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  • I am very disappointed with this episode (both parts). I was bored the whole time. It's clear to us from the beginning that Brennan has evolved, but Booth seems as lost to the world as always.

    I am very disappointed with this episode (both parts). I was bored the whole time. (and I watched it twice to see if it was just me. Sadly, no) No memorable moments between Booth and Brennan in a double episode where there was plenty of time for major character building. It's clear to us from the beginning that Brennan has evolved since she states it at the end of her lecture, but Booth seems as lost to the world as always. Booth has been a character that, to me, has always seemed off balance. He's presented as someone with a gift for reading people, yet he always seems have no idea what's going on with people. This episode was worse. I want to like Booth but he seems to be getting more idiotic with time. The car scenes...painful. Who behaves like that in traffic?? Especially in a situation like his in London? Boreanaz! What are you doing to your character! Booth is very annoying...and not only to the brits. Oh, and wear your seatbelt! He never wears the seatbelt! What the h***!
    The Angela-Hodgins situation was cute but still, no big deal either. Saroyan sleeping with Angela's ex could not be more trite.
    It's like, in general, the writers tried too hard to justify certain things like breaking up A&H, and filming in London. And that's it because, frankly, nothing worthwhile happened in 84 minutes of story. It ended up being 84 minutes to get Angela and Jack to break up. Just a long plot based story with no character building. After a long hiatus and the unsettled subject of Booth nearly dying and it's effect on Brennan, I was expecting something with more substance. Not just a random murder story.
    I want to make it clear that I really want to like the show. It has potential and charm. I just hope it gets better.
  • Disappointing episode and season opener

    Theres not much to say about this episode other than the fact that it was awful. That's all what i can say it sucked bad! man i don't want to watch the rest of this season. It was so bad that afterwards when i went to bed it haunted me. I don't know it just kind of ruined the characters and seeing everyone hooked up with one anthor was a bad plot idea. Seriously i watch bones so i don't have to watch CSI but now its just becoming a sick clone of CSI i can't watch anymore. The hardcore fans will defend it till the end (look at the simpisons denial) but the real fans know the truth disappointed. Like CSI
  • Poorly written and conceived story about Yanks in the UK written by Yanks who have evidently never been to the UK.

    I wanted to decline to give this review a score because it may entertain Americans and non-English people.

    As an English person the moment a show I like is doing en ep in England I think "oh no!". And I was justified. WIthin the first few moments the whole thing is unrealistic. Firstly, cars that drive into the Thames are dragged out immediately. There are more security cameras in London than any other city per capita and 7 million people in a quite small space. You can't drive into the Thames without someone knowing! So no way you're going to find a car with a decomposed corpse! Anyway the Thames is tidal and a car would either show up at low tide or get hit by a the keel of a boat!

    Then, in spite of finding some real teabags to act in the show and really filming in London the phone goes and it's Scotland Yard Homicide. No it's not. It would be CID most likely but either way it's not homicide - it's MURDER. Simple stuff which if not the researchers then the Brit actors should have advised. I could go on but you get the idea.

    I did laugh at the remark "they use dental records in England!"

  • As an English person myself I think the English – American tête-à-tête has never been funnier.

    As an English person myself I think the English – American tête-à-tête has never been funnier.

    For decades English and American tv have both been about getting one up on the other. This show was great in that it took the mess out of both sides of the pond equally. The professor working with bones was a stuck up snob, the nobles were the stereotypical ones lording it over everyone with absolutely no idea about anything. And of course the greatest English cliché, the butler did it!!

    On the other hand you have booth who cant drive or understand the simplest things in london. Even bones has more than her normal difficulty communicating.

