Season 3 Episode 16

Seems Like Old Toons

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Nov 26, 1993 on

Episode Recap

Beezle, Buzzle, and Grumps are stuck and cannot complete their cartoon and a wrecking crew is on the way to tear down Flugal Studios where they are trying to complete it. They have to have an animator come and finish the picture for them and they call on Pelican Express to deliver a message for them. The pelican arrives and crash lands in the studio. They give him a note in a bottle and tell him to deliver it to an animator.

The pelican accidentally drops the bottle at the Piquel house just after Marylin has shown her dad a drawing of Bonkers that she did and it is good. She and Bonkers hear the bottle fall and they go out to investigate and find it and the note inside. Bonkers says that she would be a good animator and they go to ask her dad and he says that she shouldn't go without him and he'll take her later when he has a day off and he and Bonkers leave to start their patrol.

The pelican returns to find that Marylin has found the note and says that he will take her to Flugal studios. She is hesitant and Scribble says that he will go with her and they leave on the stork. After a harrowing ride on the clumsy pelican, they arrive at Flugal Studios and the pelican leaves. They meet Beezle, Buzzle, and Grumps and begin work on the cartoon.

Dyl calls Lucky on the police radio and says that Marylin left a note about going to Flugal Studios and they try and find it but Bonker's sense of direction is terrible and they have a difficult and dangerous time trying to find the studio. As they are hanging partly over a cliff in the police car, Lucky spots Flugal Studios shortly after Mr. Flugal arrives there to get a few things before it is torn down. Grumps tells Mr. Flugal what Marylin is doing and he is excited and starts to help too. They almost have it finished and have run out of ideas when Lucky and Bonkers fall down the cliff in the police car after a blue jay lands on the hood. they crash into the studio and everyone now has an idea for the final scene. just then the wrecking crew arrives and Bonkers goes out to try and stall them. It doesn't help and they just barely finish the cartoon and have to run outside just before the building collapses. Mr. Flugal has the completed cartoon in his hand and when he shows it to everyone, the wrecking ball knocks it from him and out to the lake. Marylin calls on the pelican and they fly out and catch it in the nick of time.

The cartoon is a great success and Bonkers lets Mr. Flugal use his and Lucky's police office to have his temporary studio while the new on is being built. Lucky asks how long before the new studio is built and Mr. Flugal says 6 months to a year and Lucky just groans.