Season 3 Episode 1

The Good, The Bad, And The Kanifky

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Nov 01, 1993 on

Episode Recap

Chief Kanifky is in his office trying to assemble a new portable S.W.A.T. team command post and Bonkers comes in and tries to help. Bonkers accidentally activates the sound amplification device and it starts destroying things around the office and eventually melts the floor underneath Bonkers and Kanifky and they fall all the way down to the room where the mayor is about to give Lucky Piquel an award. They fall on top of the both of them and the mayor is very angry and he busts Kanifky all the way down to detective and puts him with Lucky and Bonkers.

The next day they go on patrol and Kanifky insists on driving. While they are on routine patrol, they receive a call about a stolen van as the van flies by. Kanifky pursues the van and they wind up on a garbage barge and think it can't get any worse until it sinks.

The next day they get another assignment to save a toon, Antsy Ant, from being stuck up in a tree. Bonkers goes up the tree to try and reach Antsy and Lucky gets on the roof of the house to catch him if he runs whil Kanifky waits below. Unfortunately, Kanifky gets excited just as Bonkers is reaching out to Antsy and yells and this causes Bonkers to fall and then in turn, Antsy is flung up into the air and is caught by Lucky but they both fall down the chimney of the house and wind up in the living room of the mayor.

They receive another assignment. This time they are to apprehend a toon that has gone on a crime spree and stealing all the nuts in the city. The toon is a squirrel named Scatter Squirrel. They stake out the warehouse and Lucky and Bonkers take the two entrances while Kanifky waits in the car. Scatter enters the warehouse and makes a noise on purpose to bring in Lucky and Bonkers. They enter the warehouse and Scatter uses the radio to call in Kanifky using Bonker's voice. Kanifky charges in as Scatter dumps a load of nuts on Lucky and Bonkers. They get swept out of the warehouse when Kanifky hits more nuts and Scatter uses a forklift to steal a large amount of macadamia nuts. The warehouse collapses and Kanifky drives up to Lucky and Bonkers and the car falls apart.

The next day, the mayor reads off the damages caused and then fires Kanifky from the police force. Bonkers is upset that Kanifky has to leave. Kanifky leaves the building to go fishing and says that he will come back for his items when Bonkers gets an idea. He and Lucky go to Kanifky's house and tell him that they have a plan and that Kanifky will be the one to arrest Scatter Squirrel by using citizen's arrest.

Scatter arrives at the Cashew residence and says that he is with the power company and is there to read the meter. They open the gate and he goes in. Lucky and Bonkers have assembled the mobile S.W.A.T. command center and are waiting on Kanifky's signal before they enter. Scatter enters the residence and tells Mr. Cashew that he is holding him for ransom. Mr. Cashew then pushes the alert button signaling Lucky and Bonkers and then Scatter accidentally trips a trap and a large amount of nuts fall on him. Mr. Cashew is actually Kanifky in disguise and he tells Scatter that he is under arrest. Scatter eats his way through the nuts because Kanifky chose unsalted and toons love unsalted nuts. Kanifky chases him outside where Bonkers and Lucky are waiting and they use the net on the S.W.A.T. command center to capture Scatter. Bonkers gets a picture of Kanifky capturing Scatter and Kanifky gets his job back. Kanifky is so appreciative that he volunteers to help Lucky and Bonkers on a case once a month. Lucky isn't looking forward to that.
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