Season 1 Episode 11

The Woman in the Car

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2006 on FOX

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  • Another good one

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We see Bones as she does a TV interview, during which she says that she is not planning on having children. Then Booth takes Bones to a crime scene, where a car burnt out is found. They believe that a child was inside of the car and since the child is now missing, they believe he or she has been kidnapped. They have called Bones in to help identify the victim, in order to try to learn who the child is.
    When they check the bones they learn that the victim gave birth 5 – 8 years ago. They soon believe that they have IDed the victim and that she has an 8 year old son. She and her husband Carl have recently separated. They go to Carl's house, but he isn't there. We then see that US Marshalls are there and that Carl is actually in the Witness Protection Programme.
    We learn from her sister, that the victim left her husband; because she found out that he was having an affair. Everyone who works in the lab, have to have a security meeting, to make sure that they can work on certain cases. When they examine the victim's body, they find part of an ear inside of her mouth. Soon they believe that she was tortured, in order to find out where he husband was hiding. They soon find Carl holding the people he is suppose to testify against hostage in order to get his son back. They claim that they don't have his son and also don't know where his son is nor do they know who took him. He is taken back into Witness Protection and tells Booth he will only testify if he sees Booth with his son, before he goes into court.
    Booth gets a box sent to him, and inside in the finger of the missing boy. When Bones looks at it we learn that he was still alive when his finger was cut off. Off of the finger, they learn where they think the boy is being held and so Booth, Bones and SWAT all head there. Once inside a gun fight breaks out and soon they find the little boy in there with his hand wrapped in a bloody towel, since he is now missing one finger. As he is being placed into an ambulance, his father arrives, and he is reunited with his son.
  • Love this episode

    I thought that this episode was very revealing especially of the character of Booth. It rounded his character more and gave him some serious action.
    Loved the remark by his boss (the excellent Jackson)
    'Paladin, defender of faith , protector. Suits you Booth' Who can't love Booth as a character and now we see his tender side in his reacting to his son and to the kidnapped child,his understanding of the father's anguish.
    The episode also reveals yet a little more about his past when he explains his reasons to Brennan for choosing the rural garage, as he would always choose a rural location. When she assumes that it was because he was rescuing a kidnap victim he replies that it was him from whom the victim was being rescued!!
    Angela is right. Booth is h*t.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones . bones is called to the scene were a women is found burned to a crip but they think she was burned alive . and her kid was taken from her . bones and the team must figure out what really happend when they do some digging they learn that the husband was going to go to the court to be a whitness to tesify that the company sold the miltery bad armor and that they cause lots of deaths and injuries . and so they think that the company had something to do with the wifes death and the kindapping of the boy. they later learn that the mother was excully torched by electric and that is how she died. and they figure out from the things they found on the body that its in a place that has use of electric and a cutting area were they chopped his figure off that booth got in the mail . this wasa great ep i thought
  • A pretty emotional episode.

    The beginning was funny, we get to see Brennan giving a interview, and saying that she doesn't want kids. So Booth and Brennan discuss the issue of having kids in this episode, that was a lot of fun to look at. The sad part is that a young boy has been kidnapped, and Booth and Brennan have to go find him, which is by the was the first time we see them searching for someone who is still alive ( hopefully). At one point during this episode, the sent one of the boys fingers to Brennan and Booth. And that is just awful, I mean who cuts a finger of who young boy, that's just sick.

    Luckily they find the boy in time, and beside that he lost one finger, he is fine.
  • It gets better...

    What a terrible situation for the little kid. The bad thing about it is that is true. Poor father, losing his wife and then the son. Happy ending after all.
    So this is one of those episodes when Booth and Brennan strongly disagree in a topic, this time, was having children, the first of many. It was very uncomfortable for Booth to hear Brennan say all those things about his situation with Parker, she was very rude. But well, they were just getting to know each other and things have changed a lot since this episode.
    It was weird to find out Angela was married.
    What was the deal with the phone call made by Brennan when Pickering mentioned that name? I´m still wondering...
  • Review

    The case in this episode was okay, but nothing amazing that I would want to go back and watch again anytime soon. Because of the Christmas episode, the case fit right with Booth and his personal involvement in the case. Since we know he has a little boy, there is an extra sense of need to get the kid back for him. In the end though, the case wasnt all that good. The sidestory of the woman interviewing everyone from the State Department led to much of the comedy in this episode, something I enjoyed watching. Her interview with Bones was great. Overall, I thought the episode was solid, but not one of my favorite episodes of the season so far.
  • Well we learned some more about our characters

    Okay I really liked this one. Agent Pickering made the episode very interesting. Hodgins was priceless when she called him harmless. I loved when they all demanded lawyers too.

