Season 1 Episode 22

The Woman in Limbo

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 17, 2006 on FOX

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  • Great show just commenting to fix the review below mine.

    I just read the review below me and wanted to clear up some things. There was is not a discrepancy, I can see where she made the error. Nothing to be ashamed of cause it can be easily missed. Her reference to the times of 5 and 7 years as if they had just found the body. But the body has been in storage since before Dr. Brennan went to work for the lab. At the beginning her assistant (Zack) makes the comment that she (the mother) has been there longer than her(Dr. Brennen). I believe they use the year 1998 and since this starts in 2006 that adds 8 years to her age. So she would be 30ish.
  • We find Bones's mother

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. As Bones leaves for a court case, she sees the image of the skull which Angela has come up with and flips out. She then runs and gets the belongings found with the body and opens them on her desk. Inside she finds a belt with a dolphin on it and has a flash back, and when Booth goes to see Angela we realise what has happened.
    We learn from Booth that the image (and also the skull) belongs to Bones's mother. But wouldn't Angela know what her mother looks like; after all they have been friends for longer than Booth has worked with Bones. We soon learn that the bones and many others from the same site have been at the Jeffersonian since 1998, the same year that Bones started working there. After Bones goes home, that same night (at midnight) Booth goes round to see Bones. The next day, when booth digs deeper into their past, we learn that Bones's parents were using fakes names when she and her brother were born and were still using them when they disappeared. From evidence found we learn that her mother was still alive in 1993. Bones gets the shock of her life, when she sees her brother Russ entering the lab with Booth. When Booth digs deeper he learns that their parent's real names were Max and Ruth and that they are on a database for criminals. When Russ admits that he remembers having a different name as he was 7 years old we learn that he was called Kyle and Bones was actually called Joy. She then slaps him, shouts at him some more and then leaves the room. We learn that their parents were involved in bank robberies and during one big heist 2 people were killed. We soon learn that Bones's mother was having an affair and had planned to leave her father, until he found out and attacked her mother and her boyfriend. But Booth doesn't believe it. When they search his farm, they find the weapon that matches the wounds on her mother. He tells her that if she loses the evidence, then he will tell her the truth about what happened to her parents, but she tells him no and walks away.
    As the episode end we see Booth asking Bones f he can read her book before it goes out to the public and she tells him no. Then she drives him so that she can go and see her brother, Russ. They patch things up and hug. As we see all 3 of them heading back to her apartment, Booth find Bones's new book and sees that she has dedicated the book to him. When she hits her answer machines messages, we hear a message from her father begging her to stop looking for him, thus ending this brilliant first season of Bones.
  • Total inconsistency with story line

    What have I missed? I've just watched an episode where Ryan O'Neil is her father. He's working at the Jeffersonian as a teacher. But, in the ep "The Woman in Limbo" the father is in hiding, was a serious crim and doesn't want her to find him. He seems like a sweet old guy, a bit of a sly old bugger, who's quite likeable...not at all like a guy begging his daughter not to follow him up because he's a crim in hiding. If someone could explain what it is that I've missed I'd be happy - thanks in advance.
  • The bones of Brennan's mother are discovered, leading her to discover what really happened to her parents.

    Am I the only one who noticed nobody can do a damn thing by themselves in this episode? I mean, seriously, every single thing depends on Brennan. I think it's very unprofessional on the writer's part that everything depends on one person. Yes, I admit she's the protagonist and she's better than everyone else, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the others are all completely incompetent. Putting that aside, I still hated her for most of the episode. In the previous ep, she was a complete ass to Booth because he wasn't objective about the case. Now she's nowhere near objective when she deals with her mother's case, but that's all right. Now that it's her, the only person who's worth a damn in this show, that's not objective, that's not a problem anymore.

    The storyline in itself was good, but I just couldn't get over the bad writing. Oh, one more thing. Really bad actor for Brennan's brother. He's just really not good.
  • Fantastic Episode!