    You have to have a certain weird sense of humor to appreciate this episode but if you see the subtleties of it and it's following episode, and don't get upset over the wrong things, you'll see the fun side of it.
  • a well acted and cleverly written episode which was better then expected

    When i read Yanks in Britain i thought oh no an American show doing an episode in britain this will never work. How wrong was i, this was another well acted and well written episode it had tons of cliches but didn't hold any punches. Making fun of royalty as often as possible but always tasteful. if this was a British show they would never of been brave enough to make half of the jokes/insults. The main down fall to this episode was the British counterparts the characters did not have the same charisma or chemistry apart from that it was a very enjoyable episode
  • A great idea to temporarily change locales after the drama of season 3.

    A wonderful change of scenery and a great case. Loved the comparison between Booth/Brennan and their English counterparts, Wexler/Pritchard. It was a good move to let Booth handle much of the interrogations, it's disorienting – Americans vs British mentality, and where the Brits probably couldn't get away with being so rude to aristocrats, Booth can because he's not officially connected to Scotland Yard.

    It's a smart move on the butler's part to confess, it secures not only his future but that of future generations of his family. Aristocratic loyalty goes a long way. Very sordid case too – the guy who got her pregnant is her half-brother, impressively nasty.

    Very sweet symbolism with the bicycle bells ringing when Angela and Hodgins kissed.

    Very cool episode, great case, great scenery and great change of pace after the drama of the season 3 finale.
  • Good start to the new series!

    I liked this episode mainly because it was great to see an episode set in the UK. I have to disagree with the Trivia above mentioned on this page as we do also use the phrase 'knocked up' for pregnancy, I can't say I have ever heard anyone use it to wake someone up!!
    Anyway, Sweets is fast becoming one of my favourite characters! I love him! ('Can I touch the brain?')
    There was a few problems with the episode, what was the point of clarke?! I thought he was going to take the Zak role? I also didn't particularly like the Angela-Hodgins-Cam-Grayson (is that his name?) thing. Apart from that though I thought it was great, developed more of Bones character and possible feelings she may have towards Booth. A few teething problems but otherwise a solid start to the series.
  • Spoiler** Brilliant writing and humorous

    What an amazing episode. The humour wrote into the episode was brilliant, how they managed to make a joke out of the tiniest british things. Being British myself I found it to be very funny. Even down to Booth thinking his tea was weak coffee. The plot was well written and i liked the fact it didnt drag out one story across the two episodes, instead it split the story into two sections one murder in one episode another in the next. The only let down for me was the dissilusion of Hodgkins and Angelas relationship. I mean why do that to them it was so out of the blue and it upset me a bit. I hope to see them back together soon, very soon. I hope the series continues to be as strong as thi opening saga
  • Not at all what I expected and hoped for.

    I rated this episode an 8, only because it's Bones. But what happened during this summer break? I had a big problem with the last episode of season 3, and now they all continue as if nothing happened. Only Brennan says something about Zack in public, which is totally out of character for her. And everyone else was out of character too. After seeing the promo I really hoped it wouldn't turn into a show where everything of good old England was made ridiculous. Please, Booth driving through London like that, he is a man of the world, or so I thought. That bus just missing them, the close up didn't blend in with the sequel of images at the right time. And I thought Cam would be much more of a professional. Falling so obviously for Angela's ex-to-be. And then turning to Sweets for advice on this very personal matter. She is his boss, she is everyones boss! Why did Angela kiss this stranger like that at the Jeffersonian of all places, what was she thinking?
    Of course I like a bit of humor, and tension between the characters is what I'm looking for too. Along with an airtight case. I didn't quit get this one, at least the dead girl's part. And Clark, I smiled at his first remark, his second one too, but than it became too much. I really hope they get back to where they once started out: a good, solid show with likable characters, a not so obvious case, some real good detective and forensic work and some moments to keep us shippers going. And please leave it with that....
  • 2-hour season premiere. With lots of personal stuff, less Bones talking people. Playing on many different places, it's nice to see the outside world too

    It had really wicked kind of humor from Cam and Sweets this episode and everybody had their role. Well done from the actors, altough the story wasn't that brilliant. Again many little mistakes but still it was hilarious and fun to watch like always. I missed the Brennan/Angela bonding. Yes of course I didn't like it when Angela en Hodgins broke up, but I think they will bring back more ex girlfriends or boyfriends from them, so we will have a laugh. It will end up just fine. Too bad for the english duo to end up like this, but this can get B/B to rethink about what they feel for each other. They were very helpful indeed.
    It liked the episode because it showed us more what happens outside the Jeffersonian and the world still continues. Booth definately has to find himself a really good competitor for Brennan because she is difficult to get jalous ;)
  • Bones and Booth meet the boobies.

