Season 3 Episode 13

The Verdict in the Story

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 05, 2008 on FOX

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  • Bones help to release her dady...

    Each season bones lose more and more of her charm.. This time helping her father to avoid the justice.. and the most important issue for a crime related show.. Where is the true killer of the deputy?... Maybe mulder and scully could solve this case.... 'cause the team got lost... The friendship and love relationships more important than D justice?. please!... im sure that a couple of police and forensic med desagree that fact....

    This is a cheappy argue to show us the human side of bones's if we hadn't seen that before. Futhermore angela refuse to testify and that is well... obstruct the jsutice never was so easy and without several consecuence... Not even a Jur indictment..or some truobble in the jeffersonian?... no, no, no...

    average episode...
  • What was promising to be a non-story turns out to be pivotal in character development.

    I have to admit that I watched the first half of the episode quite sceptically, believing that it introduced an unacceptable degree of levity into what was supposed to be a fairly serious issue for Brennan, since the stakes were very high for her father, to say the least. I was particularly annoyed with her and Booth's attempts to keep it light and with her outburst of laughter at the beginning. I also thought that there's isn't much that the scriptwriters can do intelligently, since it was pretty much clear that the guy was guilty. Happily, I was wrong, as it turned out that the story was in fact about many other things, achieving a degree of depth and warmth I would not have suspected from a pretty slow start.

    SPOILERS AHEAD Two things I that the scriptwriters did spectacularly well:

    1) Playing on the reason vs. intuition pairing (of Booth and Brennan, but also inside each character's own personality). This is a recurrent theme throughout the series (see the episodes with Dr Wyatt, who catches on to that when he quotes William Blake). Of course, this was formulated in this episode as the brains/heart dilemma and contributed enormously to Brennan's development. I love her as a heroine - she's complex enough to be surprising but also very plausible. 2) the end of the episode, when Booth comes out of the courtroom before the verdict is read. I think this links with one of the episode in season 2, when there's a discussion about missed opportunities and he says that that he realised that he wanted to marry Rebecca- who eventually refused him - irrespectively of whether she was pregnant or not - that is, irrespectively of the verdict. Beautifully done - understated and well-acted.
  • A tense and emotional episode for all those BB shippers!!!

    "Brain and heart, Bones" - That phrase just sums up this series perfectly. I expected this episode to be a little dry and slow in all honesty and a bit boring. Oh boy was I wrong! The tension that was so expertly created really left me on the edge of my seat. There were also a few BB moments to keep all us shippers happy. And what Bones does at the end for her father was a wonderful twist - i certainly wasn't expecting it!
    This ,being a character driven rather than plot driven episode, was just a beautiful conclusion to wonderful 3 year plot line.
  • An episode that sadly diminishes Temperance Brennan, she should be ashamed of what she did.

    That is a very cool skeleton. Yet we never actually come back to it?!

    For Max's trial, it is necessary to separate Booth and Brennan. Clark is an excellent opponent to Zach, after all, he was Zach's potential replacement when he was in Iraq. He actually finds something Zach missed. Makes you wonder if Max planted the supposed murder weapon at the scene just so the forensics team would assume it was the murder weapon. Makes you wonder if maybe Brennan got her brains from her father. However, Max proves again what a scumbag he is – suggesting perjury. Max actually says he'll get on the stand and deny he killed Kirby. Russ must be harbouring some serious resentment toward Tempe – Max openly admits he didn't run only because of her. Again, Max puts Tempe over Russ. Max isn't exactly helping their relationship.

    It's certainly one of the most bizarre trials ever – with the defense and prosecution being friends, waving across the courthouse and sharing coffee. Deflecting potential blame to Tempe was dangerous even if it was to create reasonable doubt, enough evidence and they could arrest Tempe.

    As heartwarming as the final moments may be, Brennan completely ignores the fact that she just released a double-murderer back onto the street. As someone who helps convict murders for a living, she should be utterly ashamed, father or not.
  • Another good one......

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. At a crime scene, Caroline comes out and tells Bones that she and Booth cannot work together now as her father's court trail has set a date. And so it basically becomes Bones and her father against the rest of her team. At a meeting with Caroline, Angela says that she is not going to take the stand and so she leaves. Hodgins says that he will only take the stand, if it is ok with Bones. And so she grants it. We then jump to the court trial, and see that Angela is not there, as she stayed true to her word. When she is called up on the stand, Angela refuses to answer any questions, and so she is placed in contempt of court. And so Bones goes to visit Angela and she still won't testify. Then the next day at the trial, as Bones and Booth keep on talking to each other, the judge orders them to move seats, as they apparently they don't whisper as quietly as they think, they do. During the trial, we learn that the murder weapon found at the crime scene, is in fact not the weapon and so the case may get thrown out. Bones and Zach then have a search warrant for Bones's apartment, to try and find the murder weapon. As Zach searches the apartment, Bones and Booth talk, until Zach finds what he believes to be the murder weapon. As the trial is started again, things don't seem to be going very well for Max. Son Bones comes up with another theory of what could have happened. Soon Bones puts herself to be the 2nd possible suspect and it gets sold to the jury, as even Booth seems to believe it. And so with this in play, the jury cannot convict Max for the crime and so he is set free, as the jury find him not guilty. And so father and daughter are reunited. We also learn that Bones will not be charged for the crime.
  • A quick summary of one of my favourite episodes.

