Season 5 Episode 20

The Witch in the Wardrobe

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 06, 2010 on FOX

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  • so tired of the car ads masquerading as part of the plot

    Stop the product placement!

    The 4 stars are for the opening bit where the find the skeleton and the 'wicked witch of the east'.
  • Disappointing, typical hollywood with no research into wicca


    Yes I admit I am pagan. If Bones had done the study of Wicca she claimed, then she would have been able to correct everyone's misconceptions in the show. First Wiccan's can't worship Satan since they don't believe Satan exists. Also there is no white or black magic, because they believe in what they do will be reflected back on them three times so the thought to curse someone would not exist. It was just too easy for the writers to ignore the facts. The only reason I didn't give this a 1.0 rating is the storyline with Angela and Hodgins was interesting.

  • Much better!

    I rather enjoyed this episode! They've had better cases, and I felt like the research into this witch stuff could've been more developed, but they obviously spent more time on the CASE this time than in the last few episodes, which is awesome. I felt like the science was actually there, and things were explained instead of just assumed. I liked everything about Jack and Angela ending up in jail - except I felt it a bit unrealistic that these two people who aren't exactly unimportant, low-profile folks have been hanging out with warrants for this long. Also, there's no way they were both carrying around these rings all this time - especially not Angela. I saw some other reviews that said this wedding thing was rushed and out of nowhere - absolutely untrue. Jack and Angela almost got married before, and their break-up was not exactly messy or filled with hard feelings. Plus for the last few weeks, it's been made very clear that Jack still loves Angela, and she's been realizing that he's the right one for her. Oh man, this whole thing made the romantic in me so happy :) I love those two together... seeing Angela go out with other people was so painful! I really like Clarke. He's probably my favorite intern. Wendell was only really interesting cause of Angela. Arastoo has gotten really boring. Haven't seen Nigel in a while... but yeah. Clarke is great. I liked the advice he gave Jack recently, and he was fun in this episode, with his Hodgins-inspired experiment :-P
  • I though it´d be better.

    Honestly I didn´t enjoyed this episode like the others.

    About the case; there was TOO much talk. Sweets and all the research about witches was to much for me.

    The whole thing with Angela and Hodggins was so rushed that it felt like a kick in the face.
    I mean, I did like the getting together thing. BUT, getting married in jail? What the heck was that? And the whole ring in the pockets? How needy and pathetic the writers made them look. Totally horrific scene, sweet and all.

    The only things I did like was the spying on the witches scene. And Booth and Bones faces when the ladies got naked. So funny.

    And what can I say about the last scene. Totally nice.
    The "Look it´s you little Bones" phrase was so funny. Although, it was kind of sad the look on Bones face when she said that she didn´t know what happiness means. But, Booth was so sweet to made her understand what that meant and how he carry on making her smile.

    Anyway, a good episode but it could have been better.

    Now, the next episode seems is going to be very interesting
  • Scenes between Hodgins and Angela were great, but not a very satisfying case.

    I really enjoyed many aspects of this episode. The scenes with Hodgins and Angela in jail were brilliant, both for humour and entertainment value, and for the development in their relationship. They both seem spontaneous enough to get married in that fashion so I found it perfectly plausible. I thought the case had lots of potential, with a very intruiging premise and some interesting historical connections. But I wasn't particularly satisfied with the ending, it seemed a little implausible and rushed, as if they wanted to focus mostly on Hodgins and Angela, rather then wrapping up the case. Maybe they could have saved the plot with the witches for another episode where they had more time to flesh it out.
  • Best episode for Jack and Angela. Yay!

    Finally they are back together again and married no less. I did not see this coming so soon. But as Kathy Reichs (I love her books) wrote it she clearly wanted it as much as we did.

    The sheriff was hilarious throwing the confetti at the end. I loved him in Prison Break RIP.

    And for Booth and Brennan fans we had more talking about relationships and meaningful looks.

    Clark and Cam having to deal without Hodgins and Angela was pretty funny. Clarks face when he gets told by Cam to do Hodgins thing. Was by far the funniest scene from him yet.
  • NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    I know I'm about to get 100 thumbs down, but I feel the need to offer a divergent opinion from what seems to be close to a consensus among Bones fans. I've always hated Angela and Hodgins together, and I was not happy to see them tie the knot. Their marriage + many sub par episodes this season may make me give up watching Bones entirely. I can't decide whether or not to bother watching the season finale. I'm tempted by the fact that the gravedigger is returning and by my feeble hope that Booth and Bones will take the plunge into some romance (with each other, not with any lame substitutes), but I'm just so disheartened by recent plot developments-- and frankly, by some pretty lame writing-- that I may boycott. Sadly, I may not be able to tolerate watching this show anymore, which is sad, because I used to be a huge fan. For me, the show has gone significantly downhill this season.
  • The only good thing about this episode was Hodgela getting back together. Finally! :D

    All right people, let's get real here. If you're going to review an episode, you have to review the WHOLE episode and not just the B-story. The entire 6 points I have given this episode is strictly for Hodgela finally getting their act together and getting married. Hallelujah! Two characters that SO belong together. I was cheering when I watched them tie the knot in the jail cell! :D

    As for the murder case... pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. I mean seriously? That was the best Kathy Reichs, bestselling crime novelist can come up with? The group of Wiccans high on LSD killed the victim? Seriously?! Granted, I enjoyed the return to the lab environment but that was completely overshadowed by the ridiculous conclusion of who killed the victim. The Hodgela story line absolutely saved this episode. Without it, this episode would belong in the garbage bin right next to "The End in the Beginning".
  • That's what I'm talking about!

