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  • Different seasons

    Season 1 and 3 the "Lucky" and 2 and 4 Miranda were just so different. The "Lucky" Epsidoes were generally funny while the "Miranda" Epsiodes just wernt quite as fun even with sgt Gratting hatting Bonkers!
  • bonkers

    i love this show,this is a animated series
  • Just As Great As Roger Rabbit, So Much So That It Lives Up To It!

    I remember this as well as other shows mostly from the '90s that aired as part of the Disney Afternoon block. And I found every minute of every episode enjoyable. I wouldn't learn that this show was originally intended to be a spin-off series for Roger Rabbit for years until coming across that trivia on Wikipedia and that's an interesting fact. But that never came to be due to the legal and copyright complications, and problems between Disney and Amblin. Instead, this show also serves as a spin-off for the lead and titular character Bonkers D. Bobcat, who previously had his own shorts Here's Bonkers! (or is it He's Bonkers?) as one of the segments in each episode of Raw Toonage. After his series got dropped from number one in the ratings, Bonkers soon found himself out of the job. Then following an unexpected turn of events and a twist of fate, he ends up joining the police force.

    Despite the fact that Bonkers! is supposed to be in the same spirit as Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (the mixture of animation and live-action), technically it's fully animated. One of the things I like about this show is the cameos by past Disney characters like Donald Duck, Goofy Goof, Mickey Mouse, Mad Hatter, March Hare, the dormouse and probably many others that I'd since forgotten like Dumbo. There is a definite Tex Avery/Bob Clampett vibe going on in this Disney toon, probably more than other Disney toons that have those influences. And for those of us who have been long familiar with the classic featurettes directed by them, the zaniness is just exactly what we love about it I think: The reminiscence of them. The group of episodes are split into two eras, which are known as the Lucky and Miranda eras, due to Bonkers working with two, different partners (Bonkers would pair up with the latter after the former got a promotion and moved to a new police agency in D.C.). Anyway, this is not to be missed and is highly recommended because to give it the best description: It's a thrill of a joyride that will keep you at the edge of your seat, as the hilarity ensues, from beginning the end.
  • This show made me laugh every time.

    Bonkers is a series about a cartoon character named Bonkers who becomes a policeman and is partnered with a human detective. It kinda takes off from the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". Bonkers is ,as the song goes, totally nuts. He and his pals were crazy characters who made me laugh everytime I watched the show. The human characters were supposed to play the "straight man" routine, but they were hilarious sometimes too. I really miss this show. I can't find it anywhere now. The stories and animation were o.k. The characters were what made this show a hit with me.
  • One fine day in Toontown there's a cat who had it all...

    Futune & Fame Top of the game up aganst & hits the wall anyway Bonkers is not like any other Dinsey show of today it's a classic like "Goof Troop" & those other good shows & the shows today like House of Mouse, The Buzz on Maggie, & Sabrina: The Animated Series those show suck as well as anyother show I hate like Johnny Test

    Take my advice & Bring it Back
  • Wonderful Cartoon show.

    This sow went along with a cartoon bobcat named Bonkers.He gets fired from the studio and gets a job as a cop.The show revals around the adventures of Bonkers and Lucky as the solve cases.Usually toon related and or something involiving Bonkers or his show.Later on though Lucky left and was replased by somebody else in which i forgot there name.A wonderful show to me ended to soon.
  • i miss this show so bad i love it i seen like few of them

    this show you will not say this suck or dumb show. this show is a classic i mean it the best show now better then this cartoons on tv. bring it back forever. this is show where cartoon and real people are is like space jam or something i love it. good story good cartoon good jokes and more.
  • Whacky. Like cops colliding with cartoon antics and characters.

    Another Disney classic from my childhood days. I was really into Bonkers back then. If you think about it, an ex-toon gone cop is a pretty cool concept and they did it pretty well here. It was a bit fun watching how Bonkers interacted with his partners, Lucky and Miranda. Many of the adventures were wacky guilty pleasures with some of the most cartoonistic cases. Sort of like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" only it's all cartoon. Theme song was pretty funny too.
    Although the villains weren't menacing, they weren't supposed to be. Instead, they were simple and added the proper antics to make this a rare cartoon cop caper of a show. If you can get past the wackiness you'd very much enjoy this show.
  • Take a gander at the main page ;)

    This show was completely random and totally wonderful! It was impossible not to fall in love with these characters! Fallapart Rabbit happens to be my personal favorite ;) I loved how they looked at the cartoon world as if it were just another profession. It was cleverly written and so much fun to watch!
  • Where humans and cartoons collide

    even though this was a cartoon it had the same format as "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", A human working with a "toon", but instead of a rabbit it was a bobcat named Bonkers, he had a couple of partners Lucky who didn't really care for Bonkers much and Miranda who like him a little bit better then Lucky did, Bonkers also had a bunch of odd-looking toon friends like fall-apart who literally fall apart all the time. A great disney show.
  • Most best Disney show ever. I promise

    Without a crap, Bonkers gets my favorite cartoon show than i am 9 or 10 years old and i love it. His humour are great and appreciated the kids to adults. Without forget his famous quote "Awesome Possum" and his toony friends like Fall Apart, each time i laugh than he lose his body. I love this show because it's so a sort of funny mix of Roger Rabbit and COPS
  • Cute Cartoon

    The song to this Disney cartoon is pure genius. I love it. The show is good, too, Bonkers has a nice New York (?) accent. He also has a trusted female side kick like in alll these cartoons. This was a really intellegent show, with a good does of adult humor to keep us big guys and girls interested. Nobody does it better than Disney!
  • Cops, Robbers, and Cartoons.

    I remember watching this show on Disney Afternoon and appreciated it's goofyness. Lucky Piquel used to be a cop and now he was a detective. Unfortunately Bonkers was his partner and was not that smart. I also thought he was a cry baby at times and Lucky did not like that. Neither did I. Sometimes Lucky was too high-strung and wanted nothing to do with Bonkers. Overall, I did not enjoy the show too much. It was basically cops, robbers, and cartoons. Sure the cases made sense, but it was just not cut out for television. That is why it only lasted for one season.