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Yanks in the UK (2)

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  • Ah, Britain...

    Ah, Britain...

    Casually walking past a prominently placed "Big Ben" on our way to work every morning, then meeting our friends Darcy and Bingley in Trafalgar Square for a lunch of tea and crumpets (or scones, I forget which one it's meant to be). We fluster and search awkwardly for words in our flawless cut-glass accents à la Hugh Grant. And it's all jolly spiffing, if I do say so myself.

    The opening episodes of Bones season 4 are painful to watch as they painstakingly recreate all of those grating little stereotypes about Britain that Americans apparently know and love. This is not a case of 'taking a joke', I am watching one of my favourite trashy drama series through the gaps in my fingers as I groan and cringe. Brennan and Booth look on as the parade of cliché marches on and really… you've got to wonder how the actors managed to keep their straight faces.

    Also, what is this thing that Americans have with tea? Yes! Yes! We drank a quarter of the world's supply but that was 200 years ago. Why keep bringing it up? What was America dominating 200 years ago? I can't think of one… hold on… ah yes, that's right: slavery. But do we mention that every time a British drama ventures across the pond? No.

    I'm sorry for utterly failing to comment on the mystery. The storyline itself was fairly basic and so utterly uninteresting that beyond the plot holes and minor annoyances there is actually very little to talk about. It was all a little average (at best).
  • hmm..

    .. I liked it. Great story, and it's Bones and Booth. Can't get better than that, can it?
    Season 3 was great, less episodes due to the writers' strike but nonetheless a very well written season.
    Now, we can see Bones in London! London baby!! lol

    The story of this episode includes a british partnership like Bones and Booth but they took it much far than our american fellows.

    Zack is gone, Booth is not feeling trigger happy anymore and so far we just had "monster of the week" kind of episodes. But it's still early to say if there will be a progressive plot or a major enemy to be challenged in this season.

    So far so good! Tune your tv and watch Bones!!
  • The characters were weird in this one.

    Booth and Bones go to England. Which I was very excited for. But it was not really that good of an episode. Bones was ok. Booth was still hilarious. Cam was kinda inconciderate of Angela's feelings by sleeping with her ex-husband. And Angela and Hodgins broke up. The reasoning given in the show was very weak and did not make much sense. Clark I found to be very funny. And Sweets was good in the episode. The case was better in the second half but it was still not the best. I guess I just expected more from the season premiere.
  • Yep, we're still in the UK

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode knowing that the divorce papers have been signed and that Angela and Hodgins's wedding is back on. We then see Grayson, saying goodbye to Angela. And so Cam offers to take him to the airport, which he accepts.
    We then see Booth and Bones getting into a taxi as they prepare to leave England, to head back home. As they pack up the taxi, we see that Bones has loads of stuff to take back home. We then see Cam and Grayson in bed together, which I totally saw coming. As they are about to get into the taxi, they get a phone call saying that Ian Wexler (who asked Bones out in the previous episode) has been found murdered. They head over to the crime scene, and find his partner is there waiting for them. They want Bones to ID his body and hands Booth back his gun, since they will now be staying to work on the case. Cam calls Sweets and discussed the fact that she slept with Angela's ex and she wonder if she should tell Angela about it. Soon Cam tells her the truth and Angela seems ok with it. At least until they talk again, when things become weird between Hodgins, Cam and Angela. Seeing what is going on, Sweets calls a meeting between, Cam, Hodgins and Angela. Back in England the prime suspect, says that eh ahs an alibi for the murder, as he was in Wales (Big up Wales!!! Love it when my country gets a mention). Soon we learn that the murder weapon is in fact a bone. When Angela and Hodgins talk, they realise that they don't trust each other, and so Angela leaves and Hodgins doesn't stop her. Is this the end of their romance? They soon learn who killed Ian Wexler, and she is arrested. As the episode ends, we see Angela phoning Bones telling her that she and Hodgins broke up. We then see Grayson, entering Angela's office. He asks her for a lift to the airport, but luckily a tech offers to take him instead.
    As we end the episode we see Booth and Bones in Oxford, enjoying afternoon tea. Then they leave, before someone else gets killed, and they head back to America.
  • Great conclusion to the double-episode.

    Still enjoying the English backdrop and an interesting murder case.

