Season 1 Episode 3

Out of Sight, Out of Toon

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Sep 08, 1993 on
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Out of Sight, Out of Toon
Lucky catches the "Toon Flu" which cause him to turn into a worm-sized toon. Bonkers and Fall Apart with the help of Dr. Ludwig Von Drake have to find the cure in less than three days or Lucky will remain a toon forever.

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    Gregg Berger

    Gregg Berger

    Mr. Skunk / Mr. Corkscrew / Pelican

    Joe Alaskey

    Joe Alaskey

    Flaps the Elephant

    Nancy Cartwright

    Nancy Cartwright

    Fawn Deer

    Tress MacNeille

    Tress MacNeille

    Additional Voices

    Jim Cummings

    Jim Cummings

    Officer Bonkers D. Bobcat, Detective Lucky Piquel, Additional Voice

    Chick Vennera

    Chick Vennera

    Moe/Toon Rooster

    Frank Welker

    Frank Welker

    Fall-Apart Rabbit

    Recurring Role

    Corey Burton

    Corey Burton

    Ludwig Von Drake

    Recurring Role

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      • Lucky: Bonkers! Call me a doctor!
        Bonkers: Alright! You're a doctor! Sheesh.

      • Bonkers: Being a toon ain't easy. Specially for a human.

      • Bonkers: We can't let him down, Fall Apart! We have to find the cure even if it kills you!
        Fall Apart: Yes, Bonkers! I'll do it! And if it does kill me, I'll keep trying till I get it right! Pick on... What exactly was the stuff we were talking about?

      • Bonkers: Don't give up hope now, boss! Wait a while, then give up hope.

      • Dyl: Where's Bonkers?
        Lucky: He took the dog for a walk.
        Dyl: We don't have a dog.
        Lucky (trying to change the subject): Oh, wonderful roast! Mmmm, what is this unique seasoning? I can't quite place the taste.
        Dyl: Salt.
        Lucky: Amazing! You should open a restaurant, hon.

      • Bonkers: How do you feel, boss?
        (Lucky's hand turns into a four-fingered toon hand in a white glove)
        Lucky: Does that answer your question?

      • Marilyn: Daddy, is there any particular reason you have a bowl of spinach on your head?
        Lucky: I thought it was my hat. I suppose I should have my contact lenses checked.
        Dyl: You don't wear contacts.
        Lucky: Of course not, if I did I would have known it wasn't my hat!

      • Bonkers: Look! A comet!
        Marilyn: Where? Where?
        Bonkers: I was wrong, it was just an alien spaceship.

      • Dyl: Honey, why are you sitting way down there?
        Lucky: The centerpiece, dear. It was making my allergies act up.
        Dyl: Those flowers are plastic.
        Lucky: Yeah, and very realistic. I believe they have plastic pollen, too.

      • Lucky: There is no reason to cry over a pot roast.

      • Lucky: Fall Apart, please! Please! My life is in your hands!
        (sotto voce) Did those words come out of my mouth?

      • Professor von Drake: Here's the list of six hundred possible cures. You find the right one in three days - and everything's gonna be okey-dorey. You don't - and you gonna be...
        (pats Lucky, who has turned into a small toon)
        ...buying new wardrobe. Until then, au revoir! Oh, that's French for auf Wiedersehen.

      • Lucky: That flu... it's... it's not contagious to humans, is it? Tell me it's not contagious to humans!
        Bonkers: It's not contagious to humans.
        Lucky: Of course not. Is it true or did you just say that 'cause I asked you to?
        Bonkers: It's true.
        Lucky: Which is true?
        Bonkers: What was the question again?

      • Chief Kanifky: Quiet now, I need complete - errr, what is the word..? - concentration!

      • Toon Phone: Oh, I had that [toon flu] once, and I got the most awful ringing in my ears!

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