    Angela was married now that was a shocker. I loved Pickering when she was interviewing Angela because Angela was afraid of saying the wrong thing.

    Zack was just Zack when Pickering was interviewing him. And Brennan just made a phone call and the review was done. Goodman's interview with Pickering was quite amusing and interesting though.

    I was freaked out when Booth was sent the finger and having Brennan check it out.

    Carl Decker was an interesting character himself I loved when he questioned how Brennan had found herself to be with the irrational FBI.

    Booth and his fatherly instincts also made the episode more enjoyable.

    Pretty good episode.
  • eppie number11!

    haha that interview was so funny. brennan is so bad at it, the poor talk show host was like oh my god im gonna kill you. death glare like whoa.

    booth has on that sexy trench coat again. yummy. damn he even runs sexy. and beats people up sexy. my god.

    i hate booth's boss so much. grrrr. in the words of hodgins, but much later in the series, he's such a wank tard. actually i dont even know if that applies here, but you get the idea.

    angela was so bad at that interview. the lady was like uhh, i hate you. poor angela. hodgins wanted so bad to be interviewed. dont worry, baby, we know you're dangerous. then zach like went crazy and yelled amps and volts at her, then ran away. this is going well, no? oh yea and doctor goodman was just laughing at her. heh heh

    its so cool when booth talks police speak into his walkie talkie thingy. its like all code and nimber and he talks so fast. just thought i would point that out haha.

    paladin. it does suit booth. thats cool how they have a code word.

    what the f*ck. somemone sends booth a fricken finnger, with a note that says "back off" a fricken finger, man. booth was so rattled. i think thats the only time i have seen him freak out like that. well not really freak out, but he certainly wasnt calm.

    and in the middle of her interrogation, brennan makes a phone call, and gets the review suspended. niice.

  • An interesting plot, a different one.

    A different episode, they are looking for a live person this time, off course theres a skeleton in the way to that.

    We saw character development in the person of Booth and Bones.

    Actually I tend to see this episode as a little Booth centric: he is a father himself and the tought that something like is happening to that other little boy could happen to his son make him ill, crazy and furious. He knows how the father is feeling and he has a pretty good idea of how scared the kid most be and he cant live with that.

    It was hilarius to see the way Bones interacts with other people, this time in the form of a journalist that is interviewing her.

    When we heard her say that she doesnt wanna have children its another piece in Bones´puzzle. She had suffered trought her life, for an orphan the most naturally thing that can happen is for them to shout out the other people out their lives. With the forward episodes we get to almost completely understand her.

    Finally I´ll say that I loved see Tempe going for help to Booth, she´s really starting to open to him and she trust him above all, it was nice to see that.

  • Shows that the series has potential

    The purpose of Bones has been to show the regular documentary drama while putting a slight twist on the characters. The struggle the show has had is the quick and multiple plot changes that are hard to follow and most of the time the secondary character stories are rather pathetic.

    This episode succeeds because the forensics are kept to a minimum, (though still there are some question as to conclusions they come to) the plot changes are more linear and based more on intuition instead of two paragraphs of facts to move the plot direction.

    David Boreanaz's Booth has been holding the show up by maintaining a strong singular character while everyone else flounders. He is a valuable resource because is the only one of the group who has a child and the case becomes more personal because of the kidnapped child. This episode shows him making a lot of the analysis and that made for interesting entertainment. It is most prevailant as Brennan and Zach teach the difference between intellect and decisions, where his role as a father proves useful.

    This time the second story is more watchable then previous ones. The security inspector is going through the staff and annoying just about everyone by researching aspects about their life that even they forgot, or wish to forget. The office scene between the inspector and Brennan made perfect use of Brennan's deadpan personality. If she was used like that more often she would be a much more likeable character.

    Overall, the drama hit some real notes, the characters reacted in real ways, and the dialogue was crisp with a few good lines. This type of pattern can give the show a longer life.
  • Another Great Episode

    While the main storyline and characters are interesting, I am finding myself preferring the others. I found this episode to be hilarious actually. The team are being interviewed by Miss Pickering from the state department to assess if they are a security threat. Probably not a good thing that I found it more entertaining than the rest of the episode. Angela treating Miss Pickering like a therapist, Zack's unwillingness to give away secrets without checking with Brennan first, Dr Goodman laughing at her, Hodgins taking offence at not being considered a threat and finally Brennan... well I won't spoil that one, but I found it incredibly amusing.

    It's so refreshing to have a show like this on the air.
  • Good episode.

    You got to see how uncomfortable Bones is in front of cameras and everyday conversations. Booth showed his softer side with the kidnapped child and the codeword. I didn't like that the episode never told you who was behind the kidnapping and murder. I loved how they said Zach was smarter than the computer guy.
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