Season 1 Episode 10

The Woman at the Airport

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2006 on FOX

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  • Booth and Bones go to LA to work on a case

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. Booth takes Bone to LA to work on a case, when body parts are found around an airport. When she examines the skull, Bones reveals that whoever it belonged to had a lot of surgery. She soon is IDed as a hooker, and soon they find out who she worked for. We then see Booth hiring one, using Bones's phone. But of course he just wants to ask her some questions about the victim, who they believe went by the name Rachel. We soon learn that she was sleeping with a plastic surgeon and that her boyfriend recently broke up with her, since he found out she was a hooker. They learn what was used to kill her and learn that only one surgeon in LA uses it for surgery.
    Soon the surgeon gives up the name of the girl who he used before Rachel and we learn that she was the one who killed Rachel, as her fake fingernails matches that of one found with the body. They finally manage to ID Rachel as actually being a young girl named Alison and learn that her brother and father are still alive, and so her remains will be returned to them.
  • Bones and Booth go to L.A.

    I really enjoyed this episode, mainly because it's a pretty funny one. The way that Brennan did not want to go to L.A. and that Booth got Dr. Goodman ( Bones boss) so far that she still had to go to L.A. with Booth.

    The fact that Hodgins knew from the beginning of this episode what Goodman would conclude at the end was funny as well, cause you got to admit it to him that he was right. I did found it sad though, that a woman was so displeased with the way she looked, that she did not only did 'normal' plastic surgery, but that she altered herself till the bone. And on top of this, it also made it impossible to ID her, which is just sad.
  • prostitutes and plastic surgery

    overall, not a bad episode addressing plastic surgery from an anthropologist's perspective. multiple plastic surgeries make identifying this week's victim difficult, and allow for a lot of commentary on the nature of beauty and individuality. the show is, thankfully, not weighed down too much by negative commentary on prostitution, aside from the girl who laments that "none of us want to be what we are -- we all say we're something else". while i have no doubt that many girls in prostitution end up there as a last resort, the high-class call girl who books for a week is not in the same position as a street walker. my sympathy for these girls is muted by the fact that they make considerably more money than i do, and enjoy pretty decadent lifestyles. for these girls, it's a savvy business decision. the show seems to collapse all prostitution into one category, but at least does indicate that regardless, the girls do not deserve to be treated like trash just because they are sex workers. the anti-plastic surgery tack is worked through Brennan's eyes, giving it a bit of freshness. of course, to have someone with stunning cheekbones and bone structure bemoan the negatives of plastic surgery, and to have the victim be a very pretty girl before having any surgery, affects the final message. plastic surgery thrives not because already pretty girls are addicted to it, but because so many people fail to live up to beauty ideals. plastic surgery addicts are pretty few and far between, largely because it's so expensive and painful. but a nip here, or a tuck there, is much more common, and hard to make a moral judgment about. i prefer to have my morals a little less overt, a little more nuanced. anyhow, i give Bones props for taking two fairly tired procedural staples (prostitution and plastic surgery) and making them feel fairly fresh.
  • Smart and this show!

    There's chemistry among the leading characters that makes you very anxious for the next new episode, so you can see how things develop. Smart, well-written and riveting...the characters are developed just enough to be interesting, but not too much, so that it turns into just another prime-time soap opera. Can't wait to see where the next episode goes!
  • Not their best story but pretty good.

    I found the whole plot line kind of sad. They couldn't identify the dead woman because of all the plastic surgery she had. I didn't quite believe the reason behind why the other girl killed her. It was a stupid reason for a call girl. The constant name change for the dead girl was stupid.
  • Plastic surgery YUK!!!

    I really think that if the writers continue to come up with storylines such as this one Bones will eventually be a great show. At the beginning I thought that it was going to sink but this episode was awesome. Bones is becoming a great character. The interview with the producer for her movie was awesome. I loved it when the host asked who would be writing the screenplay, Penny answered she wasn't sure Brennan the in her matter of fact way said Aren't I writing the screenplay? and then she gets up and leaves without any excuse other than she has a suspect. I love her way of doing things.
  • A body Bones can't identify?

    I didn't think much of this show when it first started, but I gave it a chance and I'm glad I did because it just keeps on getting better. Well written and funny (even when it probably shouldn't be) scripts and a cast with amazing chemistry make it work. Most of the time. Bones and Booth are investigating a mudered girl with an addiction to surgery. As addiction that made identifying her even more difficult as she had changed her very bone structure. I enjoyed this episode very much, until the ending... To me it seemed a little tacked on. But never mind... the side story with Hodgins and Dr Goodman, was both amusing and frustrating, but in the end actually kinda sweet.
  • Season's Best Episode so far

    I loved this episode. Teresa Lin did a great job writing this script. Finally we have a body that Bones has a hard time identifying. I was looking forward to see it since Teresa told me about it just before it came out while I was teaching her how to snowboard :)
  • A great episode! I love how Brennan is judgemental to cosmetic surgery. Oh, and about the cars...