    What can you say about this episode? Perhaps my favourite episode yet of Bones. In this episode, we finally get to see the trial on Brennan's father, Max, for killing the deputy director of the FBI. All of the squints and Booth are on the side of the prosecution, leaving only Brennan on the side of her father and the defense. The only squint that refuses to take the stand is Angela, Brennan's best friend, for the rebellion Angela is put in jail. Even when Bones trys to convince Angela to take the stand, she refuses to, can you ask for a better best friend? In the end, Brennan brings herself up as a possible suspect to have murdered deputy director Kirby. There is too much evidence pointing toward the fact the someone else may have been the murderer, thus Max Keenan is deemed innocent. The ending scene was beautiful. Brennan is standing outside the courthouse as Booth comes down the stairs and intiates a hug between the two. Angela comes down next and is thanked by Bones. Max finally comes out and he shares a loving hug with Brennan. As she is hugging her father, Bones and Booth share a very special look and the camera fades out. A two steps forward type of episode.
  • Max Keenan (aka Brennan's Dad) is on trial for the murder of the Deputy Director of the FBI

    Watching the 'shorts' in the build-up to this episode I was expecting greatness, an episode that had me crying because of the emotion....

    Well, I found the beginning kind of slow, and the way that Caroline told Booth and Bones that they couldn't work together b/c of Max's trial just didnt' sit right with me. I can't really explain why, it just didn't work for me.

    However, I do think that the episode got better as it progressed. I liked that Angela refused to testify, it shows what kind of a person she really is, and how great a friend she is to Bones. I think one of the most emotional parts of the episode was when Booth had to essentially say that it was possible for Bones to have killed the Duputy Director. You could really tell in that scene how much Bones means to him and how much he hated having to admit that she could have done it. In fact, I really didn't like it how Brennan was even considered as an accused- there is no way she would have done that!

    I was surprised with the outcome- I fully believed the Max would be convicted with murder, though for Bones' sake I'm happy that he wasn't, even though I'm almost 100% convinced he did actually commit the crime.

    Not one of my top Bones episodes, but it wasnt bad either.
  • Found this episode a difficult one to review.

    This episode dealt with the trial of Brennan's father for the murder of FBI Deputy Director Kirby. The actual murder had been investigated such a long time ago (Judas on a Pole - aired some 18 months earlier) I, and I'm sure most other viewers, had forgotten the details of the actual case. I'd forgotten for instance that Judas on a Pole had been directed by David Duchovny!

    Because of the delay in this case coming to court the circumstances had to be restated. Essentially the cause of death had been determined by Tempe and the squints who, together with Booth, all believed Brennan's father to be the murderer. They would therefore all have to appear in the court case as witnesses for the prosecution.

    I can't say that I found the court case scenes particularly believable. Somehow they didn't seem well written, compared say with those of JAG. There was some interplay between Assistant U.S. Attorney Caroline Julian (Patricia Belcher) for the prosecution and Ernie Hudson (David Barron) as the defense lawyer but it didn't come over as particularly adversorial as you would expect in a murder trial.

    Despite some small concern about the murder weapon which was soon resolved it transpired that the prosecution case was so weak that once a plot device of 'reasonable doubt' was introduced a verdict of not guilty was arrived at. I was both surprised and glad that the prosecution never put Brennan's father on the stand - surprised since I assumed that they got a statement from him that he was guilty and they had much more to support their case but glad that Ryan O'Neal didn't get another chance to show his lack of acting skills.

    Now all the actors did a good job, but for me the lack of a coherently written plot left me with a feeling of "is that all there is?"
  • This one was a hard one.

    The team is split up because of Max Keenan's trial. On one side Bones, on the other Booth and the guys.

    It's interesting to see the reaction on each part, from each character. All of them want to support Bones but it's their job to help prove that her father killed the FBI Deputy Director.

    I wasn't surprised by Angela's decision. Temperance is her best friend and like she said "Friends don't send friend's fathers to the electric chair". It was a honored and dangerous attitude.

    It was hard for all but she wanted them to do their jobs, just like in a normal case.
    That's one of the things I love in this show, the team sense and the fact that even on different sides they keep caring about each other that much. They almost asked for permission and forgiveness in the stand before answering the questions.

    That final move, it was really well though. It was possible, even I started to believe in that possibility.
  • Bones finds herself on the opposite side of her team as her father Max goes to trial.

    This episode was well written and drew me in from the start. Unfortunately, with Bones and Booth on the opposite side, it was a bit painful to watch. But after it was all said and done, it was great to see that Bones' dad got off clean (because Kirby SO deserved to die), and the ending where Bones hugged Booth was pretty good too. And I really enjoyed the part where she smiled at him and told him what a great guy he was. Overall, a good installment, but it was certainly tough for me to watch the team go against each other.
  • Bones uses her heart!

    I loved this episode and I didn't even find it strange that there really was no case. Just a trial. A trial that finds our team separtated and on different sides. Bones tries to ensure that her friends still do their job even though they are working to convict her father. The conflict that Boothe sees but Bones refuses to acknowledge until later was c l as sic. I loved watching a torn Bones between wanting to free her father and seeing justice served. Then we have wonderful Angela who always sees things and people in her own way, including Bones. Excellent script and watching the team interact and process things in a different scenario. Well Done, one of my favs.
  • The people vs. Max Keenan ( Booth & the Squids vs. Bones )

    This weeks episode concentrates on Temperance's fathers trail, which is alleged to have murdered FBI deputy director Kirby. It's a tense trail from start to finish with Booth, Sweets, Hodgins, Cam and Zack all on the prosecution whilst Brennan is all alone on the defence side, no one wants to stand against Bones but they have to, all except Angela who stands up for what she believes in ' friendship ' and wont testify against her friend or friends father, Angela is held for contempt and locked up. The case go's back and too and it's not looking good for Max when Zack's testimony stands up in court, however the defence have there own Zack Addy who finds problems with Zack's evidence

    I wont spoil the end as I know this episode has not screened yet here in the UK but it's an exciting ending with a nice twist.
  • Bones on one side, the squints on the other.... a sad and emotional episode.

