Season 4 Episode 1

Yanks in the UK (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 03, 2008 on FOX
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Season four begins all the way in England, with Booth speaking at Scotland Yard and Brennan guest-lecturing at the prestigious Oxford University. Knowing of Booth and Brennan's expertise in their respective fields, local officials ask for their help with a high-profile murder investigation that involves a British heiress.moreless

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  • I am very disappointed with this episode (both parts). I was bored the whole time. It's clear to us from the beginning that Brennan has evolved, but Booth seems as lost to the world as always.moreless

    I am very disappointed with this episode (both parts). I was bored the whole time. (and I watched it twice to see if it was just me. Sadly, no) No memorable moments between Booth and Brennan in a double episode where there was plenty of time for major character building. It's clear to us from the beginning that Brennan has evolved since she states it at the end of her lecture, but Booth seems as lost to the world as always. Booth has been a character that, to me, has always seemed off balance. He's presented as someone with a gift for reading people, yet he always seems have no idea what's going on with people. This episode was worse. I want to like Booth but he seems to be getting more idiotic with time. The car scenes...painful. Who behaves like that in traffic?? Especially in a situation like his in London? Boreanaz! What are you doing to your character! Booth is very annoying...and not only to the brits. Oh, and wear your seatbelt! He never wears the seatbelt! What the h***!

    The Angela-Hodgins situation was cute but still, no big deal either. Saroyan sleeping with Angela's ex could not be more trite.

    It's like, in general, the writers tried too hard to justify certain things like breaking up A&H, and filming in London. And that's it because, frankly, nothing worthwhile happened in 84 minutes of story. It ended up being 84 minutes to get Angela and Jack to break up. Just a long plot based story with no character building. After a long hiatus and the unsettled subject of Booth nearly dying and it's effect on Brennan, I was expecting something with more substance. Not just a random murder story.

    I want to make it clear that I really want to like the show. It has potential and charm. I just hope it gets better.moreless
  • Disappointing episode and season opener

    Theres not much to say about this episode other than the fact that it was awful. That's all what i can say it sucked bad! man i don't want to watch the rest of this season. It was so bad that afterwards when i went to bed it haunted me. I don't know it just kind of ruined the characters and seeing everyone hooked up with one anthor was a bad plot idea. Seriously i watch bones so i don't have to watch CSI but now its just becoming a sick clone of CSI i can't watch anymore. The hardcore fans will defend it till the end (look at the simpisons denial) but the real fans know the truth disappointed. Like CSImoreless
  • Poorly written and conceived story about Yanks in the UK written by Yanks who have evidently never been to the UK.

    I wanted to decline to give this review a score because it may entertain Americans and non-English people.

    As an English person the moment a show I like is doing en ep in England I think "oh no!". And I was justified. WIthin the first few moments the whole thing is unrealistic. Firstly, cars that drive into the Thames are dragged out immediately. There are more security cameras in London than any other city per capita and 7 million people in a quite small space. You can't drive into the Thames without someone knowing! So no way you're going to find a car with a decomposed corpse! Anyway the Thames is tidal and a car would either show up at low tide or get hit by a the keel of a boat!

    Then, in spite of finding some real teabags to act in the show and really filming in London the phone goes and it's Scotland Yard Homicide. No it's not. It would be CID most likely but either way it's not homicide - it's MURDER. Simple stuff which if not the researchers then the Brit actors should have advised. I could go on but you get the idea.

    I did laugh at the remark "they use dental records in England!"

  • As an English person myself I think the English – American tête-à-tête has never been funnier.

    As an English person myself I think the English – American tête-à-tête has never been funnier.

    For decades English and American tv have both been about getting one up on the other. This show was great in that it took the mess out of both sides of the pond equally. The professor working with bones was a stuck up snob, the nobles were the stereotypical ones lording it over everyone with absolutely no idea about anything. And of course the greatest English cliché, the butler did it!!

    On the other hand you have booth who cant drive or understand the simplest things in london. Even bones has more than her normal difficulty communicating.

    You have to have a certain weird sense of humor to appreciate this episode but if you see the subtleties of it and it's following episode, and don't get upset over the wrong things, you'll see the fun side of it.moreless
  • a well acted and cleverly written episode which was better then expected

    When i read Yanks in Britain i thought oh no an American show doing an episode in britain this will never work. How wrong was i, this was another well acted and well written episode it had tons of cliches but didn't hold any punches. Making fun of royalty as often as possible but always tasteful. if this was a British show they would never of been brave enough to make half of the jokes/insults. The main down fall to this episode was the British counterparts the characters did not have the same charisma or chemistry apart from that it was a very enjoyable episodemoreless
Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro

T.J. Thyne

T.J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins

Tamara Taylor

Tamara Taylor

Dr. Camille Saroyan

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance Brennan

John Francis Daley

John Francis Daley

Dr. Lance Sweets

David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Eugene Byrd

Eugene Byrd

Dr. Clark Edison

Guest Star

Indira Varma

Indira Varma

Cate Pritchard

Guest Star

Michael Brandon

Michael Brandon

Roger Frampton

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Bones tells Booth that she could drive, as she is an excellent driver, to which he responds "Okay, Rainman." Bones and Booth had nearly the exact same conversation in episode 1x10 "The Woman at the Airport."

