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  • Season 1 Episode 4: The Man in the Bear

  • Goof: During one of the scenes in the woods, the rock known as Half Dome appears. Half Dome is in Yosemite National Park, approximately 700 miles from the Washington border.

  • Goof: During the scene where Brennan and Booth are dancing in the bar, the sheriff is first shown with his badge over his right pocket. In the next shot of the sheriff, the badge is over the left pocket, and his nametag is over the right pocket.

  • Goof: Right after Dr. Brennan hits Dr. Rigby in the head with the bed pan, he falls and hits the male victim. As this happens you can see the victim's head move from the impact. This would not happen in real life, because the body would be very stiff and perhaps even pumped full of silicon.

  • Goof: You can see the abdomen of the actress playing the corpse of Ann Noyes move just after Dr. Brennan takes a picture of it during the autopsy.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: A Boy in a Tree

  • Booth gets his ID card at the very end of this episode, but in the previous episode, The Man In The SUV, he used one to enter a secure area in the Jeffersonian. This happened because The Man In The SUV was originally supposed to air after A Boy In A Tree.

  • Booth: So, uh, what part of "this is mine" did you not understand? What? Do you want me to say it in Latin?
    Brennan: Absit invidia.

    "Absit invidia" means "no ill will," which in this situation is more or less "no offense". Brennan never actually translated "this is mine" (which would roughly translate to "id meum est") which is what Booth implied he was going to say in Latin. She instead just apologized in Latin for not listening to him.

  • Goof: At the beginning of the episode, when Brennan, Booth and Zack are in the car, Zack goes from leaning forward to sitting back on his seat between shots.

  • Goof: At the very start of the episode, Booth and Bones are sitting in his SUV outside the lab. When the shot moves in the car to them there is a small tree in the background - behind Bones. Later when they get to the school, the very same tree is in the background.

  • Goof: When Booth and Brennan are talking at the Jeffersonian and their cell phones ring, Bones's hair shifts between a tight, high pony tail and a low, loose pony tail between shots.

  • Goof: While Booth and Brennan are waiting for the sheriff to deliver the sex tapes, Brennan's arm changes positions in between shots. Sometimes it is resting on the car door and at other times her arms are crossed.

  • Goof: At 24:11 the shadow of a boom-mic is visible on Bones' head.

  • Goof: Tovar Comara, the Venezuelan security agent, says to Brennan that the case "huele mala" (Spanish for "it stinks") but the pronunciation is wrong, the correct phrase is "huele mal."

  • Goof: When they ran the simulation of Nestor's hyoid breaking, Angela says it took just over eight days, but the read-out on the simulator said "Day 15" when it broke.

  • Goof: Bones watches a DVD of the victim on a big flat screen television mounted to her wall but at the end of the episode the television is gone from the wall.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: The Man in the S.U.V.

  • In this episode, Booth uses a security card to access the forensic area of the lab, but in the next episode he doesn't have one. This is because The Man in the S.U.V. was originally scheduled to air after A Boy in the Tree, not before.

  • Goof: When Booth and Bones are going up the escalator, Booth's mouth does not match up with what he is saying.

  • Goof: Brennan moves her hands from her hips and folds her arms while talking with Mrs. Masruk, but her reflection behind Mrs. Masruk shows her hands still on her hips.

  • Goof: At 18:35 there are people visible entering the restaurant behind Bones, yet when the shot pulls out a second later onto Booth, Bones, and Angela, the people are gone.

  • Goof: At 31:20, Dr. Brennan is congratulating Angela on doing good work, but when she is talking to her she clearly says "Good work An-u-la" instead of "Good work Angela."

  • Goof: During their car ride, at around 35:10, just as Booth finishes his line "Just be careful, alright," the view in the rear window changes and suddenly there is a car close by.

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