    There were many things i liked and hated in this episode. Bones is making a come back and the story lines are getting more interesting. I liked seeing the everlasting friendship between Brennan and Angela and that Angela was prepared to go to jail before putting her best friends father away. I hated the fact that at the start of this episode you saw this really cool and interesting looking skeleton and you didn't find anything out about it (but hopefully that will be next episode). Once again i have to mention Angela when she was out on the steps and her dedication as a friend. The squints working against Brennan and her father i thought was a bit confronting especially from Booth but all ended well and Brennan got a hug awww. So overall it was an ok episode with some interesting parts. Cant wait till next week!
  • brennan's father's trial is here and everyone except brennan is testifying against him

    i really liked this ep..i didnt think i would at first because im like watching the preview and im like oo this looks like a step backwards for brennan and booth but it proved not to be..yes spoiler..i mean theyre talking in court and acting like kids when they get caught and then they didnt want to be broken apart when caroline made them stop their case and then brennan confided in booth and was like but youre the person i go to w/ this stuff..and then the best of all the hug..also the trial was interesting...angela is a really good friend and had more courage than all of them..the forensics was awesome and we even get to eee clark edison..and oh my gosh zack makes a mistake lol..then what brennan did really showed her love for her sweet..i wont spoil that part
  • Unusual situation, unusual Brennan and great outcome

    This episode was a pearl, I cannot say anything else. I enjoyed every bit of it. After I watched some episodes of "Cantebury's Law" I started to like that kind of court dramas or action on court and even if it is quite unusual (but they have done it before) they worked it out so fine. First, the team has to be on the different sides - Bones on one and all others against. And Angela is the one who takes it out to the level where she do not testify. That was very brave of her and they really showed her character there. And when you think that is intriguing enough it is not - the one who tried to be Brennan's assistant, and now is expert witness finds a mistake. But they soon solve that too and Brennan's dad is back on bad position and by that Bones makes a decision - something totally not like her but it is worth it - they question who did killed that man. Was it really dad or maybe Booth.. or even Brennan? I really loved the way they went with storyline to there. It showed something totally new, added so great atmosphere. It was a great episode.
  • Good or evil? What has love got to do with it?

    We see a side of Temperance Brennan that one would not expect in the series. The nice little girl suddenly gains a dark side, so dark even, that this plot change could lead the series in whole new direction.

    The way this change is brought into the story sheds a new light on Bones' family and family history. We knew that her father had done some bad things in the past and that he wanted to protect his children at any cost. We also knew that the last person he presumably killed (watch the episode to know the details) was directly after his family. How the murder unravels though, is quite the opposite of what I had expected. Worth watching more than once...
  • Brennan and the team on the opposite sides of the courtroom.

    In this episode, Brennan's father Max finally answers for the murder of corrupt former FBI Director Kirby in a completely emotionally driven installment of Bones.
    Most of the team struggled with doing their jobs to the best of their abilities versus their loyalty to Brennan. Brennan herself struggled to rationalize her wish for her father's freedom versus knowing that her father was guilty of the crime to which he was accused. As usual, it's Booth that brings a little gray to her world of Black and White. He explains to her that this is one of those instances that she needs to stop being rational and allow her emotions to take over. She finally connects with her emotions when she finally realizes that her father could have been a free man if he had just stayed on the run and instead allowed himself to be arrested so that he could have regular contact with his daughter. When she recognized the magnitude of this sacrifice, she made a sacrifice of her own, consulting with Booth first over the ethics of what she was about to do. It wasn't technically lying, as much as it was offering an alternative story, even if it meant causing damage to her own reputation and her good name. When Booth was on the stand being questioned about Brennan having the time to possibly commit the murder herself, the look of admiration on his face when he recognized what she was up to along with his defense of her was incredible. His respect for her reached a new level.
    Even though the episode was filled with heart wrenching moments, the writers didn't forget to include some really good laughs: in the beginning when Booth suggested that the skeleton was wrapped in a rug and Brennan laughing hysterically at the suggestion and Caroline looking at her strangely saying that she didn't know that Brennan could laugh, Zack's competetive streak showing through even though the rest of the team seemed to resent the fact that they were being forced to the opposite side of Brennan, and Brennan and Booth acting like they were breaking up with Sweets, and then later teasing him when he asked if he could study them for a book. An all together amazing episode.
  • This is the most heart touching, sincere, intense Bones chapter I've had the pleasure to enjoy.

    How can I express what this episode made me feel? It contained so many emotions, so many layers; friendship, loyalty, love, the sense of right and yet real human feelings which make us flawed, which make us biased and still, unique and wonderful.

    Brennan faces the most difficult dilemma her super rational mind has ever had to face: a fight against her own heart and be the last hope for her father or the rock that would sink him to the bottom and wow... did we see ab incredible seesaw of potent emotions, not only from her but also from all her close circle, her friends, her workmates, her very own partner Booth, who had to fight against what his heart felt was right and what his partner was asking him to do.

    We discovered just how loyal Angela's friendship was, and how Hodgins, Cam and Zack honored Brennan's desires, even if it went against her father.

    And then, at the end of the chapter, Brennan does the last thing we would expect her to do, and it just blew mi mind... it left me mouth open and with an incredible warm feeling. I don't wish to talk about anything specific because if you saw this chapter, you know what I'm talking about, and if you didn't... I don't want to spoil it for you. Watch it; you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    And still, we got to have our moments of mirth. Bones never fails on that.
  • Put your mind in Nuteral and your heart in full gear!!