    Finally Angela and Hodgins got together for real. I've been waiting for this for a long time. What a better place to clear out the air than jail. I think after the stuff that's been going on with Booth and Brennan, a long expected romance come true was exactly what we needed. Booth and Brennan will keep dancing their dance but at least Angela and Hodgins are together like they're supposed to be. I also liked Sweets in this episode. He wasa little nutty about the witch stuff and that was funny to watch. Wonderful ending for a great episode- wedding in a jail! Yay!
  • That episode caught me totally unexpectedly...

    Ok.. That episode caught me totally unguarded. I mean, I never expected it to end the way it did. Not that there were signs that Angela and Hodge may find themselves again, but noone was talking about marriage. It was totally random, totally on the heat of the moment and that was great about it.

    The case was.. not bad but not superb too as most of the focus was given (deservedly) to Hodge and Angela. And maybe the thing I most liked about the case was that there was no one bad guy who did it. There were those "good" witches who under influence did it. So little irony there.. the whole good vs evil blurred. That was something different and I liked it.

    And the way Sweets was so enthusiastic about the case.. It was weird to look but ok.
  • Jack.......Angela.....LOVE

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When two bodies are found in the woods, the team learn that one of the bodies is hundreds of years old and the other is recent, although both are apparently witches. But that whole storyline kinda takes a back seat in this episode, when we see Jack and Angela going to jail. Whilst in jail, we see them both realising that they still love each other and that they should never have ended their relationship. And so we end with what all of us Hodgins/Angela fans have been waiting for, we see the two of them getting married.
  • The gang investigates a murder of a witch. Booth and Bones, with the help of Sweets, research a coven. Angela and Hoggins reconnect in jail.

    Okay, this is why I love this show. I can see the big stuff coming, but the little things always surprise me. Like with the toes curling up. I loved that.

    I new that Angela and Hoggins would get back together, but to get married right then and there...HELLO!!!!

    I will admit that I didn't want them together anymore. Angela has started to annoy me. However, I guess that it was going to happen anyway. When they are together, I like her better. I'm glad that they didn't try to do another big wedding.

    I like that Booth and Bones can still be 'Booth and Bones' even after everything. It shows just how close they really are. But, they better get it together soon.
  • FINALLY! I've been waiting for this moment for ages - and now it finally happened! While the plot was ok, and the rest of the team did their jobs with the customary competency and humour, this was definitely Angela and Hodgins' night!

    Ever since the Wedding-That-Wasn't, I've been waiting for my favourite second-string couple to get back together again. Through new boyfriend's, staunch refusals of post-celibacy sex and "we're just friends", I have waited, steadfast in my belief that they are so RIGHT for one another. Hodgins and Angela are a wonderful couple, so well suited for mutual fun and passion - and tender, loving care.
    Often, I've felt more engaged and interested in THEIR relationship than in Booth and Temp's, and I'm THRILLED to see them suddenly come to their senses after a forced time-out together. I remember thinking when they broke up (and on many occasions after that) that someone should bonk their heads together and have them sit down and work it out. And finally, someone sort of did.
    And, true to their nature, they immediately took said insight to the logical conclusion - and got hitched post-haste! :D
    Brilliant, epic and wonderful - I'm feeling all soft and gooey inside, and can't WAIT to see them as Mr. and Mrs. next week.
  • Once again I appear to have a divergent opinion from most viewers.

    The case was good. Until the end or solution.

    The Angela and Hodgins thing was okay, but frankly, they are my least favourite characters in the series, and I just don't get into "their story". Sorry.

    Now, having said that, I did enjoy the case and all the investigation portion of the show. And it was interesting to see everyone else pick up a great deal of the work Angela and Hodgins would have done. At the same time it was interesting to see Angela and Hodgins contribute from afar and basically using smoke signals to do so! Even Sweets got to use a bit of his school time studies to assist, proving that all the stuff you swear you'll never may just use!

    The Sheriff was the highlight of the episode for me. Straight laced, no nonsense, letter of the law but willing to assist wherever, even if that meant being a witness to the nuptials and throwing confetti. Bet he had to clean out precinct's the three hole punches for that "confetti"!

    But the solution to the case was anticlimactic at best and lazy at the worst. It seemed implausible to me that an entire coven (is that the right term?) of "good" witches would succumb this way to what amounted to an irritating neighbour, and a charlatan at that.

    And the Angela/Hodgins wedding at face value: well again, I take nothing away from those who are into these characters, but I just don't care about their lives together. The writers can accomplish the same thing with Sweets and Daisy in a couple of airtime minutes every few episodes, but these two seem to take up a lot of story time. To me, they are not the prime characters and so this stuff amounts to filler for me.

