Season 2 Episode 5

The Truth in the Lye

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2006 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Brennan: Well, this is not a tooth. It's a crown.
      Cam: Exactly. Any of your women happen to be missing one?
      Booth: Not that I could see.
      Brennan: Well it wouldn't be theirs anyway. It's sized for a man.
      Cam: I knew that.

      There is no difference between a man's and a woman's crown. Crowns are sized for each tooth, but there is no specific type of crown that varies based on sex.

    • Goof: Rebecca goes to tell Booth that he is a great father and Dr. Brennan walks away. Rebecca then asks Booth, "Was that Dr. Brennan?" trying to seem as though they did not have their conversation earlier in the episode. This would be fine except they met at the end of the episode "Mother and Child in the Bay" at the diner. In that episode Rebecca used Brennan's name in greeting her.

    • In this episode Booth sleeps with both of his exes - Rebecca and Cam. He says both times, "That was a huge mistake", and at the beginning when Dr. Brennan calls after Rebecca and Booth have sex, it seems like he feels a bit guilty.

  • Quotes

    • Booth: You know what Bones, it might be all anthropology to you, but there are certain people you just can't sleep with. I mean, you can pretend that it's just sex, you can lie to yourself and you can say that it's all good but there are too many strings, too much at stake, you know? Too much to lose.
      Brennan: Yeah, I can see that.

    • Angela: (facing away) Thing is, I cannot think of a single woman who would want three husbands.
      Hodgins: (off-camera) Good thing. Guy would never be stupid enough to let it happen.
      Angela: Excuse me. These women were not stupid (turns around and sees Hodgins sitting in the now-clean tub)...and that is completely gross.
      Hodgins: But comfy. (Angela smiles.) Welcome back, by the way.
      Angela: What?
      Hodgins: Well, after two days of inappropriate comments, you're back to judging me for gross behavior.
      Angela: When am I ever appropriate?
      Hodgins: Good point. Maybe it was just the judging me I missed. Ah, the woman I know and love (sits up quickly) a purely non-romantic, happy-to-be-judged way.
      Angela: Well...(nods). Anyway.
      Hodgins: These women.
      Angela: Right. Not stupid. And, frankly, that they allowed themselves to be duped is a sad statement on how lean the market is out there.
      Hodgins: I resent that. I'm out there.
      Angela: You certainly are.

    • Angela: First of all, how does anyone juggle two spouses?
      Hodgins: I can think of ways. Of course by juggle I mean quite literally...
      Cam: (motions to Hodgins) I have a scalpel.
      Angela: Maybe he dissolved himself so there'd be more of him to go around. (Sees Cam giving her a look.) I'm going to hell, aren't I?
      Hodgins: I'll save you a seat.

    • Angela: ... making him dead before he was doused with lye. Oh happy day.

    • Brennan: Well this is not a tooth. It's a crown.
      Cam: Exactly. Any of your women missing one?
      Booth: Not that I could see.
      Brennan: Well it wouldn't be theirs anyway. It's sized for a man.
      Cam: I knew that.

    • Rebecca: Seeley, all the excuses I gave you for not wanting to get married, my independence, your work.
      Booth: I know.
      Rebecca: No, you don't! You are a wonderful father, and Parker is a lucky kid, such a lucky kid, and obviously we still have feelings for each other. Do you still want to marry me?
      Booth: Rebecca, no, I don't.
      Rebecca: I don't wanna marry you either. (they smile at each other) I'll miss you.
      Booth: Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna miss you, too.

    • Rebecca: Seeley.
      Brennan: I'll get the ball rolling.
      Rebecca: Was that Dr. Brennan?
      Booth: Uh huh. Why are you here?
      Rebecca: I needed to know if you were going to coach Parker's tee ball team this year.
      Booth: You know I always coach Parker's tee ball team
      Rebecca: Well I didn't want to assume.

    • Brennan: Unless he was dead before the shot.
      Booth: Well yeah it's true but a… Wait what?
      Brennan: The inside of Larry's skull is pitted which I had always attributed to defects of the lye but each tiny hole matches perfectly with the bird shot right down to the specks of copper.
      Booth: Are you saying it was suicide?
      Brennan: I would - except these holes are void of blood, which would suggest they were inflicted after blood stopped pumping through Larry's head.
      Booth: You know what? Keep talking. I'll catch up.
      Brennan: Well unlike the blunt force trauma no shortage of blood here, proving he was dead before he was shot.
      Booth: So we're talking about a faked homicide meant to cover up a faked suicide?
      Brennan: A faked suicide meant to cover up an actual original murder.