    Brennan's father is put on trial for the murder of Deputy Kirby. The show begins with both Booth and Brennan having to stop working together since they are both on the opposite sides. The team is now going against there dearest friend Dr. Temperance Brennan. It seems there to be no hope at all for the Brennan's when they're up against, the best FBI agent, Seeley Booth; Top bug expert, Jack Hodgins. second to Brennan, best Anthropoligist Zack Addy. Dr. Sayroian, and not to mention the best lawyer who blackmailed our two heroes into kissing, Caroline. The case seems to be on their side until Brennan's new anthropoligist finds something that Zack seemed to have missed. After finding this new information and showing that Brennan's side is winning, her friends and team cannot help to feel happy over the new outcome. This all changes when Booth has to go to the crime scene and find the weapon used. This moment I found touching not because of the famous quote coming back from Brennan "I don't know what that means" or because of the quote, "Put your mind in nurteral and your heart in full gear." But because Seeley showed how much of a friend he is to Brennan even making her admit how he's the nicest person. The weapon was found and new evidence is back to not looking good on the Brennan's side. Booth is now brought up to the stand, having to be question the most hardest question he ever thought they'd come up with. "Could Dr. Temperance Brennan be the murderer?" Finding as many loop holes possible to not say she could have had the chance he was caught in the trap, thinking of if it was possible and having to say yes. The connection between the two at that moment was very touching. The episode ends with Booth coming out to comfort Brennan and the case ending with Brennan's father walking out as a free man. This was the most touching, well written episode I've seen so far this season. It was heartwarming. The writers are turly magneficient when it comes to the Bones family. Looking forward to the next episode with great delight. :D
  • A side we have not previously seen in Brennan, Angela, Zack and others. Also mentioned is the Bones-Booth realationship.

    First off I want to say this is def in my top 3 favorites of Bones and I love basically everything about it.

    Brennan: Brennan really believes in the judiacial court and has complete faith that they are right, but in this episode she puts her brain aside and uses her heart. She allows herself great personal risk in becoming the "boogie-man" all in order to let a known killer to go free, granted he is her father. Angela: Angela's refusal to testimony when in the witness stand was not surprising it was in her cahracter to do so, she would not participate in sending Max Keenan to Death row. In so refusing she had to be placed in jail herself and pay a huge fine.

    Zack: was the only one who had no scruples about going to court, he knew it was his job and thus acting professionally. He did not let personal emotions get in the way of doing his job and even in the beginning when Angela was discussing how if they were not competive then the friendship of all could come out intact he responds with "Besides Dr. Brennan must realize that we are going to destroy them". Bones and Booth: the relationship did not advance much in a romantic/sexual tension way in this episode instead it was more focused on the friendship component. Take the scene when Booth and Zack go to Brennan's appartment to look for the murder weapon. Booth is in "friend mode" there to comfort and support Bones (while also acting out the warrant)[Brennan: Sometimes I think you are from another planet and sometimes I think you are very nice] THis is where Booth was kinda joking around and Tempe actaully smiles and laughs cheered up by his antics, You can tell at the end of the qoute that she does seriously care for Booth.
    ANother aspect I want to arise is the hug at the end of the episode between Bones and Booth, I do not think that was a guy's hug exactly, but that could just be because I want them to get together.
  • A defining moment for Bones.

    I can't say enough how much I loved this episode. I loved how uncomfortable everybody was at being on the opposite side that Brennen was on. I love the line when the Prosicutor Lady (who I love) asked Cam if she could control the group and she said "No." I loved the entire trial.

    However most of all I loved how Bones got her father off. Now let me quantify that for just a moment. First this isn't real life so I leave a lot of room for bad behavior. Yes, Max killed the FBI agent but said FBI agent was dirty and did try to kill Bones and her brother. Second I loved how she found a rational "boogie man" to blame the murders on and that "boogie man" was herself. Who better then herself. I love how Sweets was perfectly willing to go along with it and profiled her as someone capable of murder, and it sounded logical didn't it? Because Bones IS "hyper rational". He didn't lie. Bones didn't Lie. Booth didn't lie. They created reasonable doubt WITHOUT lying without a sleezy attorney as a matter of fact they made a point of saying that of all the sleazy defense attornies out there Bones had the hire the one honest one. I liked that.

    What I would like to see in the future, maybe next season is the fact that Bones was left a viable suspect in a murder bite her is the ass. I know they've done Bones suspected of a murder before but not like this. Not with half the FBI ticked off at her. Anyway I would love to see her have to pay for this in one form or another. But not until next season.
  • Usually I don't enjoy the implications of the creation of reasonable doubt argument that eventually sets the guilty ones free but on this case, I'm very relieved the Brennan thought of this even at the expense of creating cloud on her own integrity.

    `I don't know if I can describe intelligently just how much I love this episode. I haven't cried like this since the Gilmore Girls finale. Anyway, usually I don't enjoy the implications of the creation of reasonable doubt argument that eventually sets the guilty ones free but on this case, I'm very relieved the Brennan thought of this even at the expense of creating cloud on her own integrity. Angela did not want to hep put her bestfriend's father to the death row and added guilt to the rest of the team and that Hodgins felt he had to personally ask Dr. Brennan if it is really alright to testify. I love that they've tried hard to be devoid of emotions and compartmentalized because as Cam said, this is what Dr. Brennan wants them to do. This shows just how much the team deeply cares about each other beyond the professional boundaries that I don't think they would have testified at all if Brennan did not gave them approval to do so. I love Booth's advise on Bones on how to handle her confusion on what to feel now that the verdict is about to come and she still wants to be all logical about it and the look on his face when he was on the witness stand and said, "Too much heart, Bones." Lastly, I love that Bones used the power of the heart and mind to set her father free and back to his family.
  • This episode left me with a warm feeling...

    Yes, this one definitely enters my favorite top 5, probably my top three. I loved the way the team struggled with themselves: should they do their job, like always, very professionally and by doing so put a leash around the neck of Brennan's father, or should they let their feelings for Brennan get in the way. But mostly I loved the scenes with Brennan and Booth, the way they talked to Sweets, the way they talked together in court, the way Booth looked when giving a statement about the possibility of Brennan's involvement above all: the way they hugged and exchanged looks at the very end. I'll just forget about Zack's mistake (very convenient?), Caroline's unusual defeat in court, and Angela's refusal to say anything at all (so she's off the hook now?). Somehow I'm not sure whether we'll ever hear what actually happened. But right now I don't care, I'm still enjoying this eps!
  • Mx Kennan is goin to trial for the murder of a FBI agent and the group has to be seperated. Its crazy!

    when the trial process begins and they tell them they cant work together it was kinda crazy because they never have to work against each other. i felt bad when sweets was all sad because they were telling him they didnt need to work with them. hes become a cool character in the show and i have began to like him. i thought the trial part was hard poor angela in a way i agree totally with her and another way i didnt. the ending was good i liked it even though it made me tear up a little bit because the way booth was looking at her and it looked like he wsa gonna cry ...they definately love each other.
  • Max Keenan's trial aka Bones in court.