    This is an example of how little people actually know each other. It's one thing to know them socially but it's truly ugly to see what dirt comes out during a murder investigation. It actually ends up trivializing who the person was, obscured by the secrets the person had because nothing good about Wexler could have led to his murder so all you will remember is the bad.

    Cam unwittingly engineered a disaster though it wasn't her fault at all. Angela wouldn't have gotten so upset with Cam if she felt nothing for her husband. Divorce or no divorce, feelings can't disappear overnight. Hodgins got upset that her husband was still in town because he was obviously picking up on Angela's mixed feelings. Guess the romance is over, at least for now. This is just something they need to work through, get counseling, don't break up!

    I was just warming to Clark and he bails!

    A great double episode.
  • The curtain rises on season four with our familiar characters in an unfamiliar place.

    The curtain rises on season four with our familiar characters in an unfamiliar place. The usual problems of cultures clashing (language, customs, driving) are a source of bonding or buffoonery. Booth is painted into the picture as the court jester, while Brennen tries on the queen of sensitivity mask for a new look. Compare the portrait of these characters to any episode from season one or two – sad.

    Booth has transformed into all of the things that Brennen dislikes; stupid, shallow, humor in place of insight and judgmental without supporting reason. As sad as this transformation makes the viewer, consider how far Brennen has fallen in comparison. Gone is the confident, independent and focused to the exclusion of all else scientist. In her place we are left with a fiction writing, lecture giving, FBI groupie/wanna be, (place your objection here), woman of the world who is no longer a vital part of the lab that she created.

    Based on what was established in the first season: Booth is Catholic and religious, while Brennen is an atheist with her own concept of morality. Booth and Brennen should never get together because of this fundamental difference in life view. One would need to "convert" the other to achieve what some viewers want to see take place. However, with the odd things the writers have the characters doing – who knows what is next?

    The laborers in the lab, once concerned with empirical evidence, adding their depth to the rich tapestry of events surrounding them and the search for truth above all else, now wallow in the gutter of tabloid life and living vicariously through the trivial life of others as they become truly one-dimensional characters waiting to offer up their lines on queue.

    A new character was added, Dr. Sweets, that most views thought would be the killer of the season, which would have fit very nicely because he would be obtaining information about those pursuing him from the counseling sessions he was leading. But no instead this over educated but under social character has needs to be fulfilled by the main characters that are larger than what he brings to the episode and simply siphons off energy that could have been focused on the main story line.

    With character development in the hands of monkeys on typewriters, what o' reader do we make of story lines offered up for our entertainment? Season three left us several open lines of thought; Booth gets shot and passes out, but fear not viewer, he is fine by the next week. Final episode of the season: Zack gets thrown from the train, rolls under the bus and . . . we'll never know because the story was just dropped. In closing, lets talk about closings, it seems that creators of shows like Bones know what they want in launching a new series, but not in how to close them. I would prefer that we have forty-four (two seasons) excellent episodes with a good series ending that leaves me wanting more, than watching as the concept vehicle carries on without any maintenance until the wheels fall off and everyone involved just walks away saying what some viewers are saying now, "What a shame, could have been so much better." The curtain falls.
  • Part 2 and another death

    Brennans flirt interest Professor Ian Wexler has been found dead in his flat burnt to death, naturally to look like an accident but once Bones and Booth get involved it's a murder case and must solve the case and bring the killer(s) to justice.

    Oh the home front Angela's " ex " Berimbau shows up telling Angela his not signing the divorce papers as he's still in love with her and thinks he can get her back but Angie holds her own and so doe's Hodges ( in a fashion ) even though this guy is built like an Amazon god.

    After seeing Angie and Hodges together Berimbau decide's to give his consent and signs the papers, he is leaving and Cam run's him to the airport however when his plane is delayed Cam and Mr god share a bed together, naturally Cam is really guilty for what she has done and ask's Sweet's for advice, Sweet's tell's her to tell Angela the truth which Cam doe's only to be surprised at Angie's re-action, however that's only sort lived and both Angie and Hodges turn on Cam, with the help of Sweet's all is smoothed over.

