Season 4 Episode 2

Yanks in the UK (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 03, 2008 on FOX
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With the case of the murdered heiress solved, Booth and Brennan prepare to head back home, but are shocked to learn of another murder - and this time it's someone they know. Meanwhile, with Birimbau unexpectedly coming back into Angela's life, things get complicated between her and Hodgins.moreless

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  • Ah, Britain...

    Ah, Britain...

    Casually walking past a prominently placed "Big Ben" on our way to work every morning, then meeting our friends Darcy and Bingley in Trafalgar Square for a lunch of tea and crumpets (or scones, I forget which one it's meant to be). We fluster and search awkwardly for words in our flawless cut-glass accents à la Hugh Grant. And it's all jolly spiffing, if I do say so myself.

    The opening episodes of Bones season 4 are painful to watch as they painstakingly recreate all of those grating little stereotypes about Britain that Americans apparently know and love. This is not a case of 'taking a joke', I am watching one of my favourite trashy drama series through the gaps in my fingers as I groan and cringe. Brennan and Booth look on as the parade of cliché marches on and really… you've got to wonder how the actors managed to keep their straight faces.

    Also, what is this thing that Americans have with tea? Yes! Yes! We drank a quarter of the world's supply but that was 200 years ago. Why keep bringing it up? What was America dominating 200 years ago? I can't think of one… hold on… ah yes, that's right: slavery. But do we mention that every time a British drama ventures across the pond? No.

    I'm sorry for utterly failing to comment on the mystery. The storyline itself was fairly basic and so utterly uninteresting that beyond the plot holes and minor annoyances there is actually very little to talk about. It was all a little average (at best).moreless
  • hmm..

    .. I liked it. Great story, and it's Bones and Booth. Can't get better than that, can it?

    Season 3 was great, less episodes due to the writers' strike but nonetheless a very well written season.

    Now, we can see Bones in London! London baby!! lol

    The story of this episode includes a british partnership like Bones and Booth but they took it much far than our american fellows.

    Zack is gone, Booth is not feeling trigger happy anymore and so far we just had "monster of the week" kind of episodes. But it's still early to say if there will be a progressive plot or a major enemy to be challenged in this season.

    So far so good! Tune your tv and watch Bones!!moreless
  • The characters were weird in this one.

    Booth and Bones go to England. Which I was very excited for. But it was not really that good of an episode. Bones was ok. Booth was still hilarious. Cam was kinda inconciderate of Angela's feelings by sleeping with her ex-husband. And Angela and Hodgins broke up. The reasoning given in the show was very weak and did not make much sense. Clark I found to be very funny. And Sweets was good in the episode. The case was better in the second half but it was still not the best. I guess I just expected more from the season premiere.moreless
  • Yep, we're still in the UK

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode knowing that the divorce papers have been signed and that Angela and Hodgins's wedding is back on. We then see Grayson, saying goodbye to Angela. And so Cam offers to take him to the airport, which he accepts.

    We then see Booth and Bones getting into a taxi as they prepare to leave England, to head back home. As they pack up the taxi, we see that Bones has loads of stuff to take back home. We then see Cam and Grayson in bed together, which I totally saw coming. As they are about to get into the taxi, they get a phone call saying that Ian Wexler (who asked Bones out in the previous episode) has been found murdered. They head over to the crime scene, and find his partner is there waiting for them. They want Bones to ID his body and hands Booth back his gun, since they will now be staying to work on the case. Cam calls Sweets and discussed the fact that she slept with Angela's ex and she wonder if she should tell Angela about it. Soon Cam tells her the truth and Angela seems ok with it. At least until they talk again, when things become weird between Hodgins, Cam and Angela. Seeing what is going on, Sweets calls a meeting between, Cam, Hodgins and Angela. Back in England the prime suspect, says that eh ahs an alibi for the murder, as he was in Wales (Big up Wales!!! Love it when my country gets a mention). Soon we learn that the murder weapon is in fact a bone. When Angela and Hodgins talk, they realise that they don't trust each other, and so Angela leaves and Hodgins doesn't stop her. Is this the end of their romance? They soon learn who killed Ian Wexler, and she is arrested. As the episode ends, we see Angela phoning Bones telling her that she and Hodgins broke up. We then see Grayson, entering Angela's office. He asks her for a lift to the airport, but luckily a tech offers to take him instead.

    As we end the episode we see Booth and Bones in Oxford, enjoying afternoon tea. Then they leave, before someone else gets killed, and they head back to America.moreless
  • Great conclusion to the double-episode.

    Still enjoying the English backdrop and an interesting murder case.

    This is an example of how little people actually know each other. It's one thing to know them socially but it's truly ugly to see what dirt comes out during a murder investigation. It actually ends up trivializing who the person was, obscured by the secrets the person had because nothing good about Wexler could have led to his murder so all you will remember is the bad.

    Cam unwittingly engineered a disaster though it wasn't her fault at all. Angela wouldn't have gotten so upset with Cam if she felt nothing for her husband. Divorce or no divorce, feelings can't disappear overnight. Hodgins got upset that her husband was still in town because he was obviously picking up on Angela's mixed feelings. Guess the romance is over, at least for now. This is just something they need to work through, get counseling, don't break up!

