Season 9 Episode 6

The Woman in White

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2013 on FOX

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  • Few problems, but liked many other things

    Someone needs to tell the writers that Brennan is SMART, not stupid, not an idiot savant and certainly not incapable of learning from others.

    Her character is different and very socially awkward, (which is why I started watching the show) but she's not totally stupid. Brennan would not have bothered to correct the priest to say she was speaking the vows from her mouth and not her heart because she would know what the priest meant and would know better than to needlessly correct a statement that no one at the wedding could possibly have taken literally. Having her point it out made her character look, at best, stupid and incapable of learning from anyone, or at worst, a petty witch nitpicking at nothing.

    She would not have decided to exclude the interns from her wedding because all of them were single and not in serious relationships out of concern that it'd be wrong to ask them to come celebrate her finding her mate. She wouldn't care about any of that because, if anyone's noticed, she doesn't care if she hurts her interns' feelings. Why would she suddenly care now? She just wouldn't. It'd been more realistic to have her not originally invite them because she felt it was improper to mix the people who work under her into her personal life.

    Brennan is very, very smart and you can't tell me that as a woman in her 40s she hasn't learned at least some of the broad strokes of social interactions by now, . inviting to your wedding co-workers that you work with on a regular basis is one of them. I felt the whole last-minute invite of the interns was done just to have an excuse to dress the actors up in silly costumes, and that strikes me as a visual image the writer came up with first then shoe-horned into the show by making Brennan doing something against her character.

    I did like the vows, especially Brennan's note that she wrote way back when she was buried alive in the car with Hodgins. Having Cyndi Lauper sing was nice, too. It wasn't a horrible episode at all, but I face-palmed at both the incidents I have issue with.
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