    What a perfect series finale! There was nothing not to like about this episode. It started with Brennan in the office, getting whisked away by Booth (at least he tries to) for a court appointment, but everyone seems to want something from Bones. There is such a great dynamic in that scene and it's particularly funny to watch Booth trying to shield Bones with the file, or impatiently drumming her back. Oh and then there's David, too (her date from 1x16) telling her that he really likes her new novel. You can literally feel Booth's jealousy (both because David sees Bones and he got to read her novel). But all the humour disappears when they find out that they had Christine Brennan's (Bones' mother) remains in storage for a couple of years. Bones is devastated and Booth opens an official FBI investigation. Through the course of the case they find out that her parents (and Bones and her brother Russ too) live under assumed identities and find the murderer of Brennan's mother. There were a lot of really great character scenes,- The squints refusing to leave the lab until the murder is resolved, Booth being constantly concerned and showing up in the middle of the night at Brennan's door with takeout (twice), Bones getting closer to her brother again etc.
    Oh and how cute was it that Bones dedicated her second novel to Booth?
  • Some good Brennan development here.

    After working on a random limbo case, Brennan finds out that a Jane Doe turns out to be her mother. Brennan sees her brother Russ for the first time in years in this episode as with the help of Booth, Brennan solves the murder case of her mother. She learns that her real name is Joy Keenan and that her family led a very secretive life. At the end of this episode, Brennan, Booth and Russ gather at Brennan's for a beer. Booth discovers that Bones has dedicated her latest book to him. As well, Brennan has been left a meesage from her father to stop looking for him as it is too dangerous. A good episode to wrap up the pilot season.
  • Amazing season finale!

    The fisrt season finale of Bones has reflected all the great expectations I had. What we come to know about Temperance's past and secrets is well written and told. Who watches is curious and excited about the story and its development, and not even a minute of the episode let you down. The fact that in the end we basically know almost nothing about Bones' father (who seems to be still alive, while the mother is dead for unknown reasons because of bad relationships and businness) does not change or alterate the brilliant idea of go into Bones' past life. This choice, in fact, let us know much more things about the main character, things that many of us wanted to know.
  • Absolutely amazing...

    This episode gets to me no matter how many times I watch it. The storyline of this episode was just brilliant! I have no other words for it. When things in a show get predictable I always lose some of my interest for it, but I did not see this coming, and that's what I love about it.
    We also, finally, really learn something about Bones' past, which makes you understand her so much better. I loved the interaction between the whole team in this one, but the interaction between Booth and Brennan was amazing in this episode. This was a great season finale.
  • Dr. Temperance Brennan faces ghosts from her past when she discovers the identity of a woman's bones from storage. The woman is her mother. Her brother and father resurface as she must face facts that their parents deserted the siblings.

    I just want to say for starters, LOVE the show. This episode is wonderfully revealing in the many facets and the background of Dr. Temperance Brennan's life. As great as the episode is, however, there is one thing I must point out as a bit of a discrepancy. As Temperance discovers from her team that her mother has only been dead five years as opposed to seven since that was when her mother disappeared it means that Dr. Brennan comes to about 22 or 23 at most as far as her age. In previous episodes Brennan has said that her parents disappeared when she was 15, but even if one hasn't seen the other episodes it can be found in the part of this episode where Dr. Brennan argues with her brother. She says she was 15 and her brother says he was 19 at the time of their disappearance. Therefore if it was 7 years ago... TADA 22 or 23. No one at that age could have the kind of credentials she has even if she was a genius especially since she actually stated that she was still in high school at the time. Don't get me wrong, still a great show, just found that interesting.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones seaon final for season one bones is supposed to identify bones really quickly she does and is on her way to a couart hearing when she forgets something goes back and she angel puting something on the virtal sceen and its a picture of her mother and then gets upset and walks away when booth sees it he tells them its her mother and there all shocked they tell her to go home and they all decide to work out the case meanwhile booth all this time was looking into the case and turns out the parents she thought she had were not who they were supposed to be they were bank robbers and they had fals names including bones and her brother. and she sees her brother but does not want to say much the brother gives a picture of a man that he was afriad of when he was younger . and turns out he was a hit man and he tells them a story of bones his mother with him in a motel and the dad hitting her but both does not belive it and so they do more digging and they get weapon its uesed to kill pigs thing is that the man wants her to doup it down the well but she does not want to and then she goes and aks the brother to comeback and stay for a few days and he does but they soon gets call on the anwering machine and its her dad staying stop digging. this was a good way to end season 1
  • The secrets of Brennen's past are revealed to her... finally! (contains spoilers)

