We have a very different view on Booth after this episode.

    This was one those episodes that you either love or hate. At the very beginning we see Booth right after sleeping with Rebecca. Well, I thought, I guess thats ok, I mean he does have a child with her. But then at the end! I thought I was going to scream when we find out he slept with Cam! :D. But even thought I hated seeing booth with someone other then Brennen, there where a lot of good scenes. Like when Brennen was talking to Rebecaa, i thought that that was one of the most emotional and well acted scenes in all of Bones history. And when she was tellnig Booth how much of a wonderful father he was.

    The case was also a lot like what was ahppening with the characters... (oh yeah, the whole tub thing was really gross)

    It is a must see episode! :P
  • Great forensic story! Revealing information about Booth.

    First off, this forensic story was terrific! The plot twists so many times it keeps you guessing.I didn't figure out "who did it" until almost the end. Excellent job on the part of the writers and the actors!
    The subplots; whoa! Anglea and Hodgins? Does she know? When will he tell? What is going to happen next?
    The big problem I had with this episode is Booth's behavior. I always saw him as a moral Christian man. Always did the stand up thing, dependable. I am now left questioning those views. I guess the reality is he is just a typical human. Ruled by hormones and basic needs; guess I shouldn't judge but definately changes the way I see him.

    Otherwise, a terrific episode!


    FYI- My dissappointment is realted to sex, and not with Bones, other female contact.
  • A fake homicide to cover up a fake suicide that actually covers up a real homicide.

    Just a few points.

    - Bones' look and putting-the-phone-down-quickly thing after talking to Booth at the first part of the episode was cute. I really couldn't tell if she was uncomfortable at catching him in a bad time, or if she was uncomfortable with the fact that he's sleeping with someone.

    - It's nice that Booth and Rebecca have come to some sort of a closure about their relationship. The look on his face when she told him he was a good father spoke volumes of how he felt, and how much weight was lifted off his shoulders. Great character development there.

    - The case was interesting enough, but I just don't get how that man could live two lives without thinking that it will all come back to get him. Talk about a ladies' man.

    - The Jack and Angela exchange was kinda cute, the one about her going to hell and him saving her a seat. That last part where Jack "admits" his feelings was kind of a surprise for me. I didn't think he'd say something like that this early in the season. But hey, if he feels strongly for the girl...

    - Booth and Cam in bed. WHAT THE HELL!? Unfortunately for Cam, I'm a B/B shipper and her having frolicking under the sheets with Booth is unacceptable! That's a minus for Cam in my book.

    This was a nice ep, not for the case but for the characters.
  • Another brilliant episode which had everything, suspense, humour, romance and Gore!!!

    I have to admit the opening sequence where Booth and Bones find the decomposed body in the bath tub of acid was let’s say not for the faint hearted, and have noticed that this 2nd series seems to be going more towards the gore side of bodies found than in the previous first season.

    The plot/story line was excellent and we find that the body found had 2 wives each with a young child and a pregnant girlfriend to boot, a disgruntled boss and a rare bone disorder, the evidence eventually pointed to the girlfriend but it came clear that the two wives and boss were also part of the murder in some small way.

    We also see that Booth has been secretly seeing his ex girlfriend Rebecca, we say secretly as they have been having comfort sex and no one else knows until Bones calls Booth and Rebecca answer’s, Bones puts two and two together and before you can say Forensic anthropologist the rumours are all around the Jeffersonian Institution.

    Set all this aside we find why Booth and Rebecca never married and Booth also get’s closer on an answer he’s been looking for since season 1 that he’s a good father to Parker.

    All in all a really brilliant episode, Hodgins and Angela undying love for each other is still blossoming and Zack still playing the nerdy anthropologist hell bent on not being nerdy, though the end did spoil it for me with Booth and Cam in bed together, I’m still on the fence regarding Dr. Camille Saroyan, some episodes I like her and others I hate her, I do hope Dr Daniel Goodman comes back.
  • Excellent episode!

    For me, one of the bests Bones' episodes. Why?

    Finally Booth can have some peace of mind regarding his son and he desperately needed it. Rebecca gave him what he needed and I like her for that, for been able to tell him that actually he is a great father no matter what he did in the past. Bones showed she was his friend this time. She talked to Rebecca and she realized the mistakes she made and allowed her to told Booth the truth. Althought she definitely was wrong with telling Cam about he sleeping with Rebecca and as Booth I was mad with her... that's gossip, he is her friend and she can't go around telling people this kind of things of him. At the end she realized that and I hope she stays with her saying.

    Also Booth been mad with Bones about her "gossiping" was a good proof of how she thinks about her: like a very very good friend and he totally trust her.

    I actually hated (as all) Booth/Cam... and I'm hoping that the writers know what they are doing with it... it can be dangerous but it will also be a thrill to watch what's going to happen.

    The plot wasn't as good as the previous week but it was ok just because all the twist. Althought the killer was at the end the same suspect from the begining.