    I guess what might be interesting in upcoming episodes is what the Jeffersonian does with a married couple working together. Most work places have rules against that and I would assume a government agency like this will too. It might make for creative tension for the show, but to me, it will just me more time away from the main story: Booth and Bones.
  • Lots of witchy fun and one huge surprise.

    Wow, two spectacular episodes in a row? Is it Christmas?!

    I loved this episode all around. First, I have to comment on the fact that Booth and Brennan feel normal again. Last week it was way too tense, too weird between them with all their talk about each other's new interests (particularly Cathrine). But it's nice to see them bantering and joking around again. Feels natural, looks great.

    The witch/Wiccan/etc. theme was amazing. I was captivated the entire time.

    And I'm so proud of the writers for finally making good on all those hints and promises - and finally tying up their first season 4 loose end! (Yeah, several more to go...Still, a round of applause. It only took them until the...third to last episode to do it.) Angela and Hodgins are MARRIED, and I am beyond entertained. I loved this entire subplot. The sheriff was just awesome - I think the only secondary character I liked more was the janitor from The Death of the Queen Bee. I giggled like a schoolkid when he broke down and showered Hodgins and Angela with rice. It was good to see Clark back, too - he's definitely my favorite intern. He's so funny - "So you want work with dirt...." All in all, an amazing episode. I have a good feeling that this season will end strongly and that makes me very happy.
  • An amazing episode with an unexpected, delightful outcome.

    I thought this was a wonderful episode. It was funny, well-made, and who doesn't like some witchcraft? I loved the relationship between both Hodgins and Angela, and Booth and Brennan. It was very amusing to see Angela and Hodgins kept in jail, and I loved watching them bond again. On the same vein, I loved watching Booth and Brennan's banter about the witches, and particularly the last scene where he burns the "Bones" figure. I did think that the murder and explanation for it was a little weaker than in other episodes, but as this episode was clearly meant to focus on the relationship aspect, mostly between Hodgins and Angela, this was not a drawback. Overall I think it was a light and delightful episode. It wasn't creepy, as some of the other ones dealing with magic have been, and actually very refreshing. My favorite parts were the end scenes: Hodgins and Angela getting married in their jail cell with bits of paper flung over them, and Booth burning the figure for Brennan and offering to burn another one. It definitely made me laugh. Wonderful job! I can only hope that the last 2 episodes of the season are as good.
  • Good, however...

    I thought that being a Kathy Reichs episode one going to make of this a very interesting story but the truth is, it was good not great and I don't mean to be rude, I love her books, I have several, but I guess I expected more.

    The Booth and Brennan dynamic was overshadowed by Angela and Hodgins' mishap. They could've easily gotten away with it but they found a sheriff who was old-fashioned and by the book and gave them a hard time... Or a time to reconsider their mistakes. Also the wedding was way too much. I wonder why they didn't talk like this back then. They could've saved a lot of time.

    I think something is off between Booth and Brennan. The relationship lacks something right now, like they're being to careful around each other, taking too many considerations and the cause is none other than Booth's declaration three episodes ago. Booth wished for something in the end and it was very nice, I wonder if the wish included him.

    Sheriff was the fun part, both with getting to close to the computer and throwing the confetti in the wedding...
  • Wow...

    I really, really LOVED this ep!!! The team found a body in a steel wardrobe and it turns out that someone dug the body up. Angela and Hodgins are both also present at the crime scene. As they (angela and Hodgins) drive back together they get caught by an officer and put behind bars because of outstanding warrants of them both. The officer won't let them go, so they are stuck together. And, as you guess, sparks start to fly and at the end of the ep... I am not going to tell that just yet, since Fox still has to air it tonight ;)
  • Thank you FOX!


    The season so far has been great, even though I was shocked by the 100th episode and the Booth/Bones storyline. This episode totally made up for the sadness I felt then and has restored my faith in this series completely. Don't get me wrong; I was still a dedicated Bones fan, but Angela and Hodges locked up in a jail cell together, facing their feelings for each other and then getting MARRIED, is one of the highpoints of the entire show! I can't wait for next week, I love that this episode has left me with a feeling of happiness, and I think Angela/Hodges is definitely going to last! BTW, I loved the sheriff who put them in jail. He was just doing his job and he still believed in following the letter of the law. It's because of HIM Angela and Hodges are now married, so thank you Sheriff!
  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    It finally finally finally happened! Angela and jack got married, this time for real! Theywere trying out some program on Jack's car then got pulled over. They wound up in jail and found out that their records were not clean so they had to stay there. They started flirting, playing, massaging and had a heart to heart talk and then GOT MARRIED!!!!!

    OK, so two different witch bodies were found in the same cabin, one modern, one dsting back to the Salem Witch trials. They identify one of them using dentil records, SWEETS identifies the other one. Turns out Sweets is a big Salem Witch Trial nut

    Cam and Clark were basically stuck with all of the evidence, Sweets was doing research, Booth and Brennan were watching a creepy ritual and Jack and Angela were in jail. Add them all up and you get one of the weirdest, but greatest Bones ever.