Season 1 Episode 3

Out of Sight, Out of Toon

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Sep 08, 1993 on



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    • Lucky: Bonkers! Call me a doctor!
      Bonkers: Alright! You're a doctor! Sheesh.

    • Bonkers: Being a toon ain't easy. Specially for a human.

    • Bonkers: We can't let him down, Fall Apart! We have to find the cure even if it kills you!
      Fall Apart: Yes, Bonkers! I'll do it! And if it does kill me, I'll keep trying till I get it right! Pick on... What exactly was the stuff we were talking about?

    • Bonkers: Don't give up hope now, boss! Wait a while, then give up hope.

    • Dyl: Where's Bonkers?
      Lucky: He took the dog for a walk.
      Dyl: We don't have a dog.
      Lucky (trying to change the subject): Oh, wonderful roast! Mmmm, what is this unique seasoning? I can't quite place the taste.
      Dyl: Salt.
      Lucky: Amazing! You should open a restaurant, hon.

    • Bonkers: How do you feel, boss?
      (Lucky's hand turns into a four-fingered toon hand in a white glove)
      Lucky: Does that answer your question?

    • Marilyn: Daddy, is there any particular reason you have a bowl of spinach on your head?
      Lucky: I thought it was my hat. I suppose I should have my contact lenses checked.
      Dyl: You don't wear contacts.
      Lucky: Of course not, if I did I would have known it wasn't my hat!

    • Bonkers: Look! A comet!
      Marilyn: Where? Where?
      Bonkers: I was wrong, it was just an alien spaceship.

    • Dyl: Honey, why are you sitting way down there?
      Lucky: The centerpiece, dear. It was making my allergies act up.
      Dyl: Those flowers are plastic.
      Lucky: Yeah, and very realistic. I believe they have plastic pollen, too.

    • Lucky: There is no reason to cry over a pot roast.

    • Lucky: Fall Apart, please! Please! My life is in your hands!
      (sotto voce) Did those words come out of my mouth?

    • Professor von Drake: Here's the list of six hundred possible cures. You find the right one in three days - and everything's gonna be okey-dorey. You don't - and you gonna be...
      (pats Lucky, who has turned into a small toon)
      ...buying new wardrobe. Until then, au revoir! Oh, that's French for auf Wiedersehen.

    • Lucky: That flu... it's... it's not contagious to humans, is it? Tell me it's not contagious to humans!
      Bonkers: It's not contagious to humans.
      Lucky: Of course not. Is it true or did you just say that 'cause I asked you to?
      Bonkers: It's true.
      Lucky: Which is true?
      Bonkers: What was the question again?

    • Chief Kanifky: Quiet now, I need complete - errr, what is the word..? - concentration!

    • Toon Phone: Oh, I had that [toon flu] once, and I got the most awful ringing in my ears!

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  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: Out of Sight, Out of Toon
      The title is a pun to the phrase, "Out of Sight, Out of Tune".