    Im not really sure how to explain this episode.

    It was good but not a great opener. should have been a middle season episode. Its good for the show to move out of its usual boundaries.

    Not enough booth and bones scenes though well not as much as i was hoping for after reading spoilers.

    the jumping between england and the jeffersonian was a bit annoying. and Cam's obession with 'Grayson'.

    the whole Grayson thing is annoying in itself. "i still love angela." Dude, you havent seen her in years ?

    Im glad that with this episode we might be able to see B&B in a few other countries.

    booth in his mini was excellent. its one of the funniest scenes in this episode

    i must also say, the producers making everyone speak with that snobby annoying english accent was just annoying. Ive lived in london, nobody talks like that !
  • I liked it and I didn't...

    I have no idea what to say about that episode...
    It was fun and intelligent but in the same time, a had that funny feeling that there's something missing. Still don't know what that was.
    But, I can't say that the episode was boring or simply bad... That would be unfair. No, maybe I just hoped for something more?
    Oh, and one other thing! The brakeup between Hodgins and Angela, it was too easy... Call me naive, fine, but I thought that if two people are so much in love, they should fight for theire love, not just give it up so quickly.
    But that's only my opinion.
  • Great to have the squints back but...

    Following the unexpected twist in the season 3 finale, I was really lokking forward to the season 4. The team formed by Bones and Booth is still very nice to listen to and to observe but there was something missing...

    Just a slight reference to Zack in the opening is not enough to overcome the chock we all had discovering he was helping a killer. It was also a little bit boring to cope with Booth's patriotism and the multiple references the the States.
    Finally it was quite refreshinf to have an English team joining them.

    We can't say either that the two investigations were really great.

    Of course, as a consolation we have Pritch alluding to the attraction between B & B that everybody sees but them and the personal dialogues between the two of them but I expected more. Next week?
  • A very silly episode with no real presentation of London.

    I have to say I found this episode silly. Being English I have to ask where all the funny accents came from. I think the worst part that got me was the Henly boatman who pronounced coxswain as cox-wayne the word is pronounces coxen. I have to ask why a 'NEW' Scotland Yard officer would be involved on a case in Oxford. I will note the NEW on the front of Scotland Yard which was missing throughout the episode. But New Scotland Yard only covers the metorpolitan area of London, Oxford is covered by Thames Valley police force. And why would an Oxford Anthropologst be running an archaeological dig in London. That would be covered by an archaeologist who is employed by the greater London council. The story was fun but really a bit insulting.
  • A poor season opener, with a few amusing touches.

    After the shocking conclusion to Season 3, i was disappointed with this poorly written season opener. Barely a mention of Zack and his betrayal to the team, it was business as usual - albeit in London. No cliche was left unused as Booth & Brennan stumble their way through the posh side of the capital city. Boreanaz and Deschanel do their best with the weak script, and John Francis Daley deserves a mention for his performance. And do we really think Brennan would be interested in Prof Ian Wexler? sure the man was intelligent but he was flirting with her from the moment they met, also mocking Booth's intelligence - and he just seemed sleazy to me..
  • Another great Season Premiere.