    They never do a lot of episodes that take place in court. Too bad because they are always good.
    We've all been kind of distracted by the Gormogon-storyline because it's nerve-wracking. But it was really good to have a change.
    It all starts when we find a skeleton in a very interesting position. Still wonder what happened over there (and if there was a carpet involved). Maybe next episode. We haven't seen Caroline in a while and it was great to have her back. I love her "don't take crap from anyone" attitude. Brennan is on the other side for once, which was also interesting to watch. Still it all felt a little bit like class with Booth and Brennan who kept talking to each other and Angela who didn't wanna rat Brennan out. That moment really showed us Angela's character.
    Booth and Brennan had great interaction in this episode. They always do but it's usually all bickering and sexual tension. Here we can see that they in fact are very close.
    The twist with could Brennan of been the killer was interesting. The answer: first of all, as Booth said, she is not capable of doing something like that. Second of all, she would of gotten away with it.
    The ending was believable. It shows you how the justice-system isn't very good (I know Max had right to kill that guy. But we all know that murder is wrong). That being said. I'm glad Tempe got her father back.
  • The post-hiatus Bones just keeps getting better and better. I loved this episode. It was a powerful, emotional ride that didn't disappoint.

    Taken from my blog
    -Mainly a character development in the episode review with some plot review.-

    Whew. I'm sincerely impressed with how good Bones has been post-hiatus. With the exception of the out-of-order 'Player Under Pressure', every episode aired since the return has been wonderful. This leaves me eagerly anticipating our remaining two before the summer break - and beyond. Every season of Bones gets better and better. It's a credit to the writers, as well as the cast, that Bones never grows stale instead gaining richness and depth with each new interlude into the world of special Agent Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan.

    ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

    Wow. Before this episode aired, I was of the mind, bluntly, that it would simply be filler. Max was destined to jail. It wasn't hotly promoted. You'd reasonably think that it would be an important story but they really didn't convey that in the previews/promos, to me at least. There has been so much more buzz about the next two episodes that it was easy to view this one as an important, but possibly uninteresting, stepping stone. Often there are lesser quality episodes between big 'thriller' episodes but Bones is delivering great story after great story. I'm sorry I doubted you Hart!

    I, like Angela, believed that the Brennan/Keenan team was destined to lose; it was only a matter of how the story was told. It feels silly and faithless in hind site. Since when is Bones so...blah? Never!

    Happily, wonderfully, I was dead wrong. It makes me feel like a thoughtless groupie to say (but hopefully my un-godly long reviews belie the truth of my thoughtfulness, at the least) but the last three Season 3 episodes are all fighting for the top of my short list for favorite episodes.

    Enough gush. Time to dig in.

    P.S. I can't take the judge seriously. Spaceballs...all I can see are Spaceballs scenes!
    ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

    I'm not exactly sure where to start. This episode was hard on most every character but a great ride for the viewer.

    The squints had a hard choice here. The Jeffersonian investigated the death of Deputy Director Kirby and therefore they were bound to do what they always do: testify in court. They don't get to chose. The only one who can rightly be excused is the one who legally must - Dr. Brennan. But all the others are bound by their jobs to ignore the defendant, and prove the Federal Government's case.

    They do this with varying degrees of emotional issues. Cam, Booth, Sweets and Caroline simply do it. It's their job and they're all emotional mature enough to realize that, though it's uncomfortable, they must. Angela refuses in the grounds that she can't be a part of the team that will certainly put her best friend's father in jail for the rest of his life, or worse, on death row. Hodgins will do it as long as Dr. Brennan gives him express permission and Zack is very happy to do it. It's even a competition to Zack: the Jeffersonian team vs Dr. Brennan and those "African American people" she's with. He's the one person on the Jeffersonian team able to do what Dr. Brennan is doing on the other side: completely rationalize that this is simply what must be done and it should be done to the best of everyone's abilities. Zack does take it a little further. Compared to the rest of the crew he definitely enjoys the case: to him the defendant is irrelevant.

    Caroline: "Here's what is different. (to Booth) Loose the 'cocky' belt buckle. (to Hodgins) No badges saying 'Resist Authority' or 'The Truth is out there.' (to Zack) Do not cut your own hair the day before a trial. (to Angela) Ugly up a little. The plain women on the jury hate you. (to Sweets) Use your fully grown up words.(to Cam) Eat. Last time, your stomach was growling louder than your testimony."
    Sweets: "I assure you I will be totally, awesomely mature on the stand."

    Caroline: "And you're 100% positive this is the murder weapon?"
    Zack: "I'm not comfortable with 100%."

    Despite Angela's earlier refusal to testify, Caroline puts her on the stand anyway and again, she refuses to testify. Bones even calls out to tell her to do it after she and Booth exchange one of their many looks.
    Judge: "The witness will answer or I will find her in contempt."
    Angela: "Is there any way I could talk you out of that?"
    ...Caroline: "I figured once she got up here and saw your scary face she'd reconsider her options."
    Angela tries to take the 5th but that's the wrong amendment. She decides instead to try to take the 1st due to the 'freedom of association'.
    …Booth gets Bones to speak up again 'he's the ferryman'! That gets her called down by the judge which upsets her at Booth, "Thanks a lot!"
    …Bones: "Angela, please."
    Booth: "Hey, will you sit down?" (Booth grabs her arm and pulls her back down.)
    Angela: "Sweetie, this is one of those times where I know what's right and everybody else is confused."
    Angela just simply cannot do it. She's completely convinced that Max is going to lose and she can't be a part of the group that does it. While the scene is funny, it's also very poignant, especially when taken with the later jail scene between the two of them. They are so very different but so close. It's an alternate version of Booth and Bones. Bones shouldn't relate to people like Booth and Angela but something in each side pulls together and her best friend an her unofficial 'other half' are both very emotionally governed people, in stark contrast to her extreme rational nature.