    This episode starts off with Brennen rushing out to go to a trial in a light and fun scene with the squints badgering her to do them favors. Her world is turned upside down when she recognizes a face recreated by the Angelator. It's her mother. Her world has been torn apart and she and the other squints work night and day to figure out what happened to her. Booth finds Bones's brother and brings him to DC, where a furious Brennen won't talk to him. She is furious at him for leaving her to the foster system when she was so young. She discovers the true identities of her parents. They weren't a teacher and a bookkeeper, instead they were bank-robbers wanted by the government. She also discovers her real name: Joy Keenan. Bones confronts her mother's killer, McVicor, and breaks down, robotically saying her real name and profession after he keeps calling her Joy. An amazing performance by Emily Deschanel that shows both the hard and soft sides of Bones, as she both tries to solve the case and sees the people behind it that she always looks beyond. At the end of episode, her mother's killer is captured and she reconciles with her brother. All seems perfect, especially when Booth sees that her new book is being dedicated to him. Then, in a shocking twist, Brennen plays a message on her machine. "Temperance, you have to stop looking, y-you have to stop looking for me right now. This is bigger and worse than you know. Please, stop now." it says. "Who's that?" Booth asks. Her reply? "That was my father."
  • Finally some light is shed on Brennans past.

    While "Woman in Limbo" starts off in a light tone with everyone demanding some kind of favor from Bones while Booth is trying to get her to court, soon Brennan's world is shattered as her team identifies her missing mother's remains.

    Over the course of the episode we learn that in Bones's life nothing is what it seemed. Her family was living under assumed identities, meaning she isn't Temperance Brennan but Joy Keenan, on top of that she has to deal with the cold facts that her parents were criminals.
    We also meet her brother Russ whom she despises for abandoning her after their parents disappearance.
    As more and more dark secrets of her life are revealed, Bones consequently looses her usually clinical and distant stance. We have seen glimpses of that in course of the first season but this time she really looks to be falling apart emotionally as her world is turned upside down.
    Kudos to Emily Deschanel for showing us the soft side of her character, especially as she finally crumbles after her shed conversation with suspect McVicar. This single moment gets to me every time and leaves me in tears.
    Also applause to the rest of the cast for giving a stellar group performance.
    "Woman in Limbo" ends with a surprising twist which will be kind of resolved in course of the second season.

    This is one of my all-time favorite episodes. Absolutely fabulous and highly recommended to anyone who is still deciding whether Bones ís one of the best shows on television.
  • Review

    Very good episode, though I dont think it should be the highest rated of the season. There isnt a whole lot of bad things I can say about the episode, we all knew that one day we were going to learn the fate of Bones's parents and considering the theme of the show it does not surprise me that her mother turned out to be dead. The mystery was never really solved, which is about the only thing I can say bad about the episode. The man at the end clearly had some kind of involvement, but there is more to Bones's father that was explained in this episode. His phone call at the end changes everything, because now we really dont know who was the real person to kill Bones's mother. Even if it is the pig farmer guy, the dad still playe some kind of a role. I thought the end of the episode was really well done, with Booth sneaking a peek at Bones's book and realizing that he was in fact a part of the book, like he expected. The end was another good end to the season, as it leaves room for another episode revolving around Bones's parents next season. Overall, one of the better episodes of Season 1.
  • This is totally my favourite season one episode...after "Two Bodies in the Lab!!"

    You'd have a heart of stone if you didn't feel sorry for poor Bones...she's just going along about her own business and bam, her mom's bones are unearthed at hte Jeffersonian. I mean, talk about something that's gonna knock you sideways!!!!
    This is also the episode where Russ Brennan shows up and tells his sister some downright shocking things about her parents... I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen the ep by writing bout them here!!!
    But I will tell u that the dad is still alive but everybody probably knows that already...I am terribly behind on my reviews.
    Still, this is a really excellent episode especially if u r a fan of the BB relationship so get on to iTunes if u haven't already seen it.
  • Finally something about Dr. Brennan´s past.