    The strike definetely did something good for the writers creative minds. If not, then i don't know how to explain this avalanche of great, awesome premiere's that i have been watching. Bones is no exception. The Yanks in the UK is a concentrated mixture of all the things we love about Bones. I feared there would be much melodrama over Zack subject and expected it to be kind of cheesy, but it was nothing like that. Instead, we get almost no Zack talk at all, except for a (not so honorable) mention during Brennan's speech. To all people's joy, we are presented with 2 hours of "Booth/Brennan" that shippers will love, a lousy driver Booth, and enough jokes involving british folks and their own crime cliches (hey, guess who's the murderer?) There was also some character development for Brennan. The interaction between all of the characters was awesome, and Angela's husband "Birimbau" as a guest star was a tiny but memorable role, which added to the story and also gave us a different perspective on Cam's character, and Angie/Hodgins relation. Congratulations to the authors, "The Yanks in the UK" was memorable and i expect a lot from this 4th season.
  • Booth and Bones go to London and solve two murder cases.

    I thought these episodes we really amazing, and put some oomph into the season premier. I was soo shocked when Grayson Bourassa showed up, but I instantly knew it was him. Cam sleeping with him was a little predictable, but I still thought it was hilarious. The Angela and Hodgins splitting up thing is going to make A LOT of people mad. I for one am not as disappointed as I would have expected to by this, because I felt that their relationship had taken a turn for the worst and gotten a bit boring towards the end of season four. Excited for episode three!
  • The gang are back ( minus one )

    however at present they are separated by a few thousand miles with Booth and Brennan in England giving guest speeches and Angela, Hodges, Cam plus Sweets are doing what they do best at the Jeffersonian ( forensics )

    Whilst giving a lecture at Oxford University Brennan is chatted up by the head professor but are called away to solve a crime, the decomposed body of an heiress is found in her car in the Thames and Tempie and Booth are asked to help with the investigation.

    I have read that this and part 2 were not up to the standard of past episodes of Bones, but being from the UK I took this as great viewing and some of the comic moments in and around London with Booth were hilarious ( the mini ride, the boobies instead of bobbies comment ), and the culprit… " the butler did it " was straight out of the old British murder mystery films.
  • OMG what have you done.

    I'd like to say im a big Bones fan and have followed each episode from its infancy, But This episode sucked . I was particularly disappointed at the writers poor understanding of " The British " all head butts and high tea. Story was so limp. , I was hoping that the poor season finally was due to the writers strike but after seeing the first 2 episodes im not to sure. Loosing Zack in such a unbelievable way really let this great show down. I hope there is a little more thought to this season's story line as season three started so well but lost it big time. :(
  • Unwelcome character shifts.

    It seems as though all of the character development that had taken place over the first three seasons has been ignored by the writers for the debut of Season 4. Booth, who had been growing into a less obnoxious and more finesse-capable mold, is not just back to impulsive, boorish and overall unprofessional behavior, but has been taken over the top in that direction. Brennan seems tentative in too many instances, and appears to have lost what tact had been acquired. (Though the lack of tact was admittedly always a feature.) The writers appear to have abandoned all pretense of occasional nods toward token acknowledgment of the fact that an FBI Special Agent in a foreign country should behave in a professional manner at all times; Booth's behavior would have had the Brits loading him in an air cargo container at Gatwick in milliseconds. Disbelief is thereby not just suspended, but flogged and keelhauled. I get the distinct impression that the writers have been told to make this a "Guy Show" where Booth is concerned; turn him into nothing more than a Jock, which largely destroys what had been getting built in the first two and two thirds seasons. This is easily the worst episode to date.
  • A typical American stereotype of the English.

    As an Englishman, this episode was excruciating to watch. I've pretty much enjoyed every episode previous to this, but this was beyond watching.

    I only managed to get through 10 minutes before having to switch it off. The stereotyping of the English was beyond a joke. I am unable to say how I really feel about the makers of this episode without resorting to expletives.

    I am sorry that I am unable to actually review this episode. It is so bad I will never be able to watch it all the way through without feeling complete contempt towards everyone involved in the episode. If it wasn't for the fact that there have been so many good episodes before, I don't think that I would ever watch this show again.

