Season 3 Episode 16

Seems Like Old Toons

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Nov 26, 1993 on



  • Trivia

    • Probably the series' least-acceptable twist on the Toons as actors concept - if Flugel cartoons are indeed done "the old-fashioned way...frame by frame", then how can the Flugel stars exist independent of this process, and why are they shown acting inside a movie screen?

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Flugal: We still need an ending.
      Marylin: Something silly.
      Grumps: Something spectaular.
      Scribble: Something ridiculous.
      (Lucky and Bonkers crash the police car through the wall and hit the other wall)
      Beezle & Buzzle: Something like that.

    • Marylin: And this is Scribbles. The greatest pencil an artist ever had.
      Scribbles: Shucks, kid. I'm gettin' all lead faced.

    • Lucky: You're a regular Marco Polo, bonkers.
      (the police car is hanging off of a cliff)
      Bonkers: But I was sure it was this way, Lucky.

    • Grumps: Toons can do just about anything, Marylin. but it takes a human artist to enable them to do their thing.
      Beezle: Otherwise, we're just art supplies.

    • (the pelican is carrying Marylin and Scribbles to Flugal Studios)
      Pelican: There she is. Flugal Studios. Fortunately for us, they keep the skylight open. (he crashes through the roof and lands on the floor) Unfortunately, we missed the skylight.

    • Marylin: It's empty.
      Bottle: (pulls his cork out and pulls out a note) The note! Haven't you ever read Treasure Island? Read the note!

    • (Bonkers is looking at the picture that Marylin drew of him and is holding his thumb up and then down)
      Marylin: So, what do you think?
      Bonkers: I think I need to get that cuticle trimmed.

    • (Bonkers sneezes and is flattened against the ceiling)
      Bonkers: Lucky I had the ceiling to break my fall.

    • Scribble: Come on, Bonkers. Get the lead out.

    • Bottle: I have a bad feeling about this. Fine. But if I break my neck, it'll be on your head.

    • (a pelican flies through the window and crash lands)
      Pelican: Somebody call for Pelican Express?
      Beezle: We need you to send this message.
      Buzzle: In this bottle.
      Bottle: No! You can't do this to me! Please! Recycle me, put flowers in me, but please not the pelican!

    • Grumps: Face it fellers, we just can't do this ourselves.
      Beezle: Of course we can't do this ourselves.
      Buzzle: We know that. We're not uninformed you know.
      Beezle & Buzzle: Why is it again?
      Grumps: Because it hasn't been animated yet. We have to find someone who can draw toons and finish the movie for us.
      Beezle: Right. We need an exterminator!
      Buzzle: You mean an entertainer.
      Beezle: A translator.
      Buzzle: Oh, yeah.
      Grumps: I believe the word you're looking for is animator.

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