Season 1 Episode 11

The Woman in the Car

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2006 on FOX
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When a woman’s burned body is found in a car with signs that her child was kidnapped, Brennan and Booth suspect the father, Carl Decker. But things get complicated when Decker turns out to be in the witness protection program.

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  • Another good one

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We see Bones as she does a TV interview, during which she says that she is not planning on having children. Then Booth takes Bones to a crime scene, where a car burnt out is found. They believe that a child was inside of the car and since the child is now missing, they believe he or she has been kidnapped. They have called Bones in to help identify the victim, in order to try to learn who the child is.

    When they check the bones they learn that the victim gave birth 5 – 8 years ago. They soon believe that they have IDed the victim and that she has an 8 year old son. She and her husband Carl have recently separated. They go to Carl's house, but he isn't there. We then see that US Marshalls are there and that Carl is actually in the Witness Protection Programme.

    We learn from her sister, that the victim left her husband; because she found out that he was having an affair. Everyone who works in the lab, have to have a security meeting, to make sure that they can work on certain cases. When they examine the victim's body, they find part of an ear inside of her mouth. Soon they believe that she was tortured, in order to find out where he husband was hiding. They soon find Carl holding the people he is suppose to testify against hostage in order to get his son back. They claim that they don't have his son and also don't know where his son is nor do they know who took him. He is taken back into Witness Protection and tells Booth he will only testify if he sees Booth with his son, before he goes into court.

    Booth gets a box sent to him, and inside in the finger of the missing boy. When Bones looks at it we learn that he was still alive when his finger was cut off. Off of the finger, they learn where they think the boy is being held and so Booth, Bones and SWAT all head there. Once inside a gun fight breaks out and soon they find the little boy in there with his hand wrapped in a bloody towel, since he is now missing one finger. As he is being placed into an ambulance, his father arrives, and he is reunited with his son.moreless
  • Love this episode

    I thought that this episode was very revealing especially of the character of Booth. It rounded his character more and gave him some serious action.

    Loved the remark by his boss (the excellent Jackson)

    'Paladin, defender of faith , protector. Suits you Booth' Who can't love Booth as a character and now we see his tender side in his reacting to his son and to the kidnapped child,his understanding of the father's anguish.

    The episode also reveals yet a little more about his past when he explains his reasons to Brennan for choosing the rural garage, as he would always choose a rural location. When she assumes that it was because he was rescuing a kidnap victim he replies that it was him from whom the victim was being rescued!!

    Angela is right. Booth is h*t.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones . bones is called to the scene were a women is found burned to a crip but they think she was burned alive . and her kid was taken from her . bones and the team must figure out what really happend when they do some digging they learn that the husband was going to go to the court to be a whitness to tesify that the company sold the miltery bad armor and that they cause lots of deaths and injuries . and so they think that the company had something to do with the wifes death and the kindapping of the boy. they later learn that the mother was excully torched by electric and that is how she died. and they figure out from the things they found on the body that its in a place that has use of electric and a cutting area were they chopped his figure off that booth got in the mail . this wasa great ep i thoughtmoreless
  • A pretty emotional episode.

    The beginning was funny, we get to see Brennan giving a interview, and saying that she doesn't want kids. So Booth and Brennan discuss the issue of having kids in this episode, that was a lot of fun to look at. The sad part is that a young boy has been kidnapped, and Booth and Brennan have to go find him, which is by the was the first time we see them searching for someone who is still alive ( hopefully). At one point during this episode, the sent one of the boys fingers to Brennan and Booth. And that is just awful, I mean who cuts a finger of who young boy, that's just sick.

    Luckily they find the boy in time, and beside that he lost one finger, he is fine.moreless
  • It gets better...

    What a terrible situation for the little kid. The bad thing about it is that is true. Poor father, losing his wife and then the son. Happy ending after all.

    So this is one of those episodes when Booth and Brennan strongly disagree in a topic, this time, was having children, the first of many. It was very uncomfortable for Booth to hear Brennan say all those things about his situation with Parker, she was very rude. But well, they were just getting to know each other and things have changed a lot since this episode.

    It was weird to find out Angela was married.

    What was the deal with the phone call made by Brennan when Pickering mentioned that name? I´m still wondering...

