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  • Season 5 Episode 22: The Beginning in the End

  • In the coffee cart scene the Colonel waiting to talk to Booth has a name tag that says Pelant. A character by this name becomes Bones and Booth's adversary in seasons 7,8and 9.

  • The airport scene at the end of the episode is filmed at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

  • In the hoarder's apartment, the bobble head from London can be seen, as well as the cover for a Motley Crue album, reference's to season four episodes "Yanks in the UK" and "End in the Beginning".

  • The clock in the victim's apartment continuously flashes "4:47". This is the exact same time shown on the clock next to Booth's bed in the first scene of the 4th season finale, "The End in the Beginning."

  • In the scene where Hodgins is in the victim's apartment and Angela's dad appears, he screams, but specifically mentions that it was a "yelp," not a scream. A very similar conversation can be heard in the flashback portion of the 4th season finale "The End in the Beginning" when Zack argues that he "yelped", not screamed, after seeing the dead body.

  • When Hodgins is sitting in the hoarder's apartment and calls Booth regarding the accountant lead, he is sitting next to a pile of chicken wings and celery. This pile of wings is likely the same pile of wings alluded to in last year's season finale "The End in the Beginning," during Booth's dream:

    Cam: Your wings have been voted best in the city two years running.
    Fisher: Not best. Tallest. I'm the originator of the "Tower of Wings."

  • When Booth is looking at a picture of him from his days in the army (while on the phone with Hodgins), the person in the picture with him is Teddy Parker, the ghost he saw in the season four episode "The Hero in the Hold."

  • Season 5 Episode 21: The Boy with the Answer

  • The murder of the two boys featured in "Spacemen in the Crater" and the kidnappings and murders that contributed to a book written about the gravedigger prior to the time of the episode are never mentioned. Why were none of these charges brought against Heather Taffet? Also, although Booth dropped the charges of his case, she should be charged for the murder of Thomas Vega in "The Hero in the Hold."

  • During Hodgin's testimony, when he states the scientific name for the dust mite Caroline says, "For those of us who don't speak 'insect,' what is that, exactly?" Although Caroline wouldn't be expected to know this, a dust mite is actually an arachnid, not an insect.

  • Goof: When Brennan confesses to Booth that she has nightmares and they hug, her head is resting on his left shoulder. But when the take cuts to Booth, her head is on his right shoulder.

  • Season 5 Episode 20: The Witch in the Wardrobe

  • Goof - In the beginning of this episode when the firefighters open the wardrobe and discover the skeleton inside there are two small fans that can be seen behind the skeleton.  These were probably used to blow out the smoke and make the skeleton's hair and dress move.

  • Since Angela changed her name to "Angela" legally, according to the private investigator and Angela's statement in "Mummy in the Maze"), it is unnecessary for her to tell anyone what name is on her birth certificate.

  • Goof: The pentagram Brennan draws on the X-ray is upside down, having two points up, rather than one. This reverses the meaning of the symbol, making it a representation of evil, commonly used in satanism and black magic. Additionally, Sweets claims that the pentagram is an ancient Wiccan symbol representing solidarity and sisterhood. This statement is wrong on several different counts. Firstly, Wicca is a relatively new religion, based on the traditions of witchcraft. None of the ancient practitioners would regard themselves as wiccans. Secondly, the pentagram has also been a meaningful symbol in several other religions, such as Egyptian mythology and Christianity. Thirdly, in contemporary wicca, it is mostly seen as a symbol of the four elements being presided over by spirit. It is commonly used as a sign of magic, good and protection, but not usually tied to solidarity per se.

  • In this episode Hodgins reveals that he has been carrying Angela's wedding ring in his wallet ever since their first failed wedding (during the second season finale, "Stargazer in a Puddle").

  • The "wedding ring" that Angela produces for Hodgins is actually a body jewelry ring.

  • It is revealed in this episode that Hodgins' full name is: Jack Stanley Hodgins IV.

  • Season 5 Episode 19: The Rocker in the Rinse C...

  • When Booth tells Brennan that "Hot Blooded" is "our song" it's because they've rocked out to it together before -- in the season one episode "Two Bodies in a Lab".

  • Goof: When Cam and Michelle are talking in the diner, a man wearing a brown plaid shirt can be seen walking toward the bar and sitting down behind Cam. The shot switches to Michelle, then back to Cam. When the shot goes back to Cam, the same man walks up behind her and sits down again, just like in the first shot.

  • This episode contains numerous overt and covert references to the rock band Led Zeppelin:
    1) The victim shares a name (Richard Cole) with the man who served as Led Zeppelin's tour manager for the length of their career (excluding reunions). 2) The killer's weapon, a Gibson Les Paul guitar, is a guitar that Led Zeppelin's guitarist Jimmy Page has used extensively throughout his career. 3) The name of the fantasy camp's promoter/coordinator (Simon Graham) may be an amalgamation of the names Simon Kirke and Bill Graham. Simon Kirke is a drummer who was once rumored to have been in the running to replace the late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. Simon Kirke has also appeared as a counselor at Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp. Bill Graham was a famous rock concert promoter with whom Led Zeppelin's management had some physical conflicts.
    4) Towards the end of the episode, Booth and Bones share a conversation about tickets for Led Zeppelin's 2007 reunion. David Boreanaz (Booth) actually attended the Led Zeppelin reunion.

  • Angela: According to my dad, guitarists have this thing about their picks. Different materials make different sounds.
    Hodgins: Brian May uses an English penny.

    Queen guitarist Brian May actually uses an English sixpence coin, which is equivalent to six pennies, and hasn't been legal tender since 1980.

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