Season 1 Episode 15

Two Bodies in the Lab

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2006 on FOX

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  • a really good ep

    in this ep of bones . bones is called to figure out what happen to this man that was killed by the mob they think. and then she is called to a scene of a girl that was torn apart by dogs. and her eyes cut out. thing is it looks like a old case that booth once had . so there doing both cases and there is a guy that is really smart on the info of the mob case. bones has a date and she goes but almost gets killed due to shots fired at her. and booth questions the persoon she was going to date. booth wants to stick with her to protect her. and booth goest to the guys house who they think killed the girl and they ask him questions . and they take his key set. but then bones and booth go to her house and there dancing and singing to a song and then all of sudden booth goes to get a drink the friged explodes and booth goest to the hospital. and they later learn it was the guy that was smart about the mob who was the cause of it all. and trys to get rid of bones becasue he was the one that killed that mobster. this was a good ep
  • Impressive and surprisingly unpredictable!

    I'm usually the type of person people get annoyed at. That person that knows everything that's going to happen in a show, and how its going to happen. That includes things people wouldn't ever guess. My mother still refuses to watch tv with me. This episode however, caught me off guard. Brennan's life is on the line when someone's trying to kill her over 1 of two cases she's working on. The question is...which one? And who is trying to kill her? The episode bounces you back and forth (which you should expect) but what I didn't expect was some of the twists and turns and random bonding moments with Booth. The killer is not at all someone you'd expect and the chemistry between Booth and Brennan is amazing this episode. It's where the writers really begin to take the tension to the next level. I gave this episode a 10 not only for its unpredictability but for the level of drama and AMAZING acting by the cast. I'm just now getting into this show and this by far is my favorite episode so far. If you haven't seen it or if you just enjoy seeing Brennan and Booth connect on a greater level this episode is a MUST WATCH.
  • One of the best Bones episodes ever!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with Bones chatting to a man who she met on a dating website. Remains are brought into the lab and they believe the victim to be that of a MOB boss. And so they have to try and make an ID to either confirm or deny this.
    Booth then comes in and tells Bones that they have a case to work on. A body has been found which has been tortured and ripped apart by dogs. We soon learn that Booth has seen a case like this before, minus the dogs. When Booth learns about Bones date he is upset with her, as she knows nothing about him. We then see Bones as she waits for her date to arrive. Then a drive by shooting happens and it seems as though Bones herself may be the target. We then see that Bones is ok and she is back at work already, only one short hour after the incident. Booth then turns up at the lab and tells her that her date maybe involved. Booth also tells her that she is not getting out of his sight, until they catch who ever tried to kill her.
    Bones finally gets to meet her date David, and Booth is also there, as he is questioning David. We soon learn that the victim is a girl name Penny who is 19 years old. Booth takes Bones back to her apartment and tells her that he is spending the night on her couch in case anyone tries to get to her again. He then discovers that she does not have a TV and so they diced to rock out to some music, which is really fun to watch. Then when Booth goes to get a drink for himself, as he opens the fridge, it explodes (and makes me jump!). Bones jumps straight into action and puts out the flames which are on booth's body. We then see Booth in hospital. He seems ok, and Bones is sitting next to him. When she looks at his x-rays we learn that in the past, Booth has had his feet beaten, by people in the Middle East. Then one of Booth's FBI friends is brought in to take over looking after Bones, at least until Booth is better or when the person who wants her dead is caught. Soon Booth believes that someone on the inside is working with the killer and so he leaves the hospital with Hodges. We then see Bones in the car with the FBI agent and as she goes to call the lab, he pulls a gun on her. We then see Bones being taken into an abandoned warehouse. And as she enters we see dogs there, and they look ready to eat. Bones tries her best to escape, but is unable too. We then see Bones being tied up and you can see the terror on her face as she knows her fate is sealed. The FBI track down the building and before they go in, Booth says that he is also going in, and tells Hodges that he is also going in. As the FBI raid the building we see the killer getting his knife ready, to use on Bones. As they walk though the best line comes from Hodges "Maybe you shouldn't have had all that pudding".
    Booth then sees Bones's keys on the floor and knows that she is nearby. Just as Bones is about to be killed, Booth walks in and shots the killer in the arm. As he frees her, they hug. Back in the hospital Booth apologises for letting Bones down, but she tells him that he saved her life. We then see her getting a phone call from David, and we see her heading odd to her date. But as she leaves, she changes her mind and decides to stay with Booth in the hospital, and together they watch a film. As she tries to snuggle up with him, she can't because of his injuries. Overall BEST Bones episode so far!
  • One of my favorite Bones episodes of all-time!

