Bonkers - Season 3

(ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • The Good, The Bad, And The Kanifky
    The mayor busts Chief Kanifky all the way down to the toon division. Can Lucky and Bonkers get Kanifky his job back?
  • I Oughta Be In Toons
    Mickey Mouse, the most famous Toon in the world is replaced by a human wannabe in a rat suit by conniving Mr. Corkscrew, with Lucky's unwitting assistance?? Not if Mickey-admiring Bonkers has anything to say about it.
  • Frame That Toon
    Frame That Toon
    Episode 3
    Bonkers helps a toon saxophone find her brother, Alto the double bass. But they find him helping a pickpocket rip off tourists.
  • A Wooly Bully
    A Wooly Bully
    Episode 4
    Mammoth Mammoth turns to crime after losing his job as a superhero on a TV show.
  • Stay Tooned
    Stay Tooned
    Episode 5
    Bonkers loses a record book that's a key piece of evidence against a mobster, and he suspects everyone around him of stealing it.
  • O Cartoon! My Cartoon!
    In the second "Raw Toonage" compilation episode, Bonkers recites his own version of "Oh, Captain, my Captain", and Fall-Apart acts it out.

    Get Me a Pizza (Hold the Minefield): A black-and-white newsreel tells of how World War I hero Bonkers bravely delivered pizzas to our boys in the front. Spatula Party: Bonkers new neighbor Fawn Deer wants to borrow a spatula, and so Bonkers scurries all around the neighborhood trying to get one. Sheerluck Bonkers: Victorian era detective Sheerluck Bonkers tries to find out who's stolen a priceless pendant from Princess Fawn of Doe-mania.moreless
  • Color Me Piquel
    Color Me Piquel
    Episode 7
    Two black-and-white toons steal color from other toons to colorize them-selves.
  • Stand-In Dad
    Stand-In Dad
    Episode 8
    On a kid's television show, an evil executive is running the show, and stealing all the audience's pocket change by sucking it into a secret vacuum. But when the host's ant costume is ripped off of him and the robot vacuum sends him running, Lucky has to go undercover and audition for the job of being the host of the show wearing the ant suit. But Lucky's family get's in the way too; his daughter is a fan of the show, and when Lucky forgets her birthday, he wears the ant suit and pretends to be the host of the show to make her happy.moreless
  • Cereal Surreal
    Cereal Surreal
    Episode 9
    Three thuggish toon elves, Turbo, Banshee, and Kapow, frame spokesmen Slap, Sniffle, and Plop for stealing cereal box prizes so they can take their jobs. Will they get away with it or will Bonkers and Lucky figure out what is really going on?
  • If
    Episode 10
    This time, Bonkers does his version of Rudyard Kipling's "If", with Jitters illustrating.

    Petal to the Metal: Delivery boy Bonkers must deliver a dozen roses to Fawn in four minutes or he's through. Dogzapoppin': Bonkers has to get an important package to his boss, Grumbles, but he can't get past Grumble's nasty dog. TrailMix Bonkers: Pony express rider TrailMix Bonkers delivers two money plates to California and fights the Grumbles Kid.moreless
  • The Dimming
    The Dimming
    Episode 11
    Lucky takes a vacation to a "haunted mountain resort" to pursue his dream of becoming a horror writer. Bonkers sends fall-apart and the grapevine to scare him, but then a ghost shows up.
  • Toon With No Name
    Toon With No Name
    Episode 12
    A crime spree mirrors an old-west cartoon Bonkers once made.
  • Get Wacky
    Get Wacky
    Episode 13
    Bonkers faces off Wacky Weasel, the cunningest toon villain that ever existed. Can they catch the wily Weasel or will he get the better of them and steal all the eggs in town just before Easter?
  • The Final Review
    The Final Review
    Episode 14
    Bonkers and Lucky protect Charles Quibble, a TV critic who panned Bonkers's old show from an assassin.
  • Goldijitters and the 3 Bobcats

    In the last "Raw Toonage" compilation, Goldijitters is just about to sit down to a tofu dinner when the Three Bobcats barge in to annoy her/him.

    Quest for Firewood: In prehistoric times, cavecat Bonkers searches for firewood for his tribe.Gobble Gobble Bonkers: Jitters lets Bonkers take one his beloved turkeys to Grumbles for Thanksgiving dinner, not realizing that it's the dinner. Get Me to the Church on Time: Bonkers and Jitters have a difficult time getting to Jitters's wedding with Tanya.moreless
  • Seems Like Old Toons
    Marilyn helps a toon team of two bees and a bear make one last cartoon, before their studio is torn down. Can she finish the cartoon before the wrecking crew arrives?
  • Miracle at the 34th Precinct
    Santa Claus is reported missing in a freak blizzard over Southern California. Two of his elves recruit Lucky as a substitute. Can Lucky play the part of Santa and will Bonkers find the real Santa in time?
  • The Comeback Kid
    The Comeback Kid
    Episode 18
    Two con artists, Chick and Stew, come up with a scheme to use Bonkers and Lucky to steal a huge diamond. Will they see through the scheme or are they doomed to play the roles of fools?
  • The Greatest Story Never Told
    Toon camera Zoom and microphone Boom trash Lucky in their TV show on cops. Does this ruin any chance Lucky has of getting the Cop of the Year award?
  • Fall-Apart Land
    Fall-Apart Land
    Episode 20
    Lucky and Fall-Apart dream of running a theme park. So Fall-Apart buys and renovates a park from a crooked real-estate agent. Will their theme park dream come to fruition?
  • Imagine That
    Imagine That
    Episode 21
    A toon pencil is spreading toon graffiti all over Hollywood and Lucky and Bonkers are assigned the case to stop this graffiti fiend. Can they stop the awful artist before the whole town becomes his writing pad?
  • A Fine Kettle Of Toons
    Lucky secretly plans a surprise party for the Chief for his 40th. anniversary on the force. But the Chief wants to know what he's up to, so he teams up with Fall-Apart to spy on Bonkers and Lucky.
  • Stressed To Kill
    Stressed To Kill
    Episode 23
    Feeling severely stressed out Lucky finds it hard to nab a art thief.