    I would advise anyone English not to watch this episode. I can't offer the same advice to Americans; it is obvious that they don't have a clue as to what we are like.
  • The Characters are a little different this season

    This epsidoe was great, i missed this whole part the first time around then watched it agin after the second part was done. I love this episode it was so cool them being in london. when Booth was driving the car it was so funny, although i dont remember if that was in the first part or the second but it was funny the reactions that him and Bones had for those parts. I really did not like that Angela and hogins broke up though, that was sad, they were a really good couple. I am so sad that Zacks not a main character anymore, he is cool.
  • Welcome to the UK

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode, and season, with both Booth and Bones in England. We learn that Booth spoke at Scotland Yard and Brennan guest-lecturing at the prestigious Oxford University. When a murder is committed Bones and Booth are invited along. And soon Bones and Booth are introduced to a British version of themselves. We learn that the victim's father is American and so they will want the FBI to investigate. And so Bones and Booth are brought in on the case. Only the one thing I don't understand already is why the body etc is being taken back to the Jeffersonian, which is odd as it is in America and the crime scene is in the UK. Surely in the UK they have their own lab etc to carry out the tests needed? Back at the lab, we see Angela going into the office and her husband is there. Being so happy to see him, she jumps on him and they kiss. Has she forgotten about Hodgins, or have I missed something? But then she tells him that she wanted her divorce. Soon he is introduced to Hodgins and we see that they are complete opposites. Plus seeing Booth driving is hilarious. We soon learn that the victim was pregnant, about 2 months along into the pregnancy. Soon they turn their attentions to a British heir, who was dating the victim. Angela's husband, Grayson, and Hodgins get into a fight, during which Grayson throws Hodgins into a garbage truck. Soon back in the UK, they believe they have discovered who the killer is and go there to question him. But as they do so, the Butler admits to committing the murder. Bones gets asked out, but turns it down in order to stay with Booth.
  • Bulldust!!

    What a load of hogwash!! In what century was this set! For crying out loud bobbies blowing whistles at the fire scene! Police haven't blown whistles in Britain for 50 years! As for Scotland Yard investigating a murder in Oxford.. no not in this reality! Could they have got any more cliches into these two episodes? Whoever did the research on this story line needs to be fired and damn quick! The 50 year old gas stove really took the biscuit come on guys do you really think Britain still lives in the 1950s!!! We've managed to get to the 21st century just like every other country in the world. Very disappointed in what I thought was a good show,season 4 doesn't appear to have got off to a good start let's hope it gets better. I just hope America doesn't think all those cliches were real
  • All season premieres are the same...

    I'll start by saying that I liked Hodgins' determination to not let Angela go and to not let Grayson intimidate him.

    Sweets was very funny. It didn't bother me that he totally looked like a child. His reaction when he sees Grayson is hilarious. And his whole explanation to Angela was silly but fun too.

    Please, no more car scenes between Booth and Brennan until they stop making him like a total fool and annoying person. I was laughing at Booth's tantrum until it became a little too much to the point that it was exaggerated. I didn't like Booth in this episode, he was a little bit out of character sometimes. It's silly how some of the most important things that B&B have to tell each other happen when they're in the middle of something, without giving them time to appreciate it.
    That Brennan doesn't allow herself to do things that would "upset" Booth is nice, it shows she respects him but I wish she could do them for herself. She and Booth are very good friends. They're partners, they spent almost all day together but it bothers me that she has to let him know about the men she will have sex with. It should be something that she should keep to herself. Part one wasn't that bad, I actually enjoyed it. It was the first episode after a long summer and the writer's strike that it was good, not great, but not that bad either.

  • NOTE - this review is for both parts 1 and 2... mainly because I am too lazy to write up two separate rants. ;)

    All right, where to start?