    I was just warming to Clark and he bails!

    A great double episode.moreless
Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro

T.J. Thyne

T.J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins

Tamara Taylor

Tamara Taylor

Dr. Camille Saroyan

David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth

John Francis Daley

John Francis Daley

Dr. Lance Sweets

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Eugene Byrd

Eugene Byrd

Dr. Clark Edison

Guest Star

Sean Blakemore

Sean Blakemore


Guest Star

Michael Brandon

Michael Brandon

Roger Frampton

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: Bones notes that the extra bone found with Wexler's bones is over 2,000 years old and "firmly in the Bronze Age." However, the Bronze Age in Britain ended in approximately 700 BC, which puts the bone in the Iron Age, which was the next era in Britan, lasting from about 700 BC until about 43 AD.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Clark: Remodeling and analysis of the marrow indicates the subject lived in or around the coast of North Carolina.
      Angela: We should look at Jamaica.
      Clark: No evidence suggests the Caribbean.
      Hodgins: For our wedding.
      Clark: Right. What was I thinking? Oh I was focusing on my work.

    • Booth: I wonder if I can get Congress to pass something like, uh, knighthood? Sir Seeley Booth. Just sounds right.

    • Booth: You know, I'm glad to be heading home, but I think America dropped too much of the uh, English stuff back in 1776.
      Brennan: Like what?
      Booth: Well, you know, like, uh, royalty.
      Brennan: Meaningless title, no real power.
      Booth: What, you never wanted to be a princess when you were a kid? (Brennan shakes her head) Even now? A castle, and moats, knights in shining armor. (Brennan shakes her head again)

    • Cam: (after having sex with Birimbau) I'm sorry they canceled your flight.
      Birimbau: I'm not.
      Cam: Neither am I. I was just trying to be polite.
      Birimbau: You know, it's getting late. Let me order you some breakfast before you go to work.
      Cam: Earth-shattering sex and breakfast? I can die a happy woman.

    • Booth: (about Ian) There's no rule saying you can't call him. Although I got to tell you, a guy who doesn't want to talk to you just because you decide not to have sex with him, he can't be that great.
      Brennan: What, in bed?
      Booth: No, great guy.
      Brennan: Oh, because I think Ian would be great in bed.

    • Booth: Oh God we're gonna need another
      cab just for all your stuff.
      Brennan: I was given lots of presents ... by the students at Oxford.
      Booth: No, no, no, no, no, no. Don't touch that one.
      Brennan: Why? What is it?
      Booth: Why? Because your students gave you your gifts, the cops at Scotland Yard gave me a little somethin' somethin' for their appreciation. (shows her the gift) Huh?
      Brennan: What is that?
      Booth: It's a Bobblehead bobby.
      Brennan: That's all you got?

    • Brennan: We should go before someone else gets killed.
      Booth: Yeah, you're right. Here we go. My arm.
      Brennan: Thank you. Thank you, Sir Seeley.
      Booth: Pleasure, Lady Temperance.
      Brennan: (laughs) You sound Australian.
      Booth: That didn't sound Australian ...

    • Sweets: (after giving Cam advice) Can I touch the brain just once, as a reward?
      Cam: Just once.
      Sweets: (smiles) Squishy.

    • Cam: Well, some part of this little devil (referring to a brain she's examining) made me sleep with Angela's ex.
      Sweets: You slept with Angela's ex?!
      Cam: Shhh! A little discretion, please?
      Sweets: I might say the same to you.

    • Hodgins: Did Angela's ex get off okay?
      Cam: (misunderstanding) Whoa! Sorry?
      Hodgins: You took him to the airport?
      Cam: Oh! Off! Of ... of course. Yes, he's off ... and gone ... all gone.

    • (Angela calls Brennan but her call goes to voicemail.)
      Brennan: Technically, you have not reached Temperance Brennan. But if you leave a message, it will reach her. Me. Temperance Brennan.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: September 25th, 2008 on Sky1
      New Zealand: October 26th, 2008 on TV3
      Australia: November 13th, 2008 on Channel 7
      Denmark: December 9th, 2008 on TV3
      Norway: February 12th, 2009 on TV3
      Spain: February 13th, 2009 on Fox
      Finland: March 27th, 2009 on Sub
      Portugal: April 9th, 2009 on Fox
      Germany: April 23rd, 2009 on RTL
      Slovakia: September 9th, 2009 on JOJ
      Czech Republic: August 25th, 2010 on Prima

    • Featured Music:
      "Fool For U" by Plantlife
      "Ghost of a Chance" by Ron Sexsmith

    • This episode is included as an extra on the "Bones" Season 3 DVD release.

    • Being the second part of a two-part episode, this episode had a special air time of 9:00 PM.


    • The names of Lake, Palmer, and Emerson were most likely chosen as a reference to an extremely popular British Progressive Rock band in the 1970's called "Emerson, Lake & Palmer". Keith Emerson played keyboards, Greg Lake was on guitar, bass, and vocals, and Carl Palmer was on drums and general percussion.