    Again I thought it was a great episode, not as much comedy as part 1 but great all the same.
  • Bones comes to Britain- a solid 2-parter to open the series.

    to be honest this is one of the few shows i enjoy watching that isn't science fiction and this episode, though slightly derogatory to us Brits, was worth the wait.
    i have always enjoyed watching Deschanel and Boreanaz work together in character because they work well and the chemistry between them is really fun to watch. it was also fun to watch this episode 'cause they were in a way each threatened by the presence of their UK counterparts (scotland yard officer and english anthropologist) helping to give the show a competitive edge to both characters.
    things can only get better for this show because it gives a nice fresh outlook to the crime series genre and the characters are really enjoyable to watch.
  • the second part of a great season opener

    I thought these episodes we really amazing, and put some oomph into the season premier. I was soo shocked when Grayson Bourassa showed up, but I instantly knew it was him. Cam sleeping with him was a little predictable, but I still thought it was hilarious. The Angela and Hodgins splitting up thing is going to make A LOT of people mad. I for one am not as disappointed as I would have expected to by this, because I felt that their relationship had taken a turn for the worst and gotten a bit boring towards the end of season four. Excited for episode three!
  • Gawd bless you, Mary Poppins... Reviewing both parts together since I can't face doing this twice...

    A shining example of the way that US TV producers seem to switch their brains off whenever they set an episode of any story in Britain. Apart from the huge gratuitous and completely unneccessary spoiler for the end of S3 in the first few minutes of the first part, which will annoy anyone who didn't already know, what is it about setting an episode in Britain that destroys the minds of US TV producers?

    A murder is committed in London. Everyone involved, with the exception of the victim and her father (who are Americans resident in London, and are not diplomats or in any other way entitled to special treatment) is British. That means that it is British jurisdiction all the way, that the case will be tried in a British court, etc. etc.

    So why are they involving an American forensic anthropologist and FBI agent? Why are they sending specimens from the crime scene to the USA? Why would the prosecution allow this? It's a huge gaping trail in the chain of evidence, and involves personnel who are presumably not certified to work within the British legal system. Are they planning to ship Brennan, Booth, and a dozen forensic technicians over to Britain for the trial? The defence must be rubbing their hands with glee.

    OK, ignoring all that (though it isn't easy), we have a British woman cop with an accent that is not exactly likely for anyone who actually works for a living. Who is sleeping with the British archaeologist/forensic scientist in the first murder, who becomes the victim in the second, and is still allowed to work on the case. Can you spell conflict of interest?

    OK, ignoring all that too, why does any murder story set in Britain have to involve the aristocracy? Why does every second character have to have an accent that makes Dick Van Dyke's Mary Poppins performance sound convincing? And why does nobody in the story behave like a real person?

    A real disappointment.
  • This is not "my Bones" anymore. It's still funny, still quirky but different, it lost what made me interested in it and it's slowly turning into another CSI clone. There are dozens of shows like that on TV but there was only one Bones. Not anymore.

    I'll start at the very end. When they'd gotten rid of Zack (in such a cruel, cruel way), after my initial anger passed, my first thought was: "at least they didn't break Angela and Hodges up." Well, wasn't that just tempting the faith! Birimbau's arrival was unexpected but not unwelcome; in my mind, especially after he himself admitted that the universe wants Angela to be with Hodges, he appeared on the show just to put a huge, flashy full-stop after the sentence we've been repeating since day one – that they are perfect for each other.

    The fact that neither Angela nor Hodges fought for the relationship that for over one season was portrayed as almost perfect, is nothing more than a sloppy, lazy writing. With Zack the writers have an excuse (that after hearing some of the justifications of why they've turned Zack into a serial killer is nothing more than just that – an excuse) – the strike, here, you just feel that they had no idea of how to break them up, they just wanted it to happen, so they made it happen. Angela and Hodges gave up on their relationship in 6 sentences. They didn't look sad, angry or desperate – they looked just bored; there was no tension, no drama, no nothing just a resignation so very unlike this passionate, lovable couple. It's so hard to believe they would give up on each other like that, that it simply is unbelievable. The whole previous characterization of them and their relationship went down the drain and is now heading towards the North Sea. No points for that.

    Now Sweets. I liked him, now every time he appears I want to punch him. His character is too annoying to be a regular! He works well as an occasional quirky comic relief but to have him all the time is just unbearable, especially since you know that there's more to come. Why couldn't they make him the killer? Just imagine the scene when he is discovered and his expression changes from his usual half-goofy/half-clueless, into an angry, hardened,evil mask. It would have been glorious.

