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  • Season 5 Episode 16: The Parts in the Sum of t...

  • Nitpick: In the story Dr. Brennan and Booth told Sweets it appeared that Dr. Saroyan knew Dr. Brennan in the past. In fact, Dr. Saroyan encouraged Booth in seeking Dr. Brennan's expertise for help with the case. However, in episode 2x01 "The Titan on the Tracks" Booth clearly introduces both ladies, and they deny knowing each other.

  • This episode explains how Dr. Brennan determined Booth was a descendant of John Wilkes Booth, infamous assassin of Abraham Lincoln. Booth's relationship to this man was mentioned in 5x12 "The Proof in the Pudding."

  • Season 5 Episode 15: The Bones on a Blue Line

  • The train station that the train arrives at, just as water comes rushing into the station, is a movie prop used in the "studio tour" at Universal Studios. On the tour, visitors ride through the subway station when an earthquake strikes.

  • Goof: While investigating with Sweets, Angela starts a remote desktop connection with a computer that received some love letters, indicating to Sweets that the IP address of the computer she's connecting to is All 192.68.*.* addresses can only be accessed within their local networks though, so there's no way that Angela could have gained control of the computer she claims she did.

  • Season 5 Episode 13: The Dentist in the Ditch

  • In this episode, it's revealed that Cam really doesn't like spiders.

  • Season 5 Episode 12: The Proof in the Pudding

  • Angela used the exact phrase "the proof in the pudding" in the season 2 episode "The Truth in the Lye" as she was making a reference to a deteriorated body that was found in a tub full of corrosive household cleaning products.

  • It is revealed that Seeley Booth is a descendant of John Wilkes Booth, the man who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. But since John Wilkes Booth never got married and never had any kids, Seeley could only be a collateral descendant of his at best.

  • Season 5 Episode 11: The X in the File

  • Goof: When Booth gets the print from the cinder block, the tape he uses and holds up is smudged with dust and you barely see the print. Then the camera switches to a close up of the tape, which is now clean on the edges and showing a clear print.

  • After finding out that the blood on the cinder block they found outside Ursula's "space age" trailer apparently wasn't Ursula's, the Jeffersonian team never actually stated whose blood it was. This is especially odd because Brennan stated that they needed to analyze the blood. It can be assumed that the blood was Delmy Polanco's since he used the bloody cinder block to break into Ursula's trailer, but this fact was never stated.

  • Goof: In the scene where Booth and Brennan perform an MRI on the remains, the metal (Booth's gun) isn't attracted to the MRI magnet until the machine is turned on. In reality, the magnet in an MRI machine (just like any other typical magnet) is always working, even when the machine is not powered up.

  • The man in the Rocketship 7 photo that Booth points out in the diner as Dave Thomas is historically accurate. Dave Thomas is David Boreanaz's (Booth's) father. His real name is David Thomas Boreanaz, but he used the stage name Dave Thomas (later changing it to Dave Roberts). The elder Boreanaz hosted the children's show Rocketship 7 on WKBW in Buffalo from 1962-1978, before relocating to Philadelphia to become a local weatherman at WPVI.

  • Season 5 Episode 10: The Goop on the Girl

  • In the opening scene the camera pans in on an area with flags flying outside it. Among the flags is the Canadian flag, which is normally only hosted in cities and towns in the U.S. which are very close to the Canadian border.

  • In-joke: The likeness (or lack thereof) between Temperance and her second cousin Margaret is hinted at several times during the episode. In real life, Emily Deschanel (Temperance) and Zooey Deschanel (Margaret) are sisters.

  • Season 5 Episode 9: The Gamer in the Grease

  • When Sweets is checking the YouTube rant, he pauses it to talk to bones and booth. When his phone rings, however, we see a shot of the screen again, and the guy on the video sits back with a look of disgust, as if his rant is disturbed by the phone call.

  • The box of wine Fisher brings to the Avatar line is from Dunwood Winery, which is the winery owned by Charlie Dunwood, the murderer in the Season 4 episode "The Critic in the Cabernet."

  • Brennan asserts (and Booth doesn't disagree) that because Dougie Seeger was autistic, he didn't care that someone else took credit for the Punky Kong record he broke (and thus his heart wasn't broken either). People with Autism do have emotions though, and they do care about things, they just have trouble expressing and communicating how they feel.

  • After this episode aired, the fictional Punky Pong game featured in the episode became available online for real-life play in the Bones section of Fox's website.

  • There's no reason for Angela to get mad at Sweets, Hodgins, and Fisher when they are watching a preview of the movie Avatar on her monitor. Angela was watching the movie The Mummy on her monitor with Cam (for non-work-related reasons), in the episode "A Night at the Bones Museum."

  • There is a heavy focus on the upcoming film Avatar in this episode. Joel David Moore (Fisher) is featured in the movie, which comes out in theaters on December 18th.

  • Season 5 Episode 8: The Foot in the Foreclosure

  • Goof: When Booth and Pops are having dinner in his apartment, a fork can be seen in Booth's hand while the camera is focusing on Pops. As the camera switches angles and focuses on Booth, the fork is suddenly gone from Booth's hand, and his hands are together in front of him. When the camera jumps back to focus on Pops, Booth is all of a sudden holding the fork again.

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