    An excellent case and as the case developes the dangers for Brennan and Booth becomes more apparent. Lots of twists and turns and wonderful character interraction between B&B throughout this episode. Everyone worked so hard to help Brennan and Booth out; the squints and FBI alike. Booth being overprotective of Brennan was funny but it also ended up being more trouble for her. The action towards the end is the best part of the episode and one of my favorite scenes in this entire series. Kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time and it still does no matter how many times I watch it. I love it!
  • great.

    this is my favorite episode so far. what a pair, really!!! i love these guys, they make my laugh (especially when they started singing and dancing to hot blooded- bones was so, so out of rhythm....!)but they are sweet too. booth's devotion to brennan makes me wanna cry, and i know it's stupid, but it just does, ok??? ok, when it comes to the episode itself, i liked the plot, many twists and turns and i really liked the actors (hell, what am i saying, i ALWAYS love the actors!!) "talk about a guilty pleasure"
    and it was kinda moving to find out that booth had done all these things during the war.
    loved it.
  • This is my favorite of all favorites episode. This episode just haves it all and if I could I would give this episode a twenty of out ten.

    I mean first Bones has a date, and Booth is noticeably jealous, which I love to see. You could just tell, that he was not happy at the idea of Bones going on a date.

    Then someone tries to kill Bones, by shooting at her but luckily they missed, and Booth goes into protective mode. I love it when Angela call Booth a knight in shining FBI standard-issue body armor.

    The whole Hot Blooded/ dancing scene is great, and every time I hear that song I right away think about that moment.
    And then Booth gets blown up, luckily he is still alive and manages to save the day, like always.

    The ending of this episode was just incredible as well. Everything in this episode was just perfect!
  • Brennan decides to do on-line dating. She ends up the target of a shooting. Then the investigation reveals the shooter could be connected to the cases. She ends up getting somebody hurt and is in danger herself when her shooter comes after her.

    The writers are the unsung heros of this show. Without their wit and creativity the show will be just like all the other cop drama. It is a Mensa version of Miami Vice. It activates the mind, pushing you to the limit of changing the channel but frozen, dying to see the end result of Bones' drama. The science of the show keeps you wanting to watch. Finally, the actors and their talents bring the show to life. A harmony which verges on perfection. The icing on the cake is the stars are hotter than any on TV at the moment. Drool.
  • Best episode so far!

    I don't really know where to begin when talking about this episode, I'm afraid I won't be able to do it justice!

    The main plot of this episode is fascinating, especially how the two seperate cases join together and how Brennan is targeted by someone. The final scene has got to be one of the most dramatic I've seen... I was genuinningly worried!

    Of course, with all this drama you need some comedy as well, and this episode does not disappoint. Booth and Brennan dancing in her apartment is hilarious, but is brought back down by the very dramatic explosion.

    There's some great character development here as well, Booth and Brennan become much closer, to an extent she actually cancels her date to be with him.

    I can't express how good this episode is in this review, I mean just look at it's TV.Com score: it's 9.6 for goodness sake! Simply watch this episode now... and then watch it again, I know I'm going to!
  • Bones is rescued by Booth!

    This is my absolute favourite episode for Season One, bar none!

    It had a great story line- though it is kinda hard to follow given that the team are solving to cases at once.