    Then there's Clark. When Clark substituted for Zack at the beginning of series 3, I wanted to hate him but couldn't. Quite surprisingly, I accepted him straight away and was a bit disappointed when he disappeared after this episode, hence my gratefulness when I saw him again in series 3, especially since it was established that he had found himself a new job. Seeing him, without any explanation, as Zack's replacement again, made my blood boil but just for a second. Of course they would choose Clark, who else could have they chosen? I was a bit jarred when it seemed that Clark's previously established personality, was being changed into something that looks like Zack's – I hate when one character is being replaced by another that has exactly the same characteristic traits, particularly if it happens because of some rapid, unexplained personality transplant. However he seemed more like himself in the episode two, so he got my interest and support again ... only to quit. Good choice, boy! Run while you can!

    I liked how Zack was mentioned at the beginning but then nothing, not a single word, glance or gesture from any other character that would establish they remember and miss him. Look, let's face it, Zack had absolutely NO character development in the whole series, not a single episode featured him even close to the spotlight. Even after he came back from Iraq, when it seemed obvious they would now play the "poor traumatised boi" card, there was NOTHING! NOTHING at all! They picked it up and the dropped it like it's hot. Ugh!

    There were good points – like Booth's rant on the motorway – but the whole thing just didn't work. Bones does not cut it as a serious drama because it worked hard for 3 seasons to distinguish itself from all the other criminal shows on TV by not doing personal drama at all. Yes, there was an arc with Bones' dad but it worked because it was a vital part of who Bones is – it was what made Tempe Tempe and it did not change her character in any way, it cemented it, while making her a bit more human. It was a positive development.

    "Bones" is a different show now - still funny, still quirky but different, it lost what made me interested in it and it's slowly turning into another CSI clone. There are dozens of shows like that on TV but there was only one Bones. Not anymore.
  • Not the best episode, must try harder..

    I think this season premier should have been only one episode as the second part lost any spark that the first one had. Didn't really care for murder victim, and the resolution was boring.. Angela and Hodgins - there is no way that this couple would give up that easily, and their reasons for splitting where laughable. The whole episode made Angela look like a prize fool, Hodgins chases her for three years, gets his proposal turned down , gets her to the alter unsuccessfully; only for Angela to dump him after she kisses her ex and gets annoyed that Cam sleeps with her ex. Seems the writers just wanted them to split as quick as possible and it didn't matter how unbelievable and stilted the dialogue was.. I'm hoping the season raises its quality next episode, as fans might start to give up on it soon..
  • I sensed a stagnation in Brennans characterization. Booth -funny! Yelling 'I hate London', bobby present, touching medevial armour and the wig etc.

    Sweets, every time he was in the scene, I was lol!
    Angela & Hodg,story was awful. Excuse me,that reaction on breaking up?!Which normal person would be cold after breaking up a relationship with a man which u thought that u'll marry. Dunno if that was a result of not so good acting or what?
    And the actor who played Birimbau,his voice was like he was some kind of zen teacher,considering the fact he did came 2 ask Angela if she still wants him,
    his reactions was soft,sleeping with Cam,ugh!Just a stupid turn over of story...
    In general, ok episode, but where is the good ol' Bones?
  • Please tell me the latest 2 hr. episode of Bones was an experiment, and that you had the local high school freshman class try to come up with a script! Are the writers so completely out of ideas? Jumps the shark bigtime!!

    What a terrible disappointment to settle in for a new episode on a new season of Bones and find it vapid, actually ridiculous – not even a good soap opera. My honest opinion is that your experiment (whatever it was)failed miserably. I have been, up to now, a huge fan of both Kathy Reichs' books and the TV show. However, if this caliber of writing continues, I will not waste my time watching. As one reviewer said, it might have been the last show of last season when the shark was jumped. The story lacked a cohesiveness and had a lot of holes in it, jumped around like it was trying to tell a story but didn't quite know how to go about it. The actors are all extremely talented – how embarrassed they must have been to act in such an absurd episode. It must have made them feel like they were in a school play, trying to keep a 14 year old's attention.
  • A lot better than the first part

    That first scene with B&B was very good. Back to old dynamic. "The queen's jewels?" hilarious. "He thinks you're good in bed" comment? LOL! I don't know if Brennan didn't know what she was saying or if she said it to bother Booth. Sometimes she's very naïve.

