Season 1 Episode 13

The Woman in the Garden

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2006 on FOX

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  • There´s a change in Brennan and Booth

    I´m glad to have watched an episode about inmigrants without having them look like bad people. All the things the poor man had to do to avoid being deported and leaving his family behind.
    There´s a change in the Booth & Brennan partnership. It´s taken a different path at least on Booth´s side. He was terribly worried when he was told Brennan was in danger that he risked his own life by threatening that gang leader. But he know what was at stake, that scene gave me the chills. The look on Booth´s eyes when Brennan asks him where he was is priceless... of course he wasn´t going to tell her. I think it was important that Brennan almost begged Booth to stop scaring and pushing that poor woman into talk. She was beginning to change that cold attitude towards the others. LG
  • A hit is put out on Bones's life

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. Bones and Booth are called in, when a dead body, which has been dug up, is found in the boot of a car. They then get shot at and as Booth protects Bones with his life, the suspect makes a run for it. Booth chases after the suspect and manages to catch up to him, but the suspect manages to slip away.
    They soon find out where the body was dug up from and we learn that another victim was also there, but that body is now also missing. We learn that the garden they were buried in is due to be excavated next week and that must be why the bodies have been moved. We soon learn that the female victim and the male victim were father and daughter. We learn that the female victim was called Maria and that she worked for a senator. She was also pregnant by the senator's son at the time of her death. When she was pulled off of a ladder and hit her head, thus causing her death. As the episode ends, Booth learns that a hit has been put out on Bones's life. He finds out what put the hit out and goes and threatens him. He tells him to call it off, or else Booth will kill him. Thus proving that he thinks of her more than a partner, more like a woman he has fallen in love with. We also learn that Bones has paid for the funeral of Maria and her father, and is upset with Booth when he arrives late. If only she knew that the reason he was late, was in order to protect her life.
  • Good episode, but not the best. (spoilers)

    After last week this is disapointing. Are we supposed to believe that a geek like bones is gonig to beat up a gang leader? For real? maybe once and awhile they may get a lucky or even good shot in, but this type of action is REALLY getting old, or... are we supposed to believe, as Hollywood LOVES to do this, make all the 'gang leaders' and such so weak they can't defend themselves except against eachh other. They are in constant war, and we're supposed to believe their going to get their a**'s handed to them by any geek with a TV show? Ya! Rah! Cheer! Cheer! please... Constantly being bombarded by these unrealistic actions really adds up after awhile. The rest of the show was good and well written, for this series anyway.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show bones . bones and booth are at a scene were someone is arested and they finda body in the trunck. and then the person there question excapes due to a drive by. this causes them to invesgate and learn that he was just trying to bury his father and try to bury his sister . they learn his sister worked at senters house and did yard work and some house work and the guy that ran the program for the sentor found out that she was sleeping with the son of the senter and that the guy thought it was bad news when she was pregnat thing was he pulled her off the ladder and she was dead .this was a good ep
  • A great episode!

    This episode was gang member related, and that's always exciting to watch. We get to see Brennan kick some ass, which wasn't really the smartest thing to do, but it was fun to watch. People just have got to know that you can't mess with Bones.

    But like I said it was a bad idea, cause the gangster, the leader of one of the gangs, was not happy with getting his ass kicked so he wants revenge and well kill her. Luckily Booth hears this, and he kind of 'promised' the leader that if anything happens to Bones, that he will shoot him. That really show how much he cares about her.
  • Fantastic

    This is honestly one of the best episdoes this season. I think that the way they were able to educate peple on the very delicate situation of illeagal immigration while still being exciting, entertaining and funny. We also learn something baout Bones, why she is so tough, and why she is the way she is. David Boreanez does some amazing acting in the final scene. On a lighter note, I think Hodgins did a FANTASTIC Booth! HE got all of the little mannerisms. I wonder how DB reacted to that scene whenever he was watching it. OVer all this was a really special episode.
  • Review

