Season 1 Episode 22

The Woman in Limbo

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 17, 2006 on FOX

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  • I say it's about time we got some more information about Temperance Brennan! :)

    While I haven't read any of the books that inspired the show (eventually I will), I think that this show is fairly good. This particular episode provides some major personal information about Temperance Brennan, and I say it's about time! :) Revealing more of her family history, & some of the family drama/dynamics, now was worth the wait.

    With only bits of the puzzle completed though, will Temperance continue searching for her father? From what I've seen about Temperance, yes she will, despite any and all threat to her personal safety. I am curious as to what the prisoner that was caught in this episode -the one who had information about the family- knew about the family itself... and if he was/is in contanct with Temerance's father. It would seem so, since her father contacted her only after the prisoner was arreseted.

    I look forward to the next season.