    It had the best tension (Bones getting captured and Booth having to find her, injured, to save her,) and it really introduces the fact that Booth is incredibly protective over Bones.

    Plus, you get the amazing hug between Booth and Bones when he lifts her own the hook thingy- loved that moment between them. Their relationship also changes in this episode I think- the fact that Booth would go and save Bones even though he really should be in hospital, and Bones cancelling her date so that she can watch TV with Booth in hospital. Very sweet.
  • One of the best episodes in season 1.

    What I especially like about this episode is the mix of humour, adventure, angst and romance. You got the humour with Bones and Booth singin and dancing to "Hot Blooded" (Hilarious!), the adventure with the team chasing two murderers at once, investigating different suspects and, in the end, rescuing Brennan. There's angst when Booth realizes that something doesn't add up and Brennan's not answering her cell and finally a lot of romance, starting with Booth showing signs of jealousy once he discovers Brennan has a date, to coming to her rescue despite his injuries and ending with Brennan ditching her date to stay with Booth in the hospital. Aaaw! Overall a very entertaining episode to watch and those of you who got the dvd's should really watch this ep with the audio-commentary by Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, it's hilarious!
  • Brennan is targeted by "mob types". Booth is trying to protect her and ends up getting hurt in the process. The villain is someone Brennan wasn't expecting.

    The best part of this episode, by far, is the "Hot Blooded" scene where Booth and Brennan dance around the apartment. This is one of the first scenes I'd ever watched of Bones, and it got me hooked on the show. With as serious and literal we all see Brennan, it was refreshing to see her rock out to some cheesy classic rock. I feel like this episode was where Booth and Brennan really bonded. At the end of the episode, Booth is saving Brennan after shooting the "bad guy", and even though Booth is still badly hurt, he still grabs Brennan and hugs her for a while. Then she gives him pudding and watches a movie instead of going on her date. Yep, real bonding.
  • This is one of the best episodes up that point in the series.

    I really enjoyed this one because it had ample plot twists and guest starred Adam Baldwin. Adam Baldwin is a great choice to play Kenton, because he is able to play really sypmathetic good guys, but also is quite credible as the psychotic nutjob killer. This episode also revealed a lot more of Booth and Brennan's background and looked into their characters more. Also we see Booth being treated by the squints as one of them not just the guy who brings them cases. Booth actually gives verbal encouragement to Zach and Hodgins visits Booth in the hospital, showing more of an integration of the team in general as well as the Booth-Brennan relationship.
  • Amazing episode.

    This is probably one of the best episodes in season one. It's a perfect mix of drama, comedy, action and everything 'n anything else you might want to see. Those who have not seen this episode on DVD with the commentary by Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz really need to do it. It's hilarious and worth the time. And if you haven's seen the ep at all, you HAVE to do that. Trust me, you don't wanna miss this one!

    I choose to classify this ep as "charachter development" since they really do get alot closer at the end of this ep.

    The epsode also show a completly new side of Bones in a hilarious dance seen ;)
  • Exciting & Unexpected twist!

    I personally love this episode. It has a very unexpected twist to it at the end when Brennan (Bones) Was nearly Tortured. I really didnt expect that to happen, But if you think about it it was obvious but so obvious you didnt see it coming! I think this episode also bought Booth and Brennan Closer, especially at the end when he rescued her. Im still waiting for them to get together as are alot of other fans. Also the way he was protecting her and wouldnt leave her alone shown the love he has for her, Even thought he might not actually realise it himself!
  • Phenominal writing and plot twists