    Sweets has impressive credentials but he's definitely still a kid in many ways. Job-wise he's intelligent and well educated but still hasn't shed his tendency to speak like a teenage kid. 'Totally' appears to be his favorite word. "That's wicked stressful.", "I assure you I will be totally, awesomely mature on the stand.", "Like, totally.", "mega dangerous", and "Totally. ... I mean, indubitably."

    Outside of that he's still not a fully mature adult. He loves being around Booth and Brennan and desperately wants to be right in the middle of them. He'll do this in any way he can: a 'double date', cajoling, following them around, or a study for profiling trade-off. He can't master his emotions well. He believes that he's prioritizing the job but he's really still primarily emotionally governed and he's totally unaware of it.

    You have to feel a bit sad for Zack. He was the only team member okay, even happy, with the team split over this case. So what's that mean in Bones-land? He needs a bit of roughing up.

    They didn't try to make him become emotionally involved – that's beyond the scope of his character at this stage of development (and probably why he never gets a 'date' story) but they did make hum vulnerable. Zack is utterly confident in his abilities and his work and that confidence was taken away from him. But in classic Vulcan-Zack form he doesn't get sad or emotional about it. He simply sets about to fix it, learn from the mistake and ensure it will never happen again.

    Zack: "I didn't ask you anything. You asked me. I answered."
    Clark: "You're not screwing with me, are you? You're just like this."
    Zack: "Yes, this is exactly how I am."

    Clark: "You made a mistake"
    Zack: "Yes, I was mistaken."

    Zack: "Where did Clark Edison learn that trick with the food dye? I don't know that trick."
    Booth: "Zack...focus!"

    In the end all consciences, and contempt charges, are cleared and the team can once again come together. It would have been a heavy story-arc indeed if the outcome had been different. How would the team have moved on with that hanging over them? I won't be reading other reviews until after I finish this but I imagine there might be people out there who think it's a joke that he got off, that's it's not realistic. I don't fall into that category. I've seen this done before in other shows so it's not new. I think they didn't have much choice here if they wanted to keep from having to rebuild the team into the beautiful cohesive unit it is at this point.

    Brennan's team:
    Brennan's team is a bit more barebones. They have basically Dr. Brennan and Clark Edison. I'll talk about her in a minute, so Clark first. Clark is a great scientist and a foil for Zack. They both want the truth. For Zack, the truth is the goal, but for Clark how you get that truth is what matters. Zack is in it for the sake of the science. Clark is in it for the sake of the game. Zack wants the answer; Clark wants to get there in the most ingenious way.

    Clark always has something to prove. It gives him a great edge here to push beyond the science and look for what others may have missed. He believes he's better than others and he actually proves that here. When it turns out that his evidence prompts the prosecution to find the real weapon and therefore a stronger case it hits him harder than it would hit a pure scientist like Zack.

    Max: "Oh, he's a full grown scientist?"
    Clark: "I shave, sir. I have a driver's license. I've won a couple of fist fights. I've saved a life. I have lain with woman. I've been hustled at pool, I've defied my father's wishes. I have broken hearts and I have been heart broken. So by all the markers of this society I am a grown man."

    Max's own kids believe that he's guilty. We, in the audience, know that he is. That's not really what this is about. They've set this up in the past. In 'The Killer in the Concrete' we see that Booth has come to grudgingly admire Max. He says that in the Old West he'd have been considered a hero. Here, we see that same idea come up again in the course of the trial- Max: "I never killed anyone. I just poked them to keep them away."

    And with Sweet's testimony:
    Caroline: "Is he capable of murder?"
    Sweets: "Like, totally. Most definitely. Um, in his own way Max Keenan is a very impressive man."
    Caroline: "What do you mean, "In his own way?""
    Sweets: "Well, Max Keenan doesn't adhere to an external ethical system."
    Caroline: "He does what he wants."
    Sweets: "No, he does what he thinks is right, whether or not the rest of the world agrees. In another time, he could have been a great leader."
    …Caroline: "Is Max Keenan dangerous?"
    Sweets: "When he feels his loved ones are threatened...mega dangerous." (Booth and Bones still look at each other.)
    Caroline: "In your opinion, if Max Keenan felt that he was threatened or his family was threatened, could he do this?"
    Sweets: "Totally. I mean, indubitably."
    Caroline: "Without hesitation?"
    Sweets: "Without hesitation, without remorse, without guilt."
    (Booth looks over to check on her again but she doesn't look back.)

    What remains is convincing his daughter that his motives matter as much as his guilt:
    Max: "I'm ashamed of a lot of things in my life, but in this case, my conscience is clear."
    Bones: "That's not the same as being innocent."

    Russ doesn't play as big a part here. We already know that he's loyal to his Father over any legal rationale. But he's still a good guy and honest. His Father knows that and, like Caroline insinuates, I believe Max knows his son's honesty and he did purposefully get Russ out of the way so he wouldn't witness anything and also so he wouldn't help.

    While I think this episode was much more about everyone around Dr. Brennan, she did have some things of her own to face – namely deciding what she actually felt about her father and the trial. She knows he's guilty, in her heart. And she's been running with that while ignoring the fact that Booth points out – she doesn't "know" it scientifically like she prefers. But he's still her Father and she will still work to keep him free.

    This is her first time working on a defense so it's a new experience for her in how the sides differ. She believes in the scientific evidence but that is not what a good defense relies on. Evidence belongs to the prosecution; heart belongs to the defense. This episode is about Brennan's heart and how she chooses to use her heart vs her rationale.