    This episode is very good. I felt sorry for Dr. Brennan because there are so many things that she learns about her past, her parents, her brother that were so overwhelming and painful for her.

    I loved Emily Deschanel´s performance in this episode. At the beginning of the season I thought her lines came out a little bit rough but she got a lot better during the season and this episode proves it.

    So we get to know more about Brennan´s parents and they were not good people. We see her brother too and he doesn´t seem to be doing good either. I guess at the end both pushed each other away. He was too young to take care of her and she was too stubborn to forgive him.

    I loved Booth´s role. It´s funny: at the beginning of the episode, we see David, Brennan´s latest love interest, but who´s supporting her at the end? Booth. He´s worried about her, he tries to make her laugh (both scenes at her apartment are priceless). And of course, he´s running the case.

    Great season finale, surprising ending and I can´t wait to see what´s going to happen in the next season finale...

  • not my type of episode

    Well In my opinion I really like that you saw that though Bones thinks she needs someone who cares about you all the time Booth was the person that did it.
    I also liked the fact, that she has her brother back and that the whole team is so nice with her and working for her which she would have done for them too if it would have been one of their parents.

    But the whole " I'm an orphan and everything is different now that my parents are criminals" was to much for me. I mean ok a little dirt here a little dirt there is ok, but destryoing everything she thinks she is? Maybe I say it a little to hard but I don't like Bones loosing it...

    Liked that the book was dedicated to booth :3
  • Exciting and touching. That's what a girl wants

    Wow! Dr. Tempe's Mom. Now that has really got to hurt past the bone. To make things worse, her parents were criminals and bank robbers. That must really destroy a person. I'm glad she had made up with her brother. I think because of this, I think both of their lives will be better knowing that they still have each other. Her father is ALIVE!!! Who knows what is going to happen. I'll be tuning in to find out. What is her father hiding? Is he her mother's killer? Or is he a witness who ran off to protect his kids? We'll have to find out.
  • Wow.

    Wow is the only word to describe this episode! It was downright amazing! This was the second episode of Bones of ever seen and this show just keeps suprising me!! I loved how they got right to the storyline at the beginning. I also liked how everyone helped out and stayed late at night so they could find out what happened to Brennan's mom faster. Booth and Brennan had great chemistry, as always, and I loved how he hugged her!! That's my banner! He was so nice to bring her Chinese food at like, midnight.
    I think it was very interesting to learn more about Brennan's parents. They had a very unique, interesting story and it was very well played out. This is a great episode and I really liked it! The ending especially was good! I liked the cliffhanger! And when they clinked their glasses to what they were becoming. The message from Brennan's dad creeped me out!! I'm glad she dedicated her book to Booth! And that she got closer to her brother! All in all it was a fabulous season finale and I hope to see more great things from Bones in the future!
  • It was a powerful episode. However, I do not think it was the best episode ever. Actually, I have my three medals and nothing will change it. But I want to make a stand why I think this episode was good and why it was bad.