    So my friends and I had a premiere party at Gabi's (LemonFairy) house. We were so psyched for this episode - which I think may have been one of Hart Hanson's tactics. We've all been waiting FIVE MONTHS for a new episode; it's not like we're going to complain about it too much!

    Unfortunately, this episode just wasn't up to what I've seen in the previous seasons.

    So the episodes starts with Booth and Brennan across the pond. Brennan is wearing her funky robes and Booth is snoring. That was pretty amusing... but then the next thing is that Brennan mentions Zack and Booth puts his two cents in, and my first though was, "Five seconds in and they're already trying too hard?" Because that's about the way it seemed. Like, "la la la, let's grasp back onto previous episodes for support!" and then it was one strange ride from then on.

    So after that, we meet British B&B, which was generally bizarre. Ian Wexler and what's-her-face both kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I'm not sure why. Possibly because, right off the bat, our beloved Brennan and Booth are attempting to hide the fact that they're interested in their opposite, and vice-versa.

    (Though, in a glimmer of REAL Bones, I have to give a nod to the look on Booth's face when Ian wanted to talk to Brennan. Priceless!)

    And then, finally, onto the case at last. Rich, skanky girl is pregnant, the baby daddy tries to cover up, and the parents of both are clueless and aloof. Sounds like a convoluted combination of a couple of previous episodes, no?

    The case proceeds, blah blah blah. The case is boring, blah blah blah. And I have to say it - did we *ever* actually figure out who killed the girl? Did we?

    Whatever. The case was not that fascinating, so I was happy to move onto the second half.

    And - oh noes! - Ian burns to a crisp. And then... what exactly happened after that? I can't really remember. Some guy with a tattoo and a Bronze Age dig site. A chick with an interesting haircut betrays her companion, who resembles Mick Jagger, and Brennan determines that Ian was killed with a Bronze-Age bone shard.

    And that case got a solid "Eh." from me as well.

    So, onto the real meat of the episode!

    We have Clark Edison again, who - what is it now, the third time? - joins the crew and quits in one episode. Same old, same old. And Clark also bugs me.

    Five minutes into the show, and here comes trouble in the form of Grayson... and, ah, Angela - you know that's not Hodgins (your FIANCE) that you're totally kissing right now, don't you?

    Apparently not. And the drama begins...

    So. Angela kisses Grayson, and asks for her divorce. Grayson makes a big fuss over it but is eventually like, "Huh, what the heck. I'll sign!"

    Hodgins slugs Grayson outside the diner, as Angela walks by with Sweets (??? Why are they all just randomly walking about the same street???) Grayson dumps Hodgins into a passing garbage truck, which seemed way cheesy.

    Cam offers to drive Grayson to the airport so he can leave after his much awaited five total minutes of screen time. But wait - all the predictions about Cam getting together with Grayson? Couldn't have been closer. So Cam sleeps with Grayson.

    Um... well, we saw that coming, but...

    So Cam is confused, and goes to Sweets for advice. In return for his generic advice to Cam, Sweets has my favorite moment of the show. She's examining someone's brain (Ian's? Who cares?) and Sweets asks to touch the brain as a reward.


    "It's squishy!"

    Way to go, Sweets! I have to admit, he's really growing on me as a character. I'm not picking up on the he's-replacing-Zack vibe as much as some of you are. But whatever. So Cam randomly blurts out to Angela about her and Grayson... Angela is a little more taken-aback than would seem appropriate... and then it was pretty much downhill between them from there.

    So Angela and Hodgins randomly walk around on a street outside the diner and make out. Grayson watches. In a completely blatant metaphor, a bunch of cyclists ride by and ring their bike bells (as previously referenced by Angela as she mentioned that bells rang the first time she kissed Grayson. And she mentioned this to Hodgins. Um, BIIIIIG no-no there, Ange.)

    Then we skip back to B&B in England, where it was revealed that Pritch (*barf*) was sleeping with Ian. Brennan was not (because Booth thinks she's special! :D) which made for a pathetic attempt between the two women at female bonding.

