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  • Season 1 Episode 22: The Woman in Limbo

  • Brennan finds out about her real past.
    Brennan's real name is Joy Keenan.
    The rest of her family's names are as follows:
    Kyle Keenan aka Russ Brennan
    Ruth Keenan aka Christine Brennan
    Max Keenan aka Matthew Brennan

  • Brennan's new book manuscript that Booth sneaks a look at (and sees is dedicated to him) is "Cross Bones." That is also the title of Kathy Reichs' eighth book.

  • In Brennan's apartment, Booth discovers her manuscript and sees that the title "Bone Free," which he didn't like, has been crossed off. He opens to the dedication which reads: "This book is dedicated to my partner and friend, Special Agent Seeley Booth."

  • Russ Brennan states that Booth found him in Morehead City, NC. That's a 6-7 hour drive from the DC area, yet no one mentions Booth being gone for that length of time. Also, the end of the episode shows Brennan driving there and back in a single night.

  • Goof: In the flashbacks Brennan has of the night her parents disappeared, her parents are shown leaning out of the car waving goodbye. Yet in other episodes, past and future, whenever Brennan talks about the night her parents left, she says they left in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve and that her and Russ woke up to find them gone. So clearly, their parents didn't wave goodbye to them as shown in the flashbacks.

  • Goof: When Hodgens and Angela show Bones the enhanced movie stub of The Fugitive, the top date and their findings say 9/22/93, but the bottom of the stub says 4/22/93.

  • Goof: When the DNA from the blood in the car is being compared to the blood of Temperance and Russ, if you pause it while Bones is pointing out whose DNA is whose, you can tell that all three profiles (that of her, her mother, and her brother) are exactly the same.

  • Goof: While Hodgins shows Dr. Brennan the results of DNA from the blood he points out the samples as Brennan's mom as the first, the other person from the car as the second, Dr. Brennan as the third, and Russ as the fourth sample. However, when Brennan indicates them later in the scene she points out the first as her mother, second as herself, and the third sample as Russ.

  • The conversation between Booth and Brennan where they discuss the fact that her parents had false identities occurs around the 10-minute mark. During Emily Deschanel's close ups, after she has turned her back to him, David Boreanaz can be seen behind her. His head movements are discontinuous with his own close ups, making him look jerky,and his lips are slightly off what he is saying the second time.

  • Season 1 Episode 21: The Soldier on the Grave

  • It is revealed that Booth used to have a gambling problem.

  • The war story Booth tells Bones at the end of this episode is probably the same one mentioned in episode 1x16 "The Woman in the Tunnel". In that episode, Booth and Bones discuss a homeless leader in the Army who killed a woman holding a baby in one arm and a grenade in the other hand, and later Booth says he understands what the guy's going through.

  • Goof: When Hodgins apologizes to Booth during Kent's second autopsy, he picks up a tray from the table where Kent's uniform is lying. He walks away with the tray, and when the camera pans down to the uniform, the tray is still on the table. In the immediate aerial camera shot of the lab activity, the tray is once again gone from the table and in Hodgin's hands.

  • Goof: Charlie Kent is identified as being a "Private" in the Army by dialogue and the TV News report. However, when Booth is talking to Captain Fuller, he refers to him as "Corporal Kent". Corporal is a higher rank in the Army than Private. While Booth looks at Kent's Silver Star we can see his military uniform with two patches on the arm's badge which suggest Corporal as well, as the Private's arm badge has only one patch.

  • Goof: As Booth and Bones are in the cemetery at the beginning of the episode, Bones asks Booth "What?" Booth replies "It's Jamie Richards..." At that time, the second headstone from the camera (right row) is moving in the wind - solid stone wedged into earth shouldn't move.

  • Season 1 Episode 20: The Graft in the Girl

  • When Angela and Amy are looking at Angela's portfolio, the camera does a close-up of a picture of a man with his elbows parallel to his shoulder, done in a black, white, and red streaky style. That picture is a copy of the one that Angela painted that hangs behind Bones' desk.

  • This episode marks the first time that we see an attraction forming between Hodgins and Angela.

  • Although Amy is a cancer patient undergoing aggressive chemotherapy she somehow still has a full head of hair.

  • Goof: Although the show is set in D.C. area, it is filmed in L.A. There's a scene where the camera shows a mortuary and you can read a street sign on the left that says "Cahuenga," a large road in Los Angeles/Hollywood.

  • Goof: When Amy hands over her painting of the landscape to Angela, we first see that it covers most of the page. In the next cut, we see her handing over the pad of paper with a smaller painting in the center, and the larger one on the page just flipped back, but when Angela is holding it, in the third cut, the painting is back to its full size.

  • Goof: Back in the lab, after exhuming Kelly DeMarco's body, Zack says that she died two months ago. Not even a minute later, in the same scene, Booth says that Kelly died 8 months ago.

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