    A well written episode. It's very real and I love how Brennan is judgmental to cosmetic surgery, not to mention upset because she may not identify the body. Although, I find it hard to believe that she would make Angela guess what the victim looked like (objectivity?), then again, she was very upset.. And the speech Booth gave to agent Finn? It was very appropriate, she was very annoying. It's really like she wasn't concentrated on her work, her real work, and it's good that Booth told her what he did. Oh, and about the cars... The car DB drove during Angel was Plymouth GTX 440 (1967-71), and the car rented was Mustang (1966). Edit this review
  • Booth shows up with a Hollywood case: remains of a female were found scattered at Los Angeles International Airport.

    This time Bones and Booth go to LA to investigate the site where the body was found scattered by scavenging coyotes. They are briefed by Special Agent Tricia Finn who escorts them to the L.A. Morgue. There, Brennan examines the victim’s bones while Agent Finn (to Booth’s annoyance) solicits her interest in acting as a consultant to Brennan’s newly optioned book. Brennan wasn’t even aware that her book was being made into a movie. Disturbed by what she sees, Brennan points out that the victim’s skull has been radically altered by surgery-- to the point where she might not be able to ID the person.
    One of the points this episodes is to show how women are obssesed with cosmetic surgery, and how media try to sell us the look a beautiful girl should have and women wanting to buy that kind of look.
  • This was one of my favorite episodes. Excellent

    Where do I start?! I love how clearly Brennan states her disgust for cosmetic surgury in this episode.I love at the beggining how Booth gets Goodman to send Bones and him to L.A.The look on Hodgins face on the screen when Booth orders 'the two on one special' is priceless.One part that craked me up was the tv interview.Poor Brennan. The tools confinscated from Dr.Atlas were a bit freaky, even tough I must admit the murder weapon did look pretty cool. The music for this episode was great. I went and downloaded precious by depeche mode but im getting off topic. This is DEFINATLY a MUST SEE episode for anyone who watches bones. A+
  • fabulous. episode number 10. e are getting there, ladies and gentleman.

    hehe booth was waiting in her office. that was sooo cute. she doesnt need a secretary, if it were me, booth would be welcome any time he liked.

    how can someone have so much surgery that they are unrecognizable? i mean, i know it happens every day, but i just cant imagine. then again i guess if someone really really needs it. but not for vanity reason, like if they were in a car crash, or were a serious burn vistim, and they needed facial reconstruction. then i might understand.

    haha hodgins doesnt like being under goodman's rule.

    angela had an awkward moment with zach. hha that was funny. hes so book smart, but nothing to do with street smart.

    so then brennan agrees with me. surgery is barbaric. but he's right, she does have beautiful facial features. high cheek bones, etc.

    booth got that ugly old lady's card. eew. well, we know booth, its for professional reasons. sorry if im offendign anyone, but half the time when people get plastic surgery so they can be pretty, they end up looking fake. which is worse than they were in the first place.

    booth ordered a prostitute. heh heh. and i hope bone's book gets made into a movie, i really do. i hope one of kathy reichs book gets made into a movie. THErE sHOULD bE A BOnES mOVIE!!!! with emily, david, tj, and the whole gang in it. aww man now i got myself exited.

    how do they all wear long sleeves. in california? they are on the beach everyone is in bikinis, and booth is wearing a black sweat suit.

    ooh im pretty sure hodgins just almot got punched in the face by goodman. butting heads, anyone? only goodman cant fire hodgins, and hodgins cant resign, because then the jeffersonian would lose its single biggest source of money. (evil laugh)

  • I liked it a lot.

    I loved this episode. I remembered seeing the promo last year, and I wanted my friend to show it to me. It was great.
    Booth and Brennan high tail it out to Beverly Hills where they find a woman at and airport. The only problem identifying her is all her plastic surgery. Man, Bevery Hills is dangerous place. I really hate plastic surgery, but my mom got a nose job for some reason. Back to Bones. This was a very different and very interesting episode. It definitely had a moral, which I like. You have to be happy with your self. and Booth and Brennan had some moments. And that was one cool car!!
  • Interesting episode

    This was another really amazing episode of Bones.