    So in conclusion I really liked it. There was a lot of character develpment and was good to watch it.
  • Booth..... Grrrrrr.....

    I really liked this episode. And who knew that Booth was a tighty-whitey type of guy. Not to mention, he is such a man-whore, juggling two women like that. If I was Bones, I\'d slap him right then and there. Other than that, it was a pretty good episode. And isnt anyone else getting the feeling that this is alot like Crossing Jordan?

    Ok, after almost three days of mourning, i was finally able to get a hold of this episode. Love the beginning. More of Booth than we have ever seen before, and you gotta love it haha. I have to say, though, that the whole victim in the bathtub thing was revolting. I had to stop eating my cookies. Poor Zach, Booth doesnt like talking to him "directly". I'm sure zach will get over it haha.
    It was wicked funny the way brennan and booth regarded each other when they both found "larry". and then how the wives fought, it was like umm... meow? cat fight?

    Brennan really seemed to connect with rebecca. im not sure how i feel about them being freinds. o well. we'll see how it progresses throughout the season.

    Haha everyone is finding out that booth was with rebecca. i love how he was trying to defend himself. just admit it, sweetie. you banged her, its okay : P

    HMMMMM, SO larry got three women pregnant, interesting. Dont mind me being so nit picky about the details. I'm writing this review as im watching it, so im basically just recording my reactions lol.

    hHhhHAHAHAHAHAHA Brennan was all proud that she knew what the oscars were. lmfao.

    Rebecca is so sweet to care enough about booth that she tells him he is a good father. Im glad he doesnt want to marry her anymore. awww i love finding out more about booth's personal life... as long as HE finds out more about BRENNAN, it will all be good.

    EEEeew. Hogins was lying in the tub. eeeuuuhhh. (grossed out).

    Overall, I totally loved this episode. Will definatley be watching it at least two more times before next wednesday.

    Until then!
  • kinda strang for booth

    The apisode starts off with booth in bed with rebecca. Then bones calls but rebecca picks up the phone. It seemed like boneds was a little jealous.

    Anyway, they find this guy in a bathtub and find out he has two wives and a girlfriend. One of the guys who he owed money to killed him. Then the two wives and his girlfriend put him in a bathtub. Angela and hodgins shared some nice moments in this episode. At the end when booth slept with Cam that scared me.
  • Loved it!

    Personally, I like any episode that has Booth with his shirt off. But, that aside, I thought the character development was right on. Let's face it we all wondered why Rebecca wouldn't marry Booth. He appears to be a protective, responsible guy. He has a steady job and as we know from his statements in season one, he doesn’t cheat. Plus, let’s face it. . . . he’s hot. This episode helped answered some questions and also allowed Booth to be human and a man. Brennan certainly seemed to understand toward the end and it appears their relationship will be able to reach new levels from here.
  • One man two wifes... and a girlfriend? Booth and... And a cute scene between Angela and Hodgins... AH

    This was an episode for the ages. I loved it. The case was very compelling and it definitely had a nice twist at the end. The writing was well done, I keep loving it more every week. Booth was definitely a main subject for everyone at the lab. It was good to see him and Rebecca resolve things after all these years. Although I'm quite certain he still has feelings for her, I'm still a huge BB shipper. Cam was once again getting on my nerves in this episode. She basically gossiped about somnething that wasn't her business, and to add to it, they had to finish the show with Booth and her in bed. I hope this actually has something to do with the show, and not just a random something. At least to make Brennan jealous. I just wish Cam would go away. I loved Brennan's scene with Rebecca. I think it was a decent thing she did. It gave for some closure between Booth and Rebecca, I hope.
    Brennan's scenes with Booth was great to... always talking about biological urges. LOL

    My favorite part was definitely Angela/Hodgins, when he was in the bath tub (BTW ewww). Him saying "The woman I know and love." and then trying to cover it up. That was totally awesome. I want more of those scenes. It was a great eppy, although I didn't like the way it finished, I can't wait till next week.
  • What was that???????? Is Booth out of his mind??

    Totally shocking episode :( Disgusting content, both, the case and Mr. Don Juan Booth!!! it seems that Booth is not thinking with his mind these days!!! Twice in one episode, this is huuuuuge plus both are EXes!!! I wish Brennen knows about the second time, she's gonna flip out I think, she has to give him a piece of her. Well, before the end there was a moment between them, but it seems he got what Brennen said wrongly, OR he acted on it!!! Really he's a typical guy as she said earlier!! next episode might contain lots of action regarding them both, she has to know.
  • Come on!!!!!!

    Booth and Bones where having their moment!!!! But it\\\'s down in memory land now that he\\\'s go sleeping with Cam. Please when are she leaving the show, I really don\\\'t like her. Oh please just be a one night, please, please. Yes we all knew that he was to be struggle with his ex\\\'s but now turn the page past to other things. Oh and now I have some respect for Rebecca, finally she\\\'s good to Booth about Parker. Oh and so cute Hogins and Angela. When\\\'s gonna be the date and the akwardness, can\\\'t wait. So bye now everyone.
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