    She believes that rational = normal but the people around her keep pointing out that's exactly the opposite of normal. She believes in her ability to compartmentalize.
    Sweets: "If you were fine, you'd be balled up in the corner, weeping, or semi-catatonic."
    Sweets: "I think it's important that you know that we know that the colder and more objective you appear on the outside, the more pain you're feeling on the inside."
    Sweets: "Dr. Brennan does seem to have an enviable, if somewhat disturbing, ability to compartmentalize."

    In the great scene in her apartment with Booth he tells her to just shut off her brain and do what her heart (her love for her Father) tells her to do: support her Father. She's bothered that he's not 'innocent':
    Max: "I'm ashamed of a lot of things in my life, but in this case, my conscience is clear."
    Bones: "That's not the same as being innocent."
    But more and more she comes to realize his side of the argument, mostly thanks to Booth.

    Bones: "My team...they're really good."
    Russ: "Maybe you could brag over them another time, Tempe."

    Booth shows a lot of respect for Sweets in this episode, while also, as usually, mercilessly torturing him. He admits that Sweets is brilliant and he allows Sweets to continue pulling them into therapy when, for all intents and purposes, it appears he utterly hates going. He's a softy, that big Boothbear!

    Additionally, he takes something very important from Sweets and then uses it on Bones. At the start of the episode, Sweets says that now is the time for Bones to 'feel'. Booth takes that and gives it to her again (with much better delivery, sorry JFD!) in her apartment.

    What Booth has to do here is very hard on him. Next to Angela, harder than anyone else and he's only second to her because he's different emotionally. He spends most of the time assuring himself that his Bones is okay. He knows that she supports what he does and his obligation and that's the main reason he can do it. He can help put her Father away with the bare facts. When asked if the defendant was at the seminary he answers quickly with yes but when asked what he was doing there Booth doesn't want to say more than that. It hurts him to admit Max was impersonating a priest due to the prejudicial nature. He looks around and at the judge but he doesn't say it until Bones nods at him. Additionally, Caroline has to force Booth to say that "The sharpened pipe kind of became a trademark for him."

    But what he can't stand to do…is to be in any way responsible for putting her away. The look on his face when he realizes that he's about to say something that will incriminate her is palpably painful. "That's a lot of heart, Bones." You just want to give him a big hug and say it will be okay! (Amazing acting by David Boreanaz there.)

    Dr. Geeks – love that nickname for Sweets

    This episode is a hard mix of pleasure and pain for the couple. There are so many adorable moments, mixed in with some hard things they have to deal with. You feel so sorry for them at the beginning when they are split up. They look like little kids who are told they can't play together anymore.

    Opening statements of the trial and they're already looking at each other and talking to each other across the aisle. Bones: "Booth. I could so be objective." Booth: "I know, Bones. Okay, just, shh..." Caroline and Barron are doing their opening statements and the Judge has to say: "And you two, please, keep to your own sides of the aisle." These two are connected no matter what those around them put in the way. You can't keep them apart.

    While the rest of the team stays away from her, Booth goes right for her. He's not supposed to, but since when does that matter?
    Booth: "Put the cup in front of your mouth when you talk."
    Bones: "I didn't see Angela today."
    Booth: "Angela refuses to testify."
    Bones: "Why?"
    Booth: "Probably because she's your best friend."
    Bones: "Well, you're my friend and you don't mind."
    Booth: "I mind. We all mind. Except for Zack."
    Bones: "Well in that case Zack is the only one that's thinking clearly. I had to give Hodgins permission. I don't know what's wrong with everyone."
    Booth: "It's not what's wrong, Bones. It's what's right."
    He is there to both comfort her and assuage his own guilt. He is the first one up against her Father.

    The scene with Sweets on the bench is wonderful.
    Sweets: "You shouldn't work well together, but you do. I'd like to study it further."
    The two of them are on fire here – both the writing and the acting is great. They are all about each other, as Sweets points out.
    Sweets: "Okay, see? That thing that you do when you talk to each other while excluding the third party, namely me, it's an adaptive mechanism, for, uh, disparate entities to bond together against their own individual impetuses to dissociate."
    Booth: "What's that mean for us?"
    Bones: "Nothing useful."
    Booth: "I'll tell you what. Why don't we make a deal with him where we allow him to study us. In return, he gives us psychological profiling on demand."
    Sweets: "Okay."
    Bones: "No, you like that sort of thing, but I don't see the point."
    Booth: "I just think that he doesn't want to admit that he likes us."
    Bones: "Do you like us?"
    Sweets: "What?"
    Booth: "And he wants to spend time with us."
    Bones: "Is that true Sweets?"
    Poor Sweets, but go Booth and Brennan!

    I'd have to classify the apartment scene as one of their best. Zack is moving around her place and Booth goes to her and it ends with a wow! Look between them. David Boreanaz is so cute one second then very much a man aware of the woman in front of him the next… and Emily looks so vulnerable. Bones: "Sometimes I think you're from another planet (both laughing)....And sometimes I think you're really very nice." The look between them just makes me want to scream/laugh/cry something! Aaaaaand of course.....Zack then finds the weapon. Drat. 30 more seconds and they'd be kissing. Just 30 more seconds!!!

    So Brennan figures out a way to save her Father but she has to run it by someone first: Booth. The supposedly guile-less Brennan doesn't tell him everything though. I'm sure on some level that she knows that he would refuse to allow her to do that if she told him the entire story. She just has to clear her rational idea by her moral compass – Booth.

    Booth: "Juries are the human factor in a trial, all right? You never know what they'll do."
    Bones: "You think it's all right for me to take advantage of that?"
    Booth: "Brain and heart, Bones. Brain and heart."

    They set up that Booth was at all locations and had motive, and then that Dr. Brennan does too. He looks at her, he knows this is what she set up but he doesn't quite know how far she'll go yet.