David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Eric Millegan

Eric Millegan

Zack Addy

Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro

T.J. Thyne

T.J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins

Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams

Dr. Daniel Goodman

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • It is revealed in this episode that Angela is married, and that the wedding took place in Fiji.

    • Brennan said that this was her first TV interview. This episode was supposed to air before last week's, when she was on "Fox and Friends" with Penny Marshall but it was aired out of sequence.

    • During the scene in Assistant Director Cullen's (John M. Jackson) office, there are two baseballs enclosed in resin cases in the foreground. These baseballs can also be seen in the office of Admiral Chedwidden (also Jackson) in the series JAG. John M. Jackson is the father of Conor Jackson who plays MLB for the Oakland Athletics and previously for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

    • In this episode Booth is reporting to his dispatch as Bucar - 4. Later into the series this changes as he starts referring to his unit (himself and usually Bones) as 22705.

    • Booth says that SWAT will meet them at the scene. However, when they arrive at the abandoned gas station all the people have "HRT" emblazoned on the back of their flak jackets. "HRT" Stands for "Hostage Rescue Team". The HRT is a branch of the FBI.

    • Goof: At 33:57, as Booth stands upright, there is the reflection of a boom-mic in the upper-right corner in the glass.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Hodgins: I got the results on the ear wax. I ran the particulates through the gas chromatograph and found the pollen of eragrostis curvula, more commonly known as weeping love grass.

      Bones: And where does one find weeping love?

      Hodgins: Weeping love is found worldwide, but weeping love grass – that's in South Africa.

    • Hodgins: (to the agent who called him a non-security risk) I know things that would curdle your blood, including a formula that literally curdles blood.

    • Pickering: Can you tell me what you were doing in Cuba?
      Brennan: Only if you told me first.
      Pickering: I beg your pardon?
      Brennan: I don't know your security clearance.
      Pickering: Well, what is your security clearance?
      Brennan: You should check with the State Department.
      Pickering: I'm from the State Department.
      Brennan: Then that should make it easy for you.
      Pickering: (stares incredulously) When you were in Cuba, did you meet with a man named Juan Guzman?
      (Brennan stares in shock. She holds a finger up, picks up the phone, and dials while Pickering looks on in confusion.)
      Brennan: Hello. It's Dr. Brennan from the Jeffersonian. You told me to call you if anyone asked know. Him. (pauses) Someone from the state department named Samantha Pickering. (gives phone to Pickering)
      Pickering: Pickering. (pauses) Yes, sir. Yes, I'll wait-I'll wait here. (gives phone back to Brennan, who hangs up)
      Brennan: Any more questions?
      Pickering: No. Uh, no, in fact, the entire review is suspended. I'm to wait here until someone comes to destroy my notes.

    • Pickering: Hypothetically, you have a piece of information.
      Zack: Secret and meaningful information?
      Pickering: Yes. And the security of the country at stake. Could I bribe you to give it to me?
      Zack: No.
      Pickering: Threaten you?
      Zack: No.
      Pickering: What if I made a reasonable, rational argument? Very persuasive.
      Zack: Merely persuasive?
      Pickering: Irrefutable. I make an irrefutable argument as to why you should give me this piece of information. Would you do so?
      Zack: Not without checking with Dr. Brennan or Angela first. See what they said. Maybe Agent Booth if he talked to me. He probably wouldn't. I'd check with Dr. Hodgins, but he'd say it was all part of some conspiracy so I mostly only take his advice on women.

    • Booth: We're looking for an abandoned gas station or a mechanic's shop off the grid. You know, you guys are geniuses.
      Zack: How do we find that?
      Booth: I work for the FBI, you idiot.
      Hodgins: Way to go, Zack. We went from geniuses to idiots in three seconds.

    • Hodgins: (to Pickering) Okay, okay. So you're telling me that my toe-chewing moron cousin, was appointed to a secret post in a secret part of the government, you can't tell me about, so you compiled a secret dossier on me, but I'm the one who's paranoid.

    • Zack: I'm getting a degree in Forensic Anthropology. I'm halfway through another in Engineering. What are you afraid I'll do? Build a race of criminal robots, who'll destroy the Earth?
      Pickering: Do you have that kind of fantasy often?
      Zack: Very often.
      Pickering: Does it concern you that such adolescent thoughts are a sign of emotional retardation?
      Zack: I have been told. I'm working on it.
      Pickering: And can you understand why that concerns us?
      Zack: Not really.