    • Goof: When Booth is driving through central London the shots from outside the car are from the Bank Station intersection which has predominantly stone buildings. However, the view from inside the car is of other parts of Central London including green areas and shops. Also, during the conversation with Bones and Inspector Pritchard, the scenery is repeated four times, making it look like Booth is driving through the Bank intersection four different times even though he's driving in the same direction the whole time.

    • When Booth is driving and nearly crashes into a bus you can see the bus company is called Carousel. This bus company does not actually operate inside of London.

  • QUOTES (31)

    • Angela: My heart isn't yours to claim. It's mine to give away.
      Hodgins: I get that. I mean what you're saying, not your heart.
      Angela: Idiot, you do get my heart.

    • Hodgins: How mad is she?
      Cam: Mad, mad, mad.
      Hodgins: I thought women liked it when we fought over them.
      Cam: Women is not an acceptable generalization.

    • Cate Pritchard: Portia Frampton. She's an American, as is her father, do you know her?
      Ian Wexler: Not all Americans know each other, Cate. There are quite a lot of them.

    • Brennan: (answering her phone) Brennan!
      Cam: Am I interrupting anything?
      Brennan: No I'm just helping Booth drive.
      Cam: Booth shouldn't be behind the wheel, he isn't adaptable.
      Booth: I'm Mr. Adaptable okay? The side mirror is the size of a thumbnail!
      Brennan: Well that is what happens when you rent a car the size of your thumb.

    • Brennan: You think I'm special?
      Booth: Of course I think you're special! Yes!

    • Booth: (as they walk past a suit of armor) Whoa! Look at this guy!
      Jamison: Er ... yes, sir. It dates to- please don't touch that, Agent Booth.
      Brennan: Late 1490's or early 1500's ... German design?
      Jamison: His Grace's ancestors fought for Henry VIII in France.
      Booth: (noticing the codpiece) Oh, geez, look at the size of this. That's one large cup. Probably to scare the sissy French.
      Brennan: Well, actually, Henry VIII started a trend of large codpieces because he had syphilis, so his penis was extremely sensitive to anything touching it. (Booth grimaces.)
      Jamison: His Grace favors the 'intimidate the enemy' version, should the topic arise.

    • Sweets: Angela?
      Angela: Here we go.
      Sweets: Angela, men are idiots. Seriously.
      Angela: Just to be clear, are you a man or a boy for the purposes of this conversation?

    • Angela: Hey Hodgins?
      Hodgins: Yea ... hey ... hi Angela. (Angela holds out her hand, Hodgins takes it, and they begin to walk away, leaving Cam behind.)
      Cam: Fine, I'll just ... pass this along with Booth and Dr. Brennan in England. You guys go ahead and ... security cameras people ... building's filled with security ... cameras.

    • Angela: ... until Grayson hands over signed divorce papers, I don't really need Hodgins seeing everyone gawking at him like he's some kind of god.
      Cam: But he is some kind of god. The best kind.

    • Angela: (after kissing Birimbau) That's the last bit of sugar you're ever gonna get from me. I want my divorce.

    • Brennan: Common sense says you don't, offend your partner for an hour of fun.
      Ian Wexler: An hour? What, one hour? You underestimate me Dr. Brennan.

    • Sweets: When I was ten, the kid next door had a Turtle Party Wagon. It's an- accessory for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures.
      Angela: Mm.
      Sweets: It's a toy. Anyway, I loved that Party Wagon. I wanted that Party Wagon. So I climbed the tree outside his bedroom window. But the tree had a fungus, and his dad was too cheap to hire an arborist. So unbeknownst to me, some of the branches were- were dead.
      Angela: (laughs) Lucky for you I, uh, I enjoy a convoluted story with my hot beverage.
      Sweets: I'm in the hospital. Broken arm, concussion. And the kid with the Party Wagon comes in. I confess everything. You know what he says? "I would have given it to you."
      Angela: Ah. He had a little gay crush on you.
      Sweets: He did?
      Angela: Mhm.
      Sweets: Oh man that explains a lot.
      Angela: But, I'm guessing that you have a different point to the story? Like, maybe I'm the Party Wagon?
      Sweets: No, you're the gay neighbor boy. Your love is the Party Wagon, Grayson is the tree, I'm Hodgins.
      Angela: Which brings us back to the point that all men are idiots.
      Sweets: See how I worked that? It's because I'm so good.