    I didn't see the Cam/Grayson thing coming. And I didn't expect the death of the doctor either. Pritchard's comment about the Everest did a number on Brennan. The look on her face lets you know that she's giving it a lot of thought.

    To be the season premiere, the episode is not that bad. All season premieres have been flat and have made like a re-introduction to the characters so that's why I'm fine with this result. I didn't miss Zack because there were so many things going on. However, the absence of Booth's injury bothered me. There were many opportunities to bring it up and it was just forgotten. I hope they address it in next episodes. Not because I want it, because it's necessary for the characters.

    B&B interactions were a lot better than in the first part. And the case was interesting. A lot more than the first one.

    How can Angela and Hodgins break up? I mean, two people with such an strong relationship, don't break up that easily and it seemed to me like they were just waiting for the slightest argument to go separate ways. Neither of them made an effort to talk about it, to reach an agreement. And I believe it was Angela who was looking for an excuse. Hodgins gave everything for her. She was the one who didn't want to get married in the first place and Hodgins was the one who was willing to make an effort and spend the rest of his life with Angela the way she wanted. I hate when people say "you're not stopping me" or "you didn't come for me". Come on, be mature and deal with it. I guess the break up will give this new season a fresh start and a new direction to both characters. Who knows, maybe they end up getting married after all...

    Last scene was nice, my second favorite momento of the episode. That kind of scene that I'm used to.
  • This episode would have been good if it had been shorter. It would have been better if the plot was interesting. Over all a very tepid season opener

    The show should have been a direct continuation from the shocking season 3 finale. But they only vaguely refer to it in the first scene. Then, they wave it away as if they've boarded the titanic; never to return again. Well if that's how they wanted to do it, fine! That episode was terrible anyway- a pimple in an otherwise perfect season. What made season three so great (lets forget about the finale) was that there was an underlying tension in every episode. They were in danger. You never knew if the murders were related to the Gormogon. You'd think they'd carry it on to the new season but no, all you get is booth and bones traipsing around London drinking tea. There's no danger. No anger. No emotion whatsoever. They were sight seeing. It was tepid to the core. The fact that it's an hour and thirty minutes long only exacerbates this. I don't think they meant to make something dull and boring and well, british (no offense) but What we've got here is a failure to communicate. I'm sure this is not a sign of the shows decline, even jordan had an off game.
  • Having had such a fantastic end of series ...I was expecting a return visit to the spectacular ... how disappointed was I !!??

    Before I whinge on about how mediocre these two episodes were ... can I just scream a plea to those people who earn mega bucks in supposedly researching their product ... FFS ... get your facts right!! Do NOT show me a scene that is filmed in the City of London, with a visual of the Barbican apartments in the background and tell me it is a tannery they are looking at in Kensington ... not even a crow flying at the speed of sound with a camera strapped to its' back could do that visual!!! How do I know? Because I used to live in The Barbican! Also this was not supposed to be a tourist guide to London so don't keep cutting shots like you are stepping from one street to another when in fact you are stepping half way across London. Were these people born with brains or did they pick them up on eBay??? And if you are going to show London Bridge being raised ... you had better show the real good reason as to why it is being raised ... a boat, ship ... anything really would have done! But there I go again ... being picky!!!

    There were so many flaws in these two episodes ... one should be weeping ... I get SO fed up of American series playing British characters as though they were upper class buffoons ... seriously ... not all aristocrats are ... tossers possibly ... but buffoons ... no! There is a difference! Nor are Brits all uptight and sexually frustrated ... we invented the sixties!!!

    And ... the Butler did it ... good grief ... I nearly choked on my tea and crumpets!!! They couldn't come up with anything more original. And the British actors they scored ... with the exception of Indira Varma ... where did they collect the rest from ... the rest home for British actors that have hardly been heard of??? Talk about scraping the barrel ... I guess they were cheap!!! The best part ... if one can call it that given the circumstances ... was the break-up between Hodgins and Angela ... I guess we all saw it coming ... just sad that it got to that point ... anyway ... what was wrong with her ... I mean her ex was SUCH a BABE!!!
  • Didn't live up to the hype.

