Season 9 Episode 6

The Woman in White

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2013 on FOX

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  • The Big Wedding episode was very deflated

    This should have been a major milestone episode, but seemed like just a filler.
  • Perfectly Bones

    I thought this wedding episode was perfectly BONES. The awkward, funny wedding rehearsal with Emily's real life husband as the priest. The church burning down and Angela coming through with an emergency wedding. Cyndi Lauper as Harmonia singing the perfect song for these two - At Last. The vows were totally BONES. In fact, when ED and DB saw the script and where the wedding was going to be they went to the other producers and the writers and had them change them to what we saw. It was a way of tying all the years together and a nod to the fans for sticking with the for so long.
  • Few problems, but liked many other things

    Someone needs to tell the writers that Brennan is SMART, not stupid, not an idiot savant and certainly not incapable of learning from others.

    Her character is different and very socially awkward, (which is why I started watching the show) but she's not totally stupid. Brennan would not have bothered to correct the priest to say she was speaking the vows from her mouth and not her heart because she would know what the priest meant and would know better than to needlessly correct a statement that no one at the wedding could possibly have taken literally. Having her point it out made her character look, at best, stupid and incapable of learning from anyone, or at worst, a petty witch nitpicking at nothing.

    She would not have decided to exclude the interns from her wedding because all of them were single and not in serious relationships out of concern that it'd be wrong to ask them to come celebrate her finding her mate. She wouldn't care about any of that because, if anyone's noticed, she doesn't care if she hurts her interns' feelings. Why would she suddenly care now? She just wouldn't. It'd been more realistic to have her not originally invite them because she felt it was improper to mix the people who work under her into her personal life.

    Brennan is very, very smart and you can't tell me that as a woman in her 40s she hasn't learned at least some of the broad strokes of social interactions by now, . inviting to your wedding co-workers that you work with on a regular basis is one of them. I felt the whole last-minute invite of the interns was done just to have an excuse to dress the actors up in silly costumes, and that strikes me as a visual image the writer came up with first then shoe-horned into the show by making Brennan doing something against her character.

    I did like the vows, especially Brennan's note that she wrote way back when she was buried alive in the car with Hodgins. Having Cyndi Lauper sing was nice, too. It wasn't a horrible episode at all, but I face-palmed at both the incidents I have issue with.
  • Sooo Beautiful!!

    Now before bones and booth got together I thought booth was one of the hottest things in the world but afterwards, meh hehe

    But oh my gosh that wedding ceremony with the squints dressing awesome old victorian style and the little mix of twilight with that AMAZING psychic singer, she blew me away, it was a spectacular wedding scene ^_^.
  • No Caroline-lines! They BLEW It!

    I've almost dreaded this episode, because I've seen this before in another similar show in the 70's I loved: "Quincy". Once they married him off to Anita Gillette, the episodes got soapy, sappy, and "domesticated", and then the show was done (while I acknowledge Jack Klugman's throat cancer was the deciding factor, the show had lost its interest for me already). "Bones" has been slipping down that soapy slope for awhile now, but the strong supporting cast has kept it afloat.

    But what really burned me up was the fact that my favorite character in the show, Caroline Julian (played by Patricia Belcher) had NO spoken lines! Just some boohoos in a Kleenex sitting in the audience? No freakin' way! After the perfunctory way they dispatched Pilant, this show won't be the same for me unless they do some major bouncing-back going forward.
  • Awesomeness

    We have waited far enough fellow Bones fans. I just hope that this awesome show does not end.
  • It's all downhill from here

    The most awaited event finally happened. Bones and Booth finally got married and with this the series is about to end. But please don't make a spin-off to this show just don't
  • Nine Years In The Making *Beware of Spoilers*

    I loved this episode, it was worth every moment to get to this point. The wedding was beautiful and Emily looked amazing in that white dress. The vows were well written, using the note Bones wrote when she was buried alive was so Brennan and very sweet. Booth reflecting on where they started out during the pilot episode shows how far Booth and Brennan have come and was also very sweet. Those two really are perfect for each other. I almost wish that the reception had been shown, and maybe a glimpse of Booth and Brennan dancing to "Hot Blooded" since it's their song, but the wedding was so well done that it had me in tears so it's hard to be at all disappointed.

    The case took a back seat during this episode but I did not mind in the least. I did like to see Clark and all of the interns come together to solve the case and give Brennan time off to prepare for her wedding.

    I liked seeing all of the special guest stars in this episode, especially Cyndi Lauper. David Hornsby playing a priest was an interesting casting choice, and I'm sure he and Emily enjoyed briefly working together. But, I am glad that Aldo returned in this episode and that he was the one to marry Booth and Brennan. I am looking forward to seeing where things go from here.
  • What I have been waiting for for 9 years.

    Back in 2005 when 12 year old me sat down to watch Bones for the first time I was engrossed in the chemistry between Booth and Brennan. As the years went on and the writers pushed us around I said, I'm going to be 20 before they get married! Well I was right and I'm fine with that because the wedding of my all time two favorite characters of my all time favorite show had a beautiful wedding. 9 years it took but it finally happened and Cindi was great as always. All the years and all the chemistry, is what made the wedding day so real and so perfect! Thanks Hart Hanson!
  • turn off the cellies dammit

    the priest was played by Emily Deschanel's real-life husband, David Hornsby in an awesome bit of casting; too bad angela's dad - ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons - couldn't be there

    angela and Booth are going to have to settle their scores - that should be great fun

    good story; it should be, they must have been writing it for a couple of years

  • Perfection!

    Oh My God, they really did it. They got MARRIED!!

    It was beautiful. The vows actually made me tear up. When Bones read that letter, I can't believe she kept that. Who knew she was so sentimental?

    I can't wait to see them married. I wonder if it will change anything. I wonder what she'll say about marriage now!