    This was for me one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. Not only was the murder storyline well contrived and gripping, but the personal storylines were powerful and just all around good. Personally this episode gave me and so many others out there who are rooting for the brennan booth love story to take place hope. The writers couldn't have illuminates booth and bones' chemistry in a more effective way if they tried. (Well a kiss would've been nice but lets not push it.) The whole crying and comforting with the hug is something we've all seen over and over again with tv and movie couples alike, and i only hope this episode forshadows the relationship we all know and love, and the potential that it has to become one of the best tv couples out there today.
  • when bones was investigating two bodys she get shot at because some one wanted her dead so that she dosn't know who did it as it turned out to be booth's fbi friend but booth figure it out and saves bones from true death

    well it was the best episode i saw so far scince this series started. it was very inspiring and has so many beautiful things .
    the best thing was seeing bones with a very bright face seeing after meeting a new friend she knew from the online dating . she really was amazing . and also i was amazed by booth being blown up and went to the hospital , setting in bed with his big muscles shown ( which could blow any womans brains ) and also as bones setting next to him looking to him as her savier.
    also in the end after he gets up from hospital to try to rescue her from his fbi friend who wants to kill her and when saving her he held her up so that he can make her free .
    it really was a very good scene .
    you see bones although being tough and all but at the end she is a woman who would cry when saved by booth ( cause i think every woman loves to be saved by a night in shining armor . well i hope they keep the good work and be creative . and i hope they love each other .
  • A very well deserved fan treat

    Spoilers ahead.

    Often, fans complain because writers/producers won't give them what they want. Well, bones fans can't complain on this one. This episode was absolutely candy eye for us.

    The corpse in this was one of the most gross we've seen and Booth and Brennan discussing jealousy and online dates over it was a bit weird and yet it managed to be darkly amusing. I was glad to see also that Dr. Goodman seemed preoccupied about Brennan going in said online date. It gives the characters realism.

    There is so much relationship development on this one; Brennan and Booth bond over foreigner's music and dance together, he shows his jealousy and strong need to protect her, they bicker, joke and play... it was a wonderful episode and of course, the climatic moment: Brennan is about to be killed and Booth rescues her, embracing her tightly and whispering to her that everything is alright.

    Their trust, their care for each other, their dynamic as a partnership, as friends, is well portrayed and this episode was crafted to be a classic. A milestone in their relationship.
  • Booth saved Brennan!oh my gosh i love this episode. he goes out and even though he got blown up he leaves the hospital and saves her!it is a little emarrasing when they are singing that song in her room right before he gets blown up, though.

    This episode was the best episode of the first season!!! booth went and Saved brennan!!!!!!!oh my gosh i love this episode! even though booth got blown up he went and shot the guy who was trying to kill her!!!and when brennan met david in the interrogation room booth was being all protective of her, isnt that cute!!!!!!!booth doesn't like it when brennan's got a man in her life, becuase he is jealous!!!!!!!!they are so going to get together in the third season!!!!!! and hodgins has his little tiny italian car that booth has to ride in.and then at the end of the episode when brennan is in the room with booth she leaves to go out with david. but then she comes back two seconds later!!!!!!awwwwwww!!!!!
  • This was a really good ep

    I Love this episode. there was guns and explosions... what more could you want? I think this is one of the best episodes of bones i have seen. it amazes me what these wrighters some up with for a different episode every week... its never the same thing twice. This episode was different, It had a few twists and turns that you didnt see coming although there was one of two i saw coming!!
  • Omg this episode was best of this season!!!

    I saw the advertisement to this episode and it looked really good, I couldn’t wait to watch this episode and I wasn’t let down. What happen to Booth and then Bones went into the office and every one was saying it could have been Bones and that if Booth wasn’t getting the glass he would have been worst, poor Bones, but I love that scene you could tell she felt so guilty and when Booth save Bones wow… the expression on Bones was really good.
    I’m glad Bones got better as the season went on.
    Sorry this isn’t a really good review as I watch the show ages ago, I just saw some bits that I like, and in NZ we are in season 2 so it been a while hoping that I didn’t give too much away too.
  • Review