    The first part is over: Booth and Brennan are about to leave England, Cam just slept with Berimbau, but Angela and Hodgins are solid again, so it's alright. Then suddenly Part Two begins, and we're plunged right back into what FELT like a finished plotline - mistake number one. The duo meet Pritch in front of a smoking apartment building and Brennan is FINALLY told what's going on - mistake number two. Why didn't Booth tell her in the car ride over, or after speaking to Pritchard on the phone? This feels like an attempt at adding drama, and it just came off as artificial. Ian has been murdered - mistake number three. He was a terrible choice for a murder victim, for a number of reasons. He had been introduced, but wasn't around long enough for the fans to really have an opinion about him. 'Eh, whatever,' was my opinion, 'he'll be gone after this episode, anyway.' Not to mention the characterisation they dredged up for him after his death really didn't fit with the character from Part One.

    So Booth and Brennan are forced to inspect the life of Ian Wexler, which really isn't that interesting of a life at all. The plot is convoluted (bludgeoned, poisoned, stabbed, it sounds more like they're playing Clue than solving a homocide), the drama feels false (so Wexler slept with Pritchard. Do the writers really expect us to consider her a suspect?), and the stupidity of those at the Jeffersonian - don't get me started.
  • Brennan and Booth solve a ho-hum mystery in England while back home a real mystery flourishes: who replaced the brains of everyone in the lab and, more importantly, when will the real characters return?

    Despite the absurd and painful season 3 finale, I was willing to give "Bones" another chance this year. I figured that the must have found out that Zach was leaving, panicked, and temporarily and completely lost their heads. Mistakes happen, I was willing to move on.

    But this episode tested my loyalty. I had no criticism of the main plot, which was ho-hum but not terrible, but the final moments of Hodgins' and Angela's dialog brings up a true forensic mystery: how is either of them still alive, given that they've clearly had what appears to be skim milk substituted for their blood. The conversation was stilted, forced, out-of-place and utterly uncharacteristic. The actors pulled it off as well as they could, but the break-up was blatantly absurd, and its idiocy was completely out of character for two characters who have routinely been so passionate, determined, and fervent. The next episode will determine whether I bother to watch "Bones" anymore. The last two have been so bad that I'm afraid this show has just had the kiss of death.
  • Brennan and Booth go to England to lecture and end up helping solve 2 murders. Angela'a so called husband that she could not even remember had been found by a private detective and shows up to rekindle his flame with her and NOT sign a divorce.

    I really enjoyed the episode EXCEPT for Angela and Hodgins
    breaking up. It was so out of character and basically negated
    the 3 years of watching them form a relationship. It was bad enough that they made Zack a killer at the end of last season, but to keep doing thing like this to the people who
    look forward to watching the show only makes one wonder if
    the writers care that their fans keep watching. I really hate it when you can tell that parts I and II were written
    by 2 different sets of people. I really hope that they let Angela and Hodgins get back together soon as it is bad enough that you have to watch them keep Brennan and Booth apart, but I thought the idea was to have one happy couple and one that they could play with to keep apart. I do not know of any couple, no matter how much they loved one another, that would not be unhappy if the person they loved
    jumped into the arms of someone they hadn't even remembered
    and then kissed them passionately and forgot to mention to
    them. It was the ex that told Jack about Angela kissing him and then her jealousy over Cam and her ex just topped it off. It was all just incredibly out of character and
    ruined that part of the show for me.
  • Still in UK...

    Mm.. the story continues. I was rather surprise when they were leaving as the story did not seemed to be very complete and quite... anyway, this episode proved that they are still in UK and another case to solve - this time personal for the English policewoman (who by the way looked gorgeous and who played her role quite well in fact that most of the other actors looked quite pale in their performance).

    So.. this case is little better than the last one as there are some emotion involved but on the other hand the things going on in Jeffersonian were quite awful. I do not know what they were trying to get.. I do understand why they had to break up Angela and Hodgins in the hope to continue their storyline but it looked still awful. And all thing with Cam.. it was just.. In conclusion - I did not enjoyed none of those two episodes.
  • Living down in Australia, it was painful when i remembered the fact that we are a day ahead of the US. So the 3rd there, is the 4th here. Here is an Aussie take on the season 4 opener of Bones.

    Booth and Bones have traveled across the pond to London. Booth is speaking at Scotland Yard and Bones is speaking at Oxford, when an American heiress is found dead. Scotland Yard request assistance from our dynamic duo.