    • Booth: And how did Hodgins find out?
      Brennan: I'm sorry?
      Booth: (Imitating Hodgins) Yeah, I hear you're back with your ex.
      Brennan: I don't know. I assume it was Cam. I was only trying to engage her in social intercourse.

    • Hodgins: (to Booth) So I hear you're back with your ex.
      Brennan: (Booth gives Bones a look.) Don't look at me.
      Hodgins: Your son must be thrilled. I mean I know I may thumb my nose at the hypocrisy of marriage as a sacred institution but I think a boy truly benefits ...
      Booth: I am not back with my ex.
      Hodgins: Let me finish. A boy truly benefits from knowing where his parents stand together or not.

    • Rebecca: By the time that I realized that I'd made a mistake, that I'd still be the same person... I think there's a moment for two people where they can either catch fire or... Seeley and I, we missed our moment. Do you understand?
      Brennan: I'm trying but the single moment thesis doesn't explain...
      Rebecca: Why we still get together, fall together really, because I think that we just feel what used to be there, and we miss it.
      Brennan: I think that Booth thinks you didn't marry him because he wouldn't make a good father.
      Rebecca: What?
      Brennan: He worries about it himself what he does for a living, his past as a sniper.
      Rebecca: Oh God! Ah, do me a favor, um, don't, don't tell him I came by okay. Please.

    • Brennan: Hey can I ask you something? Why did you say no?
      Rebecca: Excuse me?
      Brennan: When he asked you to marry him. He seems an ideal candidate, strong alpha male, good protective instincts.
      Rebecca: And I should discuss this with you why?
      Brennan: It's just I don't think he knows and I think it bothers him.
      Rebecca: I've always taken care of myself to a fault sometimes and when we got pregnant Seeley proposed but I didn't want to be one of those women who gets married out of need. So I said no.
      Brennan: I can see that.

    • Zack: (holding a pitchfork) And I know you requested a strainer of some sort, Dr. Brennan, but I thought this could be of use.
      Brennan: For the big pieces, maybe.
      Cam: After that, old MacZacky, get on the horn with the coroner's office and tell them I want two field unit water sifters sent here ASAP.
      Zack: They get mad when I drop your name.
      Cam: Then drop it twice.

    • Rebecca: Hey. Dr. Brennan, right?
      Brennan: Rebecca, hi.
      Rebecca: Is he in there?
      Brennan: He is, but it's not a good time. Not that my powers of discernment have ever been particularly sharp vis à vis good times from bad, but in this instance… It's bad.
      Rebecca: And I thought Seeley was exaggerating about you.
      Brennan: With regard to…
      Rebecca: Just tell him to give me a call.

    • Hodgins: Man, what I would've given to be a fly on the wall when you told those wives...
      Brennan: You would've been swatted, trust me.

    • Hodgins: (holding up a wedding band) Braided gold and platinum - preserved by true love, no doubt.
      Angela: One metal for each desperate housewife.
      Cam: People, can we at least fake some sense of decorum?
      Angela: I can't help it - it's so Jerry Springer!

    • Hodgins: (unhooking the tub from the forklift) Oh, this is going to be fun!
      Zack: I should get my video camera.
      Angela: I may need a Compazine.
      Dr. Saroyan: There'll be none of that - no fun, no video, no vomit. (looks in the tub) Ooh, then again...

    • Gail Seever: I just lost my husband.
      Lila Turner: You did? So did I.
      Booth: Actually, that's why you're both here really, for the same reason...for the same husband.
      Gail Seever: I'm sorry?
      Booth: Yeah, me, too.
      Brennan: What Agent Booth is trying to say, is that your husbands Larry are the same Larry.

    • Brennan: Are you sure this is the best time to tell them?
      Booth: After two days of nagging me now you're getting cold feet?
      Brennan: I do not nag!
      Booth: Well you know it's an anthropological inevitability for a woman to gossip and nag.

    • Cam: I might be able to help.
      Booth: With what? (Looks at what she is holding) A very small used condom?
      Cam: It's the finger from a rubber glove. Hodgins found it wedged under the tub's drain stopper.

