Season 8 Episode 13

The Twist in the Plot

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2013 on FOX

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  • Poor Parker

    Spoiler warning!

    So Booth pours his heart out in video recorded last words to his daughter, Christine with no mention of his son, Parker. Uncool Booth, Uncool.
  • Funerals and Ex's

    A case involving eco funerals cause the team to think about their own funeral arrangements, and the return of Daisy causes a little awkwardness with Sweets.
  • Hmmmm

    The plot was ok but i really think sweets should be able to handle his break up better in view that he is a psychologist. I am also very critical regarding the clinical/scientific aspect of the episode. The squints can't merely stated that the woman's cancer was not the cause of death just because there is only evidence of bone metastasis because bone mets won't lead to death but there are numerous soft tissue mets that can lead to death such as brain mets, liver mets, lung mets.... and there was not much soft tissue left on the victim. so the medical aspect was inaccurate. so sorry... but can't help noticing this fact and need to point it out. it is just too glaring to be ignored.

  • Twisted threads

    Three threads in this story - the case, quite complex; Sweets and Daisy; Booth and Bones , their wills and funerals.

    I am beginning to like Daisy, she has come so far from her original extremely annoying personality.

    The final scene with Booth filming his message for Christine was yet another example of how David Boreanaz can really grab our attention with his portrayal of emotion. I have read a story on a fan fiction site where Christine finds her dad's video when sorting his effects after his death. Very moving.
  • Really?

    Was there even a point to this episode? It was like the plot was interfering with the character drama.
  • Good solid episode

    I liked this one and like a previous post, I agree that it was a bit like the old days. No out of character behaviour from key cast members. Yes- the chemistry is not the same now between Booth and Brennan but it can't be- they live together!

    I liked the Sweets- Daisy interaction- I guess they have resolved things but in my view them splitting up is a mistake, I thought they had good chemistry although I do prefer the toned down Daisy.

    The storyline itself was quite interesting and a relief to focus on a proper investigation and not on the more recent trend of creating artificial dramas between Bones and Booth such as the Pallant arc. That just seems unrealistic and just designed to create tension to take the place of their lost chemistry.
  • dem feels

    as in right in them..

    writers almost ruined it with sweets and miss wick come on people, was closure really needed ? sweets wimped out and daisy was left in a couple of episodes later we get such a cliche lame 'end' to it...

    nice to see vik 'lister' sahay doing a more straight role since chuck kinda hoped he would be the villian..

    and then what an ending

    holy smokes that was epic !
  • nice, decent episode

    I liked this episode. Good old school one, with no weird behaviour like in other eps in this season except that the old chemistry between B&B has simply gone away. Anyway this time there were signs of tenderness (but combined with drama, "you ruined my ending"). I wish I could tell the producers to watch older episodes (before the baby thing) and get reminded of how sweet and sparlinkg B&B were together when they weren't. BUT as Bones doesn't consist only of the chemistry issue I rate this ep with 9.0 because the story and the other characters were cool.