Season 3 Episode 20

Fall-Apart Land

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Feb 09, 1994 on

Episode Recap

Lucky has been working for two straight days and Bonkers comes to tell him that he needs to take a break. Fall Apart comes by to discuss something with Lucky in the middle of the night and Bonkers wonders what it could be but Lucky shoves some paperwork on Bonkers and tells him to take it to his car. Lucky tells Fall Apart that he doesn't have time to talk to him tonight, gives him the book that they have been looking at, and leaves. Bonkers appears and asks Fall Apart what they have been discussing and what is the book about. Fall Apart shows him the theme parks that are pictured in the book and says that he and Lucky would love to own and run a theme park. Bonkers tells him that he shouldn't give up on his dreams and Fall Apart is happy and goes to see what he can do.

Fall Apart meets with a real estate agent who is quick to sell him some industrial, dirty looking property dirt cheap. It seems that the agent, Seymore Sleazebottom, plans on the city's inspector to come along and condemn the property so he can buy it back for half the price.

Bonkers follows Lucky home where Lucky continues to work, much to the dismay of Dyl and Marilyn. Bonkers tells them not to worry, that he will help Lucky take a break. Lucky is forced to stop when the toon Typewriter he is using says that it can't do any more work. Bonkers comes in and tells Lucky that he will show him how to have a good break. Of course, everything that Bonkers tries turns into a disaster.

Bonkers tells Lucky that he has a surprise and takes him to Fall Apart's new theme park that he built. Seymore is there too and he can't believe what Fall Apart has done and is determined to get the property back. Fall Apart takes Lucky and Bonkers on a tour of the park and Lucky is so happy that he forgets about work. Fall Apart lets Lucky get on one of the roller coaster rides and starts it. Seymore and his car tear down part of the ride and it sends Lucky flying. Lucky winds up flattening Bonkers, Fall Apart, and Seymore's car with Seymore inside. Seymore gets out of his car and believes that he has ruined the theme park but there are several people lining up to ride the ride that Lucky just rode and enjoyed. Fall Apart wants to make Lucky a partner in his theme park and Bonkers thinks that it's time for Lucky to go back to work. Fall Apart takes them on a tour and Lucky likes what he sees. Seymore shows up and says that they should be partners and is scheming something. He tells them that they need to expand the theme park and Bonkers wonders how they could if they don't have any money. Seymore tells them that he will be their silent partner if they just sign the contract that his car produces. While Seymore is talking to Lucky and Fall Apart, Bonkers goes to look at the contract and sees that it gives ownership of the theme park to Seymore. The car sees him looking at it and throws him in its soundproof trunk. Lucky and Fall Apart sign the contract and Seymore leaves with it and heads to city hall to have it legalized. Bonkers escapes from the trunk through the tailpipe and warns Lucky and Fall Apart about what Seymore is going to do. They try and beat him to city hall but Seymore gets there first after a funny and harrowing chase. He has the contract legalized and flaunts it to them. A man approaches him and asks him if he owns Fall Apart Land and he gleefully says yes. He is then arrested for operating a theme park without a license.

Lucky is glad to be a cop again and he and Fall Apart are building a model theme park when Bonkers comes in with a bunch of paperwork for them to do and Lucky says not to worry since they have plenty of time to do it.
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