    One of the better episodes of the season I thought, with the writing being top notch throughout the entire episode. I like how in the long run, the man that was in custody at the beginning of the episode wond up being an innocent man. I enjoyed the storyline with the gang leaders and the Senator, I thought it led so some interesting degrees of seperation situations. The case in this episode was very well done - with a lot of the "Bones" talk being very easy to understand. The connection with the wood was a little bit of a reach for me, but at least they tied it all up well with it once again being someone that we never would have expected. The intensity that I said was lost between Booth and Bones in the last episode came right back and delivered big time in this one. All of there scenes together were very well done and Booth approaching the gang leader at the end to make sure that Bones was protected was great. At the beginning of the season I said keeping Bones and Booth out of a relationship would led to intense and great scenes, and so far the writers are taking that advice and its really paying off.
  • Relevant and revealing

    This episode did a great job of using one storyline to both share new insight into Brennan and show a side of the immigration debate that is too often silenced. The irony of Hodgkins complaining about tax benefits for the rich and decreased assistance to the poor was ironic, but perfectly in tune with his character. The fact that television can be entertaining, but still educate and provoke serious thought is one too many in the industry forget, but this show remembers. Between the story of a family struggling for a new life and Brennan's story which shows the kind of thing they're trying to escape, this episode was smart and touching, without straying into sentimentality. Brennan's takedown of a gang leader ensured that. ****
    One quibble with something in the trivia section- the intro says Columbia Heights, not Capitol, and that is within DC. Technically the El Salvadorian community is one or two neighborhoods over (Mt. Pleasant, parts of Adams-Morgan), but at least they got it within a dozen blocks.
  • This episode of Bones deals with a very sad and sensitive subject. As immigrants from Latin America struggle to stay in this country, they do right by their family and get deported. Still they hold on to their dreams of returning with their American baby.

    This episode of Bones deals with a very special and sad subject. America is an amazing place and for those of us who were lucky to be born and raised in the USA, we sometimes neglect to see how blessed we really are. The struggle of an immigrant is full of heartache, pain, poverty and lack of medical care, hence the episode dealing with cancer and not being able to afford to bury a loved one. Can you imagine? Throwing a loved one's body in an unmarked you that you yourself dug, for lack of money? Although we are faced with many pros and cons regarding people migrating to our country, let's not forget that UNLESS you are Native American, NONE of us are from here.
  • yay lucky number thirteen! and yes, 13 is my lucky number heh heh.

    oooh gangs. thats all i have to say. oh wait and yummy dirt for hodgins to analyze.

    dayummm. bones and booth got shot at. not the first time they will be... say... two eppies from now> hint hint.

    ooh booth had a little hissy fit there... i dont blame him. i would be pissed if that guy got away, too.

    yay hodgins gets to do field work. heh heh he wanted a gun too.

    haha and then he called shotgun, but didnt get it. ladies first, hodgins. ladies first.

    ooh a dead ody in the senator's yard. this one isnt gonna be good for the press, or the campaign, buddy. sorry :P

    hahahahahahahahahha lmfao. hodgins was an incredible booth. hilarious.he does all the hand gestures and mannersisms that booth does. priceless. my friends.

    crap. special delivery for special agent seeley booth. crap. that was intense. its almost like the finger situation last episode.

    brennan kicks some serious butt. only problem is, she just attacked a gang leader. not so good.

    i really hope brennan keeps that peomise she made to herself the last time she went to el salvador. jesus. f*ck. and he put a hit out on her too.

  • A good episode, well plotted and with good character development

    This episode managed to make social commentary without sounding like preaching. It made clear the plight of these people, and the pressures put on them.

    It contrasted Bones, who was kind and reassuring to Jose's wife, with Booth, who was willing to shout and threaten her to get at the truth.

    Bones is once again shown as a person capable of standing up for herself, while Booth is shown as someone who's willing to do anything to protect the people he cares about, and doesn't need to boast about what he's done for them.

