Season 3 Episode 18

The Comeback Kid

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Nov 29, 1993 on
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The Comeback Kid
Two con artists, Chick and Stew, come up with a scheme to use Bonkers and Lucky to steal a huge diamond. Will they see through the scheme or are they doomed to play the roles of fools?

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    Jim Cummings

    Jim Cummings

    Officer Bonkers D. Bobcat, Detective Lucky Piquel, Additional Voice

    Chick Vennera

    Chick Vennera


    Guest Star

    Tino Insana

    Tino Insana


    Guest Star

    Billie Hayes

    Billie Hayes

    Additional Voices

    Guest Star

    Frank Welker

    Frank Welker

    Fall-Apart Rabbit

    Recurring Role

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      • Bonkers: And so, once again, our heroes...that's us (Bonkers and Fall-Apart)...scramble yet another twisted chicken's plot before it hatched.

      • Lucky: Friends, Romans, countrymen. I come not to bury Cesar, but to name a salad after him.

      • Lucky: To be or not to be, what was the question?

      • Bonkers: This is all my fault. Luck's been bitten by the showbiz bug and there's no cure. Well, there is but it involves a llama, two jugglers and a three numbered lunar eclipse.

      • Lucky: (doing a scene from Hamlet) It is the east and Juliet has a brick.

      • Stew: Gee, Chick. I-I thought it was going to be a disaster film?
        Chick: Shakespear, disaster film, what's the difference?

      • (Bonkers uses a bomb to try and blow up the suitcase that Chick threw him in and it has no effect)
        Bonkers: Boy, I am definitely giving this luggage comapny my official endorsement. That is if I can ever get out of here.

      • (Chick and Stew have driven their tank up to the front of the museum)
        Chick: Fire!
        Stew: (thinks back to what Chick had told him at the start of the episode) Uh, right Chick! Uh, let's see... Do I suppose he means fire the tank or do not fire the tank.
        Chick: I mean, blast away you baloney-brained bovine!

      • Lucky: (dressed in a Godzilla-like costume) Now it's a monster movie?!
        Bonkers: Sure. And you're the hideous, bug-eyed slime monster who destroys the city with lots of gory details and stuff and like that.
        Lucky: This is ridiculous! I can't be a monster!
        Bonkers: Are you kidding? With your disposition, you're a natural.

      • Lucky: Bonkers, why would pirates chase an armored car? It doesn't make sense.
        Bonkers: This is a movie, it doesn't have to make sense, it just has to make money.

      • (Bonkers is making a movie)
        Bonkers: You're going to battle an evil band of pirates with this!
        (Bonkers gives Lucky a live swordfish)
        Lucky: I'm going to fight a band of pirates with a swordfish?
        Bonkers: Of course. Flounders are too hard to hold.
        Fall-Apart: Yeah. And they...they can't dance worth a whistle either.

      • Chick: (to Stew) Did you go to school to get that bright or did you donate your brain to a deli?

      • Bonkers: (Convinces Lucky to star in his movie) Make up!
        Fall-Apart: Make up? I didn't even know we were mad with each other.

      • Bonkers: Okay, Fall-Apart. Lower that light.
        (Fall-Apart tries to gently lower it and it slips and smashes onto Bonkers)
        Fall-Apart: Oh well, it's the thought that counts.
        Bonkers: Unfortunately, he can't count very high.

      • (Lucky has come in the office, hung his coat on Stew's horn, and ralizes and is disgusted to see Chick and Stew there and they convince Bonkers to direct their movie and leave)
        Bonkers: So, aren't you going to say anything?
        Lucky: Like what?
        Bonkers: Oh, like... "Where did that cow go with my coat?!"
        Lucky: My coat?! Oh no! Come back! Stop that cow!

      • Stew: Gee, Chick. I didn't know you were a producer.
        Chick: I'm not, barnyard breath. It's a con.

      • Chick: This picture needs you. It needs that special Bonkers touch.
        Bonkers: Well, I have always wanted to direct...but, no can do. I love being a cop. And besides, what ever would Lucky do without me.
        Lucky: (grabs Bonkers and takes him to the police car) Well here's my list. (shows long sheet of paper) Now, in the car. (he tosses Bonkers into the police car)

      • Chick: I was hoping Bonkers here would direct my next picture.
        Bonkers: (gasps) You want me to direct a movie?
        Lucky: (whispering) Bonkers, these toons look like a couple of sleazy hustlers.
        Bonkers: But Lucky, all Hollywood producers are sleazy hustlers.
        Lucky: Good point.

      • (Chick stops Stew after he picked Lucky's pocket and is giving the wallet back to Lucky)
        Lucky: Hey-hey-hey! What's going on here?!
        Chick: An honest mistake, officer. My friend here thought he put his wallet in your pants pocket.
        Lucky: Oh, no problem. I do that all the time... Wait a minute, that doesn't make sense.
        Bonkers: Here ya go, Lucky. I got your coffee, donuts, and a tuba!
        Lucky: Not that anything around here ever makes sense.

      • Chick: One more time. Our pick pocket picks pockets. Now get to work.
        Stew: You got it, Chick! (comes back with a pair of pants and laughs) Here. How do you like these pants pockets I picked? Nice, huh?
        Chick: Very nice. However, you seem to have missed the finer points to this subtle art. the trick is to pick the pockets, but leave the pants on your victim!

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