    I loved how Goodman was not going to do anything on the Iron Age project but when he heard Booth say sending Dr. Brennan to LA would give the Jeffersonian good Press he was all over the case.

    I loved Brennan's arguments at the beginning about not wanting to go to LA. It was really quite a different episode it was great to see that she did not know who the girl was because of plastic surgery. They didn't know the girls real name until the end.

    The Iron Age project was great. Hodgins did have a point about Goodman placing the Institutions's reputation above all else. Watching Hodgins get annoyed over Goodman's theorizing was great. I love Goodman and Hodgins they always are arguing but then they surprise you and get along.

    Booth and agent Finn were interesting as well. I could feel Booth's dislike for her the entire time and could agree completely with it she was more interested in the movie business than in doing her job.

    Brennan's opinions on plastic surgery made this episode twice as funny and Booth calling the one doctor, doctor boobs was very amusing.

    Great episode.
  • Surgeries: The ugly side of it.

    I think this was a really good episode, not the best, the most spectacular but it was pretty good.

    I´m not against surgeries, but I am against people who have them as a hobby, who completely change their appearance knowing that they can not erase what exists in their genes.

    I love the first scenes with Booth and Brennan, their bickering was great, spicy. Brennan looked like a little girl having fun in that scene at the beach.

    I didn´t like the LA "FBI agent" that was assigned to the case, she didn´t even looked like one. Finally Booth confronts her.

    One thing bothered me a little bit. They knew the victim was Caucasian and even with that Angela could only give her a brunette look instead of different ones? At the end we all learned she was blonde. But come on! Brennan should´ve asked Angela for more.

    I liked the final scene. Booth and Brennan are so comfortable together, the song sealed it.

  • Work, Book to movie, and plastic surgery. But not always in that order.

    So, Booth and Bones go out to California to investigate a body that was found at an airport. While they are there Bones is going to talk to a producer who is making her book into a movie. And they discover the victom had so much plastic surgery that it may be imbosible for them to identify her.

    They get teamed up with a local FBI Agent that is more conserned about the book she is working on and less on the case, to the point where the questions she asks Bones is more on the it than the case. Booth later tells her to get out of the FBI and work on it but don't "Use his FBI" as a stepping stone. It was nice to see just how much the FBI really means to him.

    They are able to track down the Doctors that worked on her, that she was addicted to plastic surgery, and she had become the replacement "girlfriend" to one of them.

    While all of this is going on. Back in the lab Goodman and Hodgins are about ready to kill each other over the case they are working on, dealing with really really old bones.

    In the end the bad guy wasn't a guy, the lady's name is known, and Hodgins and Goodman are on the same page.

    Plus the fact that Dr. Atlas was played by Harry Groener was a nice call back to David's time on Buffy. As Groener was the Mayor.
  • Review

    The episode that tend to be my favorites are the ones when Bones and Booth go away on a trip and they leave the team back at the Jefferson to help them out. Last time the sidestory was the package woman who turned out to like Angela more then the other two. This time the sidestory was a little less comical and a little more serious, with Goodman and Jack going head to head on 1500 year old remains. It really showed the contrast in character, one a true man of science while the other was a man of sympathy. The case this time around was done very well as far as the writing goes, with the big twist at the end that it wasnt the doctor that we all thought it was. I like it when the wrtiers can substitute in another murderer when we think we are all ready looking straight at one. There wasnt a whole lot of Bones analysis in this episode, just a lot of hollywood comical stuff and character devolopment. Solid episode overall I thought.
  • The anti-Nip/Tuck

    Booth and Bones do it on location yet again. I love it when they get to get out of DC, and Los Angeles is a perfect location.

    The murder mystery of a woman who has had so much plastic surgery her skull is near impossible to draw was so good. I've always been against the idea of plastic surgery changing our so-called imperfections, and Brennan really verbalized how I felt about this subject. The prostitute angle was also interesting. I adore Brennan when she tries to be normal, in her interview. She's so bald and blank, it's hilarious. I really felt Booth and Brennan connected a bit, like I always feel when they go out of town. It needs to happen more in the lab though, that chemistry they have.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show bones bones and botht must go to la while the other stay behide to see if they can check too see if this is really a body from over 1500 years ago. and things start to heat up between docoter hogens and the boss . and in the mean time bones and booth are tring to solve the case about the girl that was found it turned out she was a call girl that had many sergies and got addicted too them but they cant figure out her name and it turned out the doctor that was giving too her was getting favors in return and bones and booth must find the girl that killed her and they arest her at the end of the show. this was a good ep i thought.