Season 2 Episode 11

Cartoon Cornered

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Oct 29, 1993 on

Episode Recap

Bonkers, Miranda, and Sgt. Grating go to Wacky Toons Studios to pick up a check from Duck Jones for the police charity. While they are there, Sgt. Grating gets locked in a prop closet by Bucky Buzzsaw because of his attitude and Bonkers and Miranda are told that he left so they leave after getting the check. Meanwhile, Wild Man Wyatt escapes from prison and is determined to get revenge on Sgt. Grating for arresting him and putting him in jail.

The toons in the prop closet finally let Sgt. Grating out but he finds himself at the North Pole until he falls asleep.

Bonkers is late for work since he doesn't have his alarm clock and tries to report in to Sgt. Grating and finds that he is not in. He goes to check with the dispatcher and then finds Wild Man Wyatt dressed up as an old lady and he says that he is Grating's grandmother. Bucky calls while Bonkers is in the office and tells him what happened to Grating and just then Miranda comes in to tell Bonkers that Wyatt has escaped and Bonkers tells her what happened to Grating. Wyatt then ties them up and leaves to find Grating. Sgt. Grating wakes up in the desert. He now realizes that he is on the set and tries to find a way out and runs into Bucky Buzzsaw again and confronts him about getting him locked in the prop closet and Bucky tricks him and Sgt. Grating winds up in the scene that Bucky was supposed to do and has to avoid getting run over by logs and then jumps on one when they land in the water. He thinks he's okay until it starts up the conveyor belt to a saw and now he has to get off before he gets cut in half. He escapes from the saw only to run into Wild Man Wyatt. Wyatt starts chasing him around the set and they wind up in a Donald Duck cartoon where a building is being constructed. Bonkers and Miranda arrive on the set and follow them. Miranda has a close call and Bonkers gets flattened. Grating runs onto a Goofy cartoon set and falls onto a horse that Goofy fell off of and is now mistaken for a stunt double and Goofy sends him on his way to joust a knight. Grating dodges the knight and Wyatt arrives on the set and continues chasing Grating. Sgt. Grating runs into Stage 13 with Wyatt in hot pursuit. Bonkers is shocked that they went in Stage 13 since anything can happen there. First Wyatt and Grating are running through a maze and then they get tangled up with dancing hippos and crocodiles. Then they go through some musical notes and Grating winds up facing off with a dinosaur, but thanks to Bonker's alarm clock, the dinosaur thinks that it is tea time and Grating gets away. He is chased through a maze again and says he just wants to get away and the next thing he knows, he's on a tropical island and Wyatt continues to chase him. Then Grating winds up riding a train when Wyatt says that he is at the end of the line and the train runs off a cliff and Grating happens to catch the top of the tracks. Wyatt approaches and intends to finish him off when the alarm clock bites him in the seat of his pants and Wyatt grabs it and throws it off the cliff. This makes Grating angry and he reaches up to grab Wyatt and they both fall off. Bonkers and Miranda show up to see this and Bonkers remembers how to stop the action and calls out "lunch" and Wyatt and Grating land on the floor. Grating arrests Wyatt and the alarm clock walks up and rings at Wyatt.

They are going to leave the studios when Bonker's alarm clock comes up to Grating and acts like it would be his dog. Grating still acts like he hates toons but tells the alarm clock to follow him.