Season 3 Episode 13

Get Wacky

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Nov 19, 1993 on



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    • (they lift Wacky Weasel out of the shark tank with the three sharks)
      Bonkers: (to the sharks) Thanks guys, take five.
      Wacky: You know them?
      Bonkers: Sure. I know lots of Hollywood agents.

    • Lucky: Remember, you're the best toon on the force.
      Bonkers: I'm the only toon on the force.
      Lucky: That's another technicality. Don't worry about it.

    • (Bonkers pushed the button inside the dinosaur's mouth and it stops and he is able to get out)
      Bonkers: Strange place to put a reset button if you ask me.
      Brodrick: Yeah, but don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
      Bonkers: I'm not looking anything in the mouth for a long time.

    • (Bonkers gets out of the stopped dinosaur's mouth)
      Bonkers: Somebody needs a mint!

    • Bonkers: Stop or I'll shoot!
      Lucky: He's not going anywhere and you don't have a gun.
      Bonkers: There you go again with the technicalities.

    • Lucky: Looks like that weasel is scrambling your eggs, little buddy.
      Bonkers: Nah, don't worry, Luckster. I'm just giving him overconfidence.

    • Bonkers: (Bonkers realizes why Roderick brought them to the museum exhibit on the giant dinosaur egg) Eggs! Weasels steal eggs! They can't help themselves!
      Lucky: Oh, wonder what his (Wacky Weasel) cholesterol count is?

    • Kanifky: What?! What are we going to do if our city's toon can't catch that bad toon?! There's only one thing to do! (pauses) And as soon as I think of it, you'll do it.

    • Bonkers: What took you so long?
      Roderick: Well we'd have been here sooner but Slim here needs to lose some ballast. (He points at Lucky's stomach)

    • (Lucky lassoes Bonkers and gets him out of the way of a speeding forklift in the nick of time)
      Bonkers: Lucky!
      Roderick: You sure are.

    • Lucky: If this clown's so uncatchable, what was he doing in prison in the first place?
      Brodrick: A natural mistake for the Weasel to make. He heard about the joint being full of bad eggs so he went to steal some.

    • Rodrick: Sorry there. Somthin' went down the wrong frequency.

    • Kanifky: Bonkers!
      Bonkers: (stands at attention) Yes, Chief.
      Kanifky: We hired you because you are a toon.
      Bonkers: Not for my good looks and sparkling personality?

    • Kanifky: These are the times that try men's shoes.
      Bonkers: I believe that's souls, sir.
      Kanifky: What? Soles, shoes. What's the difference?

    • Kanifky: Wacky Weasel's escaped! Oh no! It can't be! This is a disaster! Remind me, who is this Weasel guy is again.

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