    • Cam: I just wouldn't want these women finding out at the funeral.
      Angela: I'll take a front row seat for that. (Cam gives her a look) Sorry, did I say that out loud?

    • Booth: I almost married her you know?
      Brennan: Agent Curry?
      Booth: Rebecca. My ex.
      Brennan: Oh, you wanna talk about her now.
      Booth: She got pregnant. I wanted to do the right thing, but you know she said no.
      Brennan: You've told me this before. Not that you've ever said why.
      Booth: Well, issues with my job, she wanted to start her own career, she wanted to finish graduate school.
      Brennan: Alone with a baby?
      Booth: Logic. Right, you're applying logic?
      Brennan: Do you still love her?
      Booth: Not like I did. Not like that.
      Brennan: Then why can't it just be sex?
      Booth: There's nothing "just" about sex, Bones.

    • Angela: What's wrong?
      Brennan: With, what?
      Angela: This is usually where I type and you talk. You two are never, not talking.
      Brennan: Well we're not, not talking.
      Booth: Or maybe we're not, not, not.

    • Brennan: And if you're not helpless then why did you sleep with her?
      Booth: Oh I really don't recall saying that I did!
      Brennan: Well you didn't have to. I could hear it in your voice. I might as well have walked in on you having sex.
      Booth: Oh you didn't and we weren't.
      Brennan: It's nothing to be ashamed of Booth. Humans act upon a hierarchy of needs, and sex is very highly ranked. It's an anthropological inevitability.
      Booth: Thank you Bones. I really appreciate you boiling me down to your anthropological inevitabilities.
      Brennan: Sure.
      Booth: Anytime.

    • Brennan: I was not gossiping!
      Booth: Oh really. So then what would you call it?
      Brennan: Merely sharing a point of interest.
      Booth: Great. So now what am I? World's largest ball of string?
      Brennan: No, not you, your behavior was a textbook example of just how helpless we higher primates can be to our biological urges.
      Booth: I am not helpless.

    • Rebecca: (answering Booth's phone) Agent Booth's phone.
      Brennan: Oh, hi. It's Dr. Brennan. Is Agent Booth available?
      Rebecca: Available? Yeah, um. (to Booth) Dr. Brennan.
      Booth: Yeah Bones, what's up?
      Brennan: Nothing, just seeing if you got the call and if you're swinging by to pick me up or ...
      Booth: Oh yeah. I'm just gonna have to meet you there.
      Brennan: Okay, bye. (She hangs up quickly and upset, knowing exactly what's going on.)
      Booth: (to Rebecca with concern) You don't think she thought ... ?

    • Hodgins: (about the Chinese characters they find) What do they say?
      Angela: They say, "What make foolish man think I speak Chinese?"
      Hodgins: I thought you were half Chinese.
      Angela: And I think you're half Swedish. Let's hear some Swedish.

    • Zack: I'm going on police business.
      Dr. Hodgins: So proud. (to Dr. Saroyan) Does he mean out? In the world?
      Dr. Saroyan: We'll pin our phone number on his shirt.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      "I Want to Be Loved" by Cassandra Wilson (when Booth and Cam are in bed at the end of the episode)

    • The German episode title for this episode is "Der Lügner in der Lauge," which actually means "The Liar In The Lye."

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: November 28, 2006 on TV3
      Belgium: September 22, 2007 on RTL-TVI
      Germany: September 26, 2007 on RTL

    • Special appearance by Jessica Capshaw was noted with and.

  • Allusions

    • Dr. Hodgins makes a reference to Vice-President Cheney accidentally shooting Texas attorney Harry Whittington back in February 2006.

    • (talking about lying wives/mistresses)
      Booth: They should have a dozen Oscars.
      Brennan: I know what those are.

      Apart from the reference to the Academy Awards, this is an obvious reference to Brennan's common answer to any kind of cultural reference: "I don't know what that means."

    • Angela: One medal for each desperate housewife!

      Desperate Housewives is a popular dark comedic TV series set in a suburban residential area about a handful of women whose lives are affected when one housewife commits suicide.

    • Angela: It's so Jerry Springer!

      Jerry Springer had a long-running daytime talk show, The Jerry Springer Show, where people would share their problems and most of the time end up beating each other up on stage with chairs and other props.