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  • Season 5 Episode 9: The Gamer in the Grease

  • When Sweets is checking the YouTube rant, he pauses it to talk to bones and booth. When his phone rings, however, we see a shot of the screen again, and the guy on the video sits back with a look of disgust, as if his rant is disturbed by the phone call.

  • The box of wine Fisher brings to the Avatar line is from Dunwood Winery, which is the winery owned by Charlie Dunwood, the murderer in the Season 4 episode "The Critic in the Cabernet."

  • Brennan asserts (and Booth doesn't disagree) that because Dougie Seeger was autistic, he didn't care that someone else took credit for the Punky Kong record he broke (and thus his heart wasn't broken either). People with Autism do have emotions though, and they do care about things, they just have trouble expressing and communicating how they feel.

  • After this episode aired, the fictional Punky Pong game featured in the episode became available online for real-life play in the Bones section of Fox's website.

  • There's no reason for Angela to get mad at Sweets, Hodgins, and Fisher when they are watching a preview of the movie Avatar on her monitor. Angela was watching the movie The Mummy on her monitor with Cam (for non-work-related reasons), in the episode "A Night at the Bones Museum."

  • There is a heavy focus on the upcoming film Avatar in this episode. Joel David Moore (Fisher) is featured in the movie, which comes out in theaters on December 18th.

  • Season 5 Episode 8: The Foot in the Foreclosure

  • Goof: When Booth and Pops are having dinner in his apartment, a fork can be seen in Booth's hand while the camera is focusing on Pops. As the camera switches angles and focuses on Booth, the fork is suddenly gone from Booth's hand, and his hands are together in front of him. When the camera jumps back to focus on Pops, Booth is all of a sudden holding the fork again.

  • While visiting Booth, Booth's grandpa Hank (played by Ralph Waite) starts a fire in Booth's kitchen while he's away, and blames it on a faulty stove.

    On the episode "Faith" of CBS's NCIS, which aired a few weeks later (on December 15th), show star Leroy Gibbs' father Jackson (also played by Ralph Waite) comes to visit his son and starts a fire in his living room, and blames it on the sooty fireplace flue.

  • Season 5 Episode 7: The Dwarf in the Dirt

  • Goof: As Brennan, Booth and Novarro inspect the drain grating in the basement of the gold exchange, Booth is initially shown wearing his black Vans. However, during a closeup shot of the grille, he (or a stand-in) is wearing black leather dress shoes.

  • Angela: In order to eat that thing you're gonnna have to dislocate your jaw, like an articulated python.

    The correct name for the snake is reticulated python, not articulated python.

  • Season 5 Episode 6: The Tough Man in the Tend...

  • Wendell and Hodgins are wearing very similar shirts when they are heading to the car in the parking garage, on their way to look for fingertips.

  • In this episode, Bones has no compassion for Angela's request for help with saving a piglet from being slaughtered, and finds her efforts illogical. This makes no sense though, because in the episode "The Blonde in the Game" Bones reveals that she has always wanted a pet pig. She even had a name picked out in the event that she ever got one -- Jasper. In fact, Booth and the others actually gave Bones a toy piglet as a gift at the end of the episode.

  • Goof: In the scene where Bones uses Booth's tie to test the chicken plucker machine, Booth has the top button on his shirt buttoned. When the camera jumps to Cam, it's still buttoned, but then in one of the shots of him and Brennan it's unbuttoned. It is then done up again, and Booth unbuttons it.

  • Season 5 Episode 5: A Night at the Bones Museum

  • Cam: I guess I'd be angry too if someone pulled my brain out through my nose and stuck it in a canopic jar.

    The brains of many Egyptian mummies were pulled out through the nose; however, they were not put in canopic jars. The brain was discarded because the ancient Egyptians believed it had no value in the afterlife. The canopic jars were for the stomach, intestines, lungs, and liver.

  • Season 5 Episode 4: The Beautiful Day in the ...

  • Goof: When Cam goes up to the platform (while on the phone with Booth and Brennan) she swipes her card through the reader to enter. It can cleary be seen that the magnetic strip of her card does not go trough the reader though, as she swiped it the wrong way...but she is still allowed access to the platform.

  • Season 5 Episode 3: The Plain in the Prodigy

  • In the car on the way to talk to Levi's parents, Booth mentions that the Amish "reject buttons," but then in the next scene, Levi's dad is wearing a shirt with buttons.

  • Unless Levi, Tony, and Karen were film editors as well as music students, their home video of Levi playing the piano would not be so advanced to include multiple camera angles while maintaining the continuity of the music.

  • The music piece played by Levi Yoder for his audition is Chopin's Nocturne Op. 9 No. 1.

  • Season 5 Episode 2: The Bond in The Boot

  • At the beginning of the episode, Animal Control has absolutely no trouble picking up and crating the feral cats that had snacked on the body. Realistically, the cats would have scattered at the first sign of a human's approach and would have never willfully been captured.

  • Goof: In the scene where Booth and Bones find the CIA agent in the trunk of the car, Bones' hair is tied back when she's looking at the blood dripping from the car, down in the back shot when they open the trunk, then up again when they show her from the front.

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