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Going Bonkers

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Sep 04, 1993 on
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Going Bonkers
Wackytoons star Bonkers D. Bobcat is fired by W. W. Wacky, gets a job with the Hollywood P.D., and teams up with reluctant partner Lucky Piquel to battle The Collector, a human-disguised-as-a-Toon who's laminating Toons for his private collection -- including Bonkers' friends.

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  • Great Episode!!

    This is the pilot episode in this series it is what I consider to be one of the better pilot episodes that Disney has produced. In this episode Wackytoons star Bonkers D. Bobcat is fired by W. W. Wacky, and ends up getting a job with the Hollywood P.D., and teams up with reluctant partner Lucky Piquel in the newly developed Toon Division of the Police Department to battle The Collector, a human disguised as a Toon who's only mission is to laminate Toons for his private collection. Now he wants Bonkers and his friends can Lucky prevent The Collector from doing this.moreless
Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright

Fawn Deer

Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

Officer Bonkers D. Bobcat, Detective Lucky Piquel, Additional Voice

Earl Boen

Earl Boen

Police Chief Leonard Kanifky

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Jitters A. Dog

April Winchell

April Winchell

Dyl Piquel

Sherry Lynn

Sherry Lynn

Marilyn Piquel

Michael Bell

Michael Bell

The Collector

Guest Star

Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler

Mr. Doodles

Guest Star

David Doyle

David Doyle

W. W. Wacky

Guest Star

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Fall-Apart Rabbit

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • In the series, the chief appears to be clueless every time the toons either appear or get mentioned. In the beginning of this episode, he thought that Bonkers was a cop as a cartoon star as his cover. In Toon With No Name, Lucky mentions several toon related things and the chief doesn't seem to believe it. But, we learn that in this episode that he is a fan of Bubba Bear and he even refers to him as a cartoon star.

    • During this episode, the toons go missing. But apparently, the only toon that was noticed to be missing was Bubba Bear. Bubba Bear's disappearance was the only one made into a case.

    • When Bonkers challenges The Collector to a duel; he sharpens his pencil fingers, look closely; in this scene, he has five fingers.

    • Mistake: When Lucky says, "Could I drop you off at home?" Bonkers says that he doesn't have a home because they took it away. But, we learn that in [i]Toon With No Name[i], Bonkers lives in a trailer.

    • While Lucky is in the elevator; reciting his speech and the chief comes in to show him the newspaper. Look very closely, on the top left side of the newspaper, there is a blob of Mickey Mouse (another Disney character.) In the next shot, that blob is gone and it is just an empty grey rectangle.

    • When Bonkers first meets Dyl and Marilyn, the picture on the wall behind his armchair changes between shots.

    • When Bonkers arrives at Wackytoon Studios, our attention is drawn to the giant sign with his face. When Bonkers is kicked out of the studio, the signboard looks different.

    • The first episodes that were produced were actually the Miranda episodes not the Lucky episodes

    • The character Bonkers originated in segments on Raw Toonage and Marsupilami.

    • For the most part of the episode, Mr. Doodles has five fingers. He is shown four-fingered only during the last scene in the sewers. However, since Mr. Doodles is a toon, he should have been drawn with four fingers during the whole episode. This is one of the most obvious animation goofs.

    • When the Collector sends Mr. Doodles to capture the "Bonkers" characters, you see him capturing the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. But they don't appear again (in this episode) after that scene.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Bonkers: You know Lucky, this is the start of a beautiful partnership.
      Lucky: What have I gotten myself into?

    • Lucky: What are you doing here?
      Bonkers: Fall Apart Rabbit is missing!!!
      Lucky: Shhh! Fallap- what- what did you say?
      Bonkers: Fall Apart Rabbit.
      Lucky: You got me up at two in the morning to tell me somebody fell apart on a rab- You don't need me, you need a doctor!

    • (Bonkers appears in Lucky's bedroom at 2 AM)
      Lucky: YOU!
      Dyl: (yawns) Who is it, dear?
      Lucky: Nothing. Just an orange bobcat with a bullhorn.
      Dyl: (yawns) Oh, that's nice.

    • (The Collector is about to laminate Bonkers)

      The Collector: Now remember, this is art. So do try to smile.

    • Lucky: What's going on? Where's Bonkers?

      Toots: Awooga! Me-me-me-me-meep!

      Lucky: He's been toon-napped?!

      Toots: Me-meep uh-huh.

      Lucky: I can't believe I'm talking to a horn. What's worse, I can't believe I understand what he's saying.

    • Lucky: Chief Kanifky! I've solved the case of the missing toons!

      Chief Kanifky: Missing toons? Oh, oh dear! We should start an immediate investigation!

    • Bonkers: Gee... At least somebody wants me. Too bad he's a demented evil laughing toon collector with pencils for fingers who wants to preserve me under plastic forever.

    • Marilyn: Ah, Bonkers D. Bobcat!

      Bonkers: In the fur.

    • Bonkers (to Lucky): Don't think of me as a partner. Think of me as an orange, fuzzy son!

    • Lucky: What are you doing?

      Bonkers: Sneaking out to the scene of the crime like Sherlock Holmes. You see, when I was in "Scotland Yard 511", I would always use this particular technique.

      Lucky: Oh, man.

      Bonkers: You don't do it that way here?

      Lucky: Even Sherlock Holmes wouldn't do it that way here.

      Bonkers: Ah! I should have known, silly me! This is Hollywood. Sherlock Holmes would charge in like Dick Tracy!

    • Chief Kanifky: Now for your first case. I don't mind telling you it's a tough job.

      Lucky: You want us to put the Number One Most Wanted Crook in jail?

      Chief Kanifky: Tougher.

      Bonkers: All ten Most Wanted Crooks in a phone booth?

      Chief Kanifky: Oh, tougher than that. Bubba Bear is missing.

    • Bonkers: Washed up like yesterday's laundry. Not even a clothes line to call my own.

    • Bonkers: WW, how can you do this?!

      W. W. Wacky: Easy - it's my studio.

      Bonkers: But fans love my stuff!

      W. W. Wacky: No, no, no, they love "smash him and bash him".

      Bonkers: So I'll join the Marines. I'll eat hand grenade for breakfast. I'll do anything you want!

      W. W. Wacky: I want you not to scuff the red carpet on your way out. Bye-bye.

    • W. W. Wacky: Folks, there comes a time when the cheese gets hard and the cherry falls off the sundae. Your contracts are cancelled.

    • Bonkers: Lucky! Boy, am I glad to see you! Say, what took you so long?
      Lucky: I had to walk your dog.

    • Lucky: Uhh...I like them on your side of the office.
      Bonkers: Sure, partner! Umm, which side is that?
      Lucky: The side that's furthest from my side.

    • Bonkers: He heh ha ha... would ya look at the time... well, gotta go, Mr. Weirdo Cartoon Collector... ciao! And, if you don't mind, I'll be taking my friends with me!

  • NOTES (5)