    This entire episode focused around Booth and Bones - the two best characters in the series. Not only did most of the scenes contain the both of them, but this episode basically enhanced there relationship just that much more. With over half of Season 1 over, Bones and Booth are getting closer and closer as the episode goes on and it wouldnt shock me to see something happen between the two soon. I dont see the online dating guy coming back for any future episodes, so I think that that stroyline was just brought in as a filler scene and to make Booth obviously jealous that Bones was with someone else. The scene back and Bones's apartment was great - with the two singing Hot Blooded together in her room and dancing around. Both of them were having fun, something we arent used to seeing from the two of them. The conpriracy was also really well done I thought, with the bad cop being behind all of it. All in all, I do think that this is one of the better episodes of Season 1.
  • Brennan is asked to identify 2 bodies- a suspected mob boss and a girl who has been ripped apart by dogs. But she realises that she's in over her head when someone makes an attempt on her life.

    Loved this episode-the body chained up in the warehouse was disgusting to the point of brilliant!! And it's always good to see Adam Baldwin on TV-I've missed him since the end of Firefly!!
    But the best part of the whole thing was the development between B&B-how adorable was the scene at the end where Booth rescues Brennan from being murdered and eaten by dogs!
    And he'd been blown up and everything! Honestly, the fact that those two aren't a couple-who are they trying to kid!The only thing I will say isa I can't watch the scene with the FForeigner song and the dancing-I cringed so much that my butt cheeks clenched!!!
  • Classic episode!!

    Brennan's life is in danger! And agent Booth is there to save the day!! And her life too.. hehe

    Have to say I liked this episode. We could see how much Booth cares about his partner. Of course, any partner would show some tension and stuff but we could clearly see he was trying to protect her no matter what, that\'s why he even went to her home.. and got blown up. And we saw later on that he was lucky.. if he wasn\'t reaching for a glass, it could\'ve been worse..

    Well, that dance scene was amazing. We got to see Temperance relaxing, having fun.. nice..

    Oh, some past revelation stuff.. Booth was tortured sometime back in his army days and even tried to protect a friend.. nice.. he got around in the army, huh? I think it was never revealed how many years he served in the army..
  • Brennan is in danger... And Booth comes to the rescue.

    You know, this could´ve been a little predictable, Brennan in danger and Booth solving the case and running to save Brennan, but everything is between was amazing. The whole story.

    So Brennan is dating on line... That is sad and risky. Then she is almost shot and the date doesn´t happen. And her date becomes a suspect. You gotta love this scene when Booth is questioning him, he was so jealous. And he says he will take care of her. And he does! The scene between B&B and her apartment was fantastic and funny, I think one of the few moments you see Brennan relaxing. Too bad Booth got blown up.

    B&B got closer in this episode. The squints did a great job. They´re all a great ensemble.

    The last scene was great. Brennan staying means that she´s loyal to Booth and is for sure grateful for saving her life.

    And the DVD commentary is amazing. I don´t know, but these two have a LOT of chemistry on and off screen and they look good together. If David wasn´t married, they should definetely be together.

  • Booth and Bones development

    Brennan meets a guy online and when they are about to meet, Brennan gets shot at (as a result of a case she has been working on). Booth interogates the guy and asks some personal questions, you can totally see that he\'s jealous. After she gets shot at, Booth follows her everywhere and won\'t let her out of his sight (so cute =) and so, when the fridge explodes and Booth nearly dies (aww =( then, he sends his parter to watch Bones. She plays into his trap, and of course, Booth\'s parter is the bad guy. So, in the end, Booth shoots him and saves Brennan. In the end, when Brennan can finally go on her date with David, she cancels just to be with Booth and watch some t.v. Cute! =)
  • look it's jayne, from firefly!!

    I really like this episode. bones and booth's chemistry was off the scale! and it was original! i thought the thing with the dogs was kind of sick.
    i loved though when booth and brennan were in her apartment dancing to hot blooded! i downloaded that song and i found out that i can do a high kick! i was shocked when booth got blown up by a refrigerator, only it looked really fake. i didn't like breanan's date, David. he was ugly. she deserves better, like Booth! i was glad she canceled the date to stay with Booth at the hospital. hosgins also had a funny car!! and i think adam baldwin had a fabulous performance!
  • This was a great episode with lots of good booth/bones moments.

