Season 1 Episode 16

The Woman in the Tunnel

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 22, 2006 on FOX

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  • We go into the world of people who live in tunnels

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. In an underground tunnel, the remains of a woman are found and so Bones and Booth are called in to investigate. Soon Bones sees someone in the tunnel, and runs after him, but loses him after Booth chases after her. Soon learn that the victim, Marni was a documentary film maker, and we learn that she was dead before she fell. Before too long, Booth and Bones think that they have found the killers, but now cant track them down. They head off into the tunnels in search of the treasure and the killers. They son track down the killers, and find them trying to remove the treasure. As they are being handcuffed one of them attacks the other one, knowing that his so called friend, killed his ex, all over money and gold.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones. bones and booth and zack go down to a shaft below the city to find this women that was killed. and they see a man. they go back up to investagate and they contact the mans wife. to tell him the information. and they learn at first he was going to get married. then they go down to investgate were she was doing the documentry which they learned from the future husband. and they come across all these homeless people and bones sees the man that she saw running from the body. and they question him and find her vidoe camra and other stuff. and they take him in.for question and learn that he was soldiger that went down there due to the fact he could not handle killing people . and they learn that he told her to stay away after he gave hersomething. they go and question the hikers that gave her lessions and find out she was sleeping with one of them and they said that they had never been down there at all. and they get the man to bring them were the boarder is. and they find a coin shape thing. they bring it back and they find otu its apart of treasuer and the they find out that the hikers lied after being down there due to a new video was found by the future husaband. and they decide to go under the city find the treasuer and the hikers trying to steel it and they arest him and this was a good ep i thought.
  • Amazing episode.

    Wow, I honestly didn't know that those mole people actually exist. I like the fact that Brennan sort of stood up for them, when Booth thought that they were all crazy.
    When they arrest the leader of those people because they think he knows more than he is telling him, which is correct but he did not kill her, and he explains why he chooses to live that way, it actually makes sense to me. I don't think those people are crazy, just because they chose to live different then us. I mean I would never want to live that way, but if it makes those peoples happier, then why not.

    I liked the ending, where Booth also learns that those people are not crazy.
  • Focus of the story: the forgotten people in the tunnel.

    When all's lost and heart's filled with grief, where do you go? Apparently there's a lot of people living beneath the city, in the tunnels. Here, they take repreive of whatever's haunting them in reality. This i find a particularly informative episode for me. These people made these choices to live in the dark but they still have respect for life despite the greivances they did or faced in their past. We meet one of the leader of the tunnel who knew about the lost treasure (pieces of USA civil history) that caused the death of the girl who did a documentary on it.

    Thou it's easy to guess the culprit, i like following the storyline and obvious from this review, i like the insight to the tunnel people that Bones taught Booth to respect.
  • Review

    I thought that the beginning of the episode stared off very slow for what I expect out of the series. Usually the middle part of the episode drags and the beginning and the end are the most interesting parts. This episode just seemed to get more interesting as it went on. Booth and Bones didnt really have a lot of good on screen connection that they are used to getting, but the entire show cant always be based around them. How they found the killers was a little weak, with them watching the documentary and finding the two guys, I just would have liked it had the team made the connection between the dead woman and having her get killed with a climbing tool, and having them founjd out that way. Overall though, I though the episode was pretty good, one of the average episodes of the season - kept me entertained though most of it.
  • very reveling episode on how forensic works

    i got a late start on this series but i am strating to lioked very much. In this episode they find a body in the a tunnel that leads to a sub terrenean city of the homless. We see great forensic tecnichs that they apply to solve the crime. Is a very deep episode that you need to follow from strat to end like all the other episdoes of this series.
  • I enjoy the mutual respect Bones, Booth and the leader of the society have for each other at the end

    This is a defining episode of the series not because it reveals so much about the characters and their environment, but because anyone who sees it will have a perfect idea of how the show works. Booth and Brennan find a body (as described in all episode titles), they find a unique story/situation to accompany it, and they wrap it up with maximum use of skeletal evidence and minimal risk to their lives. And as always the Smithsonian employees do something “nerdy” in front of Booth (inductive vs. deductive reasoning) and Brennan tosses out one of her classic lines of confusion (“Who’s that?” or “I don’t know what that means”) when others make pop culture references. Two episodes later you may not remember this one, but without a doubt it defines the series.
  • TaaDaaa we are almost done with this season!