    Well, first thing - I think it was first time when Booth actually called Brennan by her name. It was cleverly used to later show a contrast between her "real" name (although I do not fully agree with the theory that you are what your name is - I mean, one is who he/she are and there is nothing to define him/her). I may be wrong though, but it was nicely done. The plot is very good, but a little too deep if you ask me. And her father calling at the end? I have a feeling it soon will become a case of some highly respected people turned into bunch of burglars by force or something like that, and that would be bad. I mean, they made they bank robbers, let's stick with it. No one is perfect, so were/are (?) her parents. The big fight with her brother or the fact that her brother is actually shown and referred to is amazing. It's like combining those little pieces of puzzle to have the real truth about Brennan emerge. Their relationship was greatly shown, up to the moment when after 15 years of anger and denial, they suddenly hug as if nothing happened. If I was in his shoes (if I was in hers I would go and talk to him as well), I'd answer, after she asked him to stay for a couple of days, I'd answer "I will visit you next week" or something like that. Only to show that trusting people again takes time.
    Great Booth action. Especially after Brennan was talking to Angela about Marco Polo game and that she likes when someone cares about here, if she's okay and where she is, and right in this moment Booth calling her name and making sure she is there. It was sweet. It was like he's always there for her, but they both do not realize that they actually exist that close to each other.
    Some stand-in Brennan moments were great - like that one in the shed, when she burst into tears after being called by her "real" name several times. It proved to me that Brennan actually is very weak as a person. She only poses as this tough-ass chick that knows martial arts and can handle an attacker all by herself. It was shown before in the episode "Two Bodies in the Lab" when she was almost killed - she showed some tears and actual fear in that episode, and it was great. Here it is proven again. She is weak and fragile (probably shaped into her current image by the very case of her parents disappearance), lonely inside, despite having friends and, as an addition, private knight in shining FBI standard-issue body armor. She is just like most people, and - more importantly - she is like me. Maybe that is why I dig that show so much, even if I don't have my private FBI Booth to protect me... Again - she is weak, fragile, lonely, freaked out about life and only creates the image of herself for people to stop them from asking questions. But occasionally, someone asks a question, usually Booth or Angela. And Brennan is confused. In this episode, she revealed herself, revealed that is indeed not as strong as she makes herself to seem.
    About friends - the team, working on the case to help solve the mystery, was genuine and very cheerful thing to include. I must say I have same bad experience with both people you work with and people you call "friends" for quite some time until they screw you upside-down without even warning you. It was both comforting and encouraging to see them bonded up together for one case. And I'm sure she would do the same for them. I pray for episodes like that. Mostly, probably, so Brennan could help Booth at some point.
    The book plot was very clever and entertaining. And the ending was quite brilliant. Not to mention some facts: 1) Booth smile, 2) Brennan not wanting to show it to Booth because of the dedication, 3) David teasing Booth about the book. But, most of all, the fact the she dedicated the book to him. For me, it meant more that giving it to review to David. Extremely smart to use it in the last episode of the season.

    But, aside of those good points of the episode, I spotted some mistakes or just malfunctions of it. The changes in parents' story were too quick and sort of jumped into conclusions. I mean, Russ says "No way mom cheated on dad" and suddenly we got ourselves another story. It was not very believable for me. I also can't buy that Russ-abandoned-me story, then the twist change and their sudden reconciliation. It was too quick, and - for that sort of anger that firstly burst - too easy and quiet. I must say I was happier with the story that Russ actually abandoned her because it was that hard on him. I mean, people do have different ways of coping with problems. I admit I've never been in a situation like this so I can't possibly imagine how it is like to have your parents disappear. But I was ready to believe that leaving his life behind, even if that meant abandoning his sister, was Russ's way. That actually made him human. And Brennan had every right to be angry with him, but I think it was great material for some of other storylines. But, most of all, I expected something more emotional, more romantic between Booth and Brennan to happen. Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect them to hit the sack together, no - it would be false and, just, not good at all. But some more of hugging or touching would be nice. Last time they reached the stage when she touched him in consolation. Here, with such a case, I expected more.
    And, at the end, I hated the end! I mean, not the actual end, but the cliffhanger. I didn't expect it, so I got me crazy!

    I hope there is someone willing to read what I've just typed, because I am really proud of my review. So, feel free to comment on it and polemize. I'm open for discussion. No dirty images here.
  • Awesome Ep! one of the best season finales ever

    Yes definitly one of the best season finales ever.

    It's wonderful how we got to discover more of Bones past and how we also saw a more human side of her.

    Booth supporting her all the time was also great to whatch.

    I actually liked Russ character. He wasn't that bad and he really cared about her little sister, but he was young and thought he was doing the right thing.

    Mc Vicar (sp?) character was kinda creepy, but he also made this episode better.

