Season 1 Episode 13

Basic Spraining

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Sep 22, 1993 on



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    • Lucky: You're acting silly.
      Bonkers: Who's acting?

    • Bonkers: Believe in Toon Rule #1: There are no rules!

    • Bonkers: I guess you gonna have a new partner.
      Lucky: Yeah. And my new partner's gonna have a new partner.
      Bonkers: Did I just hear an echo?

    • McSlime: You will stand up straight! You will show respect! You'll not be excuse for a cop! Do you read?
      Bonkers: Just Popular Mechanics, Brief History of Time, short fiction, that kinda thing.

    • Lucky: Two weeks of blessed silence!
      Toon Pencil: If he [Bonkers] comes back in two weeks.

    • Lucky: Twelve donuts! Holes included! All mine!

    • Lucky: He's gone? He's gone! Hahaha! Heeee's gone! I can polish my badge without Bonkers' Ballistic Bubbling Machine!

    • Lucky: Rule two-ten: Don't be late.

    • Lucky: Getting rid of that guy [Bonkers] is like scraping a gum off a shoe.

    • Bonkers: McSlime is as good as in your pocket, 'course you need bigger pocket. And a little more time.
      Lucky: You got that right. More time alone. As in by myself. As in I'm going home.
      Bonkers: Home sounds good. What's for din din?
      Lucky: Chicken pot pie.
      (Bonkers licks his lips)
      Lucky: One chicken pot pie. For me.

    • Lucky: Bonkers, using a civilian vehicle without permission of the owner flies in the face of Rule 8.

    • Lucky: Bonkers, stop! Rule 38: No destroying public property!

    • McSlime: If it isn't my official nemesis, Officer Pickle. Last time we met, you took a rather rocket nosedive into a vat of cat litter. Haven't you heard? Nobody busts Slippery McSlime!

    • Bonkers: Come on Lucky, we're going in!
      Lucky: Forgetting Rule 49? Senior Officers go in first.
      Bonkers: But we're partners. Shouldn't we go in together?
      Lucky: Last time we went in together, I wound up chin deep in wrinkle cream, my pants full of leg wax and the Chief on my back.

    • Lucky: Bonkers, Rule 42 distinctly forbids police vehicles to travel any more as of a distance over two feet above ground.

    • Lucky: We are looking for a clown, not a little old lady from Pasadena. Police Rule #27.
      Bonkers: 27... 27... Right after 26... No using your badge as a paint scraper?
      Lucky: No chasing the wrong crook!

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