    • Brennan: (to Booth) You know what? You tough guys are all very sentimental.

    • Brennan: It's not often I get to help save someone before they die.
      Booth: Oh hell, Bones, every time you catch a murderer you save his next victim.
      Brennan: No, this is different.
      Booth: Yeah. Still glad you don't have any kids?
      Brennan: Yeah. Why?
      Booth: You looking at that boy and his dad, I just thought you changed your mind.
      Brennan: No. Still glad that you have a kid?
      Booth: Gladder today than yesterday.
      Brennan: That doesn't make any sense.
      Booth: Yeah, it's complicated.

    • Brennan: Who does this? Cuts the finger of an eight-year-old boy?
      Booth: Mercenaries, professionals. They don't feel a thing.
      Brennan: I feel things, Booth.
      Booth: I never said you didn't, Bones.
      Brennan: I'm a professional, too. I do better work if I only see the finger, not the child. That doesn't mean I'm like them.
      Booth: I know that Bones.

    • Booth: Mr. Decker, you and Donovan, do you have a codeword? Something to let him know that you sent me?
      Decker: Paladin. Tell Donovan paladin.
      Cullen: Paladin, defender of the faith, protector. Suits you Booth.

    • (Booth and Brennan entering the building Decker might be in)
      Booth: Usually I enjoy your company Bones, but you know, it's at times like this that you give me just a little something extra to worry about.
      Brennan: You enjoy my company?

    • Booth: Hey Zack, this guy Decker, he's like you. He's in the whole stratosphere IQ-wise.
      Zack: What's his IQ?
      Booth: It's 163.
      Brennan: Oh, he's not where Zack is.
      Zack: If he's in the stratosphere, I'm in the ionosphere.
      Booth: All right, look, the point is that Decker escapes the U.S. Marshals, tries to contact his wife and finds out that she's been killed. What does he do next?
      Zack: His IQ is not a variable.
      Brennan: Intelligence doesn't determine so much what you do as how effectively you do it.
      Zack: What he'll do depends on what kind of person he is.
      Booth: Well, you know, he's a loving father, estranged from the mother of his child.
      Zack: (takes a step towards Booth) Sound like anyone you know?
      Booth: Could you just back out of my personal space there, buddy?
      Brennan: Zack's right. If you were in Decker's position, what would you do?

    • Booth: Bones, we don't know who hired these guys, KBC, military, disgruntled shareholders or it could be someone we haven't even thought of yet.
      (Brennan looks at him with a big smile) What?
      Brennan: You just told me not to jump to a conclusion.
      Booth: No offense intended.
      Brennan: No, you're right. It's just I usually get to tell you.
      Booth: Well, our relationship has taken a whole new turn.

    • Booth: A material witness, for a specially convened Grand Jury, and you lost him?
      Attorney Weeks: The guy is pretty smart. Genius level. Do you have any idea what it's like to interact with those types of people?
      Booth: Yeah, a little.

    • Brennan: You believe the boy is already dead?
      Booth: I have to assume that he isn't.
      Brennan: Why make that assumption?
      Booth: Because it gives me something to look forward to instead of dread. Given the choice I avoid dread.
      Brennan: Ok, that's logical.
      Booth: Is it?
      Brennan: Why dread something that hasn't happened yet?
      Booth: Yeah.

    • Brennan: (Looking into Carl Decker's house through a window) It's tidy, Spartan even. Is that odd for a recently separated man?
      Booth: The guy is supposed to be some super-rational tight-ass geek. No offense.

    • (Booth and Brennan in his car. Brennan sees a child' safety seat on the backseat)
      Brennan: Arrest someone really small lately? Car seat in the back.
      Booth: Oh, I had Parker for the weekend.
      Brennan: I don't know how you do that.
      Booth: Install a car seat in an FBI vehicle?
      Brennan: Bring a kid into this world knowing what you know. Oh, but Parker was an accident, right? Because his mother wouldn't marry you?
      Booth: It never occurred to you that that might be a sensitive topic?
      Brennan: Well, you could have gone with the very small felon story.
      Booth: I'm better for Parker being in the world. Someday you will see that.
      Brennan: No, I won't.
      Booth: You'll change your mind.
      Brennan: I don't do that.
      Booth: You will.