    I would be so scarred to be that far underground. forget heights. I would be afraid the entire fricken thing was gonna collapse on me.

    if that guy says he's innocent, then why would he have the dead girl's camera, shoes, and jacket huh? what you say, buddy? haha just kidding thats booths job.

    so angela doesnt like it when brennan runs after bad guys. i dont blame her. she was unarmed. and if she absolutley has to, then i would reccomend she go after booth haha.

    why does nobody want to do the paperwork on that medallion thingy (or whatever it was)? how much can there be? just a little paragraoh telling about it and its significanse or something? haha wow brenna knows a movie. i bet thats like, the only one. jeez, now i have to see it haha.

    I wonder what ooth has done thats so darn bad. actually i dont wonder, i know. but at this point in the series, bones doesnt.

  • Killed over greed...

    A woman gets killed over greed. Hodgins tries to get rid of a really old artefact to avoid the mountains of paper work. In the end, Goodman takes it of his hands. Booth and Bones travel underground. It still gets me how graphic they can be, but hey. They end up finding a vault full of treasure. Angela is proud of her work, which compares greatly to an ancient portrait of a woman, someone Harold calls 'the Blonde.' I'm just amazed at how he wouldn't go down in that area for the money. Just goes to show that not everyone is greedy. As for Booth and Bones, we learn a little about Booth's past and how painful it was and why (it seems) he is now doing 'penance' for what he has done, hence, working for the FBI. I dont mind though, he looks totally hot decked out in his suit! =)
  • Where did the Booth Bones tension go?

    Okay I've gotta say this, they really need to show the episodes in the order they were meant for. This one did NOT belong after Two Bodies in the Lab it actually belongs after the Woman at the Airport. After last weeks episode this seemed a little empty.

    You're left wondering about David and Booth and what happened? Is Brennan gonna go out with her online date? Did she ever go out with him? What about Booth? I really don't think that all of his injuries would have healed so quickly I mean he WAS Blown up.

    I completely missed the sexual tension between Booth and Brennan they were like completely lost in their job and all their little quips were gone. I LOVED when Booth was all "That's not cocked is it, because where that's pointed..." after Brennan put the gun in his pocket. That was hilarious, but that was the only funny part.

    What the hell happened? I hope next weeks episode is a little better.
  • Definitely a good episode if you're looking for more than just a plot between Brennan and Booth...

    The storylines in this episode, while they do remind me of National Treasure on a smaller scale, are quite good. I like the way the characters of Brennan and Booth were still there, still working with each other without having their 'budding feelings' for each other shoved down the viewer's throat. I love the idea of the pairing, but I want it to happen slowly, naturally. Remember, folks, when a couple gets together that usually signals the end of a series.

    This episode showed a lot of promise for the relationships with Booth and other characters as well as the character developement itself. Zack and Hodgkins are excellent characters as is Angela. I love seeing more from them.
  • Bones and Booth must find who killed a documentary maker, and they stumble on some treasure along the way.

    I was kinda bored with this episode. It paled in comparison to last week's episode. I was really expecting much better. With last week being such a good episode, they needed to have this one be even better. They were missing the humor and drama that has made this show such a success. maybe they should have revealed more about the other main characters in the series. I'm starting to forget that they're there. However I still love this show! They just need to get back to the Bones-Booth sex-tension. Better luck next time and I'll still be watching next week.
  • FOX definately messed up the episode order with this one...

