Season 3 Episode 2

I Oughta Be In Toons

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Nov 02, 1993 on

Episode Recap

Mickey Mouse, the most famous Toon in history, vanishes from his home. Bonkers is highly disturbed by Mickey's disappearance and demands that they send out all the law enforcers, including the Rescue Rangers. While the Chief remembers his years as a scout, Lucky and Bonkers head out to solve the case. Lucky, hoping to use this case to get highly promoted, allows Bonkers to lead the case.

They visit the Corkscrew Studios where the executive producer, Mr. Corkscrew, who has a contract for Mickey when he shows up and asks Lucky and Bonkers to save Mickey, who is referred to as "The Mouse". Outside, the two meet a janitor Babyface, who was a former child star until he got very obese. Babyface claims Mickey's capture is just a big publicity stunt.

The two go to Mouse Mansion, Mickey's home, where they find a large, ugly and obese Mickey waiting for them. Mickey, in an unnatural grouchy voice, who claims that the studio he was formerly contracted to want him back whatever it takes. Bonkers refuses to believe the Mouse is the same one and is sent by Lucky to figure out the case.

Bonkers visits the crazy Grapevine who advise him to return to Mouse Mansion, and then laugh hilariously when Bonkers says "Thanks a bunch." The Mouse is taken to Lucky's house for safety where he eats all the family's food and causes mayhem by playing golf indoors. Bonkers return to the mansion where he meets a scary-looking dog who claims to be the dog of a "the new mouse" who promised him stardom if he kept the first mouse hidden until the contract is signed.

Bonkers is placed in a closet where he meets Mickey (who is never seen and locked in a dog case). Bonkers and Mickey formulate a plan to escape, Mickey revealing he is being forced into signing the contract, not wishing the Disney Studios to be ruined. Bonkers calls the bulldog a terrible actor and the bulldog decides to do tricks for Mickey. Bonkers sneaks out of the closet.

Lucky takes The Mouse to Corkscrew Studios where Mr. Corkscrew and his aides that him to dinner before they sign the contract. Lucky returns home where Bonkers confronts him and reveals the mouse is an imposter. The two infiltrate Corkscrew Studios by dressing as clowns and try to apprehend The Mouse but he runs for it, Lucky seizing him by the tail and skinning him, revealing him to be Babyface. Babyface makes a run for it to sign the contract and renew his film career. The contract is blown out of a window and Babyface, Bonkers and Lucky race to grab it.

Babyface gets the contract but his attempt to sign it is stopped by Mickey (who is still in the dog case) and the bulldog, who now is loyal to Mickey. Lucky and Bonkers manage to keep their jobs in the end after worrying they'll be fired.
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