Season 2 Episode 11

Cartoon Cornered

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Oct 29, 1993 on



  • Trivia

    • When Wyatt swings one of the tree props at Grating, you can still see some of the outline of the tree.

  • Quotes

    • (Bonkers and Miranda enter a construction set and Miranda almost falls off and Bonkers grabs her and takes the lead)
      Bonkers: Better let me lead. In here, I'm the expert. (he gets flattened by a beam)
      Miranda: Hate to see an amateur.

    • Sgt. Grating: How'd you break out of prison?
      Wild Man Wyatt: Practice.

    • Bucky: (referring to Sgt. Grating) Haven't seen so much sap since I bit into a maple tree.

    • Chief Kanifky: I need you to drop by Wacky Toons Studios...
      Bonkers: Wacky Toons! My old home-away-from-home! (jumps and crashes through ceiling)
      Chief Kanifky: And pick up a check from some showbiz fellow named Duck Jones.
      Bonkers: A check from Duck Jones! I just knew I had my residuals coming to me. (falls through the desk)
      Chief Kanifky: Jones is donating fifty thousand dollars to our charity fund.
      Bonkers: Oh... That's nice too.

    • Chief Kanifky: I have an important assignment.
      Bonkers: I can handle it Chief! Theft, arson, jaywalking... Well, maybe not jaywalking.

    • Duck Jones: Lights! Camera! A-a-a-nimation!

    • Pete (to Sergeant Grating): You are fired!
      Wild Man Wyatt (to Sergeant Grating): You are dead!

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