    The last scene was simply perfect. We got to see that Bones feels closer to Booth now and that her relationship with Russ is getting better. The message was just the right way to end the episode, really made me wanted to see season2
  • Another reason to like this show with the development of Brennen (isn't it ironic that the child of wanted criminals becomes a forensic anthropologist that works with the government in solving crimes) and the relationship between her and Booth

    I just loved the character development of this episode when Temperence's life just gets turned upside down with the discovery that her entire childhood was just a fabrication and that her parents were actually wanted by the FBI. The introduction of her brother was a nice twist along with the call from her father at the very end - just when you thought that this 'chapter' of her past was closed.

    However, the one thing that moved me the most was when Booth called her 'Temperence' and told her to go home when she first discovered she was looking at her mother's bones. Up to this point, he always calls her Bones but here, he shows how much he cares for her by calling her by her name. (That and the fact that he really did work on her family's missing persons case considering how he recognized her mother's picture at a glance.)

    If the development of the relationship between the two leads keeps up this pace, this show will need to go on for several more years before we get any resolution - a la Ross and Rachel from Friends.
  • What can I say? It was amazing!

    I can't begin to tell you how great this episode is. It is not only my favorite of the show, but one of my favorite’s episodes of all my TV shows. Why?

    Temperance confronts one of the worst experiences she could ever have, she learns some strange truth about her parents and herself and with that all her emotions are out on the open whether she likes it or not. She sees his brother Russ, the one and only she has and hadn't seen or spoken in a lot of time.

    In all that Booth is always with her, letting her know that he will always be there and that she can truly depend on him.

    We get to see Booth caring so much about his partner, he truly loves her (as friend, as partner or maybe something more) and he shows once again that he will do almost anything for her.

    And the plot was fantastic. I don't think that nobody could tell that he/she was thinking that could be the reason of Bones' parents disappearance. And the cliffhanger at the end, genius!

    I just hope the second season will be as great as or even better than this first one.

    So, it ended the way it should be: a great show, a great season ending episode with an excellent cliffhanger.
  • In this episode Dr. Brennan is asked to identify a "Jane Doe" who is discovered to be her mother when Angela does the reconstruction. Due to this news Brennan is reunited with her estranged brother. Her parents were living under assumed identities.

    I enjoyed this episode because we got to see a side of Bones that we didn't see before. The entire season you are wondering what happened to her parents, and in this episode you find out. I like how when she sees her mother's face on the Angelator that she tells Angela that she did it wrong. She faces an identity crisis and leans on Booth for support therefore further strengthening their relationship. It's interesting to see how see interacts with her brother, and how they make up at the end of the episode. I think this episode provided a good base to start off of next season.
  • brilliant

    i absolutly love this episode. how could they leave the season like that. i know that no ones life is hanging by a thread like in most of the other series' that i watch that have just finished but it is still a cliffhanger.the acting in this episode is some of the best i have ever seen. basically the plot is that a set of bones turn out to be brennams missing mother, who disappeared when she was fifteen. the whole episode is about how she handles it and all the extra information that she finds out about herself. this is the first episode that we meet her brother. i can't wait until next season. it only comes out next year over here in scotland. an absolutly brilliant episode. i love it
  • OMG!! i love this episode! Brennen learns of what happened to her parents (well at least her mother) and we finally meet her brother and see why their relationship went sour.

    This is by far the best season finale i have ever seen. Loved how we finally find out what happened to her parents and of their secret lives as bank robbers.We meet Brennens brother for the first time and it posed a perfect way for Brennen to grow and realise she was in the wrong and apologise for what happened and how she acted all those years ago. The Marco Pollo thing was soo sweet i hope we'll see a lot more of Russ next season.
    Exelent beginning to the Ep especially wen booth and brennen are rushing off to court and they bump into david with brennens manuscript.You could see how jealous booth was towards them and the fact he wasnt allowed to read the book b4 it came out. Also thought it very funny how he tries to coaxe Angela into telling him why Bones wont let him read the book "maybe there was too much of me in it....(angela smiles, amused) or maybe she was jsut embarrassed" hehehe he is so jealous. The hug after Brennens breakdown and booth bringing food and company to bones in the middle of the night jsut shows how much he cares and wants to be there for her. Oh yeah and wen he called her temperence taht was relly touching.^_^
    Glad that even though it was quite a dramatic ep they still kept in a lot of funny lines and still ahd that comedic touch to it. The dedication at the end was subtle but perfect showing how much brennen values her relationship with booth and visa versa. You can see how much their relationship has evolved over the season and how deeply they care for each other. The cliffhanger was a brilliant duh duh duh ending which will hopefully lead on to an even better season 2. Cant wait!
  • I say it's about time we got some more information about Temperance Brennan! :)