    • Booth: Okay, news bulletin for ya'. Bones, there is not a, guy in this country who wouldn't want to have sex with you. Probably half the gay men ...
      Brennan: Are you being nice about me, or awful about British men?
      Booth: Wexler is not special, you are.

    • Booth: A real butler would offer to take my hat.
      Butler: A real gentleman would be wearing a hat.

    • Booth: (getting out of the car) Geez. Gettin' out of this thing is like being born!

    • Booth: Wow! Nice castle!
      Brennan: No, castles were originally designed for military purposes to withstand attack. This ... is more properly called a palace.

    • Booth: (gets out of the car he's unsuccessfully trying to drive) God! I hate London, I hate England! I'm glad we had a revolution! Aaaa!

    • Sweets: (looks at Angela's husband) Oh my God, poor Hodgins, wow. (laughs) Look at that guy! He's just ... look at him!

    • Booth: This is the weakest coffee I've ever had!
      Brennan: Booth, that's tea.

    • Hodgins: Check it out, British slime. So much more proper than American slime.

    • Booth: Bones and I are the best crime solving team in America!
      Brennan: Well ... we're in England.

    • Brennan: Just, tell him he can have a gun.
      Pritchard: Well he can't!
      Booth: Well, as they say in America: hasta la vista baby!
      Pritchard Eh-wha-wh- Agent Booth, I will-I will do my utmost to get you a gun.

    • Ian: Penetrating trauma to the parietal bone.
      Brennan: (to Booth and Pritchard) Someone hit her on the head with a sharp object.
      Ian: You have to do that as well do you, translate for them? (Brennan nods)
      Booth: (to Pritchard) You have to deal with that too?

    • Inspector Pritchard: Well, the way we usually work is, I drag the bodies out of the Thames and you use your extraordinary capabilities to identify them.
      Booth: Bones, they're like the English version of me and you!

    • Ian: Inspector Pritchard meet, Dr. Brennan.
      Pritchard: Charming.
      Ian: She's exactly like me.
      Pritchard: Charming, tenacious, salacious, sophomoric, euphoric, noble, ignoble, fatuous, horrid, morbid, torpid, and tedious.
      Ian: Flattery will get you absolutely nowhere Cate.

    • Ian: (about Booth) Does your cowboy want to tag along?
      Brennan: Oh, please don't call him that.
      Ian: He'll find it insulting?
      Brennan: No, he'd love it.

    • Brennan: I'm keen as ketchup!
      Ian: Mustard. Keen as mustard.

    • Brennan: (to Ian) Over the last few days I have been warned, many times, to watch out for you.
      Ian: Warned? That sounds dangerous. (his phone starts ringing) Is it something along the lines of oh, "Look out for Ian Wexler, he's a young genius on the rise"?
      Brennan: How can you flirt with me while ignoring your phone?
      Ian: Well, I am a man of perspective. Besides, I find that if one ignores the thing long enough generally it stops ringing and then, later, at my leisure it will tell me what it wanted.

    • Booth: ... the boobies took me out for a beer last night.
      Brennan: Bobbies, they're called bobbies.

    • Brennan: Agent Booth is the intuitive humanist, while I am the logical empiricist. Although recently I have seen how ... destructive pure logic can be. My own assistant, the most ... brilliant young man I've ever met ...
      Booth: ... ended up a, a sidekick to a cannibalistic serial killer.
      Brennan: I-I haven't invited you to join me Booth, so you could take your seat.

    • Booth: Well you know without a gun I'm practically naked isn't that right Bones?

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: September 25th, 2008 on Sky1
      New Zealand: October 19th, 2008 on TV3
      Australia: November 10th, 2008 on Channel 7
      Sweden: November 30th, 2008 on TV3
      Denmark: December 2nd, 2008 on TV3
      Norway: February 5th, 2009 on Tv3
      Spain: February 6th, 2009 on Fox
      Thailand: March 1st, 2009 on True Series
      Finland: March 20th, 2009 on Sub
      Portugal: April 9th, 2009 on Fox
      Germany: April 16th, 2009 on RTL
      Slovakia: September 2nd, 2009 on JOJ
      Greece: July 12th, 2010 on Ant1
      Czech Republic: August 18th, 2010 on Prima

    • The first establishing shot of Oxford in this episode is of the All Souls College, which has no undergraduate members.

    • Featured Music:
      "Raise Today" by Peasant (plays while Temperance turns down Dr. Wexler)

    • This episode is included as an extra on the "Bones" Season 3 DVD release.