Season 5 Episode 11

The X in the File

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2010 on FOX

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  • Funny Episode with great nods to X-files and David Boreanaz's Dad!

    I love how it gave a nod to not only X-Files, but to a little show David Boreanaz's dad, Dave Thomas, had while he worked at WKBW Channel 7 in Buffalo, called "Rocketship 7"! It was a kids show seen by hundreds of thousands of Western New York and Southern Ontario children for years during the late 60's thru the early 80's! Nice tip of the hat to the ol' man!

    The episode itself was priceless as it was humourous, and moved the overall storyline along as Wendall and Angela heat things up, much to the chagrin of Hodgins.

    Kind of surprised that they kind of left the Mexican thing open ended and that nasty corporate Beeatch all alone to get away with the industrial waste dumping. Perhaps they will meet again?
  • Very interesting

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. Booth and Bones travel to New Mexico to investigate when a body is found in the desert near Roswell. Of course everyone jumps to the conclusion that the remains are that of an alien, but Bones is quick to point out that the remains are human. What follows is an x-files inspired episode, which ends with Booth and Bones on top of a car, watching the stars together. Also in this episode Hodgins finds out about Angela's new relationship and acts as though he is ok with it, but of course he isn't and soon it seems as though he is wondering if perhaps they should still be together.
  • I really miss the X-Files!

    First of all, I never thought I was going to be able to like another show after the X-files because David and Gillian had so much chemistry that I thought no other TV couple would be able to equal them. But then I discovered Bones... and it filled the void... and its lead couple rocks.

    I loved the X-Files references, beginning with the episode title. But having Dean Haglund was excellent! I loved Frohike but he was the fun one of the Lone Gunmen.

    Again a crime committed by greed. It was good to see Booth and Bones out of the lab, reminds me of that first season's ep in the desert. I felt sorry for Hodgins because I think he was really in love with Angela and the reason for the break up was just lame. It was a very loyal thing to do Wendell deciding to tell his friend about the relationship. But I'm not sure if I want to see more of Angela having corny and kissing moments in the lab again.
  • An alien "enthusiast" finds a strange looking body in the dessert in new mexico and Booth and Brennan are called to investigate as the episode pays tribute to The x files.

    The episode was funny, witty and there were enough suspects to keep you wondering to the last minute. My favorite scene would be in the beginning when the body's phone went off with the x files ring tone and the timing couldn't have been better.

    The final scene was also amusing with the whole "Did you hear that?" routine which was a classic but nevertheless a smart move. The murder itself was interesting and the alien footage made it all more exciting alongside the involvement of dumping toxic waste across the border; and who can forget Brennan's scream and Booth's reaction when the body rose on the table.

    Hodgins's sense of grief was also touching as I never could get over the fact that his break up with Angela was rather silly and the trust issue between them was never mentioned again. Wendell's character is charming and honest, but I can't stop thinking he's not right for Angela.

    Final verdict, I liked it. It was sort of a comeback for Bones after some mediocre episodes.
  • a nice homage to The X-files!

    This episode was one of my favourites of this season, mostly because I am a huge X-files fan. It revolves around the story of a man who believes he found an alien in the dessert of Roswell (which of course turns out to be a woman that had some interesting things happen to her body that makes it appear as though she's not from this world)
    Bones and booth then find out that the woman that was found in the dessert may have witnessed (and video-taped) a possible Alien space craft and alien creatures!
    its a funny episode, again with a lot of little nods towards the world Chris Carter created years ago. Definitely worth seeing.
  • A body is found in the New Mexico desert near Roswell and immediately people are suspecting a dead alien. Booth and Bones work with the local sheriff to solve the crime while the crew back at the Jeffersonian deal with case facts and romance.

    Another truly solid episode of Bones. In this episode Booth and Bones travel to Roswell, New Mexico. The case takes them to the Mexican border which is actually quite a ways away. At least over 100 miles in a direct shot South and well over 250 if you went the route to Juarez.

    In this case a woman is found wrapped in a weird silver cloak and is covered with a strange residue. Through the investigation we learn she was a UFO hunter and had thought she had seen aliens in the desert. Unfortunately she witness something much more sinister and it cost her her life.

    The team back at the Jeffersonian work to figure out the details of the case while Hodgins, Wendell, and Angela step around each other over the awkwardness of Wendell and Angela's new romantic relationship.

    Sheriff Bonds played by Ben Giroux was a great character and I loved both Booth and Bones reactions to him. Bones especially seemed to understand the humor and strangeness of the case much more than she normally does. She seemed much more adaptable to the situation which I enjoyed.

    Booth: "I won't say anything about the screams if you don't say anything about the gun." Bones: "Those terms are satisfactory."

    Overall a fine performance and a well written episode. I would look out if I was that executive in the future! Thanks for reading...
  • Ah yes. The "come and get me" corporate executive.

    Hopefully a dying breed, though even Booth didn't seem hopeful on that front.

    I enjoyed this episode, once again watching the tools of the trade in operation. I still wonder how many are based in fact and how many are a writer's dream...

    The local sheriff was a hoot, and he added some intelligent comic relief to the case. I do get tired of show writing where the locals are yokels and only the big city agents have things under control. So, nice touch.

    I do have to hope the Wendall/Angela/Hodgins story line does not consume too much of the remainder of the season. I like the "office tension" it offers, but it needs to stay firmly in its place as a background support piece only; like Daisy and Sweets manage to be written. Hopefully this can be accomplished via scripts required for the the rotation of doctoral assistants through the Jeffersonian. If there is a relationship story line to bring to the forefront, lets have Booth and Bones step up to the plate!
  • Moving cadavers.... perfection!

    Bones and Booth head for New Mexico where the body of a woman is found in the desert. After several stories of aliens pop up during the investigation, Bones readies for an X-Ray of the body, which makes it magnet to the machine, along with Booth's gun.
    The case ends with the discovery of a new couple at the lab and a killer is thrown into jail for murder, but also, a strange noise raises Bones and Booth's curioisty in the desert while looking at the starry sky. Bones
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