Season 3 Episode 17

Miracle at the 34th Precinct

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Nov 27, 1993 on



  • Trivia

    • When Lucky lands on his roof with the elves in the sleigh, his hair is white and then changes back to its normal color when he falls off the sleigh.

    • When Fall-Apart takes Santa (he calls him Jim) outside to the car, Santa's white rim on his hat is red and then it is white again once he is in the car.

    • Some of Bell's hair disappears for a second in the beginning of the show and again later when she and Jingle are convincing Lucky to play the part of Santa.

  • Quotes

    • (Fall-Apart answers the doorbell and it's Bonkers)
      Bonkers: Hi. Can I come in? (walks in) Don't mind if I do.
      Fall-Apart: I won't.

    • (Lucky falls down the practice chimney)
      Jingle: Officer! Are you all right?
      Lucky: Ho ho ho!
      (the elves rush down to find Lucky still slightly stuck upside down in the chimney)
      Jingle: Hey, that's not bad.
      Bell: What got into you?
      Lucky: Well...(nervously chuckles)...there's nothing like coming down a dark chimney and seeing your whole likfe flash before your eyes to give you the old Christmas cheer.
      Bell: (puts her hand to Lucky's forehead) He's sick.

    • (Bell is strapping a harness on Lucky)
      Bell: Boy, I didn't know anybody could be bigger than Santa.

    • (Fall-Apart has taken Santa water skiing while a blizzard is hitting the area)
      Santa: Why are we doing this?!
      Fall-Apart: Because it's snowing! Aren't you supposed to ski in the snow?
      Santa: Oh.

    • Lucky: You want to see us, Chief?
      Kanifky: Yes, I have a new assignment for you two. A missing person's case.
      (the two elves, Jingle and Bell, pop up from behind their chairs)
      Jingle: It's Santa Clause!
      Bell: He's the missing person!
      Lucky: Is this for real?
      Jingle: Oh, I assure you it is.
      Bell: What do you think we look like, asparagus tips?

    • Bonkers: You mean little innocent Marylin has doubts about Santa? Maybe you're not roasting enough chestnuts on an open fire?

    • Fall-Apart: My name is Fall-Apart, Jim, and we're going to go...(brings out a pair of skis) the beach.
      Santa: But-but, it's snowing.
      Fall-Apart: 'Kay. We'll pass on the bathing suits then.

    • Fall-Apart: What's you're name?
      Santa: I-I don't know.
      Fall-Apart: Must've landed on the old squash. (points to his head) I do it all the time. Tell you what, I will call you Jim.

    • Lucky: (to Bonkers) Come on, Jingle Bells. Let's go to the office.

    • Marylin: Bonkers, do you believe in Santa?
      Bonkers: The Clausemeister? Pfft. Sure. Santa's great! He's a pal. We've even gone ice fishing together.
      Dyl: See?
      Marylin: But Susie at school says there's no Santa Clause!
      Bonkers: Bet Susie never caught rainbow trout with him either.
      Lucky: (asarcastic) Oh, that's convincing.

    • Lucky: You think you have enough Christmas decorations in the house, Dyl?
      Dyl: Well, now. You know how I love Christmas. Now come have breakfast and don't be a Scrooge.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • A Christmas Carol:

      Dyl: (to Lucky) Don't be a Scrooge.

      This is a reference to the main character, Ebenzer Scrooge, who hated Christmas but was eventually reformed and learned to love the holiday in Charles Dickens Christmas classic story, A Christmas Carol.

    • Miracle on 34th Street

      The title of the episode is taken directly from the popular Christmas movie called Miracle on 34th Street.