    Back to the snooze-fest - I mean, the case of Ian Wexler's murder. Some stuff happened. Didn't really pay attention.

    So, cut to Hodgins and Angela eating at the diner. They decide, based on what has happened so far in the episode, that they did not trust each other and would attempt to solve the problem by blaming each other for what was happening - and then be all, "Aw, screw it, let's break up!"


    Okay, then.

    The last attempt to save the episode was not bad. Brennan somehow solves Ian's murder, not that it was compelling enough to pay attention to, and she and Booth are enjoying a last English meal before they go back. ("Let's leave before anyone else dies.") Pritch makes Booth a junior knight, which was pretty awesome. I'm hoping we'll see that ribbon hanging in his office sometime soon.

    And the very last lines were totally squee-worthy. Booth offers Brennan his arm, and she replies, "Thank you, Sir Seeley." That was the second-best moment of the show - she hasn't ever called him Seeley to his face! It was a major turning point. Not to mention that he followed up by calling her "Lady Temperance" - and, let's face it, don't you smile to yourself every time Booth calls her Temperance? I know I do!

    So. There were a lot of ups and downs last night. The cases were - sorry, Hart! - boring. The character drama in between seemed kind of overdone and weak at the same time. I'm not really sure what to say.

    I'm just hoping that Hodgela get back on track, that B&B don't get together too soon, that we see Zack again, and that Hart and the gang were just a little rusty after such a long hiatus.

    I'm crossing my fingers.
  • Not too impressive for season start...

    Mmm.. I most say.. after the really horrible season ender and quite a break, I had all my hopes up again, wishing and hoping that this is going to be better. Sadly, it was not.

    The story itself might have been interesting. Bones and Booth in England. Just that sounds quite intriguing. Sadly it was not. The best parts were the funny moments in London traffic and that accident in the crossroad. I most say I did not liked the storyline going on back in Jeffersonian. The divorce thing was not too bad but the all other going on.

    And the main disappointment was the case they were investigating. It was boring and not catching...
  • Bones and Booth are back!

    This was a strange one. I really don't know what to say about this one.

    They seem OK after that whole thing with Zack and everyone is moving on. I expected Berimbau to be taller though lol

    I was expecting a more interesting episode than this, of course some things are new and there are others happening but it could have been so much more...
    It was interesting to see a UK version of Bones/Booth team but I don't know, it was a bit weird 'cause they acted differently. I guess in England things are different.

    Angela's husband finally showed up but I wasn't expecting that ending, I felt something was going to change when Cam told her about Berimbau but never that. That inspector made a good point by the car, "I would encourage you not to forgot Everest", she is right.

    Not what I expected but lets see what happens next week, it might just get back to normal or more.
  • Booth and Bones are in England solving a case and giving lectures while the rest of team are working on the murders from home office.

    I was very disappointed with this season opener, booth and bones are in a love spat for most of the episode. What ever happened to solving the murder. Every time Angela is Speaking to Bones on the computer she has to break in and state what is going on with her relationship with Hodgins. Come on are in we high school again. I used to love all the toys they used at the Jeffersonian Institution and the investigation not the soap opera. Even Sweets and Camille Saroyan got sucked into the lovely dovely stuff. Camille is suppose to be the person putting everyone back on track not helping the staff with more sex. Overall watchable hope part two picks up
  • This was strangely uninspiring.

    I figure it was difficult to follow up on the big "wow" of last year's season finale. This episode, while containing a lot of lovely Booth and Bones moments in England (they're a great pair no matter where they are, and I love that Booth came to like the place after his initial reaction) was just a bit forced. It was nice to get two hours, but the story didn't feel like it filled two hours. It could have been a regular episode with a lot less filler.

    I expect the season will improve when they can move on from last year's shocks and start this season properly on its own.

    I'm very much looking forward to seeing how the group's dynamics work after all the changes.
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