    This was an okay episode, compared to the last few episodes which were absolutely amazing. But, if you look at the episode order, this episode was suppose to be aired before all those absolutely amazing episodes. So, when put into the context of the episodes it was suppose to be aired around, it was pretty good. But really FOX, after the amazing Booth/ Brennan moments in "Two Bodies in the Lab", this was highly dissapointing.
  • Not awful, but not all that great either.

    "The Woman in the Tunnel" wasn't really all that great. The idea of an underground community of "Mole people" living near a vault of hidden treasure is just a little more out-there than I'm willing to go.

    The episode really seemed to be more of a social statement than a crime, with most of the episode centering around the people who lived underground rather than the (quite vapid) documentary maker. The investigation was going in every direction and then all of a sudden... raw footage showing the suspects underground with the journalist just appears.

    The best part of this episode? Seeley lets Bones use one of his guns!
  • Booth and Bones investigate a body found in the tunnels beneath D.C. and try getting the answers from the "Mole men", a subterranian population of people with set rules and boundaries for life. They eventually get the information from one of them and cat

    This kind of broke my heart to watch. After last week's fantastic episode, this seemed so trite and un-imaginative. The chemistry between Booth and Bones seemed almost entirely absent...understandable since this was filmed before "Two Bodies in the Lab". There were really good moments for the squints--Angela, Zack, and Jack--focusing on how they view the changing nature of their headstrong boss's relationship with Booth. Funny that Bones knew about The Treasure of Sierra Madre and Booth teased her about not knowing who Charlize Theron was. That line about Bones being like his Grandma was kind of hilarious...yet mean at the same time. The plot was limp and less than interesting, and lacked any real humor. Made me very sad, since I nearly died waiting to see this, (still thinking about how B&B's ship would progress...)
  • Treasure hunting in DC.

    Bones and Booth investigate the murder of a documentary film maker. They suspect a homeless man who lives in the tunnels under Washington DC. He is a veteran who is hiding from his demons. Booth can understand. They find out that the documentary film maker was killed over a treasure of American history in the tunnels.

    Good episode, but I had some trouble with the homeless guy. How many times have we seen the troubled veteran on shows like these? When I was a kid it was Vietnam veterans, now its veterans from Iraq. Sometimes it looks like we get in wars to give TV writers some new tortured group to write about. Aside from that, everything you like about this show they had. Nice group interaction, nice interactions between Bones and Booth, and the usual forensic work we expect.

    One thing I kept thinking was David must have felt like he was back on Buffy or his show being back in the sewers again.
  • Great show as usual and always

    It was again another great show
    Bones & Booth get better each and every second
    Despite their differences and different likes
    She is like the straight man or "woman, excuse me! LOL"
    He is like the comic relief if you know what I mean
    The social worker as one of the reviewers put it wasn't nice at all
    And at times I felt like giving her a piece of my mind
    But then again, you have to have like a "bad guy" in the show!
  • Another strong episode of character development that has an interesting story, but one that almost proves as a distraction for what's going on between the main and supporting characters.

    As always, this show reminds me exactly why I watch Bones; not for the crime stories or the imaginary forensic technology, but for the amazing characters and subplots. Bones and Booth continue to expand and become more like each other than they probably realize. The other characters are drawn more and more out of their "shells" as they start to look past the hard science that defined them before they started working with the FBI.

    The story itself wasn't especially strong, but not especially bad either. Treasure, cultures, and crime... but all of the interesting elements happened outside of the main story. Bones and Booth talking about movies, the lab staff and the admin talking about the implications of treasure and discussing motive.

    I love this show because of these elements, and because its taking time to expand characters past the 2d cutouts most crime shows have offered us. Hopefully it continues, and doesn't become all about the subplot.
  • A rip off of National Treasure but ok

    Not a bad episode but there was no need to rip off the movie National Treasure. I liked how they treated the homeless man. The social worker was not nice and I first thought she was the killer. The tunnel system was a good idea for why they couldn't immediately find the treasure.
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