    Booth: "Bones was with me all day."
    Barron: "She didn't have time to commit this murder?"
    Booth: "No she did not."
    Barron: "How did your son Parker get home from school that day?"
    (He looks at her and she nods slightly.)
    Booth: "45 minutes we were apart, but we talked on the phone."
    Barron: "Plenty of time, wasn't it, Agent Booth?"
    (He stares at her to the point he's prodded to answer.)
    Booth: (barely whispers) "That's a lot of heart, Bones." (I just want to cry for him here! He tries to answer by saying all the reasons she couldn't have done it but that's not what the lawyer wants - simply a yes or no of whether or not she had time.)
    Booth: "Yes. She had time."

    He can do what she wants - help put her father away but he can't help put her away and it upsets him immensely to even slightly incriminate her.

    Bones goes out before the verdict is read. She can't do anything anyway. Booth comes out too, also before it's read. She's more important than anything. Great hug. In the wide shot you can see she's completely leaning on him, like she practically launched at him. While she's hugging her father she and Booth are still looking at each other.
  • Brennan's father is on trial. The "squints" must decide to confide in science, or their hearts.

    Well, where to start? I feel that, by far, this episode was the best in BONES history. I feel that every character developed extremely. This show was interesting, in that, it did not have a murder character on the loose, or a dead body in limbo, it had a family in turmoil. The "squint" family had to decide if they should go against science, and support Brennan's father, or remain the unbiased group of intellectuals. Angela, who is an amazing actress, decide to go against the norm, and stands up for her friend. Even after being begged by Brennan, she refuses to accomplish a task she feels is unethical. Brennan and Booth are met with normal obstacles in usual episodes, but in this episode, they are met with the most extreme. Brennnan puts all her trust in Booth in this episode. (That scene when Booth is on the stand and chokes up saying, "that's a lot of heart, Bones, was classic). I feel that this show has, by far, the most developed characters and the most entertaining episodes. The cast and crew took a show that could have been boring and dull, and developed it into a classic piece of television. This show should win millions of awards. Hopefully, us Bones fans, will be presently surprised in this years EMMYS. Overall, an Outstanding Episode!
  • The trial for the murder of the Deputy Director of the CIA begins. The members of Brennan's team are material witnesses for the prosecution, along with Agent Booth and Dr. Sweets. The twist: the accused is Brennan's father Max!

    This was a great episode, one of the best so far! The entire episode revolved around the trial of Max Brennan and Temperance Brennan's way of dealing with her father facing a possible death sentence. Although Booth and Brennan weren't allowed to discuss the trial, he was still there for her when she needed him. Brennan's nature of compartmentalizing and rationalizing emotion finally doesn't work anymore and she has to learn how deal with her feelings. Through all this we see her growing, and with her, Booth grows too. They share some tender moments and their partnership deepens through this ordeal.

    The other important aspect of this episode was Brennan's team dealing with the fact they might put her father on death row. Their individual reactions were, I believe, very characteristic for each of them. Zach didn't really understand how his testifying might affect his relationship with his mentor, since he compartmentalizes everything as well. Hodgins was willing to testify, as long as Brennan said she was okay with it and Angela flat out refused to testify, because she would never want to be responsible for putting her friend's father on death row. All these opinions were very character like and added to the storyline.

    All in all, it was a really great episode. Although on some level I feel Max should have been found guilty (because he did murder someone), I'm really glad he wasn't. The relationship between Booth and Brennan developed and reached a whole new level and I believe all characters grew. I hope there are many more great episodes like this one to come!
  • WOW this one was full of edge of your seat excitement but also a little disappointing

    Brennan's father being put on trial put the team in a sticky situation. I loved Angela in this one but I'm incredibly disappointed to see that the writer's ignored a perfect spot to show the friendship between Angela and Brennan. The episode would have been so much better if they had made a better effort to show how close Angela and Brennan really are.

    Cam, Booth, and Hodgins were amazing, but Zack was another story. Hodgins Booth and Cam all handled themselves in an excellent manner but Zack was all about showing off his skills and Sweets was in the same category. I wanted to hit Zack in the head with a large every object during almost every scene he was in.

    Booth and Bones were so cute in the court room and out of it too, but when Sweets was with them it was messed up. They were acting completely ridiculous and Out of chacracter when Sweets was trying to hang out with them. Seeing the relationship between Brennan and her father was sweet too. This episode had the potential to be so much more than it was, but it was still an amazing episode nonetheless.
  • Disappointed by the ending to an otherwise good episode.

    The Verdict in the Story, for me, was the most controversial episode of the entire series. I think, in all, it was a very well put together episode and not for one minute was I bored with the lack of 'action/adventure'. The flashbacks were great, too and used in just the right places.

    The problem with it lies with the ending, and some of the characters actions. Namely, Brennan's 'bogey-man' thesis. Yes, I'll agree that Brennan had to give "more heart" to some things but this was not it. Brennan has purposely let a murderer free. Max's trial was for the murder of the FBI's deputy director, but it was also a chance for him to be put to jail for his other crimes and murders and Brennan jeopardised that because he was her father. And to put Booth in that position as well... It was really unfair. The other person who annoyed me was Angela. The way she acted in the stand could have jeopardised the trial and I don't think it was professional at all. It seemed to me that she was quite immature about it and I just can't get my head around it. She is supposed to be a professional.

    I did like, however, Zak's uncertainty about the food colouring 'trick'. I liked that it showed he didn't know everything and for a moment, that plot twist had me worried. I thought Max was going to get off with it on account of Zak's work.

    The scenes between Booth and Brennan were pretty funny too. The whispering scene in the court had me giggling from time to time and I must commend the script writer's for that – well done :-) I also loved, as always Carolyn. She makes me laugh every time she is on screen. She's a great recurring character - one I wouldn't mind seeing more of. I was also surprised by Sweets' credentials! Very surprising.

    I don't know how I feel about this episode as a whole, as it shows one of our main characters in a way that hasn't been seen before, and I personally don't think it's a good way for her to be changed. I kind of hope that Max commits another crime and shows her that what she did was wrong. Brennan really let me down in this episode.

    But, aside from that, it was a gripping court room episode. Can't wait for the fall out of Brennan's decision.
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