    While I haven't read any of the books that inspired the show (eventually I will), I think that this show is fairly good. This particular episode provides some major personal information about Temperance Brennan, and I say it's about time! :) Revealing more of her family history, & some of the family drama/dynamics, now was worth the wait.

    With only bits of the puzzle completed though, will Temperance continue searching for her father? From what I've seen about Temperance, yes she will, despite any and all threat to her personal safety. I am curious as to what the prisoner that was caught in this episode -the one who had information about the family- knew about the family itself... and if he was/is in contanct with Temerance's father. It would seem so, since her father contacted her only after the prisoner was arreseted.

    I look forward to the next season.
  • Brennan discovers bone fragments are her mother. This evovles into Brennan uncovering the truth about her parents and their past.

    This episode was really awesome! I'm so glad they ended the season this way. (Season finale style). What a cool cliffhanger. I was so surprised. I did not see it coming. Her dad was still alive?! WOW! I'm so glad that the producers explained a little more about Bones' past. And also at the end, where she crossed out the book title and dedicated the book to Booth. That was so cool! I hope they don't become a couple right away, because that did not work with "Lois & Clark". They should wait like until half way through the series. Because if they wait until the end of the series, it won't be disappointing to me. Well, anyway, it's a great episode!
  • Bones examines reamains that look to be her parents and discovers information about their past

    First off this episode could have been a lot better than it was. As interesting and promising as the premise sounded, it still wasn\'t too exciting. The subject was definately interesting and pivital for Bones, but will it really change anything about her character? Yes, she has become more human lately but that was before the remains of her parents showed up!

    Also the ads and reviews said that bones and booth\'s flirtation was going to step up in this episode. Umm did I fall asleep and miss that? I was completely confused about that.

    All in all, it was a sorta interesting episode with some interesting new information. Not sure if it is enough to lead me to season 2, I guess I\'ll know when that rolls around. The show still seems like it could do a lot better and is just lacking something to it. Now if I could figure out what, and they could start adding that in, we\'d have a good show on our hands!
  • Great episode and the reason I watch Bones. Brennan finally finds out what happened to her mother and reconnects with her brother.

    I became addicted to this show with its interesting and unique characters and well developed story lines. The Woman in Limbo is a great episode with the right amount of intrigue and drama as well as the sadness that is felt by Tempe finding out about her family. This episode really gives you info on why Tempe is the way she is and her relationship with Booth is also great in this episode. I suggest if you can go watch this episode. I can\'t wait for next season!
  • The perfect end to a great season.

    This episode was played out perfectly. I love the way Dr. Brennan reacts when she first realizes that the bones they are working on in the lab belong to her mother. Better yet, I love the way Booth understands perfectly what is going on with Brennan and offers his full support. (I love how he just decides to 'show up' at her house with Chinese.)

    They take the matter delicatly but seriously as they study Brennan's mother's bones and determine what might have happened to her. Then Booth approaches Brennan with the fact that her entire family has been going under false names, and everything goes haywire from there. Booth brings in Brennan's brother, Russ, and Brennan talks to Russ for the first time in years. Together, the team figures out who Brennan's parents REALLY were and the shocking truth that Brennan's entire life had been a huge lie.

    This episode has started a huge plot as Brennan discovers more about her parents and the plot that eventually led to their dissapearance. This was a perfect way to end the season, and I was glued to the screen the entire time. The plot constantly kept shifting, which kept me guessing the entire way through and even to the very end, where the ultimate shock occurs. The ending to this episode was perfect, and it was both happy and shocking up all the way to the last second. I can't wait until season two starts up in the fall!
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