    This episode of bones was really good. Booth seems so protective of Bones. It was funny when he was questioning her online date. He was probobly jealous of the guy. Also, the scene in Bone's apartment was so funny when they were dancing to hot blooded. Now everytime I hear that song it makes me think of that scene. When Booth got blown up I thought he was dead at first. The part where Booth saves Bones was so cute. Even in pain he'll do anything for her. At the very end when Bones cancels her date for him was so cute. Overall one of my favorite episodes.
  • I can't chill! I can't calm down! I saw Booth rescuing Brennan! Yay!!! Booth, an FBI agent, rescuing no ordinary damsel in distress makes the show extraordinary!

    I must say, it was extreme. When I saw Brennan talking to a guy on the Internet, I was shocked. I mean, she, so un-sociable? But I guess it was possible, since she is human too, and apparently, as we know from the first episode, she had a boyfriend (possibly more than one, I don't know). Although I still think that she looking at that guy when he left was just a pose for Booth.

    The storyline was twisted and even me (and I consider myself as a good story-solver as I can do it even with a detective storyline after 15 minutes of the movie) wasn't able to figure it out. Something clicked in my brain when I saw them in the car, Brennan and Kenton, but it was already too late.

    But what makes this episode extraordinary is the plot between Brennan and Booth. Obviously, he would protect her in any kind of situation, that's nothing new. But the extremes are strange - him going to sleepover and her place? I wouldn't expect him to do it. The awkward moments in the house, with ad-libbing The Foreigner were just perfect. Brennan revealed part of her, Booth revealed he also have a better half.

    The ending was quite meaningful. First - the best scene when Booth helped her to take her tied hands from the hook and she hugged him that strong. This was the most beautiful scene, not only for Bones, but also for another show. Brennan revealed she is not that strong as she seems/poses to be. She's always the first to kick, but when push comes to shove - she is normal, weak human, afraid of the dark. That was good, that she didn't stay calm (that would be cheesy). And Booth revealed himself as someone who wants to suffer for hi sins and as a person who wants to protect Brennan for all costs.

    I loved that episode and I copied the central scene and watch it over and over again. The suspense was perfect, the relations was strong, visible and emotional. New things were uncovered. Just... perfect.

    By the way, have you noticed that she does not oppose calling her Bones anymore?
  • AAAhh this was one of my favorite episodes by far!

    Wow. This whole episode was soo awesome. It starts out just like any other normal Booth and Brennan case, but ends up being SO much more. When Brennan was shot at, I totally almost died haha. Then of course, everything that followed. My fave scene of all time in any Bones episode EVER: Hot Blooded. That says it all right there, but of course im gonna elaborate. It was awesome how Booth was commenting on Bones' whole cd collection. Then when he started dancing and playing air guitar I almost fainted for goodness sake!!! Theh he goes and gets BLOWN UP! It's so ironic how that should have been Brennan, not him. Oh my gosh and when she was kidnapped and Hodgins helped Booth escape from the hospital to save her? Wow. It hurt seeing Seeley in so much pain. But hey, he saved her, so he is totally the coolest guy ever. So there.
  • Great episode. Really interesting and loved Bones/Booth scenes

    this is one of my favourite eps. although some scenes were kinda creepy, the episode was just great.
    also loved how booth cared so much about bones and that he even went to save her when he was in pain.
    i love the story too. i just wanted to keep whatching and whatching it.

    i also loved bones\\\'s apartment. it was so cool.

    the scene when they dance was so funny, couldn\\\'t stop laughing. one of my favourites.

    seeing booth injured made me sad :[ but bones was worried for him and was with him so i guess it was worth it...well maybe not that much for booth but i\\\'ms ure he enjoyed it too xD!

    overall great ep and one of my favourites ever
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