    • Booth: You know, if this works, I'll buy you a puppy.
      Brennan: That would be inadvisable. You never told me how I was this morning. I asked you, how did I do, and you said we'll talk about it in the car but we didn't.
      Booth: (slightly hesitant) Was it your first TV interview?
      Brennan: Yes.
      Booth: It was fine, you know, for your first interview.
      Brennan: That was a qualified response.
      Booth: What? No, it was lively. (tries to leave)
      Brennan: Lively? What kind of word is that?
      Booth: (evasively) It's an adjective, though ironically most words that end in "-ly" are adverbs, like "ironically".
      Brennan: Ok, what did I do wrong?
      Booth: Maybe next time, tell a funny story. Oh, and never say you don't like children.
      Brennan: I didn't say I don't like children, I just said I didn't want any.
      Booth: On TV, it's the same thing.

    • Stacy Goodyear: Dr. Brennan. your book has sold over 300,000 copies. How do you juggle twin careers as a bestselling author and crime fighting scientist?
      Brennan: Why, I do one, then the other.

    • Pickering: Would this be a good time to speak with Mr. Addy?
      Brennan: Considering you had to interrupt him to ask, probably not. Take Hodgins.
      Hodgins: I demand a lawyer.
      Pickering: I don't need Dr. Hodgins, I need Mr. Addy.
      Zack: If I demand a lawyer will I get out of it too?
      Brennan: In that case we all demand lawyers.

    • Pickering: Twenty-five addresses in six countries in eight years.
      Angela: That's weird right?
      Pickering: What were you doing in all those places?
      Angela: Different things, mostly looking, I'm an artist.
      Pickering: When was the last time you saw your husband?
      Angela: My husband?
      Pickering: Yes?
      Angela: Oh. Oh. Wow. You mean that actually took? Really it didn't seem legal, we were in Fiji. You know there was a fire dance; you know how those things can be? Right?
      Pickering: I really don't, Ms. Montenegro.

    • Booth: (aiming gun at U.S. Marshal) FBI
      US Marshal: U.S. Marshals
      Booth: U.S. Marshals?
      Brennan: Forensic anthropologist. That's why no gun.

    • Booth: (to FBI officer) I go in first, straight for the kid. You guys do what you do.
      (FBI officer walks away as Bones runs up)
      Brennan: What about me?
      Booth: You wait outside.
      Brennan: I don't want to miss anything!
      Booth: Bones, these guys aren't like anyone else you've come up against. Please, just be someone you aren't for the next ten minutes and you hang back. Please. (Brennan nods her acceptance)

    • Dep. Director Cullen: (talking about Brennan) Well at least nobody got shot. Probably because she didn't have a gun.

    • Dr. Goodman: (about Lily Mesdin) She's a nut, but a smart nut.

    • Booth: What, you have something to hide?
      Angela: You better believe it, bucko.
      Booth: What kind of something?
      Angela: (smiles) Best kind...

    • Agent Pickering: Didn't I see you on television this morning Dr. Brennan?
      Brennan: How could I possibly know what you watched on television? Booth, (walking away) I have to talk to you.
      Agent Pickering: Yeah… it was definitely her.
      Goodman: Maybe work your way up to Dr. Brennan.

    • Brennan: Why don't we ever take my car?
      Booth: Do you have bulletproof vests in your trunk?
      Brennan: No.
      Booth: That's why.

  • NOTES (2)

    • According to Noah Hawley, the writer of the episode, the main idea of the episode was that the characters would get to save a person's life by using their skills, whereas in most of the series' episodes they find a dead body then investigate the death. Hawley also wanted to raise Booth's stakes in this case, then give him the chance to take some real action and save a boy's life not just based on his expertise as an investigator and a sniper, but also as a father. In addition, the security review conducted on the characters in the episode was used to explore each person's quirks and create possible scenarios that played against who the audience thinks they are.

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: April 18th, 2006 on TV3
      Norway: Thursday August 24th, 2006 on TV3
      Germany: December 14th, 2006 on RTL


    • Agent Booth: Is there a codeword I can tell Donovan so he will know that you sent me?
      Carl Decker: Tell Donovan, "Paladin."

      A Paladin is the prototypical "knight in shining armor," a hero of sterling character and courage, who rights wrongs and defends the weak and oppressed. The word comes from the Latin word palatinus ("attached to the palace").