Season 3 Episode 13

Get Wacky

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Nov 19, 1993 on

Episode Recap

Wacky Weasel escapes from prison and the Chief hears about it from Brodrick and Brodrick's cousin, Roderick. Brodrick informs the Chief that Wacky Weasel will probably try and steal all the eggs in town and it's just before Easter. Chief Kanifky calls in Lucky and Bonkers to take on the case since Wacky is a toon he thinks that Bonkers is the perfect choice to catch him. Bonkers feels otherwise since Wacky has always been uncatchable.

It isn't long before Lucky and Bonkers meet Wacky and he causes them to be involved in a traffic accident on the way to the crime scene. Once there, Wacky uses the old banana peel trick on Bonkers and then starts pelting him with eggs. Lucky tries sneaking up on Wacky but the backblast from the egg bazooka knocks him into a shopping cart. Bonkers then attempts to stop Wacky but Wacky puts a plunger in the bazooka and fires it at Bonkers. He gets the plunger off Bonkers and sends him flying into the produce section where Wacky cuts up an onion to make Bonkers cry. Wacky then offers to make up and offers his hand in a handshake, but when Bonkers grabs his hand he is shocked by an electric buzzer. Wacky then tries to run over Bonkers with a forklift and pallet of eggs but Lucky save Bonkers at the last minute. Wacky then comes back around and dumps the pallet of eggs on Lucky and Bonkers.

The Chief gives them another chance to catch Wacky. Roderick takes them to the museum and to the exhibit of a giant dinosaur egg. They watch as Wacky takes the egg away in a wheelbarrow and Bonkers chases Wacky. After a crazy chase scene, they find Wacky standing in front of a tyrannosaurus skeleton. He doesn't try to run when they approach him and he says that he only has one thing to say. He tells Bonkers not to pull the lever and then he runs off with the egg. Bonkers can't help himself and he pulls the lever. Nothing happens at first and then suddenly the skeleton comes to life. It catches Bonkers and puts him in its mouth and then starts to chase Lucky. Bonkers finds a button in the mouth and pushes it and it the skeleton stops and Bonkers climbs out of the mouth. Bonkers is upset that they didn't catch Wacky and Lucky cheers him up and Bonkers gets hit in the face with a flyer about a faberge egg. He knows that this is Wacky's next target so they go to the location.

They set up a trap and Bonkers winds up falling for his own trap and Wacky gets away. Bonkers can't believe he let him get away again, but Brodrick reminds him that this is his cartoon and that he can catch Wacky. With a renewed sense of confidence, Bonkers get another idea. they create a set with a hen house and Wacky falls for it. After a crazy parachute scene, Wacky winds up falling into a shark tank and has to be rescued by Bonkers and company. Bonkers has finally captured the wily Weasel.