    Here in Aussieland, we have only just started season 3, but being impatient, i went ahead and got caught up. When i watched part 1, i noted that it was a little weird at first but i figured it was because it had been so long since i had seen a fresh episode of Bones. As it progressed i saw just why i started watching this show in the first place.

    I particularly enjoyed the Cam and Angela storyline however i was upset to see how it ended :(

    This episode was full of funny and witty moments, drama at its highest and of course the fluffy moments we all love to see in Booth and Bones. Very much looking forward to next weeks installment :D
  • I'm including thoughts on part one and two in this review.

    Ummmmm...that was...ummmm, well bad. I don't mean the episode itself was awful it was just a bad episodes of Bones. The case was kind of boring, convoluted, a little confusing, and there were way to many unnecessary people involved both in general and as suspects. The two hour long episode certainly didn't help things, it dragged in parts. Booth and Bones were good, great even but what was all that with Hodgins and Angela? I mean first things are good, then they're a bit shake-y, then they're great, then they're even better and then suddenly before you even know what happened they are somehow apart? I don't get it, I don't get what happened. Not to mention the fact that the breakup seemed forced and totally flimsy. I so hate to say this and forgive me because it's probably just being said in anger and sadness over Hodgins/Angela but I sort of get the sinking feelings that maybe perhaps Zach leaving could have maybe possibly been Bones's jump the shark moment. I for one don't really use that saying to often because even after a show may slide in quality I usually don't believe there is one concrete reason or moment you can pinpoint, most of the times it's many things. Let's see there's Zach leaving and all that entailed, Hodgins and Angela breaking up....two points make a line not a pattern though I guess I'll just keep my eyes pealed for a third point.
  • Everything seemed a little off - Sweets was useless, Angela and Hodgins gave up way to easily, Booth was way too crabby, and Brennan was too non-caring. Oh yea and Cam was a hoe.

    Maybe it's just that the consistent quality of the show has set my standards high, but I just wasn't feeling it tonight with the premiere (this review is for both parts). First off, Zack wasn't mentioned enough (he wasn't mentioned at all in the lab I believe). Sweets didn't help at all on either case, he just seemed to be in the way really - all he did was give stupid friend/relationship advice. I mean, did the writers already run out of storylines for him? Berimbau coming back was a bit anticlimactic, and he agreed to sign the divorce papers way too quickly. Then on top of that, Hodgins and Angela both realized they don't trust each other...and apparently neither of them actually wants to work on that, they'd just rather break up. Yeah okay wow, they must have really been committed to each other...

    Moving across the pond...Booth was way to crabby at times. Getting out of his car in an intersection and screaming? Really? That's not gonna fly, sorry. That detective would have done something about that for sure, I mean, come on. The interrogations were a bit confusing (not to mention the British accents made the characters hard to understand too) and the cases didn't seem all that interesting (i.e. I didn't even care who was guilty in either of them). Then when we got to Brennan's almost-boyfriend detective dying...she didn't even care? Like, I could tell she was sort of trying to, but it just seemed weird. And Booth was making jokes about the guy dying, which was going a bit too far. So yeah, nothing really stood out as good. Some of the jokes were pretty funny, and the episode(s) still had that "Bones" spunk, but it almost felt like that went too far and there wasn't enough drama. I mean, the show is called a drama, it does need more than 1/2 a dramatic moment per episode. Hopefully next week will seem more natural and the show will get back into the swing of things, because I definitely don't want to hate Bones.
  • Booth and Bones continue to work in England.

    After a great first hour Bones dropped a huge twist to spicen things up. I thought that I might start getting bored with the show and they drop a huge bombshell like the death to freshen things up. Missing from the second part was the dry wit that was perfectly peppered throughout the first installment. Replacing that though was a much stronger and better put together story, and the cast stepping up to deliver some strong performances. What's great about Bones is that while all the characters have a distinct personality, they mold together to form an entertaining ensemble. Seeing someone try to get the British guards to talk has been done to death, but Booth was able to make it humorous. His remarks about being headbutted were great, and David Boreanaz once again excelled in the foreign environment. Emily Deschanel is one of the best female leads in a drama and she put in another dazzling performance here. Her ability to be an observant forensic anthropologist and a witty feminist the next is unmatched on primetime TV.

    Two hour episodes are often difficult to pull off, but hats off to Bones for doing it well.
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