    It was nice to see Hodgins getting out of the lab and into the field as well. The team is gradually developing and individual members are becoming more important and developed.
  • Well written episode that happens just at the right time

    With all this talking about change in immigration laws in later times and the protests that crossed the country as a consequence of the new proposed laws, an episode of Bones abour illegal immigration could not have been more timely. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode for its details and touching one of society's current problems in a very delicate and meaningful way. This show seems to be able to hit all the right spots.
  • Booth and Brennan work on a case involving a family from El Salvador.

    The Woman in the Garden was an amazing episode which leads us to believe that something could start between the two main character Dr. Brennan and Seeley Booth.

    This episode leaves anyone who watched it wanting more. It leaves you on the edge of your seat. Brennan beating up Ortez was great and added excitement and Angela fearing for her friend after words lead us to learn more about our main character.

    This show keeps getting better and better with each new episode. The Woman in the Garden takes us deeper into our characters and is most likely the best episode yet. It is a must see.
  • Fantastic. Well written.

    This is a fabulous series with something new, and not just the same old boring stuff.
    Lot of character development seen in this episode. We learn a lot about bones, how horrible her last trip to Salvador was. She was kidnapped and locked up in prison cell with no windows. Bones has a very nice way of anger management- beat up a gangbanger...
    David Borenaz has acted very well in this episode. He seems to be a very protective guy.
    What the hell is wrong with the FBI, I think they should give a gun to bones and a shotgun to hodgins, this way it will be so much more fun.
    I love the chemistry between Bones and agent Booth in this series. I can’t wait for the next episode.
  • Great piece of acting from David Boreanaz at the conclusion as well as a complex mystery.

    One of my favorite episodes so far just because of the ending. Don't get me wrong, the rest of episode was good with a nicely twisted mystery and a good insight into the gang world. But the real riviting part of the episode comes from David Boreanaz finally getting out his angry acting skills that I loved from his work on Angel. We've already seen his sarcasm and good humor which are great, but he can play in-your-face anger like nobody's business and finally gets to do it and really sells the scene. This is why he needs to be given more leading roles. I don't want to give too much away but do not miss this one.
  • A overall good story with subtle implications for the future

    The woman in the garden was a fairly well written story with interesting insites to her past and insight to her work with "death Squads" in the south americas.
    Her ability to provoke the gang leader was priceless although a little predictable, it was enjoyable though, it touched everybodys wish to sometime beat the hell out of a bully.
    Booths affection can be seen we he confronts the gangleader after learning of the hit he has placed on bones.
    Could make an interesting episode or two down the track.
  • Bones life

    I liked this episode because we found out a part of Bones life that we never knew before and it explains why she does what she does sometimes. I loved the part where bones beat up the gang leader. She showed she was not afraid. The plot was a good plot. Holding out to the end to discover the who, what, when, where, How, and why. That keep me guessing the whole show.
  • Bones beats up a gang leader

    The best part of the entire episode had to be when Bones beat up the gang leader. Booth going nuts on the guy in the alley was priceless. The reason behind digging up the bodies was nice but creepy. The dead father with the bullet in his pelvis was crazy.
  • Booth and Brennan investigate a gang member that is found with a dug up corpse in the trunk of his car. We find out that the corpse was being moved to another grave and has connections to a senator and his son.

    It was refreshing to finally see different sides of our main characters. Seeing Dr. Brennan go after that gang leader was impressive and listening to her tell that story of when she was held captive in a foreign country was helpful insight into her character. Also Booth\'s performance when confronting that gang leader after he put a hit out on Dr. Brennan was excellent. Finaly we see his \"softer\" side so to speak and that maybe he really does care for her more than just as a partner, especially by his comment there at the funeral. I think this show gets more exciting, although I would like to see greater interaction with the squints. There commentary when immitating Booth was PRICELESS!! Overall a pretty good episode, better than the previous weeks.